Part 53

All of them were exhausted when they reached Delhi. As it was Sunday they got plenty of time to rest. Dadi and Annie had returned early as Annie’s classes were about to start next week. They thanked dadi for gifting such a wonderful honeymoon. Next week was hectic for Maan and Geet as lot of work was pending due to the leave. Maan mostly reached late at night and Geet would have slept by then after a tiring day with work and study. Only mornings they could get to be together that too for a very short while. They missed each other’s presence badly. Ayan and Preeti’s engagement was fixed for the weekend and Meera dragged Geet along with her for the preparations. After the whole two weeks of togetherness, Maan was feeling restless by not having her near. He got totally frustrated. Besides as Preeti had taken leave for engagement, his meetings, schedules, files, everything was in a mess with Tasha handling it. He blasted at almost everyone in office and people were even afraid to be in his near vicinity.

Maan lost his temper as Tasha had messed up his meetings, the files, everything. He knew that Preeti has plans for higher studies and will be leaving KC anytime. He needed someone efficient who can manage his tasks as well as helping him with the projects, more like a partner in the business. He knew exactly who can fill the post, his beloved wife, Geet. But he was doubtful about how to convince her. He decided to offer her the post of architect as the first step. He reached home and was informed that Geet and Meera were out for shopping. Nakul served dinner and he left for their room. He took his laptop and worked for a while. He was not sure about what Geet’s reaction will be. He has to convince her to take up the offer. For the first time in his life, MSK was afraid of rejection. Maan’s thoughts were broken when a tired Geet entered the room. He went near her and she hugged him feeling tired. No words were required between them to know what they need. He pulled out of the hug and kissed her forehead. He went to washroom and filled the tub with warm water. When he came out Geet was removing her earrings. He went near her and got rid of the rest of the clothes and removed his. He carried her to the tub and closed the door behind.

After relaxing in the tub for sometime in each others arms, they had a shower together. He wrapped her with a bath towel that reached upto her mid thighs and covered himself with another one. He carried her to the bed and joined her there. He threw both the towels away and hugged her covering both of them with the comforter. She rested on him making patterns on his bare chest. Maan held her hand feeling aroused with slight touch. He told in a husky voice, “Geet, tum tired ho. So jao.” Geet looked up and shook her head. She told, “I missed you, Maan” He smiled hearing his name and turned her on her back. He pulled her into a passionate kiss. After sometime, he pulled away and told, “I missed you too, Geet” She placed her hand on his cheeks and moved forward to place a kiss on his lips. He held her by her hair and asked, “Geet, do you want this now? You are tired.” Geet smiled and told assuring him, “I’m no longer tired Maan.” Maan slammed his lips into hers before they both drifted off to a new world of sensations, pleasing each other. Maan was slow and careful not to hurt her. Geet was overwhelmed by his care that was felt in every single touch of his. She hugged him when he collapsed on her. He rested his head on her chest while both tried to get the breathing normal. 

He lied on his back and pulled her to him. She moved near to him, hugging him close. He told after a while, “Geet, mujhe tumse kuch zaroori baath karni he.” She looked up and saw the seriousness in his face. She told, “Aap ko kabse mujhe permission lene ka aadat lag gaya he?” Maan smiled and pulled her closer if it was possible. He told, “Geet, before I ask, let me tell you that whatever I’m going to ask, I need you to take a decision based on what you need. Don’t feel biased over anything else.” Geet nodded thinking about the possibilities of what he could ask. He continued, “This is not the right place to talk about it. Come to study at 9, tomorrow morning before Meera drag you for the preparations.” Geet was confused and asked, “Aap mujhe abhi bata sakthe hena? Kal tak wait kyun karna he?” Maan smiled at her restlessness and told, “Geet, what I wanted to discuss is not something that we can talk while in each other’s arms, devoid of clothes, after making love. I will take advantage of this situation if I talk about it now. I don’t want to do it.” She blushed at his choice of words and hugged him still wondering about what he had to talk. Her thought process halted when Maan pulled her into another passionate kiss and proceeding to repeat what they did a while ago.

