Part 54

Geet smiled through her tears and told, “Aapko sorry bolne ki koyi zaroorat nahi he. Mujhe pata he aapko kaisa laga hoga jab aap ne mujse shaadi ki thi. Apna pehla pyaar na milne ke saath saath aapko ek aise insaan se shaadi karna pada jisse aap pyaar nahi karthe the. I know the pain when the one whom you love won’t return it back. I can understand the pain you might have suffered due to the betrayal. It is normal that you lost trust over people. Aapke jagah aur koi bhi ho woh yeh sab hone ke baad, itni aasaani se kisi par viswas nahi karega. Mujhe aapse koi shikayat nahi he. Aapne jo kiya sahi kiya. Please don’t feel sorry about it.” Maan smiled hearing her. He knew she won’t let him down whatever he may do. But there was a pain too deep in her that he failed to understand. A pain she suffered all alone, a pain she couldn’t share to anyone. He hugged her close and both stayed in each other’s arms for a while until dadima called then for dinner.

Next two weeks went fast for both of us. Geet had handed over her responsibilities to Raj and Rohan. Maan had few major deals to be signed and had occasional one day visits outsideDelhi. He informed Aadi and Sasha about the appointment of Geet and instructed Preeti to help her with everything once she joined. Preeti and Aadi were glad at the news and Sasha was fuming at the thought of Geet joining KC. She decided to make her life difficult. But little did she know what she is awaiting her.

Friday night Geet returned late after the treat her team gave her. Maan was home before she reached and had retired to their room after dinner. She reached their room and saw that Maan was not there. She understood that he will be in study seeing the lights. She freshened up and went inside. He was working with his laptop and was talking on phone regarding some legal formalities holding some papers. She went and sat near him in the couch. He gave a smile and finished the call. She asked holding his arm, “Busy ho?” Maan smiled and told, “Nahi Geet, bus thoda sa kaam tha. Mein thodi der mein aatha hoon. Tum jao.” Geet nodded and went back to their room.

Maan finished his work soon and joined her after a while. She smiled and hugged him when she felt him beside her. He kissed her forehead and asked, “Tum soyi nahi ab tak?” Geet told, “Aap ke bina neend nahi aati.” He smirked and asked pulling her head up, “Acha Mrs. Khurana, aap mere bina so nahi payegi?” She smiled and placed her head on his chest placing a small kiss there. He told, “Geet, tum mujhe aise tempt karegi aur mein tumhe rest karne nahi doonga..” She blushed and buried her face in his chest. Maan pulled her up and slammed his lips into hers. After an hour, when she was wrapped up in his arms covered by the comforter, he asked, “Geet, tum khush ho KC join karne mein?” Geet looked up to his concerned eyes and told, “Aapne aisa kyun poocha?” He told, “Are you comfortable working in KC? Is it what you needed? Did my offer pressurize you to take the decision?

She was confused as to why he thought so. She asked, “Aapko aisa kyun laga? Mujhe aapke saath kaam karne mein problem kyun honge? Ayan se..” Before she could continue, he told, “Nahi Geet, mein Ayan ke baare mein baat nahi kar raha tha. I was just asking about your wish. Tum khush ho?” Geet hugged him and told, “Maan, mein kaise khush na ho jab mujhe aapke saath poore din rehne ka mauka mila he. It’s true that I take decisions on my profession based on my needs and commitment. Aur yeh decision bhi meine soch samjkar hi liya he. Par mein bahut khush hoon ki mein aapke saath kaam karne wali hoon.” Maan smiled and kissed her forehead. He hugged her tight and told, “Thanks Geet.” Geet pulled away from his hug suddenly and sat up in the bed not knowing that the comforter slipped to her waist giving a good view to her husband. Maan was taken aback by her sudden withdrawal and looked up. The one look was enough for him to get aroused. She looked innocent and cute, yet desirable. He looked at her face and saw that she was annoyed. He asked controlling his desires, “Kya baat he Geet, gussa kyun ho?” She pouted and looked away. How was he to control when she looked so cute.

