Part 37

Geet came out after almost one hour, relaxing in the tub and having a nice bath. She forgot to take her night dress and had only a bath robe inside. She decided to wear it and get her clothes quickly as she knew Maan will be in study. She slowly peeped outside and noticed that lights in study were on. She quickly went to the cupboard and took her night dress. When she was about to enter the bathroom, she was pulled back to his strong embrace. Maan heard the bathroom door opening and went to see if Geet was fine. He saw her hurrying towards the cupboard wearing the bathrobe. He felt she looked cute rather than sexy in the pink bathrobe which went upto her knees. He pulled her to him before she could run back. She was looking down feeling shy. Her cheeks burned when his fingers trailed down through her face.

He removed the curls falling on her face and stared at her. He took the clothes from her hand and placed it on the bed still holding her. After his warning she didn’t know what to expect. She was nervous and shy to look at him. He cupped her face with both hands and placed a kiss on the forehead. He started placing kisses wherever he saw water droplets in her face. He stopped near her lips and asked, “Geet, lagtha he tum mere himmat ki pariksha le rahi ho. Aise mere saamne aayegi tho how can you expect me to control?” Geet looked at him and saw the passion and desire in his eyes. She knew he was holding back for her sake. She didn’t want him to do it anymore.

Next she did something that surprised him. She moved forward and touched his lips with hers. It took all her courage to do that little act. Maan was shocked but her little act broke the control over his feelings. He grabbed her by her neck and kissed her like a man possessed. He broke the kiss only for catching breathe and continued kissing her passionately assaulting her mouth with his lips and tongue. She kissed him back matching his passion. After a while he broke the kiss and bent down to take her in his arms. He scooped her up and carried to study. He placed her on the bed and moved above her, catching her lips for another assault.

While kissing, his hands slowly moved down to open the knot of the robe. Geet shivered when she felt the knot opened. He left her lips to move down to her neck. His hands pushed the robe down her shoulders baring it. He kissed and bit on her shoulders while she held him tight with her arms around his neck. He moved lower to kiss the valley between her curves. She gasped while he continued his assault there with his lips and teeth. When he cupped her curves above the robe, she pulled him closer and hugged him feeling shy. Even though he claimed her earlier it was in a drunken state. Now she was feeling extremely shy.  

Like understanding her shyness, he withdrew his hands and started to tie the bathrobe. She immediately held his hand knowing that it was her reaction that made him stop. She told, “Mein aapko rok nahi rahi thi. Woh mujhe sharam.. Woh aise humne..” Maan smiled and told, “Geet, don’t think that I stopped because of you. I want to make it special. Humne proper suhaagraat nahi manaya tho kyuna hum thodi der aur intezaar kare. Waise agar tum chahthi ho tho I will continue” and moved his hands towards her curves. She caught his hands and looked away embarrassed. Maan kissed her hand holding his and finished tying the knot. He kissed her once more before pulling her to sit. He told, “Geet, tum change karke aajao.” When she was about to leave he told, “Waise Geet, agli baar tum mujhe rok nahi payegi. You have just one week to enjoy your space. Uske baad..” Geet rushed out without waiting to hear what he has to tell. Her heart was beating fast when she reached for her clothes and left for bathroom to change.

It took her almost half an hour to compose herself. She got dressed and went to study. She noticed that he was typing something in the laptop and went to sit near him. He told, “Geet, tum sojao. Mujhe ek important mail bhejna he.” She smiled and lay down near him. Soon she drifted of to sleep due to fatigue. Maan finished his work and noticed Geet sleeping peacefully like a baby. He kept the laptop aside and lied down next to her. He slowly pulled her to him and she moved her head and placed it on his chest hugging him. She was finally where she belonged, in his arms. He drifted off to sleep soon.

For the next few days until Dev’s marriage, Maan used to come early and they slept in each others embrace after discussing about the wedding preparations. Geet had finished re-designing the farmhouse and furnished it as per Dev’s taste. Maan was really impressed with her dedication to complete it perfectly. He had realized few weeks back that what he felt for her was love and he wanted to confess it before they made love for the first time. He had thought of confessing on Dev’s wedding day and had planned for it. He realized that even though he loved Sameera, the feeling he had for her was not even a single percent of what he felt for Geet. To Sameera, it was his decision but for Geet, it was natural as he never intended to fall in love. But his angel changed him with her unconditional love. He was waiting for the day to make her only his, by soul and body.

