Part 51

They reached the *** beach after their morning session of love making. Priya and Meera were on their decent looking swim suits and were left shocked seeing Geet. She was wearing a sleeveless light blue flower printed long dress that hugged her figure. She was looking gorgeous in that. They came and hugged Geet. Meera told winking at Priya, “Hmm.. MSK’s choice.. How can it be bad?” Geet hit her arm to keep quiet. Maan was looking handsome and desirable in the black vest and swim shorts. There were some groups and few couples in the beach. Prem had selected the place knowingly. They decided to go for swimming and Geet had told them that she will wait. She made herself comfortable in one of the beach chairs while they left for swimming.

Geet’s dress


Dev-Meera and Prem-Priya left towards the sides to get more privacy while Maan took a dip in the beach near to where Geet was seated. He had removed his vest and every time he rose from the water, her heart skipped a bit. The images of their morning love making flashed on her mind and she blushed furiously. But the smile didn’t last long when she saw a group of ladies in mini swim suits very next to where Maan was swimming. Geet felt an unknown anger take over her. They were drooling over him and from their looks it felt like they were ready to pounce on him. How dare they go near her Maan? She really wished to have joined Maan for swimming. She wanted him to stop and come back. Like hearing her plea, Maan took one more dip and reached near her all wet. The water droplets in his body were making him look more desirable. She heard oohs and aahs from among the girls. He as usual ignored everything and went to sit in the chair next to Geet taking the towel Geet placed there.

Maan noticed that Geet was looking in one direction and smiled seeing her point of interest. He was used to this kind of attention and never paid a heed. From the looks he knew that the ladies were Indian and he had heard someone telling MSK. He looked at Geet and his devil mind decided to make use of the situation. He saw one of the ladies approaching him and he looked up and gave one killer smile. Geet was left with her mouth wide open seeing that. The lady thanked all her lucky stars for making her day and went near him. She forwarded her hand and told, “Hi, I’m Riya Mehta. It is surprise to see you here Maan Khurana.” Maan saw his wifey’s fuming eyes and he took the hand forwarded to him and shook firmly and told, “Nice to meet you Ms. Riya and I’m on a vacation.” Geet wanted to pry off her hand from him and how could he do it. They are on their honeymoon and he told vacation. Geet was thinking of interrupting their conversation when she heard her say, “Oh that’s great. Then why don’t you join us for swimming. You came back so soon.” All the while, she didn’t notice the looks Geet was passing to her. Geet was at the verge of bursting out when Maan told, “I don’t feel like swimming further. May be some other time, it was a pleasure meeting you Ms. Riya.” Even though she was disappointed at his denial, she was at cloud nine for getting to talk with MSK. She smiled and left bidding bye to him.

Even though Geet was jealous at the beginning, she started feeling little bad that she couldn’t give him company while Dev and Prem were enjoying with Meera and Priya. She closed her eyes and rested her head back to the chair. Maan looked at her expecting her to be fuming at him but saw her eyes closed. He was confused as he had seen her fuming while he was talking to the lady. He decided to keep mum for a while and rested back on the chair. They didn’t talk for a while and Maan decided to break the silence when others came back after swimming. Geet immediately put the happy smile in her face and started to talk with an enthusiastic Meera and Priya which didn’t go unnoticed by Maan. They had enjoyed a lot and were really happy. They decided to go for snorkeling. Even though their hotels provided facility for snorkeling, they wanted to go together and decided to go from where Prem was staying. Priya and Meera were enthusiastic while Geet just accompanied them. Geet decided to not spoil their spirit even though she won’t be going.

After reaching there, Geet decided to wait in the lounge while they all left for snorkeling. Maan was not ready to leave her but Geet assured him that she was fine. He also noticed that she was not being her own self and something is bothering her. Once they left her sight and she was assured that no one is seeing her, tears fell down from her eyes. She knew that Maan is going to be alone while the others enjoy to the fullest. But she couldn’t change to something that she has always thought was not her cup of tea. Even though she adjusted with everything in his life, changing her ideals was something that she will never do. She really felt that she has never been a match for him. She wiped her tears and took a magazine to read. She looked up hearing some noises and saw the girl Riya, who was taking to Maan, coming there with her friends. She took a seat near Geet and told others, “Mein tired hoon. Tum log chalo. Mein yaha wait kar dethi hoon.” One of the girls made fun of her, “Tired ya MSK effect?” Riya told, “Leave it yaar. If he was not married, I should have definitely tried my luck.” One of the girls told, “Woh yaha apne honeymoon pe akele swim kar rahe the. That means his wife is really some behenji types. I don’t know how come MSK chose such a girl.” Riya shrugged off and told, “It is his personal life. Why should we worry about it? You guys go and let me rest for a while.” The girls left not knowing the effect of their words in the person sitting near by.