He sat up and moved near her. He held her from back and kissed her bare shoulder. His hands moved upto reach her curves. Then only she realized her position and immediately turned around to hug him. Maan smiled and asked, “Kya hua Geet, ab sharma kyun rahi ho?” Geet shook his head buring her head in his shoulder. The softness of her skin on his bare chest was tempting him to start over again. He asked placing kisses on her neck and shoulder, “Geet, tum naraz kyun thi?” Geet pulled back hearing that when she was reminded that she was annoyed. She told, “Meine aapse pehle bhi bola tha ki mujhe sorry aur thanks mat kaho. Par aap tho Maan Singh Khurana he. Kisike baat kyun sunenge?” Maan laughed hearing her complaining cutely. He pulled her towards him and kissed her, making her forgetting the complaints while his hands moved over her curves before they proceed to make love.

Finally it was Monday, Geet’s first day in KC. Both were really happy about the fact that they are going to be together full day. Geet got ready in a green salwar suit. She placed the dress for Maan and a note. Maan came after shower expecting her to be there, but found his dress and a neatly folded paper near it.


Aaj mujhe jaldi office jana he. Woh kya hena, aaj mere naye office mein pehla din he aur suna he ki boss bahut khadoos he. Tho mujhe unse pehle waha pahunchna he. Kal se hum saath mein jayenge.

Love you


Maan smiled reading the letter. He thought smirking, khadoos, wifey you will have to pay for it. He wanted them to leave together, but she may not get time for the formalities once he is there in the office. He dressed up and went for breakfast. After a small teasing session from Annie and dadima, he left for KC.

Geet wanted to go with Maan, but she knew that she won’t get time for formalities or to talk with anyone if she reaches along with Maan. So she kept a note when he went to shower and left for office. She reached KC by 8.30. Aadi and Preeti were already there. They helped her with the formalities and Preeti showed her cabin which was next to Maan’s, the same cabin where she worked for Mr. Chopra’s project. Her cabin was arranged with all the necessities and she smiled seeing Maan’s care. She didn’t want to be treated different from others. But she knows that Maan will have his own explanations for that and she can’t win over him. She sat on her chair and started checking the files Aadi and Preeti gave her, regarding her tasks.

She heard the siren buzzing and understood that Maan has come. She used to wonder on how terrified people were about him when she worked there for a while. May be the real terror begins now. She smiled and got back to reading the files. Meanwhile Maan came to his cabin and looked through the blinds. He saw her engrossed in the files. He smiled and thought, “So wifey started first day without seeing the khadoos boss. How can that be possible??” He smirked and picked the phone. Geet was startled hearing the ring of the phone. She answered the call. From the other end she heard, “Geet, come to my cabin, now.” She was left mouth open. She thought, “No hello, No hai.. Just come to my cabin.. Such main khadoos he, dusht danav..” Maan observed her gestures and knew that she was talking to babaji. He told, “Geet, ab tum babaji se baat karna band ki he tho jaldi mere cabin mein aao.” Geet looked up and saw him smirking. She told, “Yes sir” and put the phone down annoyed.

When Geet entered his cabin he was busy checking his laptop. He asked her to be seated without looking up. After a while he told, “So, I hope you have met Aadi.” Geet told, “Yes sir, and Aadi and Preeti has explained me my tasks. I was reading through the files they gave me.” Maan told, “Good.. So you are familiarizing your tasks.” He looked up after giving a file and told, “Geet, I need your signs in the papers.” She opened it. It appeared to be some legal documents. She didn’t bother to read and signed wherever he asked. After signing he asked, “Geet, you knew these are legal documents. Then why you signed it without reading.” Geet smiled and told, “Because, I trust my husband.” Maan shook his head and kept the files safely. He told, “Geet, until Preeti is there the tasks related to assisting me will be handled by her and you can familiarize with it. There are five new trainees and you can select one from them to assist both of us in the small tasks. You will start working on our projects from next month. Until then I have another task for you.” He took a file and gave to her and continued, “Geet, this is a new project that has come our way. I need you to study this and check how feasible it is based on the current financial and marketing situations. We have a meeting next month with them and I need you to be there with me.

