Part 45

Geet shivered due to the nervousness building up on her. She was used to his normal behavior, his anger, but not with his passion. She understood how passionate and soft he was within. She felt to be the luckiest person in the world when he introduced her to his parents. She knew how much he valued his parents. And his words washed away all the insecurity that was there in her mind. She knew her love was reciprocated with the same intensity or may be more than that. He had lost trust over people due to his past incidents, that was the reason for his rude behavior but she was lucky enough to have gained his trust. Her thoughts were broken when he pulled back from the hug.

She looked up to face him and immediately looked down seeing the intensity of his gaze. Her saree was clinging to every contour of her body like a second skin. He was getting aroused even at the mere sight of her wet form. He moved his hands up her arm to her shoulder and turned her back to him. He moved the wet long hair clinging to her back to get a clear view of her back. The soft milky skin of hers urged him to kiss her and he moved forward and placed a sensual kiss on the nape of her neck. He kissed her there for some more time and bit there. He placed kisses all the way down to her waist and turned her around. He removed the pallu clinging to her stomach and kissed her. He moved his way up planting kisses wherever his lips came in contact with her body. He stopped near her lips and looked intently at her. She was flushed and breathing hard due to his proximity and actions. He captured her lips into his in a passionate kiss. It expressed his longing, his hidden passion, his love’ everything for her. They broke apart after sometime and he placed his forehead on hers.

After the silence for a while, he kissed her forehead and told, “Geet, chalo change kar lethe hain.” Geet asked, “Kapde kaise badal sakthe hain. Hum tho kapde laya hi nahi.” Maan smirked and placed his hand on her bare waist. He pulled her to him and told, “Kya tum yeh bhool rahi hoon ki mein Maan Singh Khurana hoon. Mein kuch bhooltha nahi hoon.” Geet pouted and looked away. He liked her pout; she looked adorable and pulled her to one more kiss. After pulling away, he swept her off her feet and carried her to the bedroom. She wound her hands around his neck and rested her head on his shoulders. He smiled and entered the room. Geet was awed seeing scented candles all over and the bed decorated with red and white rose petals. He placed her on her feet. She was really surprised by the arrangement. She turned around to face him and asked, “Aap ne yeh sab?” He came forward and pulled her to a hug. He told after a while, “Geet, the first time we had our night together didn’t turn out to be a good one. So before we start again, I needed my parents’ blessings. I wanted us to start from the same place where they started their new journey in life. Dadaji and dadima were staying here at the time of my parents’ marriage and so my mom and dad lived for almost two years here after their marriage. After Dadaji’s death we moved to KM. When they both left us, everyone except me used to visit here only during their barsi. I have always felt their presence here. I used to come here when I needed solace. But during the past three years I very rarely visited here as I felt very much lonely in my life and coming here will increase the hurt and pain of not having them with me. I also didn’t want them to see their son in a broken state. But now they will be happy that I have found the love of my life, my soul mate..

When he finished, Geet slowly pulled away from the hug. She noticed the tears spilled out from his eyes. She cupped his face and kissed away the tears from his cheeks. She placed kisses on his forehead and eyes. Maan was surprised by her simple act and pulled her closer. She placed her head on his chest and told, “Aap please kabhi yeh mat sochna ki aap akela he. Aap kabhi akele nahi the, nah he, aur nah honge. Dadima, Dev aur Annie aapse kitna pyaar kartha he yeh aapko pata hena. Aapki khushi unsab keliye bahut manya raktha he. Unke hote hue aap akela kyun mehsoos kar rahe the? Woh tho humesha aapke saath the, he aur rehenge..” Maan smiled at her words and asked, “Aur Geet tum?” She told, “Mein tho aapki Saaya hoon. Mein aapko chodke kaise ja sakthi hoon. Aapke bina meri zindagi adhoori he.” Once the words left her mouth only she realized what she spoke. She was red in embarrassment and tried to pull away from the hug. Maan heart filled with joy listening to her simple words and felt her pulling away. He knew she is embarrassed. He tightened his hold around and pulled her closer. He lifted her chin with his index finger and asked, “Geet, apni dil ki batane se kyun khabra rahe ho? Tum mujse kuch bhi bol sakthi hoon, kuch bhi maang sakthi hoon. Woh haqt sirf tumhe he. Samji?” Geet nodded shyly.

