Part 52

Maan felt bad after she left. He tried to concentrate on work but his mind kept wandering towards her. Meanwhile Geet reached the beach and went to sit in one of the beach chairs covered by a big white umbrella. She felt bad to have spoiled his day. She thought of what she can do to make it up. Just then the lady came with fresh juice for her. She smiled and talked to her for a while. The lady was surprised by her calm and friendly nature as ever since she started working there no one had spoken to her like that. Everyone will be just interested in commanding and will ignore them afterwards. Geet asked after a while, “Kya aapko pata he ki yaha swimsuits kaha milthi he?” She told that it is available in the Hotel’s store and she will get it if she needed. Geet asked her to bring some decent looking ones. The lady came after a while with a packet of swimsuits and Geet thanked her for the help after paying for it. She told her not to let anyone in until evening and she smiled understanding her.

Geet went inside and the next task was little tedious. She had to hide it from Maan. But when she reached he was near the pool talking over his phone and she quickly went inside before he noticed. She went to the other bedroom and closed it. She opened the packet and gulped seeing the swimsuits. Even though they were not much revealing, they sure will be hugging her body. She selected one black swim suit with short sleeves that covered her whole body upto her knees. She changed and went near the mirror. Even though it covered her whole body, it accentuated the curves and she looked desirable. She shied away looking at her reflection. She covered herself with a bath robe and went near Maan. He was back to work after finishing the call.

Maan had soon caught up with work after Geet left. He made some calls to Adi and Sasha and get to know about the status. He took the laptop and was sending one last mail before he finishes the work when he heard the other bedroom door opening. Geet came out wearing a bathrobe. He was surprised to see her like that. She went near him and told, “I want to go for swimming. Aur yeh tho humara private beach hena?” Maan was shocked and he asked, “Par Geet, tumhare paas tho swimsuits..” Before he could complete, Geet told, “Nahi, meine kharid li.” and with that she opened the bathrobe and slowly let it down. Maan was left with his mouth wide open. He couldn’t believe that it was his Geet. She looked so desirable. He gulped hard to prevent himself from pouncing on her. Geet smiled inwardly seeing the effect she had on her husband. She told, “Aap kaam khatam karlo. Mein ja rahi hoon” and turned to leave. Maan came out from the trance and called her, “Geet, mera kaam khatam hogaya. Tum do minute wait karlo. Mein bhi tumhare saath chalenge.” Geet smiled and told, “Mein bahar wait karthi hoon.

Geet’s dress

Maan changed to his swim shorts in record time and went near her. Before she could comprehend, she was in his arms and he carried her to the beach. She wrapped her arms around him and looked at him lovingly. He put her down near the beach and both went towards the water. Maan pulled her close and hugged her. They both went further towards the sea. When water was upto their chest level Maan pulled her closer and whispered in her ear, “Geet, thanks for this surprise.” Geet smiled and told, “Anything for you..” Maan pulled her into a passionate kiss while they together took a dip in water. They came up without breaking the kiss. Maan’s hands wandered through out her body feeling every curve of hers while hers roamed over his bare chest and abs. After pulling out from the kiss, they swam for a while before Maan pulled her again to another passionate kiss. He took her in his arms and walked towards the beach. He placed her in the wet sand and went above her. She was looking more desirable in the wet swimsuit hugging her body.

He placed kisses all over her face and moved down kissing her neck and shoulders through the open collar. His hands captured her curves from above the cloth while he sucked and bit her neck and shoulders. He moved down and kissed her curves from above the dress. He moved down and lifted the top a little before placing a sensuous kiss on her bare waist. She held his hair tight while his lips worked throughout her body. When he thought he can’t hold back further, he carried her to the open shower and cleaned up, all the while showering kisses all over her. He picked her up and went inside the bed room before kicking the door shut. He didn’t wait to reach the bed and ripped away the clothes from her body. He freed himself from his clothes and joined her on bed. His kisses were rough and demanding than usual. She knew how much he was holding on from morning and hugged him tight. Soon she forgot everything, moaning his name aloud as he covered her body with kisses and bites. He entered her in a long thrust and pounded on her. She didn’t feel any amount of pain as she was too lost in the pleasure and sensations coursing all over her body. They continued until the lady called informing about their dinner.

Maan pulled her close and hugged her. He knew that she was exhausted and he was a bit aggressive. But he couldn’t control seeing her in the swimsuit and he had been controlling his urge to be with her since morning. She was hugging him with her eyes closed. He placed a kiss on her forehead. She opened her eyes and smiled. He asked, “Geet, I was little aggressive today. I’m so’” before he could tell sorry she closed his mouth with her palm. She told, “Aapko sorry bolne ki koi zaroorat nahi he. Mujhe nahi laga ki aap aggressive tha. Aap mujhe kabhi hurt nahi kar saktha.” Maan took her palm and kissed it. He asked, “Geet, tum itni achi kyun ho?” Geet smiled and told, “Aap mera tareef karna band karo aur jaldi se ready ho jao. Dinner abhi aayenge.” Maan smiled knowing that she won’t let the conversation go further. They changed to the early dress and went to the table. The lady had set the table with dishes and left. They had dinner feeding each other. After dinner, they went near the poolside. Maan sat in the beach chair near by and pulled her to his lap. She placed her hands around his neck and hugged him. Maan relaxed to the chair pulling her along. They stayed like that for a while enjoying the feel in each others arms.