Geet was confused hearing that and asked, “Par Maan, I mean sir, yeh tho business analyst ka kaam he. Aur jaha tak mujhe pata he aap hi yeh sab karthe hain. Mein yeh sab kaise?” Maan told, “Geet, you are doing MBA, is it? Then I don’t think, you need any help in analyzing. If required, you can ask me. And I am little busy with other major deals, so this will reduce my work load and you will get an experience in handling deals.” Geet nodded still confused. Maan told, “Ab tum chal sakthi ho. Aur ha.. Yeh sir sir karke pukarne ki koyi zaroorat nahi he. In professional environment also people address each other by names.” Geet looked at him annoyed and told, “Ok sir, sorry Maan sir, sorry Maan.” Maan told, “Geet, ab tum yahi khadi rahegi ya phir kuch kaam karegi?” Geet was super annoyed now and left muttering, “Dusht danav, Khadoos..” Maan heard that and was about to tell something when she quickly left closing the door. He looked to her cabin and saw her closing the blinds. He thought, “Oh so Mrs. Khurana tum mujhe dekhna nahi chahthi ho. Tik he. Mein bhi dekhtha hoon tum kitne der tak aise rahegi.

Geet went to her cabin and closed the blinds feeling annoyed. She saw that she had left the file he gave in his cabin. When she was about to go, Sasha entered her cabin. She smiled and told, “Good morning, Sasha.” Sasha told, “Oh, Good Morning.. I know it is definitely a good morning for you. Akhir tum ne MK ko poori taraf se phasa diya. Tumne pehle uske ghar mein ghusgaya aur ab office mein. First you managed to win his family and now you got access to MKs power and money too.” Geet was expecting nothing less from her and just smiled. That annoyed Sasha more. She continued, “Don’t think that you will succeed in your mission. You joined here as architect and don’t forget that I am the chief architect here. So you will always be under me. You won’t get my place in KC and I won’t allow you to be in MK’s good books.” Geet smiled and asked, “Sasha, if you have finished with your talks, can I move forward with my tasks?” Sasha told, “Don’t you hear that I’m talking to you.

Geet told hearing it, “Sasha, I can understand that people often lose their mind when they are obsessed with something. So I don’t feel bad hearing you.” Sasha retorted, “What do you mean by obsession? Who is obsessed here?” Geet continued, “Sasha, let me answer all your concerns. I’m here because Maan offered me this job. And I have already got what I needed from Maan, his love. I have always been in love with Maan and not Maan Singh Khurana. So his money and power doesn’t matter to me. I know you won’t understand it. I don’t know when you are going to understand the fact that you are obsessed with Maan. There is a clear difference in love and obsession. If you have ever loved him, then you may not even think of disturbing his peaceful marriage. Why don’t you leave your obsession and move forward in your life. This is going to leave you no where.

Sasha told fuming, “How dare you talk to me like that?” Geet told, “Sasha, calm down. Till now I was quiet because you were a mere acquaintance for me. But now that I am going to work with you, I feel the need to clear the things. See as far as I know munshiji won’t like it if his only daughter is called as a home-breaker. I think he has inflicted good culture and tradition on his daughter. So it will be a shame for him, if you do something like that. And moreover even if I was not there in Maan’s life, you don’t stand a chance. You have to understand that Maan has never thought of you as anything beyond a loyal employee and munshiji’s daughter. Why are you spoling your life for something that you won’t ever get? I know even if you have an obsession towards Maan, you never showed it to him. Why? Because you were afraid of rejection, you knew that Maan will never reciprocate your feelings.

