Part 40

Maan reached KM late and felt as if the mansion was silent than usual. He enquired to Nakul and he informed that Dev and Meera went to Malhotra’s and dadima to her kitty party and Annie is resting in her room. He didn’t mention about Geet as he thought Maan will know it. Maan wondered where Geet is and thought she will be with Annie. When he entered their room he felt the soul of the room is missing. He shrugged off the thought and went to get fresh. He received a call from Vikrant regarding the need of his signature in one of their deals and that clients want to meet him. He booked early morning flight and told Nakul to inform others. He wanted his space for few days. The trip was supposed to be for two weeks. He had left by the time Nakul informed dadima. She didn’t like Maan’s sudden trip when Geet was going through a stressful period, but couldn’t do anything with Maan.

Geet reached Hoshiyarpur and decided to stay along with Priya. The hearing was on the coming day and Sanjay had surrendered the previous week. They were sure that he might have planned something. As there was no further communication from Maan, the guards didn’t accompany Geet to Hoshiyarpur. Prem had set guards for Priya. So Maan hadn’t bothered much about it. The day of case hearing, Priya and Geet were waiting for Prem’s car when Geet felt someone watching them but shrugged off as the guards were at reachable distance. Both were looking in the direction where Prem was supposed to come when Geet turned all of a sudden. She was shocked seeing a man just behind Priya with a sword in his hand. Geet pushed her aside and the sword hit right on her shoulder. The guards caught him before he could attack Priya. Geet fell down unconscious. Her left shoulder had a deep cut and was bleeding profusely. Priya ran to her crying. Prem came right on time and both rushed her to hospital.

Both waited outside praying for Geet. Priya kept on blaming herself to have even called Geet for the case. She won’t be able to forgive herself if something wrong happen to Geet. Tears didn’t stop for her and Prem consoled her holding her in his embrace. He himself was shaken as he can’t even think of something wrong happening to Geet. He informed Dev and Ayan and strictly warned them from informing dadima as she was already tensed for Geet. As Maan was out of station, they decided not to inform him until they get to know Geet’s condition. They started from Delhi soon after informing Meera. Meera too wanted to accompany them but that could create suspicion in dadima’s mind, so decided otherwise.

It had been almost 9 hours since Geet was inside OT and the doctors were struggling to save her life. The cut was deep and she had lost much blood. As her blood group was common, it was easier to get it. The sword just missed her vital organs otherwise she couldn’t have been saved. Dev and Ayan had reached by then and they both had tears in their eyes seeing Geet lying inside with tubes all over her body, struggling for life. They decided not to inform Handas as they knew Brij will only blame Geet to have come there. After about 12 hours, the doctors informed that her condition is stable but will take time to gain consciousness. They sighed in relief and decided to inform Maan. They couldn’t reach Maan and decided to talk later.

Geet got conscious almost after a day. Priya didn’t leave her side even for a minute. Once she became conscious Priya started to scold her, “Kya zaroorat thi tumhe? Agar tumhe kuch hojatha tho mein apne aap ko kabhi maaf nahi kar patha. Kya aaj tak tumne jo mereliye kiya woh kafi nahi tha ki tum mereliye apni jaan khatre mein daal di?” Geet smiled and asked, “Priya, tum tik tho hena? Us aadmi ne tumhe kuch kiya tho nahi hena? Aur woh case, woh bhi meri wajhe se postpone hogaya.” Priya got angry listening to her words, “Geet, tum kis mitti ke bani ho. Yaha teri jaan jaa rahi thi aur tumhe case ki padi he. Tum nahi thi tho shayad aaj ke baad yeh case ladne keliye mein zinda nahi rehthi. Tum kab apne baare mein sochna shuru karegi? Geet. Tum itni achi kyun ho?” She cried and hugged Geet. Prem, Ayan and Dev came then. Prem asked, “Bhabhi, aapne tho kamal kardi. Hum sab ko kitna daraya. Waise mujhe pata tha ki aapko itni jaldi hum sabse chutkara nahi milega.” Priya hit his arm and he winced playfully. Others smiled. Dev went near her and told, “Bhabhi, please aap aage se apna khayal rakhiyega.”

Ayan went near her and simply hugged her. Geet knew how much he cared for her and knew from his raised heartbeats that how tensed he was. She told hugging him, “Mein tik hoon bhai.” Ayan knew she called him bhai when she wants to support him. He held her and told, “Tumne hume bahut daraya, aage aisa mat karna.” Geet smiled pulling back from the hug. Ayan told, “Humne Maan ko contact karne ki koshish ki thi par uska phone nahi mil raha tha.” Geet smile faded a bit but before anyone could notice she smiled and told, “Mein aap logon se ek request karna chahthi hoon. Maan aur dadima ko yeh pata nahi chalna chahiye ki mere saath kya huyi he. Please.” Ayan asked agitated, “How can we hide it from them? Dadima is fine but Maan usko tho batana hi chahiye. Aur yeh chot ke baare mein kya bolegi?” Geet told calmly, “Maan do hafte baad hi aayega. Aur hum sab ko yahi bolega ki mein gir gayi aur haath par chot lagi.” None liked the idea of hiding it from Maan but for her sake they had to keep quite.

