Part 41

Maan reached home late after the party with Dev. Nakul informed that all have slept. Maan entered their room hoping to see her and there she was facing away from the door tucked in the bed with the comforter. He went near and sat next to her. He leaned to her side and saw her pale face with tears strains on her cheek. He caressed her head gentle enough not to wake her up and placed a kiss on her forehead. He got up slowly and went to study closing the door behind him.

He changed and freshened up. He noticed that she was still asleep and left to study. He lied down the bed but sleep was not anywhere in his mind. He thought about her.. She who fell into his arms on her first day in IIT, she whom he never noticed even after being around him for almost an year, she who never tried to get his attention unlike other girls, she who agreed to his marriage contract without questioning him, she who fulfilled all the duties of a wife whether it be his or his family’s without expecting anything, she who was down-to-earth even after being intelligent, beautiful and efficient, she who professed her love for him, she who supported him in every decision he took, she who loved him inspite of knowing his past, she who never questioned him for anything he did, she who was ready to sacrifice her own life for others and lastly she who broke his trust by keeping the biggest secret of her life.

Did the last thing outweighed all the other good things about her that he accused her so badly, for something he knew she can never be, a characterless women?? How can he do that? He was blinded by the rage of emotions on having his trust broken once again that he forgot everything else. More than breaking his trust it was the thought of someone else with her that broke him completely. She did admit that it was not her first time and he couldn’t even wait to listen for her explanation. May be it was something she wished to forget, a lost love? Or may be something that happened beyond her will. The thought of someone forcing her angered him. He will just break the hand that touched her. But nothing justifies his accusation of her being characterless. How could he stoop so low accusing his own wife who stood by him on every decision he made without questioning. He felt self-loathing. He understood how his character and senses were affected due to his non-trusting nature. He couldn’t trust his wife enough to listen to her side of story.

He decided that whatever may have happened in the past, he won’t let it ruin her happiness anymore. He had accused her beyond limits least he could do was apologize for his words. He won’t impose anything on her and let her do only what she wish. He will not dictate any terms for their marriage. He will give her happiness that she deserved. He is responsible for the pain she has been suffering for past few months and he will make it go away. She doesn’t deserve any punishment for keeping away something that she may want to forget. The love she has for him is not fake, she loves him. And he loves her and trust will come in its way. He decided whatever happened in her past, he doesn’t want to know it. It doesn’t matter as she is his wife and they are meant to be together. He decided to talk to her in the morning and clear the tensions between them.

Geet was not asleep when he went near her. When he kissed her forehead and left, she felt his love. She still felt she has betrayed him by hiding the fact from him. He had the right to knew about her past but she never told him anything beyond the fact that she loved him. His accusations had fell on blind ears. She knew he told everything in a fit of rage and will repent it when his mind is calm. She didn’t want to be the cause of his hurt and pain yet she became. If only she told the truth, but what she could tell, that she spend a night along with him? No, she can’t even imagine of telling something like that. She didn’t know what to do and how to make better. She also didn’t know what was going on his mind. But decided to follow whatever decision he makes.

Maan woke up earlier than usual and went to their room. He noticed that Geet was not in the bed and heard sounds inside bathroom. He waited for her to come out. Geet was startled seeing him so early. He looked at her and told, “Geet, wait for me. We need to talk.” She nodded and he left to freshen up. He came out of the bathroom after sometime and kept the towel in the bedside table. Geet was sitting in the bed waiting for him to come. He went and sat beside her. He didn’t know how she will react after the accusations he hurled over her. He told, “Geet, I’m sorry for my behavior in the lift.” Before he could continue she told, “You don’t need to be sorry. It is my fault that I hide such a big thing from you.

He felt bad to even have accused her of something. She is trying to justify him even after his harsh words. He turned towards her and held her hand. He told looking into her eyes, “Geet, I know, I could have trusted you to hear what happened before accusing you. You have accepted our relation even after knowing my past with Sameera. So your past doesn’t matter to me too. We both had enough heart-breaks from our past, not anymore. But unlike till now, I am not going to dictate any terms for our marriage. You are free to take your decision about our lives. Till now you followed my conditions and decisions, but from now on you will make decisions on your own. I know you may require time to decide. You can take time until Prem’s marriage is over. Whatever be your decision, I will support you.” He patted her cheek and left for Gym.

Geet was sitting numb after listening to him. He had put her in a position where she couldn’t think of moving forward. She had always followed others, not lead someone. The decisions in her life were always made by someone not by her. And this is the most important decision in their life and he left her to decide on that. She couldn’t even think of anything, leave deciding. She decided to think on a calm state of mind and left to make his coffee as she knew he won’t deny it now. She was happy that at least he didn’t hate her now. It was enough for her.

Maan smiled when Nakul brought his coffee almost shivering, not knowing whether he will burst out in anger or not. Nakul was relieved seeing him smiling. He took the coffee and asked to tell Geet to come up. Nakul went out fast and understood they might have had some fight and wondered why he always has to be their punching bag. Geet went up after preparing breakfast. Maan had got ready in the dress she kept and she smiled seeing that. Maan knew she won’t ever think of moving away from him but he want it to be her decision. She went near him and asked, “Aap ne hume bulaya?” Maan told, “Ha Geet, I wanted to tell you something. I have seen you looking pale and fragile from the past few months. It is my fault that I ignored you completely when you needed my support. You didn’t even let me know about the attempt by Sanjay’s men. I failed to protect you as I promised you. I can’t forgive myself for not keeping my promises. But I have a request to you. Please don’t compromise your health for anything. I know you were not having a proper sleep or diet ever since that night. Please don’t do it, whatever may happen but don’t let it affect your health.

She looked at him shocked. She had never seen him requesting someone not even dadima. But seeing him like this, her heart wept. She knew he always kept his word in whatever he does. He was never a kind of person who got angry unnecessarily. But she managed to bring the worst out of him. She knew that if he ever find out about the day, he won’t be able to forgive himself and vowed that she will never let him know. She told, “Aap apne aap ko kyun dosh de rahe ho? Agar meine aapko iss baare mein pehle bata diya hota tho yeh sab nahi hota. Yeh sab meri galathi he. Aur meine aapke baton ko bura nahi mana he. Mujhe pata he ki aap jo bhi kaha gusse mein kaha tha. Aur rahi baat meri accident ki mein aapko pareshan nahi karna chahthi thi, isliye sabko mana kiya tha. Guards ko mein pehle bhi bola tha ki Priya ka guards waha honge. Aur woh aadmi tho guards ke saamne hi Priya ko marne ki koshish ki thi. Mujhe aapse koyi shikayat nahi he. Aap please uss baat ko chodiye. Aur main khana khaloongi. Aap chinta mat kijiye.”

Maan noticed that not even once did she mention that anything he did was wrong. She was taking all the blame on herself. How could he even accuse her for something like that? It was adding to his guilt. Even though he told he doesn’t care for her past, he had the question in his mind on who did it to her? He could tell that it won’t be with her consent but couldn’t ask her as he thought that it may alleviate her pain and he doesn’t want to be the reason for that again. He told, “Ok Geet, we will go together. Get ready fast.” Geet smiled and nodded. They left for KC after having breakfast. While they reached office Sameera had just come. It was the first time after she was in KC that she got to see them together. There was a faint glow in Geet’s face and Maan appeared calmer than usual. She knew something was wrong between them and assumed seeing them that they have sorted it out. She hoped that Maan will treasure Geet’s selfless love. He was really lucky to have got an angel who knows only to love unconditionally.