Part 49

As Sameera and Vivek had left for NY for a business deal, the Chopra’s project was on hold for half a month. So Geet joined back in Malhotra’s and Maan was missing her presence badly in KC. He regretted for not having accepted dadima’s request to let her join KC. But he knew now nothing can be done as it won’t be good to ask her to join KC, not that she will refuse but he respected her professional space. He can’t impose his wishes on her. But he always waited for her presentations as she was in charge of most of the presentations of Malhotra’s. Even though his attitude towards her changed tremendously, he remained the same for all others. His one sight was enough for KC employees to shiver. Sasha kept on trying her ways to please him but he never paid any heed.

Maan and Geet were immensely happy with their life. Maan avoided staying late night in office and Geet tried her best to finish her studies and work before Maan arrives so that they could get time for each other. With each passing day, their passion and love only increased in exponential rate. Dev and Meera had a tiff for few days after Prem’s marriage as Meera was furious about how Dev got her drunk. Prem and Priya visited them after marriage and Priya was really happy to have got him in her life after everything she went through.

It was the first Sunday after Prem’s marriage and they were invited for their first official lunch at KM after marriage. Meera and Geet were busy helping Nakul with the dishes. Maan and Dev were discussing some business matters much to dadima’s annoyance. She never liked her grandsons being workaholic and scolded them to stop discussing at least on a holiday. Ayan reached after a while and joined there discussions. Maan was observing Ayan for long since he came; he was not in his usual self. Something was definitely bothering him. He decided to ask him and waited for having sometime alone. Dev and dadima soon got distracted from the talks when Maan asked Ayan, “Kya baat he Ayan? Pareshan kyun ho?” Ayan tried to shrug of telling nothing but Maan was not having any of it. At last he accepted defeat and called him to go for a walk.

Maan asked while walking towards the lawn, “Ayan, this is the first time I’m seeing you tensed like this. What’s the matter?” Ayan took a deep breath and told, “Preeti..” Maan was shocked, “What???” Ayan sighed and continued, “I’m sorry to have kept you in dark yaar. But I was not sure about her feelings until now. So I didn’t want to tell you.” Maan was surprised and little annoyed as he didn’t tell him. He told, “All these were happening under my nose and I didn’t know. Not fair, Ayan. Par kabse?” Ayan continued, “I liked her since I met her in your office but didn’t know when it transformed into love. I was not sure about what her reaction will be. But I couldn’t have gone on without knowing that. Last week, I had confessed her but she denied it outright. Even though I was sad, I asked her the reason for her denial. She told that she was no match to him and she won’t wish something beyond her reach. She denied to talk further and left.”

Maan liked his secretary’s character before also but hearing it, the respect for her increased. Ayan continued, “I wanted to know whether it was the status that held her back. I noticed how her eyes searched for me when I was not there but as soon as she notice me she will turn her attention to something else. I know she has feelings for me but she won’t let it out.” Ayan turned and held his hand, “I need your help Maan. I want to go and ask her parents for her hand. I want you to accompany me there. Are you willing to do that?” Maan smiled seeing his friend desperate for the first time and thought of how true it is that love changes people to a great extent for which he is a perfect example. He smiled and patted him on his shoulder, “Anything for my friend.” Ayan smiled and told, “There is one more person who knows about it, who helped me in finding whether Preeti loves me or not.” Maan raised his eyebrows and he told, “My little sister and your wife, Geet.” Maan smiled as he knew her wife won’t sit back once she was asked for a help. Maan knew that Ayan’s parents won’t care about the status once they meet Preeti. They decided to go and meet Preeti’s parents the next day.

Soon Prem and Priya arrived and they had a good time together. After lunch they all sat on the living room chatting. Dadima asked after a while, “Prem beta, have you planned for your honeymoon?” Priya blushed and Prem was embarrassed. Others laughed seeing them. Prem told, “Kya nani, Aap bhi hamare mazak udha rahe ho.” Dadi smiled and told, “Nahi beta, mein tho such mein jaana chahthi thi.” Prem told, “Abhi tak kuch decide nahi kiya he nani.” Dadi was elated and asked them to wait, leaving to her room. She came back with three envelopes. Everyone was confused seeing this. Dadima smirked and told, “As I and Annie are going toCanadafor three weeks for a short vacation, I thought of planning something for my grandsons. So here is the ticket toMauritiusfor three of you” and handed the envelopes to Priya, Meera and Geet. Prem and Priya were elated by her surprise.

Meera and Geet were happy but were apprehensive about Dev and Maan who seemed in deep thoughts. Before they could deny, dadima told, “I have already informed on both offices that the bosses will be on leave for two weeks and your respective secretaries has planned it accordingly. So you don’t need to worry. No major deals are there planned for next two weeks. Monday morning you all are leaving and that is final.” Geet and Meera giggled seeing their husband’s annoyed faces as they knew how workaholic they are. Even though they wanted to spend some time with their respective spouses, work had always been important to them. Dadima turned to Ayan and told, “Ayan bte, I so wanted you to accompany them but you didn’t give me a lovely bahu yet. So I expect you to get one soon.” Ayan smiled and was happy seeing his sisters beaming with happiness. He thought in mind soon dadima you will meet your bahu. Maan smiled looking at him like understanding his thoughts.

Prem and Priya left along with Ayan almost late evening. All went to bed after having dinner. Geet went to their room after helping Nakul with the dishes. When she reached their room, she saw Maan busy with his laptop on their bed. She sighed knowing that he will not stop working until they left for honeymoon as she knew the perfectionist he was. She changed and went to sit near him. Maan looked at her and gave a quick kiss on her lips and told, “So jao Geet, mujhe thoda kaam he.” Geet smiled and told, “Mujhe pata he. Do you want me to talk to dadima to cancel our trip?” Maan shook his head and told, “Nahi Geet, aisi koi baat nahi. I want sometime alone with you and dadima fulfilled my wishes. So why should we deny? And my dadima is definitely the best; she has booked three separate hotels for us to stay so that we can have privacy. How can I resist two weeks having my wife all for myself?” Geet blushed and hid her face in his shoulder. Maan smiled and told, “Geet, don’t forget to pack the dresses I got you last week. Nakul got the packets from KE, is it?” Geet blushed and nodded. Maan told, “Geet ek baat batao. Tum kabse match maker ban gayi?” Geet raised her head and looked at him confused. Maan continued, “Mujhe khabar mila kit um mere secretary keliye ladka doonda he. Kya tum mere office ke saare female staffs ki shaadi kara dengi?” Geet was annoyed listening to his taunt and knew that Ayan has told him. She told pouting, “Mein tho sirf Ayan bhai ka help kar rahi thi.” Maan smiled and told, “Geet, aise mooh mat banao aur so jao. Nahi tho mein poori raat sone nahi dega.” She turned away blushing and went to sleep on her side. Maan smiled and continued his work.

Next day, Maan and Ayan went to Preeti’s house. Her parents were shocked to see MSK and Ayan Malhotra at their home. They welcomed them and Preeti was really nervous seeing them there. Her parents were apprehensive when Ayan asked Preeti’s hand as they were tensed about the match in their status. Ayan assured them that it doesn’t matter for him or his family. Maan also supported him. They saw the truth in Ayan’s words and agreed finally. They asked Preeti for her decision and she was more than happy as her only tension for accepting his love was no longer there. After their acceptance they left to meet Ayan’s parents. They were happy that their son finally agreed to get married and knew that the girl will definitely be good who managed to win their son’s heart. Maan’s support was more than enough for them. They talked to her parents and decided to proceed further after Meera was back. KM rejoiced again at the good news and all got busy for preparing for the trip.