Geet got recovered in a week’s time. She still had the bandage holding her left arm and shoulder and needed to be dressed once in two days. Ayan stayed back till she recovered while Prem and Dev left after a day. Priya and Sohan’s parents took care of every need of her during her stay in hospital. The case was postponed to next month and the man was sent by Sanjay to kill Priya. He had confessed it and they got one more proof against Sanjay. Geet left to Delhi along with Ayan next week. Maan was back from the trip the same day when she reached. Annie and Meera were waiting for her arrival and she had to take them away from dadima to avoid suspicion. Dadima was tensed seeing her bandage and she told she fell down while plucking mangoes from their farm. It took a while for her to console Meera and Annie and they vowed not to send her alone. Her heart ached seeing so much concern as she knew everything is going to an end after Prem’s marriage.

Maan returned back and saw Geet with her left arm upto shoulder bandaged but didn’t care to ask as he thought it to be another way to gain his attention. He had made up his mind not to fall for anything after going back to London. He was determined to get divorced after Prem’s marriage as he didn’t want any tensions on Prem’s special day. One month passed with almost no acquaintance with each other. Prem had proposed Priya and she accepted it. His parents had already started preparations for their wedding without their knowledge. They were waiting for Priya’s case to be over. Geet went to next hearing along with Ayan and Meera. The witnesses and the proofs were against Sanjay and he was given life sentence for murdering Sohan and for the attempt on Priya and Geet. Everything went good and Prem-Priya’s marriage was fixed in three months time.

All were happy about the turn of events other than Maan and Geet. For Geet, she had closed the outside world from her feelings and always kept a smile on her face for others sake. She had only three months more to cherish for her whole lifetime. After that she can’t even imagine of how life will be. How can a shadow survive without its owner? While Maan was again back to the ruthless, arrogant business man who had time only for business. Dadima and Annie noticed some changes in both but thought it to be due to lack of time. Dadima planned to send the three couples to honeymoon together after Prem’s wedding so that they can have some private time. Geet barely slept during nights and ate very less. She overworked to avoid thinking about the uncertainty ahead.

It was almost the month of Prem’s marriage. There was a new project proposal from Mr. Chopra and Sameera was supposed to handle it. Ayan thought Maan will reject it but he had already closed the chapter of Sameera and it was easier for him to keep the professional relation. So he accepted it and as Mr. Chopra was specific about Geet, she was asked to work from KC until the designs are ready by coordinating with Sameera. Ever since she started working, Sameera was noticing Geet. She appeared weak and fragile. The glow in her innocent face was replaced by a blank expression with a plastered smile. She knew Maan kept personal relations apart but he doesn’t even bother to notice Geet while in office and she had heard some of the snide remarks Sasha shot towards Geet. She could sense something wrong but every time she tried to talk with Geet, she will smile and shrug off it telling nothing is wrong.

Prem held a bachelor party and Ayan forcefully pulled Maan along for it telling that he should enjoy his time at least for his friends’ sake. During the party Ayan got a little drunk and told, “Maan, tumhe pata he meine tumse pehli baar kuch chupaya. Woh bhi meri behan ki wajhe se. Par mujhe lagtha he tumhe woh jaanna chahiye.” Maan thought what could have Meera asked him to hide but his thoughts were halted when he heard him telling Geet. He told, “Mujhe pata nahi woh aisi kyun he. Jab se meine unhe jaana he tabse woh sirf doosron ki parva karthe aayi ho. Apneliye na kuch chahthi he na sochthi he. Agar humne unke rishta tumhare saath nahi juda hotha tho zaroor unki papa ke kuch business deal ka hissa bankar shaadi ki hogi.” Maan felt his heart ache hearing him. But he convinced himself that it is her fake innocence. Ayan continued, “Aur ha Priya ke first hearing mein usse kya zaroorat thi apni jaan ko khatre mein dalne ki. Priya ko bachane keliye apne jaan ko hi khatre mein dal diya.” Maan felt someone stole his breathe. He literally shouted, “What??” Dev came near hearing him. He understood that Ayan had blabbered out about Geet’s accident. Ayan had slept by then keeping his head on the table.

Maan turned to Dev and asked, “Dev, yeh Geet ke baare mein kya bol raha tha?” Dev knew he had no option other than to tell him. He told him about the incident happened during Priya’s first hearing. Maan was shocked listening to him. When he told that Geet asked them not to tell him and dadima, he couldn’t help from getting angry at self for having treated her like that. She was fighting between life and death and he didn’t even know that. How could he think that she, who was ready to put risk her life for her friend, will betray him knowingly? He had noticed how fragile and weak she appeared lately. He knew he was responsible for her condition. He had promised to protect her but he failed to keep his promise. Not even once he trusted her enough to listen what happened in her past. All he did was shut her completely out of his life. He had seen love in her eyes. How could he misread it as fake? How could he accuse her as characterless? She never tried to interfere in his life but always followed whatever decisions he took. Then how can he accuse her for something she may have never thought of?