Part 50

The three couples were exited about their honeymoon. Meera called Geet to help her in packing. Meera was taking swimsuits when she asked, “Geet, Maan veerji ne toh tumhe yeh sab pehle he kharidke diya hoga na?” Geet blushed and told, “Nahi, woh sabke saamne mujhe aise kapde pehne nahi denegen.” Meera teased, “Oh ho, iska matlab he ki sirf unke saamne hi pehne denge.” Geet smiled and hit her arm softly. Meera laughed and asked, “Tho tum kya pehen rahi ho? Don’t tell me that you are going to pack your salwar suits.” Geet told, “Aur nahi tho kya? Mein wohi pehenoongi.” Meera put her hand on head and told, “Geet, tum honeymoon keliyeMauritius ja rahi ho. Koi college ya office trip par nahi ja rahi ho. Geet ki babaji aap hi samjao isse.” “Kya samjao?” asked Annie who was entering their room. Meera told, “Kya batao Annie. Our Mrs. MSK wants to wear salwar suits for her honeymoon. Tum hi samjao isse.” Annie laughed and told, “Meera bhabhi, aap tension mat lo. Mera bhai ne zaroor apni wifey keliye poora wardrobe select kiya hoga. Waha jake aapko pata chal jayega.” Meera and Annie smiled teasingly. Geet blushed and left for their room pouting. Annie called out, “Bhabhi, photos bhejna mat bhoolna. Mujhe bhi dekhna he aapko bhai ke choice mein.”

When Geet reached their room, Nakul was exiting their room. He gave a warm smile to her and left. Geet was confused and went inside to find two luggage bags fully packed. She turned to Maan who was relaxing in the bed and asked, “Aapne Nakul se kyun packing karvayi. Mein khud hi kar dethi. Pata nahi kuch bhool gaya hoga ya nahi” and went to check her cupboard. Her salwar suits were still there except for the night suits and few sarees Maan gave her last week. She asked, “Yeh sab tho yaha reh gaya. Mujhe pata tha ki kuch aise he hoga.” Maan was watching his wife amused while she continued her talk and when she was about to open the luggage bag, he went and stopped her. He asked holding her close, “Geet, tumhe mujpe bharosa he?” She smiled and told, “Khud se zyaada.” He kissed her forehead and told, “Tho tension lena choddo. Jo tumhe chahiye woh sab Nakul ne pack kiya he. Ab yaha aaram se baito” and took her to bed. She followed him still questioning, “Agar Nakul kuch bhoola gaya ho tho?” Maan smiled seeing her anxiety and told, “Kuch bhi nahi bhoola he. Mujhe kuch kaam khatam karna he. Tum sojao. Aaj ke baad shayad ek hafte keliye rest nahi milega” and winked at her. She blushed and hid her face on his shoulder. He smiled and patted her head. He made her lie on the bed. She slept holding him while he continued finishing his work. He slept by 11 as they were to catch an early morning flight.

They had their flight to Dubai and connection flight to Mauritius. They had almost 5-6 hours time in Dubai and they spent that time visiting places there and doing some shopping. They reached Mauritius almost by 10 in the night. All were exhausted and were taken, to the respective hotels/resort they were staying, by the chauffeurs who were already waiting for them. Maan and Geet were taken to *** Hotel. Dadima had reserved a Royal Villa with a private pool and beach knowing how Maan respected privacy.


Dev-Meera and Prem-Priya reached their respective hotels. The arrangements there were not any less than what was given to Maan-Geet. Dadima knew her grandsons and their taste and selected the places accordingly. All of them were happy with dadi’s choice and thanked her for the arrangement.

Geet was awed by the beauty of the place. It is the first time she went somewhere outside the country. She liked the place very much. She was engrossed in capturing every minute detail in her mind when Maan came from back and hugged her. Maan’s fingers grazed her waist left bare by her saree. She tucked in her stomach and breathed heavily when his fingers made patterns on her waist and his lips traced along the length of her neck. She called in trance, “Maan..” He smiled and placed a wet kiss on her cheek before turning her to him. He asked, “Geet, tum mujhe apne naam se kyun nahi pukarthi ho? I love to hear my name from your mouth.” Geet smiled and told, “Mein aapko naam se kaise pukaro? Woh jab aap aisa kartha he tho galathi se zubaan par aajatha he. Maa kabhi bhi papa ko naam se nahi pukarthi thi. Mujhe bhi wohi karna theek lagtha hai.” Maan shook his head and told, “Jaise tumhari marzi. Par mujhe yeh batao ki kab tumhe mujhe naam se pukarne ko man kartha he?” Geet hugged him feeling shy. Maan smiled knowing she won’t tell anything. As both were too tired, Maan decided to leave his teasing session for sometime else.