Maan told, “Geet, hume change karna chahiye. Or else we will catch cold.” Geet nodded and looked around. Maan pointed to the cupboard and she went to check for clothes. She opened to find a row of sarees with it accessories on one side. On the other side was a set of night dresses with matching lingerie. She shied seeing that when Maan hugged her from back and told nuzzling her ear, “Don’t shy away Geet. I want to see you in each one of them. For now select one or I will do it for you.” He moved forward and took a brown one. He turned with a smirk in his face and told, “For today this will do.” She was red with shyness and tried to go taking it from his hand. He was took quick and pulled her back. He told, “Geet, I told you that we will change. I didn’t ask you to do it yourself. For a change, let me do it.” Geet didn’t have it in her to face him after hearing his words and looked down.

Geet’s dress

Maan turned around facing her and slowly unpinned her pallu. She started breathing heavily as he touched shoulder. He loved his effect on her. He removed the pallu from her shoulder and pulled her closer. He could feel the thudding of her heart close to his chest. He planted a kiss on her shoulder and moved his hands to her back. She shivered as his hands moved across her bare back. His hands found the hook and opened it. She gasped and pushed her body closer to his. His hands moved towards her shoulders and removed the blouse from left shoulder planting a soft kiss there. He did the same with the other side and tried to pull back. But Geet was holding him tight not to let go. He smiled and told, “Geet, meine pehle hi sab kuch dekha he tho ab kyun sharma rahi ho? Acha tik he mein dinner se pehle kuch nahi karenge. Meine jo suru kiya usse poora karne do.” Geet couldn’t look directly to his eyes and closed hers.

Maan pulled back and smiled seeing her closed eyes. He pulled the blouse away leaving her in her lacy brown innerwear. It took all his self-control not to take her then and there. It was more testing his control than hers. He moved down trailing his hands down above her curves making her shudder. He pulled out the fleets of the saree and unraveled it. She held on to the end of her skirt tightly. He untied her skirt and it joined the saree on the floor. She was standing before him just in her innerwear. When the cold air touched her body she hugged him tightly not able to stand like that under his gaze. The feel of her soft supple body against his and the sight of her just in her innerwear was too much for him to control. His hands wandered on her back and snapped the hook of her innerwear. Her hands held him tightly shivering slightly. He removed the straps from her shoulder without breaking the hug. He removed it fully slightly pulling back and hugged her again. When her bare curves touched his chest he even thought of forgetting his resolve. His hands moved down and pushed the other inner wear down. He moved little down pulling out from her embrace brushing his face across her curves to pull it out completely. When he straightened she hugged him tight not allowing him to get a glimpse of her bare body.

He moved her towards the bed where the dress was placed without breaking from the hug. He took the lingerie and put both the same way he removed hers. He slipped the night dress over her pulling back from her. She looked seductive in that night wear. He smiled and told, “Hogaya, ab tumhari bari he. Help me to change.” Geet looked bewildered and asked looking down, “Mein aapko kaise?” Maan understood her nervousness and told, “Tik he, excused for the last time. Aaj ke baad koi bhi bahana nahi chalega. Tum neeche jao. Mein abhi aata hoon.” Geet was too much conscious of the dress she was wearing and told, “Aise, mein niche kaise chal sakthi hoon?” Maan smiled and told, “Geet, iss poore ghar mein sirf hum dono he. Aur guards ka separate house he. Kya tumhe lagtha he ki mere alawa kisi aur ko tumhe aise dekhne denge?” Geet nodded and went down.