Next morning Maan waited impatiently for her in the study after drafting the offer letter. He was not sure how she is going to take it, but he has to try. She reached there wearing a pink salwar suit after helping Nakul to sort the dishes after breakfast. Maan gestured her to sit in the chair opposite to him unlike most of the times when they shared the couch. She understood there is something more serious about the matter he is about to discuss. She looked at him who was intently reading the file in his hand. He told after a while, “Geet, I am offering you the post of Architect in KC.” Geet was shocked beyond her wits. She expected anything but this. 

He understood that and continued, “Before you take any decision let me tell you few facts. I offered this post not biased by any kind of emotions or feelings. The job offer is purely based on your qualification and experience in handling the projects. You deserve it. I regretted the decision of not letting you join KC, the very first day you gave the presentation. It was the first time in my life I took a decision little biased by my will to keep you away from me. I didn’t even know then that you were an architect. And whatever decision I took biased by anything had always proven wrong. But there is no stress over you to accept it. You are free to do anything based on what you think is good for you. Besides if you are joining, as part of this job you have to assist me with all the duties Preeti is currently doing as she will be leaving KC soon for her higher studies. So it will be really hectic. You will have a trainee assisting you. Now it is left for you to decide. You can think over it and let me know by Monday evening.

It took almost 10 minutes for her to recover from the shock. Apart from being Maan’s wife, she had always wanted to join the best construction firm and she knew KC is the best. She had felt bad when Maan refused to let her join KC. But now when he had come up with the offer, she didn’t know what to tell. She can’t think of leaving Malhotra’s, as she liked working there and has got so used with the friendly atmosphere there. Also she can’t refuse the chance to be with Maan 24/7. But professionally, it will be the best offer she could get. Malhotra’s have good projects, but not the best as KC have. Also working under MSK will be one of the best things that can happen to her career as she knew how focused he is and working under him, she will be able to learn a lot. But there is a person that she can’t ignore, Ayan, she can’t break his trust. She can’t take a decision without discussing with him. He gave her the job of architect without any guarantee or even an interview, he trusted her with one of the biggest projects, he supported her in every step she took in her career after she joined Malhotra’s. She can’t forget it. She looked up and saw Maan staring at her intently.

Maan watched Geet as she was deep engrossed in her thoughts. He was sure that she won’t take any abrupt decision. But still he wanted to know what she felt about the offer. When she looked up Maan saw the firmness in her eyes and knew that she has decided what she should do. She spoke, “Maan, Thanks for the offer. Considering my career, I would be more than willing to join KC. But there are some facts that I could never ignore. I have a commitment to Ayan who employed me without any guarantee, who trusted my work inspite of being new in this field and supported me in my success and failure. I won’t take a decision without discussing with him. If he is willing to relieve me, then I will join KC.” Her words had an immense effect on Maan. His respect for her increased ten-fold. Anyone in her place could have readily agreed to his offer. But she even after being his wife was not willing to accept it. He knew she is fiercely loyal to people who trust her. He smiled and stood up. Geet was little apprehensive about how he will take her reply. When she saw him coming near she stood up. He came near her and pulled her into his embrace. He kissed her forehead and told, “I’m proud of you.” That was enough for Geet to know what he felt. She hugged him tight feeling relieved.

Maan slowly pulled back after a while and asked, “So now that my wifey denied me the chance to be with her 24/7, let me not waste my time.” He scooped her up and walked to the bed. He placed her on the bed and joined beside her. Geet held his hand and told, “Aap kya kar rahe ho? Mujhe Meera ke saath bahar jaana he.” Maan checked the time and told, “Don’t worry sweetheart. We still have time left. Waise bhi we haven’t slept here since long.” Before she could protest Maan pulled her to a kiss. Soon both forget about everything else as they drowned in the sensations coursing through their bodies. When she got up after an hour wrapping her dupatta around her, she blushed seeing the clothes scattered through out the room. She felt a tug on her dupatta and turned to see Maan holding it. She told, “Chodiye na. Meera aati hogi. Mujhe ready hona he.” Maan smiled and pulled her along with the dupatta to himself. She fell on his chest and he wrapped his arms around her. He told, “Meine tumhe jaane ka permission nahi diya he” and pulled her to another passionate kiss. They broke apart after a while due to lack of breathe. Maan stood up and carried her to the bathroom. Both had another round of love making there and he left Geet to get ready after that.