And finally the day came with new hopes for the two blissful couples. Geet woke up in the morning and saw Maan staring at her face. She wished him Good Morning and was about to get up giving a quick peck on his cheek, which has become a routine for them nowadays, he pulled her back. He told, “Geet, I know today you will be quite busy. But I want you to be back in our room by ten. Don’t go behind Nakul or anyone else for helping. They can manage everything themselves.” Geet made a baby face with a pout. Maan couldn’t help smiling. He told, “So you will be here by ten” and gave her a quick kiss. She knew if he told ten means she has to be there. She nodded and both left to get ready for the marriage.

Geet took bath and started getting ready once Maan left for study after taking bath. Annie had selected a deep blue lehenga for her and a matching elegant sherwani for Maan. She got dressed and was struggling with her knot as usual. To her dismay the choli had only threads in the back and she could tie only one knot properly. She knew she can’t go down unless every single thread is tied properly. Between her struggles she didn’t see the door opening and Maan coming inside until she felt his hands stopping her from struggling with the threads. She let her hands fall on either side when he started tying the knots. He kissed her back with each thread he tied. She held on to her lehenga to stop trembling under his touch. Once he finished tying the knot he turned her to face him. His heart skipped a beat seeing her without dupatta. The lehenga hugged her curves making her look inviting.

She shied at his intense gaze and looked down. He pulled her close and told kissing her ears, “Geet, what you are doing to me? I seem to lose my control every time I see you. Do you have to look beautiful always?” Geet sighed and held him on his shoulders. He slowly neared her lips and kissed her. His hands roamed around her body touching her, feeling her and making her aware of his need for her. She melted into his touch both forgetting about everything around them. Her hands snaked his neck and went down feeling his muscular body above the sherwani. His lips went down kissing her neck, moving to her collarbone and then to shoulder. He kissed his way down to her stomach kneeling down. He kissed her stomach while his hands made its way down above her curves stopping on her waistline, holding on to the sides. He bit there and licked slightly before coming up and capturing her lips into another passionate assault.

He pulled back after sometime and told, “Geet, you really make it difficult for me to hold back. Now get ready fast and come down, otherwise we won’t be attending Dev’s marriage.” Geet blushed and went to get ready while he left downstairs. Geet’s parents along with Brij came before the barath started. Brij was reluctant to talk with Maan after their last conversation over phone and shot daggers at Priya who ignored him completely as if he doesn’t exist. Geet noticed this and was happy with Priya’s changed attitude. She liked this Priya who was no longer afraid of this world. With Prem around there was a special glow in her face. She knew now it is time to make a move, may be Annie could help. She decided to do it before Prem and Priya leave next day.

They reachedMalhotraMansionwhich was decorated like a bride. The wedding was a grand affair and almost all the businessmen were invited. Throughout the wedding Geet could feel Maan’s eyes on her. She was not used to this and was fidgeting the ends of her dupatta. She was already nervous of what awaited her in the night. Maan was watching her while she mingled with the guests moving from one place to another, how she supported Meera and teased Dev along with Annie on how desperate he was. He knew that she felt him staring when he noticed her playing with the dupatta. When Dev put the vermilion he was reminded of their marriage. He was not at all interested in any of the rituals. He thought of how she could have felt all the while. He didn’t even look at her while putting the sindoor. He was doing everything mechanically. He regretted having done that to her. Noticing the happiness in Dev and Meera’s face, he knew what marriage might have meant for her and what he missed, but not any more. Their marriage is not going to be compromise. He loves her and she loves him. So their life is no longer going to be the same. From today their relation will take a complete turn where only happiness will be there. There won’t be any space for guilt, pain or hurt. He smiled at his own thoughts and saw Geet looking at him. He knew she is remembering their marriage. But there was no pain or hurt in her face, only happiness was there.