Part 36

Geet was really disturbed and decided to take half day leave. She knew Dadima and Annie were not at home and she didn’t have evening classes that day. She told that she is not feeling well and sent Raj and Pari back to office. After informing Ayan about her leave, she left for KM. Once she reached, she told Nakul that she is not well and is going to rest. He insisted on having lunch but she told she will have later and left for her room. She freshened up and went to sit in the balcony. She thought about what Sasha had told. Taunts were not new to her and till now she never took it in her heart. But when she told that she was able to win Maan’s heart with her innocence, it somehow pricked her. It is not because she was concerned about what others thought of her but because she felt he is making compromises to give a chance to their marriage. The last thing she wanted was him compromising his stances.

Today she saw him behaving differently, may be for the first time, in office. She heard Adi telling Pinky that Maan sir is changing. She didn’t want him to change because of her. She knew that he doesn’t have a strong feeling for her yet. He himself admitted it. What he felt was attraction and may be a tint of jealousy as he was always possessive about everything associated with him. All these are just because she is his wife. Otherwise he would have never paid any heed on her. If he was not forced into marrying her may be he should have found someone with whom he wished to spend his life. Tears rolled down her eyes unknowingly. He had done so much for her within a small period of time. Ever since he promised to give a chance to their marriage, he has done his duties perfectly and even beyond that. Now it is her turn to return the happiness he gave her. She decided not to force him into their marriage. She knew the rest few days may give her an opportunity to be away from him and let him decide whether he needs her in his life. She was willing to do anything to see him genuinely happy.

In the midst of all her thoughts, not once she thought about her future, her happiness. Her love for him had overpowered every other feeling so much that her own life lay meaningless before that. She decided to give him enough time to decide on whether he really needs her. She went down to have lunch to avoid any suspicion. Dadima reached by the time she finished lunch. She was concerned seeing her early but she assured it was just headache and she is alright. Soon they got busy with the discussions for the impeding marriage.

For the next few days Geet got busy with the preparations for marriage, office work and studies. She will be asleep by the time Maan reaches home as he was busy and came late. And morning she will leave early to office before he comes for breakfast. She was able to avoid meeting him without giving a chance to doubt. In office, she was given sole responsibility to take care of Mr. Patel’s project and Kiran used to pay occasional visits. She got friendly with him due to his nature. Kiran also developed respect for her and understood that she really loved Maan. The construction work had to be kept on hold due to some land issues and they decided to continue after his visit toCanada. Maan was getting impatient because of not meeting her. Everyday he comes home expecting her to be awake but will see her sleeping peacefully. He will give a kiss on her forehead and leave to study. Little did he know that Geet used to wait her whole day for that single kiss? Geet even though kept the pretense of sleeping, never used to sleep unless he came home. The kiss he gave was an assurance that he started to like her.

Finally it was the week of Dev’s marriage and KM was full of guests. Prem took a week off especially for the marriage. Priya who was recovered fully by now too joined them. She was perfectly alright and was happy than before. Sohan’s parents took her with them once she was cured, as their own daughter. Still security was provided to her as Sanjay was missing. Priya had filed case in Hoshiyarpur against Sanjay for Sohan’s murder. She had purposely kept Brij’s name away as she didn’t want to create any problems in Geet’s life. She was indebted to her for giving a second chance to live her life. Mrs. Mittal also started developing a liking towards her as she was more like Geet and she was aware of the attention her son was giving to Priya. Dadima had announced a week leave for Geet from office and studies as she is the only person who can handle everything perfectly.

Geet was wearing a red saree as per dadima’s insistence as she was the elder Khurana bahu. She didn’t go to their room after getting ready as she knew Maan has not left yet. But to her dismay, dadima asked her to bring a saree she brought last week for Meera, to show to the relatives. She went to their room and just then Maan came out of the study getting dressed. Maan was stunned seeing the beauty in the red saree. She looked so gorgeous; her white skin glowed with red color adding to it. He didn’t wait for even a minute and pulled her into his embrace. Geet could never deny anything that he did. She hugged him tight feeling him close after almost a month.

After sometime Maan pulled back and looked into her eyes. He asked, “Geet, why we never have time for us?” She smiled and told, “We needed to spare time for other important things.” He pulled her closer and told, “Geet, other things can wait. But our relation needs time. I have some plans. Will tell you once I decide about it. For now I don’t want to waste this little time I’m getting” and pulled Geet to a kiss before she could tell anything. She melted into his kiss as he assaulted her lips with his. His hands wandered around her bare waist giving Goosebumps in her body. His hands moved up her back and he pulled back all of a sudden. She looked at him confused. He turned her to look what she was wearing. Her choli was held by a single thread on the back with a knot at the top which left almost nothing to cover her bare back.

Geet turned to look at him and noticed his disapproval. She told, “yeh tho Annie ne select kiya tha and she insisted on wearing it today. Mein aaj bahar nahi ja rahi he. Ghar mein sirf ladies honge.” Maan smiled at how she understood him. He told, “I like this dress but I prefer you to wear it only for me.” Geet blushed and turned her back to him. Maan held her by waist from back and pulled her to him. He kissed her ears, neck and went down kissing her bare back. She gasped as she felt his lips burning her skin. Maan moved up and opened the knot in the top. He turned her and kissed her full on her lips. His hands removed the pin holding the saree’s pallu. She shivered when she felt his hands moving the pallu from her shoulder. She caught his hand. He pulled away from the kiss and looked at her questioningly. She told without looking up, “Aap late honge.” He checked his watch and sighed. He gave a kiss on her forehead and tied the knot of her choli. He told before leaving, “Wait for me tonight. We need to talk.

Geet couldn’t help smiling at the eagerness of her husband to be with her. She knew now he can’t stay away from her. She went down taking the saree after sometime, fixing hers. Maan had left for office by then. The day was really tiring for her as she kept on running around managing the preparations. Maan reached earlier than usual. She could meet him only after dinner that too as he insisted that she should take rest. She had some more work to finish but dadima and Annie didn’t allow her to continue. So she had to follow Maan. When she went to their room he saw Maan waiting for her. She went near him and told, “Mein fresh hoke aati hoon” before turning to take her night clothes. Maan held her hand and turned her to face him. He removed the clip that was holding her hair together. Her long hair fell upto her waist. He led her near the dressing table and made her sit on the chair.

He knelt down beside her and unclasped her necklace placing a kiss there. He removed both her earrings placing kisses there. He stood up and pulled her to stand. He took her inside the bathroom. She looked at him and then to the direction he was looking. She saw the tub filled with water with rose petals floating on it. Lighted candles were placed around the tub. Geet looked at him in awe. Maan smiled and told, “Tum aaj poori din rest nahi ki hogi. Mujhe pata he. The water is warm. Will help you relax.” Geet couldn’t control the tears from falling down. This is the first time in her life, someone is doing anything like this for her. Maan immediately wiped her tears and told, “Geet, tum apna wada thod rahi ho.” Geet looked at him and smiled. Maan gave a quick kiss on her lips and stared at her beautiful face. She was waiting for him to leave. He looked at her and asked, “Kyun yahi khadi ho? Jao.” She again looked at him thinking why he is not leaving. Maan came near and asked, “Kya tumhe change karne mein madat chahiye?” Geet blushed and turned her head away. He smiled and told, “Geet, daro mat. Aaj tum tired ho isliye chod rahi hoon. Par mein ab zyaada wait nahi karenge.” Geet looked at him shocked and embarrassed while he left with a smirk.