Geet was tired after their morning session and went down after getting ready. Dadima and Meera noticed the tiredness in her eyes. Meera told, “Geet, tum bahut tired lag rahi ho. Tum thoda aaram karlo. Mein aur Annie jaake bakki saara kaam khatam karlenge. Shyam ko hume waise bhi bhai ke yaha jaana he.” Geet told, “Nahi Meera, Mein tik hoon.” Dadima supported Meera and told, “Nahi Geet bte, tumhe rest lena chahiye.” Annie joined them by then listening to their talks. She looked at Geet and asked, “Bhabhi, kahi bhai aapko zyaada pareshan tho nahi kar rahe ho?” Geet blushed while Dadima smacked Annie’s head and told, “Chup badmash.” Annie told holding her head, “Dadima, dheere. Mera sir pathar se nahi bani he.” She turned to Geet and continued, “Aur haan bhabhi, aap jaake aaram karo. Kal ka din bahut busy honewala he.” Geet had to agree to them finally and returned to their room. She saw Maan grinning seeing her coming back. She went near him and told, “Aap has rahe ho. Aapki wajhe se mein unke saath jaa nahi payi.” Maan smiled and scooped her up in his arms. He carried her to the bed and placed her there. He pulled the comforter over her and told, “So jao, Geet.” He kissed her forehead and went back to study. Geet was expecting him to start where he finished when he carried her to the bed. But when he kissed her forehead and left she was confused at first. She understood that he wanted to stop her from going with Meera. He knew she will get tired and she needed rest after the tiring weekend. She smiled and snuggled to the comforter. As she was really tired, she fell asleep soon.

Maan had to leave as Ayan needed his help and he couldn’t have denied him. Before leaving he instructed dadima and Nakul not to call Geet until she wakes up herself. When Maan returned almost by two, she was still asleep. Maan understood how tired she must be and he himself was not letting her rest. He changed and joined her on the bed. She snuggled closer to him feeling him even in deep sleep. They slept for a while before Geet got up. Her movements disturbed Maan’s sleep and he woke up. Geet looked at the time and was shocked, she started her usually self-talk without knowing that Maan is awake. “Dekhna babaji. Mein kitni lazy hogayi hoon. Kitne der se sorahi he. Aur inhone mujhe bulaya tak nahi. Pata nahi lunch kiya hoga ki nahi. Meera aur Annie abhi tak tho aagaye honge. Mujhe jaake dekhna chahiye.” Before she could get out of the bed, Maan pulled her to him. Geet was startled by the sudden pull and looked at him only to find him smiling. He told, “Geet, your babaji will be happy as he didn’t have to bother about your self-talks from past few hours.” Geet opened her mouth to retort back but turned her head pouting. Maan hugged her from back and told, “Geet, kabhi kabhi insaan ko rest lena chahiye. Tum waise bhi apna khayal nahi rakthi ho. Humesha doosron ke baare mein hi sochthi ho.” Geet smiled and held his hands. She told resting her back on him, “Aap hena mere khayal rakhne ko.” She blushed and closed her eyes once the words left her mouth, when she felt his hands tighten on her waist. Maan placed a kiss on her shoulder and told, “Kya baat he Mrs. Khurana. Itna viswas, apne pati par.” Geet told, “Haan’ Khud se bhi zyaada.” Maan smiled and told, “I’m sure he won’t break your trust.” Geet smiled and closed her eyes while he planted kisses on her neck and shoulders. After a while both left to join others. They had a light lunch together and others joined them too. They left to Malhotra Mansion by late evening.

The next whole day has been busy for both Geet and Maan. Maan was helping Ayan while Geet and Meera were busy making arrangements for the engagement. It was kept simple as Preeti and her parents didn’t prefer much attention. Only close family and friends were invited. Preeti’s parents were really happy as Malhotra’s were down-to-earth despite the status and wealth they possessed. They felt lucky to have Ayan as their son-in-law. Geet made them feel home by her constant chatter along with Meera. They left to KM almost by late night. Monday morning, they woke up little late as both were tired. Maan skipped his morning exercise and Geet didn’t go to prepare breakfast. Before they left for office, Maan reminded Geet about talking to Ayan which she had forgotten all the while. She was tensed again thinking of how to present the matter. Maan had mentioned about his offer to Ayan. Ayan knew it from long time and asked him to convince Geet. Maan had purposefully left the talk they had as he wanted Geet to deal it herself.