Geet was trying hard not to let the tears spill out of her eyes. She wiped the tear from the corner of her eye and concentrated on the magazine. Riya was talking in phone for a while and she felt someone tapping her shoulder after a while. She looked upto see Riya smiling at her. She forwarded her hand and told, “Hello, I’m Riya. You seem to be from India.” Geet smiled and took her hand. She told, “I’m Geet. I’m from Delhi.” Riya was glad and told, “Wow, koi tho mila baat karne ko. Aap yaha akeli kyun baiti ho, kisika intezaar kar rahi ho?” Geet told, “My husband and friends went for snorkeling. I’m waiting for them.” Riya told, “O great.. So I have a company till my friends come back.” They talked for sometime and Geet found her really nice. She was really friendly and she didn’t know how the time passed. They talked about their job, interests going less to family details. Riya instantly liked Geet for her humbleness and simplicity. They came to know that it was two hours only when Meera came from behind and tapped her shoulder. Geet introduced them to Riya and they had a small talk before Maan arrived with Dev and Prem.

Maan saw her talking with a smile to the girl they met in beach. Riya saw Maan and went to talk to him. She told, “Hello MK, it’s a pleasant surprise. Are you staying here?” Maan told, “No, I came for snorkeling with my friends. So you are staying here.” Riya told, “Yes. I was waiting for my friends. Nice meeting you again MK.” Maan smiled and turned to find Dev, Prem and Meera watching him shocked like they have seen some alien. He raised his eyebrows and they shook their head and turned their attention to Geet who looked unaffected. Riya went to Geet and told, “Geet, here is my number. Call me when you are back inDelhi. We will meet sometime there. Good to have got a friend like you here.” Geet smiled and took her number. She fed it on her phone and gave her number. 

Riya gave her a quick hug and asked, “Oh, I forgot. Won’t you introduce me to your hubby?” Geet smiled and told, “I think you have already met him.” Riya was surprised and looked around. Then only it occurred to her and she told, “Oh my God. You are Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana. Wow. Oh you heard all those rubbish my friends were talking. I’m really sorry on their behalf.” Geet assured her that she doesn’t mind it. Then Riya looked at Maan and told, “I must say you are lucky to have a wife like her, Maan Khurana. If someone else was there in her place, I might have told it to her but not after meeting Geet.” Her words surprised everyone including Maan. Maan smiled and went near Geet. He put an arm around her and told, “I know I’m lucky to have her.” Riya smiled and bid bye to them. Prem told, “Kya baat he bhabhi, aapse jo bhi baat kartha he sab aapke deewane ho jathe hain. Ab tho ladkiyan bhi exception nahi he. Good going.” Priya whacked his arm and they all laughed at his comment.

They had lunch and decided to return back to their respective hotels. Before leaving Maan told, “For the next few days, don’t call us. You can proceed with your plans.” Prem and Dev grinned and Dev told, “Bro, humne bakki saare din aap dono ke bina hi plan kiya he. We know that you won’t prefer to come.” They giggled but stopped with one glare from Maan. But Prem was no where to stop. He told, “Kya baat he, aap tho bhabhi ko ek din keliye bhi aapse door jaane nahi denge?” Maan shot an angry glare indicating him to stop. But Prem continued teasing them and Maan left taking Geet along with him. Others giggled seeing his possessiveness.

Geet was unusually quiet throughout their way back to hotel. She responded only to what he asked. Once they reached she gave his dress and went to the other room to change before he could ask something. When he came out changing to a grey shirt and jeans, she was near the pool staring at the near by garden. She was wearing a blue long skirt and a white top that reached upto her waist. He went and hugged her from back. She placed her hands on his and stayed in his embrace. He placed his chin on her shoulder and hugged her close. He felt his cheeks moisten a little and turned her to face him. She smiled hiding the tears immediately. He asked, “Kya hua Geet?” She smiled and told, “Kuch bhi tho nahi. Mere ankhon mein kuch gaya he shayad.” Maan pulled her closer and told, “Geet, tum mujse kuch chupa nahi sakthi. Tumhe pata hena? Ab bolo kya baat he?” Geet denied again and Maan was getting angry at her continuous denial. He finally told her, “Ok Geet, agar tum batana nahi chahthi tho tik he” and left her. 

Geet’s dress


He went inside and took his laptop checking his mails. Geet’s eyes got teary again. She is spoiling their honeymoon with all these. But she can’t tell him the reason behind her tears and she felt bad that she couldn’t hide it from him. She decided to talk to him and convince him that she is fine. She went inside and saw him in the bed with his laptop. She went and sat near him. She held his arm and placed her head on his shoulder. She asked, “Aap ne kaha tha ki yaha aake kaam nahi karega. Ab kya hua?” Maan’s anger had vanished the moment she came and sat beside him but he was not ready to give in without knowing the reason for her tears. He slowly pulled his hand from her grip and told, “I have to check with Adi regarding the status. You can go around while I do it.” His denial was difficult for her to handle in that situation but she smiled and told, “Aap kaam karo. Mein beach ke yaha hongi” and left towards the beach.