Part 46

Geet woke up feeling herself in his tight embrace. She could hear his heartbeats. She looked at his face and found contentment and happiness there. There were no signs of worry or tension in his face. Her heart filled with joy at the thought that it was her who was the reason for his happiness. She won’t let the smile slip from his face. She smiled and placed a kiss on his forehead. She tried to move out of his embrace but he was holding her tight. The memories of last night made her blush. She lost the number of times they did it. He left her only when he thought she couldn’t take any more. Her legs were sore due to the continuous rubbing and she could feel the ache when she tried to move her legs. She came out of her thoughts when she felt his hands moving up and down her back. She looked up and saw him smiling, looking at her.

He woke up when she kissed him but kept his eyes closed. he tightened the hold  when he felt her moving away and waited for her to make the next move. When he saw her blushing he knew what she thought. He noticed her flinch while moving her legs and moved his hands on her back to soothe her. He told, “Good Morning, Geet.” She smiled and hugged him wishing Good Morning. He slowly moved her to lie on her back and turned to face her. He saw her flinch while turning and knew he had overdone yesterday. He asked in concern, “Geet, tum tik ho? Kal kuch zyaada..” Before he could complete she kept her hand on his mouth and nodded negatively. She told, “Aap please aisa mat kahiye. Mein tik hoon. Thoda sa dard he par nahane ke baad tik ho jayega.” He held her hand in his mouth and asked, “Geet, why you never let me feel guilty even if I’m wrong?” Geet told with a smile, “Kyunki aap kabhi galat the hi nahi.” Maan shook his head knowing that she won’t accept it.

He told, “Mein abhi aata hoon. Tum yaha se hilo mat” and left to bathroom after putting his boxers on. He came out after a while and carried her to the bathroom. Even though she was conscious that she had no clothes on, she offered no resistance or hesitation and just clung to him. He had filled the tub with warm water and slowly placed her on it. He asked her to brush and that he will come in a minute. He came, when she was done with brushing holding a box in his hand. He saw the love bites in her white creamy skin forming red-blue marks. He slipped off the boxers and joined her in the tub. He placed himself resting his head on the edge pulling her to him. He moved forward kissing and licking every mark in her body while she clung to him. Both rested in the warm water holding each other. After relaxing sometime in the tub Maan took her to shower. They took bath together almost making love there. After drying, Maan took out a cream from the box he brought and applied it on the love bites and between her legs.

He looked up to find her eyes closed. He moved up and kissed her eyes. She opened it and looked at him lovingly. He told, “Geet, mujhe pata nahi tha ki tum itni fragile ho.” Geet blushed and hugged him. He smiled and carried her back to bed. She felt conscious when he placed her on the bed which was made again and pulled the comforter over her. Maan smiled and asked, “Ab kyun sharma rahi ho?” and pulled it away. He took a maroon saree and its accessories from the cupboard and took a maroon shirt and black jeans for himself. He went near her and told, “Geet, Mujhe sari pehnana nahi aata he sirf utarna aata he. Tum pehenlo, I will come in a while” and left to bathroom taking his dress. 

She got up and started dressing up. Like the other saree, this one also had an almost backless blouse tied only with strings. She was just in her blouse and skirt, struggling with the blouse knots when he came out dressed. He went near her and held the strings. She smiled and told, “Mujhe lagtha he yeh sirf aapse hi honge.” He tied the strings and went to sit on the bed. He had an urge to start again but decided to give her some rest as she was already sore. He watched her while she draped the saree around her. He noticed that she was quite comfortable with him now and he liked her change. When she finished dressing, they both left down. The servants had come and left after preparing breakfast. They fed each other same way as dinner. Geet was back to her bubbly self and Maan enjoyed teasing her every now and then.

They left for their room after breakfast. They rested for a while in each others embrace talking. After a while Maan pulled her to a kiss all of a sudden. Even though surprised, she responded quickly. After pulling out from the kiss he asked, “Tum tik ho? Dard kam hua?” Geet smiled knowing what he implied and told hugging him, “Mein tik hoon. Dard nahi he ab.” The response was enough for him to start over again. They spend the rest of the day talking and making love. More than the passion and desire, it was their love that kept them together always. Both of them didn’t want the day to end. They had to attend the party held by Prem only for the youngsters. It was supposed to be on a discotheque but later the venue was changed to one of the star hotels at the insistence of Maan. He knew Geet won’t be comfortable with the environment in there and Prem willingly agreed as he knew Priya also won’t prefer it. They had a dress code for the party, white/black dress for ladies and black for men. That was the only thing which put Geet into dilemma. She didn’t have any dresses and was not used wearing it. If she was at home, she could have asked Meera but she had no options here and decided to talk to Maan.

Maan was talking to Adi when she went to talk to him. She waited for him to finish and he finished the call soon knowing she wanted to ask something. He asked, “Kya baat he Geet?” She smiled nervously and told, “woh, aaj ke party keliye mere paas koi dress nahi he. Mein saree aur salwar waha pehen nahi sakthi.” Maan smiled and told, “Geet, do you think that I don’t already know it? Come..” and led her to the guest room. He opened a cupboard and took a dress. It was a white dress with short sleeves but looked really cute. Only problem she noticed was its length, it will come only upto her knees. She looked at Maan and told, “Yeh dress ka length bahut kam he.” Maan smiled knowing her and told, “Geet, do u trust me?” She nodded and he continued, “Then go and wear this.” Geet took the dress and went to change. Maan told that he will change in the guest room and to come there after changing.

Geet’s dress


When she returned, he had changed to a black see-through shirt and black jeans looking sexy and handsome. Maan looked at her and forget to breath. She wore a small diamond pendant in a thin silver chain and two diamond studs. Her right hand was left free and other had a black Oris diamond studded watch gifted by Meera and Dev. She looked cute in that dress and that was the reason why he chose it for her. Most dresses he saw were sexy and were definitely intended to invite much attraction. But this one was different. She was trying to pull down the ends of the dress as it was just above her knees and showed her white creamy leg. Maan smiled when she reached near him. He asked, “Geet, why are you pulling it down? Do you think the length will increase if you pull it?” She nodded negatively and stopped pulling. Maan told, “Let me try” and pulled a white string in the dress towards the middle. The dress went below her knees and she looked at him awed. He smiled and told, “Geet, tum yeh kaise soch liya ki jis cheez par sirf mera haq he woh mein kisi aur ko dekhne doonga?” She smiled at his possessiveness and hugged him. He pulled back after a while and told, “If we remain like this, I won’t think before taking you to bed and we will be late for the party.” She shook her head smiling and both left for the party.