Geet reached office and was immersed in work very soon. By lunch time she was reminded about Maan’s offer. She checked whether Ayan was free and went to meet him. When Geet told about meeting him, Ayan had a hint of what she was about to tell. He smiled when Geet entered the cabin. He could tell that she was nervous. He asked after she was seated, “Kya baat he Geet? Tum itni tensed kyun ho?” Geet smiled trying to hide the nervousness and told, “Kuch nahi Ayan. Mein tho bilkul tik hoon.” Ayan smiled inwardly and asked, “Tum mujse baat karna chahthi thi na? Kuch problem he project mein?” Geet told, “Nahi Ayan, woh I wanted to discuss something else.” Ayan asked, “Choti, tumhe kabse mujse kuch poochne mein problem hone laga?” Geet knew that he called her choti when he wanted to ease her from any tension. She smiled and told, “Woh mein yeh batana chahthi thi ki, Maan offered me the post of Architect in KC.” Ayan told smiling, “Yeh tho bahut achi baat he. Finally Maan bowed his head before our real gem.” Geet continued, “But I don’t want to join KC unless you don’t have any issues with it. I haven’t given him any positive reply.” Ayan hadn’t expected this. He thought Geet is going to ask him to relieve her from the duties. He asked surprised, “Geet, you know very well that this will be the best offer you could get in your career. Then why haven’t you accepted it.”

Geet sighed and told, “Ayan, jab mujhe job ki zaroorat thi tab aapne mujhe bina kisi guarantee ke, bina kisi interview ke naukri diya tha. You trusted me with one of the biggest projects when I just joined here as a junior architect. You never questioned me when my design was rejected for the Chopra’s project in fact you inspired me to do better. No one else could have done all those things for me. If you didn’t give that opportunity then nobody could have recognized my efficiency. So for me your decision matters more than anything else in this case.” Ayan was amazed by her reply. He stood up and went near her. He held her hand and told, “Choti, tumhe in sab cheezon keliye itna tension lene ki koyi zaroorat nahi he. First of all, I employed you because you deserved it. An interview was not required for me to know how capable you are. And for the project, I was sure that you will definitely give the best. But I don’t understand why you feel obliged? kya ek bhai apne behan keliye itna bhi nahi kar saktha. If you feel so then I will think that you don’t consider me as your brother.” Geet immediately told, “Nahi bhai, aisa nahi he. But I want you to take a final decision on this. Please. Won’t you do it for your sister?” Ayan smiled and told, “Choti, even though I don’t wish you to leave Malhotra’s, as a brother I want my sister to get the best and KC is the best in construction industry. So I want you to join there. But you will have to help our creative team when you have enough time once you complete your MBA course.” Geet was overwhelmed by his reply. She told hugging him, “Thanks bhai. You are the best.” Ayan held his invisible collar and told, “I know, I know.” Geet giggled and shook her head. Meera who was a silent spectator of their talk had tears in her eyes seeing the bond they shared. She knew how much Geet missed the affection of a brother. She was happy that she got it through her brother. Even though she was sad that Geet had to leave Malhotra’s, she felt elated that her friend is getting the best.

The creative team was sad when Ayan disclosed the news. But they were happy for her as she will be joining MSK full time and it was really good for her career. Ayan decided that she can be relieved in two weeks time. Geet left for home feeling contented. Meanwhile Maan had a rough day as he was tensed about what will be Geet’s decision and Preeti had resigned as she was planning to continue her studies after marriage and had decided to take a break till then. In one month he had to find an efficient secretary if Geet is not taking up the offer. His temper was on top and he fired two employees for their minute mistakes. Everyone was afraid to even go near him. He decided he had enough of the day and returned to KM by 6 surprising dadi. She understood his foul mood and asked Nakul to give his black coffee. He even got angry with Nakul. When Geet came home Nakul informed her about his temper. She was tensed as to what had happened. Dadima told that Aadi informed that he literally set the office on fire after Preeti gave her resignation. Geet understood the reason for his anger. She went to their room and noticed that he is in study.

