Part 39

Maan pulled back immediately hearing her uttering those words. He looked into her eyes fearing something worse and her tears confirmed it. He moved from her to lie on his back. Geet turned her back to him pulling the comforter to her while her body shook with sobs. Maan didn’t know what to ask, he felt betrayed again, but Geet, he didn’t expect any such thing from her. He wanted her to speak, to tell him that what he thought was wrong. He didn’t move a bit or try to console her. He just waited for her to speak to him, to tell him the truth.

Geet was shocked when she heard him telling first time. There was one more secret in her life that only she knows. She didn’t mind it yet as she was with him but now how can she tell him? He believe it or not was never a question in her mind, because she was ready to take any reaction from him. But how can he let him go through a guilt trip? She knew how strong he is in his morals and what he did was not on his real sense. Can she ever let him know that he had done something like that? She knew he will be devastated and may never forgive himself for having done that. She can never do that. She won’t let him know, even if it means she has to go through all the pain. But now she needed to answer the questions brewing in his mind. She made up her mind and turned to face him. He was staring on the roof and the rigidity of his facial features made her die thousand deaths, she was going to break his trust. She sat up quietly and told, “This is not my first time.

That was the only thing he needed to know. He got up and collected his clothes scattered around. He got dressed and left to study without even sparing a glance at her. Once the door was closed, she fell back on the bed crying furiously. She broke his trust and she knew may be he will never trust any women again in his life. She gave him pain but she knew the pain of betrayal won’t be as much as the pain of guilt. The day which could have been the happiest day in their life turned out to be the worst. She stood up and took her night dress to change. She changed and collected the lehenga and choli scattered in the floor. She folded it and kept it along with the jewellery. She looked at the ring he gave her. It was his love; did she deserve it after this? But she can’t take it out. She held it close to her heart and cried silently hugging the pillow.

Maan couldn’t contain his anger after closing the door. He hit his hand hard on the wall. Blood oozed out of his hand at the strength at which he hit it. He couldn’t believe that she has done this to him. Her innocence? How could he fail recognizing her? His first instincts were right. He couldn’t have fell for her innocent looks. He could have identified it when she agreed for a loveless marriage. She was laid by someone, so she didn’t want to marry. May be she loved him, but if so how could she sleep with someone else? And where is he? Why she didn’t marry him? But all those questions remained less important before her betrayal. How could she hide something like this from him? Why she did it? Today he had confessed his love again only to be betrayed badly than before. He can’t let himself to be weak again. He won’t give her a damn. She won’t hold a place in his heart from now on. He won’t do the mistake he did once like he did after his break-up with Sameera. But somewhere in his mind he wanted to ask her. Unfortunately the pain of betrayal was too much that it overpowered the feelings he had for her. Once again his heart was closed for all the soft feelings. He was again back to the ruthless, arrogant Maan Singh Khurana.

Geet couldn’t sleep the whole night. Her sobs subsided after a while but she was dead within. She knew there is no ray of hope left in her life, nor can she give him any more happiness. May be her presence will irritate him, so she should keep herself away from him. She got up from bed by five and went down getting fresh. She prepared his coffee as usual and sent with Nakul. After sometime, Nakul came down looking sad with the coffee mug in his hand. He told, “Geet, Saab ko coffee pasand nahi aaya. Phir se banane ko kaha.” Geet understood and told him to make coffee. He looked at her questioningly while she just smiled shaking her head. Her heart cried seeing him denying even the coffee made by her. She prepared the breakfast and left to meet Priya to avoid going before him. When she came back with Priya, Nakul told that he left without having breakfast. She went to their room and noticed that he didn’t wear the clothes she kept there. Now she knows he won’t like her presence in his life anymore. She sat down there gazing out through the window not knowing what to do to make him happy. Even after all that happened, she never thought of telling him about the day or that she was suffering for no fault of hers. She could never let him feel guilty of something that he did unknowingly.