After sometime Maan asked, “Geet, why were you crying then?” Geet sighed and hugged him tight knowing that he won’t let it go. She told, “I couldn’t accompany you anywhere today while others were enjoying fully. I didn’t want you to sacrifice your happiness for me.” Maan stiffened hearing it. He understood that she is still having little bit of the insecurities. He felt bad to have even tried to make her jealous when he heard her, “Aaj tho Meera aur Dev kabhi ek doosre se alag nahi rahe the. Priya bhi Prem ke saath thi. Sirf mein hi tha jo aapkeliye kuch nahi kar pa rahi thi. If someone else was in my place you could have enjoyed the whole trip. Mujhe pata he aapne Dev ko kyun mana kardiya. Kal bhi agar hum unke saath gaye tho aapko akele sab jagah jaana hoga na.

Maan slowly came up to a sitting position and hugged her from back. He told, “Geet, tumhe humesha aisa kyun lagtha he ki mein kisi aur ke saath khush rahoonga. Tumhe pata bhi he ki mein tumhare saath kitna khush hoon. Aaj mein tho sirf tumhe jealous banane keliye woh ladki se baat kar rahi thi par tum tho bilkul ulta hi soch liya. Geet, tum ne unki bakki sari baatein sunli par woh nahi suna jo woh jaathe waqt kaha tha. Tum kabhi apna value nahi samjhegi. Tumhe yeh pata bhi nahi ki tum mereliye kitna anmol ho.” Geet hugged him tight hearing him. She felt bad to have even thought like that. He continued, “Mein kabhi bhi yeh nahi chaha he ki tum sabke saamne swimsuit pehnke aao. Mein yeh bilkul bardash nahi kar saktha ki mere alawa koi aur tumhe aise dekhe. Tho phir tumne yeh kaise sochliya ki mujhe waha bura lagega. I wanted you all for myself in these two weeks and I don’t want any interference. I agreed to them today as they may feel bad if I denied. Dev and Prem know me very well and they won’t force me to come later on. Sirf tumhi buddu ho jo mujhe samaj nahi paya.

Geet raised her head and looked at him. Her eyes were teary and she hugged him tight again. She told, “I’m sorry.” Maan smiled and told, “Geet, tumhe sorry bolne ki koyi zaroorat nahi he. Mujhe pata he tum jealous feel horahi thi aur yeh sab samaj nahi payegi.” Geet got angry listening to him. She told, “Mein kisi se jealous nahi tha. Aur agar tha tho aap unke saath kya kar rahe the? Aur aapne mujhe buddu kaha. Chalo mein aapse baat nahi karengi” and stood up to leave. Maan pulled her back and she fell on him. He told caressing her face with his finger, “Yeh hui na baat. Meri sherni wapas jo aagayi.” Geet smiled hearing him and hit him lightly on his chest. Maan hugged her and pulled her to lie down. They went to sleep on the poolside bed watching the stars in each others embrace.

Next day both woke up early. After breakfast, Maan told, “Geet, wear the dress I kept in the other bed room.” Geet smiled and went to check it. It was a one piece sleeveless swimsuit that will reach just above her knees. After dressing up she felt like covering herself with something when she found a short coat along with that dress. She wore it and felt comfortable after that. When she went outside Maan had already changed to his swim vests and shorts. He saw her coming and liked the way the dress fitted her. He went near her and opened the coat to get a full view of her. She shied away when he removed the coat. He pulled her close to a deep passionate kiss while his hands roamed all over her body. He pulled away from the kiss when he felt that he won’t be able to stop there.

He smiled seeing her flushed face and kissed her forehead. He told, “Coat pehnne ki zaroorat nahi he. Sirf mein aur tum honge.” He wrapped his arm around her waist and they walked towards the beach. A small boat was there near the beach. She looked around to see if someone is there. Maan told, “Geet, meine bola tha na sirf hum dono honge.” Geet smiled and walked along. They got inside the boat and Maan started it. They went little further in the sea and entered a lagoon. They moved further and reached a place that looked like an island. Maan asked her to wear the coat and she saw a man coming towards them. Geet asked, “Maan, hum kya karne jaa rahe he?” Maan smiled and told, “Snorkeling.. Mein yeh sab sirf tumhare saath karna chahtha tha par Prem ne ek din tho pehle se hi kharab kar diya.” She knew he must have planned this earlier and smiled. The man came near them with a bag in his hand. He took out the snorkel and swimfins and made them wear. He explained how to do it and the safety measures. Maan told, “Thank you. You can take leave now. I will call you if I require assistance.” The man smiled and left.

Once he was out of sight, Maan held Geet closer and removed her coat. She hugged him feeling shy. Maan smiled and told, “Geet, yaha pe koi nahi he. Sharmane ki koi zaroorat nahi he.” Geet smiled and pulled back from the hug. Maan held her hand and asked, “Ready, Mrs. Khurana.” Geet smiled and told, “Yes, Mr. Khurana.” They went near the place the man instructed to dive. They dived together holding their hands. Geet was afraid at first and had closed her eyes but when she opened it she was amazed seeing the view.

They spend almost half of the day there enjoying the underwater view and of course sharing some romantic and passionate moments. They went back to hotel and had lunch. Both were tired and slept off soon. They woke up by late evening and spend rest of the time making love. They spend the rest of the days with occasional candlelight dinners by the beach, exploring some beautiful places and mostly making love. They didn’t know how days passed by and when it was time to leave for Delhi.