She freshened up and went to study. He was in the couch with his laptop. The lines of tension in his forehead confirmed, how agitated he was. She slowly went near him and sat beside him. He looked up and told, “Geet, mein thoda busy hoon. Tum jao.” Geet smiled hearing him and stood up. But instead of going out she moved the laptop from his lap and placed it in the table. He asked getting angry, “Geet, tum kya kar rahi ho?” She went near him and sat on his lap circling her arms around his neck. He was about to protest when she moved forward and took his lips into hers. All his protests died in his throat when he felt her lips on his. Soon he took the charge and kissed her with equal passion. He picked her up and carried to the bed. Soon he forgot the tensions drowning in the pleasure of their togetherness. Geet was resting on his chest while he held her closer. She asked placing a soft kiss on his shoulder, “Ab tension kam hua?” Maan checked her face and moved over her. He told nuzzling her neck, “Not until I get your reply.” Geet sighed and told, “Tik he, chalo mein fresh hoke neeche chalthi hoon. Aap bhi aayiye. Hum dinner ke baad baat karenge.” Maan didn’t reply. He turned on his back and let her go. She looked at him and found his eyes closed. She stood up covering herself with the sheet and went to freshen up. She left to help Nakul with the dinner. Maan joined her at the time of dinner. Dinner was a quite affair except for the few talks with dadi. Meera and Dev were supposed to have dinner outside and Annie had retired to bed.

When Geet went to their room after dinner, Maan was in the study waiting near the table. She went and sat in the chair just like when he offered the job. Maan asked, “So I guess you have decided.” Geet told, “Yes. I have made my final decision on this job offer.” Maan looked at her intently willing her to continue. She told, “I accept this offer. I can join KC after two weeks as I have to hand over my responsibilities there.” Maan’s heart made a jump hearing it. But keeping his composure he told, “It’s alight Geet. You can take your time.” He continued, “Preeti has resigned. You will have two more weeks after you join to learn the tasks from her.” Geet smiled and nodded. Maan wanted to ask regarding her talk with Ayan but decided otherwise. He took the drafted offer letter and gave her. He told, “Read it and sign if you are ok with the terms and conditions.” Geet read the whole offer letter taking it from him and signed it after reading the whole 10 pages carefully. He gave a duplicate and asked her to sign and give to Aadi when she joins KC. She took it and went to their room to keep it along with her documents. When she came back, Maan was relaxing in the couch with his eyes closed. His face was calm and serene. She sat near him and asked, “Aapko neend nahi aa rahi he?” Maan opened his eyes and pulled her into his embrace. He told, “Nahi Geet, aaj mein bahut khush hoon. Jo galthi meine pehle ki thi usse sudharne ka mauka aaj tumne mujhe diya he.” Geet tried to interrupt him but he stopped her and told, “Geet, aaj mujhe bolne do. Tum beech mein kuch nahi bolegi.” Geet nodded and waited for him to continue.

He held her closer and told, “Geet, tumhe pata he, jab humari shaadi hui thi tab mujhe tumhare bare mein kuch nahi maloom tha. Sirf itna pata tha ki tum Hoshiyarpur se ho aur Mohinder Handa ki beti ho. Jab dadi ne mujhe tumhara photo dikhane ki koshish ki thi tab meine unhe seedha mana kiya tha. I just caught the glimpse of you in a blue salwar suit. I thought you will be a nave, village girl and was sure that you will deny this marriage after I talked to you. I was agitated and confused when you agreed to my deal. I thought you were after my money just like any other girl. I couldn’t trust your intentions and decided to keep an eye on you. After marriage, I never get to see any signs of ill intentions from you. But I couldn’t get myself to trust you, so when dadima asked regarding your employment, I could never take a risk by giving you job in KC and denied it. With my reluctance to trust people and calculative mind, I could never see through the purity of your mind then. It was the first decision I made out of impulse, relating to my profession and I was proved wrong very soon. My illusions and mistrust failed me from realizing your worth then. I’m sorry for that, Geet. I was afraid of rejection when I offered you this job. But you never failed to surprise me. Thanks for accepting the offer.” Maan felt his shirt getting wet and pulled Geet up. He wiped her tears and asked, “Geet, kya hua?