Maan changed to vest and trousers and went down. She had her back towards him and was pouring water in the glasses. He hugged her from back and placed a kiss on her shoulder. She smiled and turned to him. She asked, “Aap tho humesha Italian khana khate hain. Par yeh tho poora Punjabi khana he.” Maan smiled and told, “Geet, ek din Punjabi khana khane se kuch nahi hota he. Aur uska kya jo tum roz karthi ho?” Geet looked at him surprised. He continued, “Ghar mein mere alawa bakki sab log Indian khate hain lekin koi bhi vegetarian khana pasand nahi karthe hain. Aur tum tho pure-veg ho uske bavjood bhi sabki khana banathi he aur tum sirf ek dish se kaam chalathi he. Uska kya Geet?” Geet looked at him wondering how he knew all these. Like understanding he told, “Geet, meine ek din tumhari aur Nakul ki baatein suni thi. Mujhe pata he sirf Nakul ko hi iss bare mein pata he.” Geet shook her head and told, “Aisa nahi he. Mein tho..” Maan put his finger on her lips and told, “Geet, mujse jhoot mat bolna. Mujhe sab pata he.” Geet knew there is no use arguing in that and nodded.

He kissed her forehead and took his seat. She served what appeared less spicy on his plate. When she was about to serve for herself in another plate, he pulled her to his lap and wound his hands on his waist. She looked at him and he told, “Why do we need two plates when you are going to feed me?” Geet smiled and took one piece of parata and dipped in paneer butter masala and fed him. He ate without showing any signs of distaste and licked her fingers. When she fed him again, he stopped her and guided it to her mouth. They fed each other like that while Maan planted occasional kisses on her bare shoulders and neck, hugging her close. After dinner, Maan left to their room while Geet cleaned the plates and table.

When she reached their room, Maan was resting in their bed with his arms folded below his head. She gulped seeing his biceps and kept on gaping at him for a while till Maan called her out. He asked, “Kya hua Geet? Aise door se kyun dekh rahi ho?” She blushed and looked down. Maan got up and went near her. He scooped her up and carried her to the bed. He placed her on the bed and joined near her. She turned and hugged him. He smiled knowing her shyness. He slowly pulled out of the hug and told, “Geet, apni pati se itna sharmana? Aisa nahi chalega.” He moved looking straight on her eyes holding her captive and continued, “I want you to look at me while we take our relation ahead.” She smiled and it was the only sign he needed. He placed a kiss on her forehead and continued placing kisses all over her face. He captured her lips in his and kissed her like no tomorrow. Soon they were glued to each other with their tongue intermingled with each other and hands holding each other closer. The kiss was nothing like the ones before, as Geet poured her love into the kiss returning it in the same fervor.

Maan left her swollen lips and moved down kissing her neck, collarbone and shoulders. He bit everywhere he kissed all the while. He removed the night dress in one swift movement and Geet looked at him surprised. He told, “Geet, don’t expect me to be slow. I have waited long.” She held him tight and moaned his name as he bit her just above her curves. He smoothened with kisses and moved his hands to unhook her inner. He tossed it away taking her curves into his hand. His lips captured hers while his hands kneaded her curves. He moved down capturing one into his mouth. He bit at the tip and moved to the other giving it equal attention. Geet’s hold on his arms tightened with his each move almost leaving marks in his skin. He kissed and bit her upper body not leaving an inch. She held him moaning his name louder when he was about to move down further. He moved up and looked into her eyes. He smiled and removed his vest. He turned to his back bringing her above him. She was little hesitant to make a move when he placed her hand on his chest. Her hands moved over his abs and biceps feeling it. She moved a little forward and placed kisses on his chest. Her nave touches aroused him more. He turned her below and moved above her. He pulled the last piece of cloth from her body and got rid of his trousers and boxers. He placed kisses all over her body from head to toe. She held on to him while he created havoc in her senses. She was wet and ready for him. When he thought that he can’t control any longer, he entered her slowly. She shuddered and held on the pillow for support. He asked, “Geet, tum tik ho?” She nodded and he started with slow thrusts and increased the pace slowly. When both couldn’t control, he pounded harder and they climaxed together.

He rested his head on her shoulder for a while until his breathing was normal. He turned to his back taking her along with him. He pulled the comforter over them and hugged her close. Both of them drifted off to sleep soon. He woke up after a while and saw her sleeping peacefully in his chest. He was feeling a familiarity all the while. He felt as if it was not their first time together may be as they were almost close on their first night together. He looked at her and found himself getting hard again. He couldn’t control his urge and woke her up. They repeated it until both were exhausted. They slept off almost by early morning.