Part 38

After marriage, Geet was moving around when a strong hand pulled her aside. She was startled but when she saw him she smiled. Maan pulled her to a corner where no one could easily notice. He told looking into her eyes, “Geet, do you regret having married to me?” Geet immediately closed his mouth and told, “Please, aap aisa mat kahiye. Mein aapko yeh bata nahi sakthi ki mein aapke patni bankar kitna khush hoon. Then how will I regret?” Maan removed her hand and told, “Geet, I know how you might have felt during our marriage. I can’t undo it but we can make it better.” Geet told, “Aapko kuch bhi karne ki zaroorat nahi he. Hum jaise bhi he mein usse bahut khush hoon.” Maan smiled knowing that she won’t let him feel guilty for anything. He pressed a kiss on her forehead and stared in her eyes. She looked back with happiness reflecting in her eyes. He moved forward to take her lips in kiss when someone cleared throat behind them. They immediately pulled apart and noticed Prem, Priya and Annie standing there grinning widely. Prem asked, “Kya baat he bhai, lagtha he aap bhabhi se door nahi reh sakthe” only to receive a glare from Maan who left immediately from there leaving an embarrassed Geet for all the teasing.

Geet murmured, “Hey babaji, inhe kya hogaya he? Pehle office mein aur ab yaha. Aur sab mujhe hi tease karega. Unse tho koi kuch bhi nahi kahega. Yeh tik nahi he babaji.” She didn’t know that her murmur was quite audible to others. They burst into laughter and Prem asked, “Wah bhabhi, office mein bhi suru hogaya. Hume nahi pata tha. Thanks for the information. Waise kya hua tha?” Geet turned red in embarrassment and Priya hugged her seeing her turn all red and told, “Bas karo Prem, ab mere Geet ko koi kuch nahi kahega.” Annie told, “It is not fair Priya. Hum sab ek team mein he. Aur tum yeh tik nahi kar rahi he.” Prem supported her, “Ha Annie, traitor Priya.” Priya marched towards Prem in anger and he ran to avoid her hitting him. Annie and Geet smiled at this. Geet told, “Annie, tum un dono ke baare mein kya soch rahi he?” Annie looked at Geet and told, “Jaise aap soch rahi he bhabhi.” Geet smiled and hugged Annie. Annie told, “Then I think we should start the matchmaking.” Geet told, “Yes. First we should make them admit their feelings and then after Priya’s case is over, we can talk to others.” They shook hands and left to start their mission.

By the time marriage function got over, Geet left with dadima to make preparations for Meera’s grihapravesh. After grihapravesh, the rituals started and Geet was with Meera having fun with Prem and Annie teasing Meera and Dev. Maan gifted the key of the farmhouse to Dev. He was overwhelmed seeing Maan’s care and hugged him tight. Dadima and Annie had tears in their eyes. They knew behind the tough man there is a soft heart which he always hides from others. Dev thanked Geet when Maan told about how she re-designed the house. Maan was not interested in further rituals and left to their room. More over there were only ladies except for Prem and Dev and his cousins were staring at him like he was something delicious to eat. After the rituals Dev left and the ladies chatted for a while. Geet and Annie took Meera to Dev’s room. After getting their money, they let Dev in. By the time the guests went to sleep it was nearly ten. Geet checked the time and rushed to their room bidding quick bye to all.

Geet’s lehenga.

Geet was amazed seeing their room. There were candles lighted everywhere and the bed was made with white satin sheets with rose petals on it. Geet noticed that study was locked from inside. She wondered whether he was angry with her for getting late. But then she noticed a packet in the bedside table and a note beside that. She took the note and it read, “Geet, get ready wearing this. Knock the door when you are ready.” She blushed knowing what he has planned. She opened the packet and found a red lehenga with ruby-diamond jewels. She never used to wear expensive jewellery but was familiar with those as Meera was very much fond of it and dadima had gifted her few. She had tears in her eyes seeing how much he cared to make their day special. After taking bath, she got ready and then noticed the heavy dupatta. She pinned it above her head as she knew he wanted her as his bride. She was nervous to knock the door and her hands were trembling. Somehow she managed to knock the door and turned around not able to face him.

Maan had been waiting for her after arranging the room. He heard her entering the room and it took all his self control not to barge inside. When he heard the knock, he immediately opened the door and noticed her standing there like a bride looking to the other side. He knew she was feeling shy and nervous and decided to make her relaxed. He went near her and turned her. The moment he turned her, he forgot everything. She looked ethereal and all he wanted to do was to drown in her eyes. But he can’t take a step before confessing his love. He knew she is still insecure about their relation and he needed to give the assurance. He held her hand and looked deep into her eyes. Geet was amazed seeing him in a white kurta and pyjama unlike his usual night dress. Her heart was beating fast awaiting his next move when he told, “Geet, I know our marriage was a compromise. I could imagine how you could have felt during our marriage. You had agreed to my conditions till now and never questioned me. When I told you that we will be in a relation only before others, you agreed. Then I told that I want to give a chance to our marriage, you agreed to that also. Between these I never cared to ask what you need. And I know you won’t profess you needs. It was always me and my decisions, but not anymore.

Geet looked at him without blinking. This is the first time she heard him talking like this. She didn’t understand what he meant and searched for answers in his eyes. He understood her confusion and told, “Geet, I had stopped believing in love ever since I had a heart break. I never thought I could get myself to love someone again. But I think love finds its way melting even the hardest of stones. I was not ready to admit it but I had started loving you since long. What I thought of love once was not even a little of what I feel for you. Geet, I am in love with you.” Geet had tears in her eyes hearing his confession. All these were too much for her to bear. She was about to tell something when he bent down on his knees and held her hand. She looked at him surprised and he told, “Geet, would you give me a chance to love you and cherish your selfless love?” He pulled out a velvet box from his pocket and opened it. There was a solitaire diamond ring made of platinum inside it. Geet was feeling choked with the emotions building up inside her. She fell on her knees beside him and when he thought she was going to tell something, she hugged him tight pouring out the tears she has been holding back.