Maan stared at his laptop in his office cabin. He had worked out furiously in the morning to let out his anger. But it didn’t stop him from lashing out on Nakul for the coffee or breakfast and not opting to wear the dress she chose. He didn’t want her interference in his life. He tried to make himself believe that. But his eyes unknowingly searched for her in the morning. But she was no where to be seen. He knew she won’t be able to face him after last night. That way he doesn’t have to see her face or feel her presence again. He tried to convince himself. He tried to concentrate on the work which he failed to do from the past few minutes and succeeded finally. For next few days, he never got to see her or feel her presence anywhere near him. Even though he comes early, she won’t be anywhere in his visibility. Nobody paid much heed as they knew both were busy, except Nakul. Geet had asked him to make food for Maan and she took care of everything except that. Nakul had told Maan the next day after he left without breakfast that he made it in order to get him have the meal. She never touched his clothes after that day knowing he hated it. She asked Nakul to place his clothes and iron them. He asked her once but she shrugged off telling that she was busy. He knew that was not true but he didn’t probe further as it is between husband and wife.

Maan could feel the difference in everything and assumed that she had backed off from convincing him to the marriage. But then earlier also she never tried to convince him. She hoped to keep herself away from her but she had to face him for one of the project presentations. He didn’t know whether he has to attend it or not. He wanted to see a glimpse of her badly but couldn’t admit it as every time he tries to think of that, her betrayal comes to his mind. She came along with Yash dressed in a purple anarkali. He noticed her when she started the presentation. She appeared weak and dark circles were there around her eyes as if she didn’t sleep for days. He wanted to take her in his arms but when he was reminded of their last night together anger began to overpower his senses. He checked through the design and found some minor faults in it and rejected her design for the first time. All others except Geet and Sasha were shocked. Geet didn’t think that he will let their personal differences in office but understood when he asked Sasha to make changes to her design and present it before the client. Sasha was in seventh heaven and she noticed the grudge between them. She was happy that he preferred her over Geet. Others were not happy with his decision but couldn’t tell anything. They wanted to console Geet but she seemed unaffected absolutely with no emotions. Maan too noticed it but ignored her. Geet stood up along with Yash after giving the design to Sasha. Sasha gave her a triumphant smirk but she just smiled and left.

Sasha took this opportunity and tried to fill Maan’s head with some snide remarks about Kiran and Geet. He didn’t pay any heed until one day he saw Kiran dropping Geet in front of KC for her next presentation. His blood boiled seeing her smile at Kiran and waving at him. He was near the elevator when Kiran dropped her. She rushed to the elevator as she had the presentation in half an hour. No one could accompany her from her office as all were busy and her car tire had got punctured. Kiran who was passing by offered to drop her and she agreed as she was getting late. She got inside the elevator and then only noticed the one beside her. By the time she saw him the elevator door had closed. He looked at her with anger and loathe. She looked down not able to see the hatred in his eyes. He pressed the stop button and pinned her to the lift wall. She looked up feeling scared. He told, “I haven’t expected you to find a new partner this sooner. I’m seeing that your innocence is working well with people. But let me tell you, this mask won’t last for longer. I mind keeping a characterless woman as my wife. Let Prem’s marriage get over then you will be free to do anything you wish.

Geet looked at him without blinking, feeling her heart getting choked with emotions, seeing the immense hatred in his eyes. She knew the relation they shared is coming to an end as he never backed off from his words. His accusations didn’t hurt her but she hoped that he will find happiness in his life once she is out of his way. Seeing the blank look in her face, he felt guilty with the choice of his words. But he couldn’t show that he cared. He turned away from her and pressed the elevator button. When they reached the top floor he left without sparing her a look. She moved towards the conference room mechanically. 

She gave the presentation and expected him to reject it. But it was too good to find a fault and he couldn’t compromise such a good design and accepted it. Sasha didn’t like it but couldn’t tell anything except few unwanted comments. After the presentation Geet quietly collected her things and left. Maan looked at her and felt like she is in a totally different world unaware of what is going around. She was about to go back to office when Priya called and informed her that she had to reach Hoshiyarpur for the hearing of the case as she was the second witness. Geet told her that she will come and informed Ayan about it. She took one week leave and left for KM. She informed dadima about her trip and dadima insisted to have Maan accompany her, but Geet refused telling that he is quite busy. She assured dadima that everything will be fine and Prem will be there. She left for Hoshiyarpur by evening. She knew Maan won’t care to know about her journey and decided not to inform him.