Part 44

Next morning, Maan woke up feeling a slight weight on his chest. He opened his eyes and saw Geet sleeping peacefully hugging him. She looked so calm and composed, something that was missing in her face from past few months. He thought of the night before, he told her that he will let go of the past, he knew that she has ever loved only him and all that happened won’t be with her consent but he wanted to know who was the person who made her suffer. He knew she won’t tell him but he will find his way to the truth. And he will make sure that she won’t suffer anymore with that pain or guilt. She will always have him by her side. 

He looked back at her sensing her moving. She fluttered her eyelashes and opened to find him staring at her. She blushed remembering the previous day but before she could think further she was on her back with Maan towering over her. He took her lips not giving her time to recover from the shock. All other thoughts left her mind when his lips assaulted hers. She put her hands around his neck and hugged him close as he deepened the kiss. After few minutes he pulled back and told, “Good Morning Geet.” She smiled and wished him. He continued, “Geet, you know; only you could make me do this.” She understood what he was pointing to and blushed furiously.

He cupped her face and placed a kiss on her forehead. He told, “chalo mein work-out keliye ja raha hoon. Ha usse pehle tumhe kuch dena he. Right? Mein aise zyaada der tak wait nahi kar sakta.” Geet smiled and gave a peck on his lips. Maan smirked and told, “Yeh zyaada din tak nahi chalega. Mujhe kal se proper morning kiss chahiye. Thodi der aur sojao. Abhi tho paanch bajne main time bakki he. Mein fresh hokar aata hoon.” He stood up after giving a kiss on her forehead. Geet snuggled to the comforter when he left for Gym after getting fresh. 

She got up after sometime and left for doing the daily chores. They left for office together after having breakfast. Dadi noticed the glow in both their faces and when Maan informed that they are going out at the night and won’t return till next day evening, she confirmed that there is something cooking up. She noticed, everytime Maan stared at Geet, she blushed to a shade of crimson red. She smiled inwardly and prayed for keeping them happy always.

At office, both had a busy day as they were supposed to finish the work before five. Preeti was asked to cancel Maan’s meetings for the next day and Geet finished the design of Chopra’s with Sameera’s approval of the design. Sameera noticed the spark and glow was back in Geet’s face and Maan appeared calm and composed than his usual self. She was happy for both of them. By 4.45, Geet asked Preeti whether Maan was free. She informed that Maan was in discussion with Sasha regarding the latest project in his cabin. Preeti understood that she wanted to talk to Maan and after she left the cabin, she informed Maan. He asked to let her come and she informed her to go and meet Maan. 

When Geet entered the cabin, Sasha was still there. Sasha shot an annoying look at her for having disturbed her time with Maan. Maan told Sasha, “Sasha, that’s it for today. I’m leaving at 5 and won’t be coming tomorrow. I expect you to manage the projects and meetings properly.” Sasha was baffled at his sudden dismissal but told, “Of course MK. I will manage everything properly.” Maan told, “Ok that’s good. Now you may take leave.” Sasha left unwillingly glaring at Geet. 

Maan got up from his seat and went to lock the door eyeing Geet who was nervously looking at him. He turned to move towards her while she walked backwards. He cornered her to the wall with no distance between their bodies and asked nuzzling her ears with his lips, “Kya hua Geet, dar gayi? Then how will you handle me tonight?” A shiver ran down her body hearing him. She lowered her eyes blushing profusely. He cupped her face and placed tender kisses all over her face before stopping near her lips. He licked her lips with the tip of his tongue and took them into his. Soon the kiss turned passionate with both of them holding each other tight, their tongues exploring each others mouth with passion. 

Maan moved his lips down to her neck and bit her there leaving a mark. He moved up to her ears and told, “Geet, this is just a glimpse of what I plan to do tonight.” Geet blushed again and turned away from him. He hugged her from back and told, “Geet, I like it when you blush. I can’t seem to be in control anymore. So before I do something inappropriate in the office, can we leave?” Geet was really taken aback by his attitude. She shied at the thought of what he had told her. She smiled and followed him when he collected his laptop and went near her to leave. Sasha was watching all these through an open blind and was fuming seeing them so close.