Geet went and opened the luggage. First she opened Maan’s and handed over his night wear and towel. Maan took it and went to take bath while Geet arranged his clothes in the cupboard. Once it was done, she opened her luggage bag and was stunned. It contained casual dresses, shirts, long skirts and few sarees. She knew she have to wear the dresses as she doesn’t have any salwar suits with her and wearing saree won’t be a good option. The night dresses and the accessories were placed in packets within it. She knew Maan did it and smiled inwardly. She took one decent looking night dress with its accessories. She didn’t want to provoke him as he was very much tired. She smiled at her own thought, when Maan required dresses to provoke him; the mere sight of her was enough. She blushed and turned to see Maan staring at her in a white see-through cotton shirt with the first three buttons open and shorts. 

She looked away from him and asked looking towards the cupboard where she was arranging her dresses, “Aap ne yeh sab kab kiya. Par usme mere koi suits nahi he‘” Before she could continue Maan told, “Geet, hum yaha honeymoon keliye aaye hain. So I want you to wear all the dresses which I want to see you in private or public. So now go and get fresh. I will order for dinner.” She smiled and went to take bath after arranging the clothes. She came wearing a robe over the night dress. Dinner was ready and was served in the table beside the pool. He was waiting there for her to come. She went near him and started serving in one plate knowing they are not going to eat separately. Maan pulled her to his lap and they both fed each other lovingly. After dinner one lady came and cleared the table. Maan told her that he don’t want any disturbance until next day morning. She wished them both a happy stay and left. Now they both were alone and the whole place was left for their privacy.


Geet’s dress

Maan slowly came from her back and undid the robe. He was mesmerized by her beauty. He guided her towards the glass doors separating the room from the private beach. She was mesmerized by the sight. He hugged her close and placed a wet kiss on her shoulder slightly removing the strap of her night dress. She asked, “Kya hum waha ja sakthe hain? Koi hoga tho nahi waha?” Maan smiled and told, “Koi bhi nahi hoga. That is our private beach” and he took her in his arms carrying her towards the beach. She snaked her hands on his neck and held him tight. They reached near the beach and Maan put her down. The lights surrounding the villa were illuminating the beach even in the night. The cool breeze and the sound of the waves were adding to the beauty of the night. They walked hand in hand through the waves. He side-hugged her and she wrapped her right arm around his waist. They enjoyed being in each others arms in silence.

After enjoying the serenity of the place Maan asked, “Geet kaisa lag raha he yaha?” Geet smiled and told, “Mein aapko bata nahi sakthi ki mein kitni khush hoon. It is like a dream come true for me.” Maan smiled and stopped walking pulling her closer. He removed the curls falling on her face and caressed her cheeks. She smiled feeling his fingers near her lips. He traced her lips and slowly moved forward to take them into his. The kiss was slow and passionate but soon it turned aggressive and demanding. Maan slowly guided her to the dry sand and moved over her placing her on the sand, not leaving her lips for a while. They kissed until both were totally out of breathe and Maan raised his head to look at her flushed face and swollen lips. He kissed her forehead and asked, “Geet, tum tired lag rahi ho. We will continue this tomorrow. Now let us go back.” Geet smiled and hugged him. Maan rolled over taking her along with him. She rested her head on his chest making patterns on it. They stayed like that for a while enjoying the serenity of the place. They went inside after a while after cleaning themselves in the open shower outside. They decided to sleep after changing in the bed placed beside the pool which had a clear view of the beach. They slept peacefully in each others arms very soon.

Next morning they woke up by the constant buzzing of phone. Prem had called to inform that they have planned to visit the *** beach and that they should accompany them. Maan was irritated for spoiling a day out of their honeymoon but couldn’t deny them as he knew Geet won’t like it. He cut the call telling that they will be there in two hours time. Maan looked at Geet who was sleeping peacefully in his arms. He slowly disentangled his hands and stood up. He carried her to the master bedroom and pulled the curtains close. He slowly moved over her and kissed her forehead. She woke up feeling his lips and smiled. He told, “Geet, Prem called. Lagtha he aaj ka poora din waste ho jayega aur mujhe tumhare saath waqt bhi nahi milega. They have planned to go to *** beach.” Geet looked at him and asked, “Waha jaake kya karenge?” Maan smiled at his nave wife and told, “Swimming, snorkeling and whatever they want.” Geet thought for a while and asked, “Swimming keliye yeh log woh chote chote kapde pehnthe hain na? Mein woh sab nahi pehnoongi.  Mujhe sab ke saamne swimming nahi karni hai.


Maan laughed hearing this and told, “Koi baat nahi Geet. Yeh sach he ki mujhe company nahi milegi. Par koi na koi toh hoga waha jiske saath mein swim kar sakoonga.” Geet frowned listening to him. She thought he will support him about not swimming in the public, here he was taunting her for not giving company, dusht danav she murmered under her breath. The thought of him swimming with some short dressed girl burned her instantly. Maan smirked seeing the effect of his words. This is going to be fun. Wifey is jealous and he could make use of most of it. But for now he doesn’t want her to think that. He told, “Geet, woh sab baad ki baat he. Jaane se pehle humare paas do ghante ka waqt he. Tho mujhe lagtha he‘” and trailed off his words while moving down to plant kisses on her shoulder. All her thoughts were forgotten when Maan lips did wonders down her neck. He moved up and kissed her lips when he felt her giving in. Soon the barriers were thrown away and they were moving towards a goal of ecstasy.