Part 43

They stayed in each other’s arms for what seemed eternity. The two souls were finally at peace, after realizing the love for each other. Maan pulled back a little after sometime to see her face and cupped it in his hands. He pressed kisses all over her face stopping near her lips. He waited for a positive sign from her side to proceed. Like understanding it, she slowly moved her face and touched his lips with hers. That was the only sign he needed, he took her lips into his and kissed her passionately. Her moves were no longer hesitant. Her mouth opened for him while she kissed him back matching his passion. Her hands wound around his neck while his hands caught her waist pulling her close.

They pulled back when both were in short of breathe. Geet was panting and blushing at the same time. Maan smiled seeing her. He pulled her closer and traced her lips with his finger. He told, “Geet, do you know how much I missed you? My ego and anger had overpowered all other feelings and I couldn’t see what is right. I know in that process, how much I hurt you. I can’t take back those words but I promise you that I will never hurt you. It was my fault that I couldn’t realize the real gem in my life, the love of my life. It is you Geet.” Geet had tears in her eyes hearing his confession. Her love was reciprocated truly. She smiled through the tears and told for the first time, “I love you Maan.” Her simple words delivered all the emotions and feelings in her heart for him. He was overwhelmed with happiness hearing her addressing him by his name directly for the first time.

He smiled kissing her forhead and told, “Geet, don’t ever feel insecure about our relation. It is based on our love and not any compromise.” Geet smiled and nodded. Maan told, “Waise Geet, tumhe yeh dress bahut suit karthi he.” Geet blurted out suddenly, “Aap bhi bahut ache lag rahe the uss sherwani mein. Aur white tho aapka favorite color hena.” Once the words left her mouth, she realized what she told. She turned around immediately blushing. Maan smiled and pulled her closer, putting his hands on her waist. He placed his chin on her shoulder and told nuzzling her ear, “Geet, tho tum mujhe ghoor rahi thi aur tumhe mera favorite color bhi pata he. Not bad.” Geet was embarrassed and told, “Woh aap.. Mein.. aise nahi..” Maan placed a kiss on the nape of her neck and told, “Kaisa nahi Geet? Ghoor tho sab kar sakthe he, par choone ka aur pyaar karne ka haqk sirf tumhe he, Geet. chhokar tho dekho.” Geet was teary again. Maan felt the wetness in her cheek and turned her around immediately. He told, “Geet, tum apna promise bhool rahi ho. Aise nahi chalega.” Geet smiled through the tears and hugged him.

Maan told after a while, “Geet, agar tum poori raat aise rehna chahthi ho tho tik he par kya tumhe nahi lagtha ki hume thodi der sojana chahiye.” Geet pulled out of the hug and was about to rush to bathroom when Maan held her tight and told, “Meine jaane ko nahi kaha, Geet.” He removed her dupatta and started removing her jewellery one by one. Once done with it, he picked her up and carried to the bathroom. He placed her near the bathtub and opened the pipe to fill water. Geet’s heart beat was rising with his each move and she turned away from him. He came near and pulled her closer by waist. He untied the dori placing kisses wherever it was left bare. He placed kisses down her bare back as he unhooked her choli. Geet felt she will fall down at the rate her heart was beating. When the last hook was undone, Geet held the choli from falling down. Maan turned her and held her hands. In one swift movement he pulled the choli down. Geet looked down not able to bear his passionate gaze on her. He pulled her lehenga down and it fell on her foot. Geet could neither move a little nor cover herself as Maan was holding her tight. She was just in her inners and his looks didn’t do much good to her condition.

Maan scooped her up and placed her in the tub. He joined her inside in his vest and tracks. He rested himself on the tub and pulled her to him. She kept her face buried in his chest feeling shy. Maan asked, “Geet, kya hua? Mujse kyun sharma rahi ho? Yeh pehli baar nahi jab mein tumhe dekh raha hoon.” His words added to her embarrassment and he was amused as to how shy she can get. He pulled her face from his chest and kissed her hard. He rolled over placing her on the tub, without leaving her lips even for a second. The feel of her smooth skin was evoking the demon in him and the water droplets on her body were adding to it. He left her lips and moved down placing kisses all over till he reached the valley between her curves. He kissed her aggressively there and his hands moved to her back to unhook the inner. He tossed it away and took her curves in his hand kneading it while taking her lips into his again. Replacing his hands with his mouth, he kissed and sucked on her curves. Geet arched her back to him giving more access to him, moaning his name. He went down to kiss her stomach trailing his hands over her curves. He loved to hear his name from her mouth and she satisfied his need with every touch of his, moaning his name loud.

He pulled out his vest and captured her lips into yet another passionate kiss. When he pulled away panting, her gaze fell on his chiseled abs, the taunt muscles and his greek-god like body. She felt an ache to touch it. Maan followed her gaze and placed her hands on his chest. He pulled her closer and asked, “Kyun Geet, choone se darr lagtha he kya?” Geet blushed but didn’t pull back her hands. He guided her hands over his abs, his muscles… He left her hands on their own when he felt there is no need for guidance. She felt his abs and muscles with her hands and leaned forward placing soft kisses on his chest. Her soft, innocent touch was creating havoc in his mind. When he couldn’t hold back any longer, he pulled her up and kissed her. They pulled back when both were out of breath. She rested her head on his chest while he relaxed back on the tub. They lied there for sometime feeling relaxed. Maan told, “Geet, hume kal jaldi jaana he. Sone chale?” Geet was too shy to look up as she was half naked and nodded close to his chest. He smiled and told, “Geet, tum aise laite rahogi tho shayad kal mujhe fever ho jayega.” That was enough for her to pull back. He stood up pulling her along with him. She immediately took a towel from the side and covered herself. Maan shook his head and smiled. She told, “Aap change karlo.. Mein aapke kapde leke aati hoon” and left before he could protest. She went to their room and changed to her night dress. She took another vest and trousers and gave to him. When he came after dressing, she was staring outside through the window. He went near her and hugged her from back. She smiled and leaned to him. Maan told, “Sone chale, Geet.” She nodded and both went to bed.

Maan pulled her closer when she settled down beside him. She hugged him and placed her head on his chest listening to his heartbeats. Maan told, “Geet, kal meri sirf do meetings he aur dono subah hi khatam ho jayeigi. Tumhe zyaada kaam he kal?” Geet knotted her eyebrows and asked, “Kaam tho aap hi dethe he. Aur designs tho khatam hogaye hain. Sirf Sameera se discuss karna bakki he. Kya baat he?” Maan kissed her forehead and told, “Kal shyam panch baje office se nikalna. Hum kahi ja rahe he uske baad.” Geet raised her head to look at him. He had both his eyes closed. She smiled and placed a kiss on his nose. He opened his eyes and pulled her to a kiss. After pulling back, he told, “Geet, tum mujhe tempt mat karo. Mein kal ka plan cancel kar doonga” and told himself, “Aur sab kuch aaj hi kar loonga.” She smiled and placed her head on his chest. He hugged her and both drifted off to sleep.