Maan let her pour out every pain in her heart. After sometime he felt her sobs subsiding and he held her tight in his embrace. She pulled back to look at him. Her face was red due to crying and her lips still trembled. He decided to lighten the mood and told, “Geet, tumne mera sawal ka jawab nahi di. Kya mein tumhari khamoshi ko na maan jao?” Geet immediately shook her head and told, “Woh, meine na nahi boli.” Maan asked playfully, “Ha bhi nahi boli. Tho mein kya sochu?” Geet smiled and told, “Aapko lagtha he ki mein na bol payegi. Meri zindagi aapse jude he aur meri har saans mein sirf aapka hi naam likha he. Mein apni aankhri saans tak aapka saath degi aur sirf aapse hi pyaar karegi.” Maan smiled and slipped the ring on her ring finger. He took her hand and kissed it. He stood up pulling her along with him. He told, “Geet, hum aaj se humari zindagi ko ek naye sire se shuru karenge. Aaj se na koi bandish na koi bandhan. Mein tumhe aaj puri tarah se apnana chahtha hoon. Kya tum uskeliye raazi ho?” Geet shied and looked down. Maan lifted her chin with his finger and told, “Geet, kya mein iss khamoshi ko ha samju?” Geet nodded and turned her back to him blushing.

Maan smiled and moved closer to her. He held her shoulders and turned her to him. She couldn’t face him and looked down blushing. He slowly unpinned the dupatta from her head and let it fall down. Geet held on to the sides of the lehenga feeling nervous and slowly looked up to meet his eyes. Maan told with a smirk, “Geet, aaj tumhara ek hafte ka waqt khatam hogaya he. Ab tho tum mujhe rok nahi paogi.” Geet looked down blushing. Her lips trembled when she felt him coming closer. He scooped her up in his arms and placed on the bed. He sat beside her and looked at her. She was staring at her hands not able to look at him. She waited for him to make a move but he just stared at her. She slowly looked up to see why he is not moving and immediately looked away regretting to have done that. He was waiting for her to look at him before making a move. He smirked and told, “Geet, kya hua? Tum kuch expect kar rahi thi?” Geet closed her eyes feeling embarrassed and bit her lips.


Maan couldn’t wait further. He pulled her towards him and planted a kiss on her forehead after removing the maang tikka. He then removed her ear rings placing kisses there. He unclasped the necklace planting his lips on her neck. He kissed her and bit there making her gasp. He made her lie on the bed and moved over her. He placed kisses on both her eyes. He planted kisses all over her face before stopping near her lips. He noticed her closed eyes and told, “Geet, aankhen kholo. I want to see your eyes while I make you mine.” Geet felt a shiver ran down her spine at his choice of words and opened her eyes. He took her lips in a scorching passionate kiss. He nibbled and sucked her lips before entering her mouth with his tongue. He searched the sweet insides of her mouth while she kissed him back with equal fervor. Her hands went around his neck holding him tight. He deepened the kiss while his hands moved to her back for unhooking the choli. They pulled apart for catching breathe after sometime. Then only Geet noticed that the hooks of her choli were fully undone. She failed to recognize it under the sweet assault of his lips. Before she could hold the choli, he pinned both her hands above her head. She looked at him shocked. He told with a smirk, “Geet, mene bola tha na, aaj tum mujhe rok nahi paogi.” Geet turned her head sideways there by giving him full access to her neck and shoulders. He bent down and kissed her neck while with one free hand removed the choli from her left shoulder. He kissed her shoulder and bit there. She moaned, “Maan..” He smiled and told, “Geet, tumhari zuban se mere naam sunna bahut acha lagtha he. I want you to do the same throughout the night.” She wanted to hug him to hide the shyness but her hands were held tight.

He released her hands and pulled her slightly up to remove the choli. She hugged him tight when the choli was removed. Maan hugged her back feeling her bare skin on the back covered only by the lacy innerwear. He took her to the bed and pulled back to look at her. Geet’s hands immediately crossed over her chest. Maan looked at her and pulled away her hands and held her neck for support before pulling her to another passionate kiss. His hands went down and stopped above her curves feeling it above the lacy material. The tips hardened under his touch and she wriggled under him moaning his name with the sensations his touch was creating. His lips left hers to move down to the valley between the curves. He planted wet kisses wherever her skin was visible. He couldn’t wait to feel her bare skin under his lips and unhooked the barrier. He could feel himself getting aroused even by the mere sight of her body. He latched into her curves biting and sucking. She kept moaning his name and it only added his passion. His hands expertly opened the lehenga and pulled it down meanwhile. He noticed that she didn’t make any move to feel him and placed her hand on his chest. Following him, Geet unbuttoned his kurta feeling his chest. He pulled back to toss his clothes away leaving the boxers. He moved over her and started kissing her bare upper body not leaving a single inch of it. Geet scratched his shoulders and chest planting kisses wherever it came in contact with her lips while he devoured her.

Maan removed the final barriers and looked at her asking permission to proceed. She nodded holding him tight. He could feel her tensed and told to relax her, “Geet, first time it will hurt a little but soon it will be over.” Maan felt her stiffen beneath him. He looked in her eyes to see if he had frightened her, but what he saw was pain and a forlorn look in her face. The shyness was gone, the nervousness was gone. He felt her turning cold under him. He was about to ask when she whispered, “First time hurts’