Part 48

Geet woke up early in the morning to find her hugging Maan in the same dress she wore for party. She was holding him tight and he held her by her waist. She looked around and saw that they were in a suite. She was puzzled and thought about the previous day. She couldn’t remember anything after she had the drink. What happened after that? How they ended up here? And they sure didn’t do anything, which was clear from her dress. She saw lipstick marks over Maan’s face and identified it to be hers. She was all confused and like knowing it Maan slowly opened his eyes. He saw her confused look and could tell that she was thinking about what happened.

He decided to play along for a while. He withdrew his hands and Geet immediately looked at him. His blank face increased her tension. She asked, “Kal kuch hua tha? Hum yaha kaise?” Maan looked at her and told seriously, “Geet, you got drunk yesterday.” Geet was shocked listening to it while he continued, “You wanted to dance in the party with me and Prem gave me the room’s key so that we won’t get embarrassed before others.” Geet had her hand on her mouth in disbelief when Maan got up and told, “I never thought that you will hide something like this from me. It’s true that people often blurt out truth when drunk.” He stood up and left to washroom leaving a shocked and tensed Geet behind him.

She couldn’t think properly. Truth, that means she told him about the night? That it was him who did it. He must be hurt and guilty. She has betrayed him again by hiding the truth which she thought will never come out. Tears started spilling out of her eyes. How could she do this? Be reason for his pain again? She felt her whole world crumpling down. Her Maan, he is hurt? Her body shook as the thought of hurting him again crossed her mind.

Maan couldn’t help smiling while getting fresh. His wife is really nave. Now it will be fun to tease her for a while. It was really difficult for him in the morning to control his urge to kiss her but it will definitely be fun to tease her. But all his resolve melted when he came out of the bathroom. There she was sitting in the same position with tears rolling down her eyes and her body shaking with the sobs. He was shocked seeing her like that and rushed to her.

He asked taking her in a hug, “Geet, kya hua? Tum ro kyun rahi ho?” Geet hugged him tight and told between the sobs, “I’m sorry.. sorry.. mein.. meine aapko hurt kiya.. sorry..” Maan couldn’t understand why she was telling sorry but he told to calm her down, “Geet, mein mazak kar raha tha.” Geet’s sobs subsided after a while and she pulled away to look at his face. She asked, “Matlab, meine aapse kuch nahi kaha?” Maan understood that she might be thinking about the night but didn’t make it obvious. He pulled her to his lap and hugged her. He told, “Ha bahut kuch kaha na. Mujhe pata nahi tha ki mera innocent wife kabhi sherni bhi bansakthi he.” Geet hugged him feeling shy when Maan continued to tell her acts and confession and concluded, “Agar mujhe pata tha ki tum peene se apni dil ki baat kehdengi tho mein zaroor pehle hi tumhe pilaya hota.” Geet hugged him feeling embarrassed of what she had done.

Maan told, “Geet, fresh ho jao. Mein breakfast order kar dethe hain. Jab tak Dev aur Meera nahi utega hum KM nahi ja sakthe. Aur mujhe nahi lagtha he ki woh log jaldi utega.” Geet smiled and got up from his lap. She went to freshen up and came back after a while. Breakfast had arrived and they fed each other. After the table was cleared, Maan went to lie on the bed while Geet called dadima informing her that they will come little late. She turned feeling Maan’s intense gaze on her. She went and joined him in the bed. Maan hovered over her as soon as she lied down. She looked surprised and he told, “Geet, kal meine bahut control kiya. Par aaj nahi.” She shied knowing what is next. Sooner their dresses were on the floor with their bodies entangling each other leaving no space between them. Her moans filled the room as he continued pleasuring her in ways she never knew existed. Both were exhausted after their continuous love making and slept for a while. The ringing of the phone disturbed their sleep and Maan took the call. Dev informed that they will leave to KM after lunch as Prem and Ayan are yet to wake up. Geet had woken up and was hugging him while he talked over phone.

He cut the call and told, “Geet, lagtha humare paas aur bhi waqt he. I think we can go for one more.” Before she could protest he was all over her making love to her again. She gave in knowing that he won’t stop. After a while both slept again due to tiredness. Geet woke up after sometime and gazed her husband who was sleeping peacefully holding her. She never knew that he will be so passionate, the thought that he belonged to her gave her a sense of pride, he is only hers, and she smiled at her own thought. He opened his eyes and saw his beautiful wife smiling. He pulled her to a kiss startling her. It doesn’t matter how many times they did it, everytime he felt that it is their first time and he was still ready for her even after their hours of love making. It was not just the desire and passion, but everytime he looks into her hazel eyes, he gets lost in those pair and a need to love her madly comes over his mind. They had lunch and left for KM with a grumpy Meera and an annoyed Dev. It was clear from their faces that Dev’s plan has backfired and they obviously had a bad night.

The next two days, both Maan and Geet didn’t get to see each other as Maan was at Mittal’s house and Geet with Priya for their marriage. Maan was getting impatient not having her with him but couldn’t tell anything as he knew Priya needed her. Rano also accompanied her to Priya’s house as they knew Priya’s family won’t come as they always gave Sanjay the first priority and considered her as a burden. They were furious for sending Sanjay to jail but couldn’t do anything as Prem had blocked all the possible ways and left nothing. Brij had calmed down after the warning he got from Maan but still was angry that Geet supported Priya. Mohinder also supported Geet as he was afraid to even think of opposing Maan Singh Khurana. He knew how powerful his damad was and how much he cares for his wife, their daughter. For the first time in his life, he was truly happy for his daughter. Rano also noticed the change in her husband’s behavior and couldn’t thank God enough for sending Maan to her daughter’s life. She noticed how happy she was when she came for Priya’s marriage. Everytime someone mentions Maan’s name, she blushed and there was a spark in her eyes which didn’t go unnoticed by Rano.

The wedding was grand and both Maan and Geet were eager for the marriage ceremonies to finish. It was just two days but both were missing each other badly. Even though they got to see each other between Mehendi and Haldi, they couldn’t even talk properly. Once the rituals were over, Maan pulled her to the room he was given in Mittal’s. He locked the room and kissed her pulling her close. She returned the kiss with equal fervor. Their longing to be with each other was clear from their actions. Maan pulled out from the kiss and told, “Geet, I missed you..” She smiled and told, “I missed you too..” Then they started showing how much they missed each other until dadima called them to join everyone.