Both left for KM. When they reached dadima was about to go out for a friend’s birthday party. Geet talked to her for a while when Maan left to their room. When she reached the room after dadima left, she found a packet in the bed. She opened it to find a beautiful red net saree with a backless blouse except for a thin strap and its accessories. Geet smiled and shied at his choice of dress. She noticed that the study is closed. She got ready after getting fresh and knocked the door. Maan opened the door, looking ever so handsome in a casual white shirt and blue jeans. His muscles were more prominent and his abs was visible through his shirt. 

At any other instance he could have caught her gaping at him but he was too lost in her beauty. She looked ethereal. The saree complimented her milky white skin and hugged the curves of her body at proper places. He could clearly see her blouse hugging her curves presenting him a good view through the net saree and her labored breathing made them move up and down. Her waist was visible and all he wanted to do that take her in right there. He moved forward and wound his hands around her waist pulling her closer. She gasped at his sudden movement and the next moment his lips was on hers claiming her. She ran her hands through his hair not able to bear his passion. After what seemed forever, he pulled back and rested his forehead on hers panting. He told after calming down a bit, “Geet, how you manage to look gorgeous in every piece of cloth you wear? I can’t control for a minute with you around. We will leave now otherwise..” Geet shied and he gave her a side hug ushering her down.

Geet had no idea on where exactly they were going but from Maan’s face she knew it is going to be somewhere special. Geet talked all the while regarding everything under the sky while Maan enjoyed his bubbly wife’s talks. After about 1-2 hours of drive, they reached near a huge gate having Khurana Estates inscribed in it. A security person opened the gate and they drove inside. There were trees on both sides of the road with yellow and red flowers all over them. Maan stopped near something that seemed like a garden. They got down and Maan walked towards the garden and Geet followed him. She noticed that it had only white roses and baby pink bougainvillea in it. 

He stopped near a metal carving. She noticed the words inscribed in it and her heart thudded painfully, “In the loving memory of Rajeev and Simran Khurana”, his mom and dad. She stood behind him when he started talking, “Mom, dad, today I wanted to introduce you someone, a special someone who brought back happiness to your son’s life, who love him unconditionally, who brought back the colors in his life which he lost after you both left him. Mom, your son got the perfect partner in his life whom you have always wished for.” He turned to face her. He saw tears brimming in her eyes and slowly wiped them with his index finger. 

He held her hand and turned. He told, “Mom, dad, yeh he meri Geet, my wife. It took a lot time for your son to understand her worth and he hurt her a lot all the while, but not anymore. Your son won’t do the same mistake more than once. We are going to take a step ahead in our life promising to be together forever. We need your blessings before we start the new journey of our life.” A small wind blew and it started drizzling like their blessings getting showered to them.

Maan opened his eyes to look at Geet. She could see the moisture in his eyes even though the rain drops were hiding it. She came forward and hugged him. He hugged her back holding her tight. She knew how much his parents meant to him. She knew from dadima that he was a calm and cool-minded person until his parents passed away in an accident when he was twelve years old. After they left he had only one aim that was to study hard and take up the business and relieve dadima from the tensions. It made him shut his heart to almost all emotions. He created a barrier around him and even Sameera could never break through that barrier. But Geet managed to break through all the barriers and found a place in his heart. 

They pulled back from the hug when it started raining heavily and they were fully wet. They rushed to the car both fully wet with their clothes clinging on to their body. Maan gave his jacket placed on the dickey to Geet and got one for him. They put it on and sat inside. Maan started the car and stopped after a while near a mansion looking almost similar to KM. Both got down and a man of nearly 60s came out hearing the sound of the vehicle. Maan smiled and hugged the man. 

He told turning to Geet, “Geet, this is Vardanji, dad’s first assistant and now the care taker of Khurana Estates. This is the property dad brought after his first successful project of KC.” Geet smiled and bend down to take his blessings. The old man instantly liked her and blessed them both. He told them that everything is set by the person Maan sent and he will come next day evening before they leave. After he left, Maan took Geet inside. The servants had set everything and left. They both were left alone to their privacy. Maan removed his jacket and turned to look at Geet who was checking out the mansion. He went and hugged her from the back. He removed her jacket and turned her to face him. She was too shy and nervous to face him as she knew they were alone in the mansion. Maan smiled at her nervousness and hugged her. He asked, “Geet, are you ready for a long night?