Sasha told, “Geet, you are crossing your limits.” Geet told, “Sasha, I know my limits. If you feel like telling the facts means going beyond limits, then I can’t help crossing it. I don’t know if you believe what I’m going to tell. But let me clarify you something. You know that I was in love with Maan since IIT. But I never tried to force my love on him. I was contented with the fact that he is happy. It doesn’t matter if Sam was the reason for his happiness. And in my family, every decision is taken by elders, so was my marriage. I have no role in it. After marriage also, I have never forced him to love me. Do you think that someone can force Maan Singh Khurana to do something? No.. He always does what he feels right and never makes decisions on impulse. If you ask Sam, she will also tell the same. And as you told once, I am really lucky to have him as my husband. Not because of his power and money, but because of his love which is the best gift I could ever get in my life. I told all these to you not because I want to justify my actions but because I want you to move forward in your life. You deserve to be happy in your life and this obsession is only going to destroy your happiness. If you are still not convinced, ask your heart whether you love Maan. If it is no, then don’t hesitate to move forward and if it is an yes, then don’t hesitate to confess it.” She held Sasha’s hand and told, “Give your life a chance to be happy. Please do it at least for your dear ones. I have to go to meet Maan. Think over it” and left her cabin. Sasha even though annoyed couldn’t ignore the concern and care in her words. Even after the insults she hurled over her, she still cared for her. She left her cabin soon.

Unknown to both of them, someone else had heard the whole conversation from outside. Maan saw the file that Geet left and decided to go to her cabin to give his wifey a peace of mind. When he reached the door, he heard Sasha speaking. He fumed listening to her, “How dare she insult Geet like that?” But when Geet started talking he waited to listen to her reply. He assumed that this is not the first time Sasha is insulting her from Geet’s talks. He felt proud of her after listening to her reply. Something that surprised him was even though she answered boldly at first, beyond all the insults she hurled on her, she still cared for her happiness. How could someone be so unselfish like her? Not once did she try to use the power of Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana. Well it is his task to show Sasha her place now. Before Geet saw him, he went back to his cabin.

He purposefully hid the file, before Geet enter his cabin. He asked seeing her searching for the file, “Geet, meine tumhe bulaya nahi. Tum yaha kya kar rahi ho? Kahi aisa tho nahi ki tum apne pati se door nahi reh pathi.” Geet glared at him and told, “Mein aapko dekhne nahi aayi hoon. Mein woh file yaha rakhke gayi thi. Usse doondne aayi he.” Maan asked in an angry tone, “Geet, tum itna irresponsible kaise ho sakthi hoon? Meine tumhe ek important file diya aur tum usse sambhal nahi payi.” Geet was tensed now and told, “Woh, sorry Maan, mein.. I will search for it.. Mein sirf apne cabin tak gayi thi. I am sure it will be somewhere here” and started searching. Maan noticed that she was busy searching. He went near the door and closed it. He closed the blinds and called Preeti to tell everyone not to disturb him for a while.

Maan went near Geet and hugged her from back. She was startled and turned around to see him smirking. When she was about to ask something, he told, “Tho tumhara boss khadoos he, aur kya bola tha dusht danav.. Hmm.. Nice names.. Par don’t you think that you deserve a punishment for that.” Before Geet could protest, he captured her lips into his in a scorching kiss. He was aggressive and passionate. She forgot everything when she felt his lips in hers. He left her lips, removing her dupatta, placing kisses along her jawline, moving further down to her neck and shoulders. He bit her ear and licked the sensitive spot behind it. His hands moved further down her back. She held his hand when she felt him opening the dori. She slightly pulled back and told, “Maan, hum office mein he.” Maan told smiling while removing her hand and continuing where he stopped, “Geet, mujhe pata he. Don’t worry about it. Uska intezaam mein kar chuka hoon.” Geet couldn’t think about anything further. He stopped after a while knowing that he won’t be able to control. He pulled away from her panting hard and told, “Geet, kya tum ab samjhi tumhare boss kitne khadoos he.” Geet looked into his eyes not able to comprehend anything he was telling due to the sensations he evoked in her body. He smiled and took the file from under the table. He took her hand and placed it there. He told smirking, “Aaj keliye maaf kiya. But don’t expect this favor always or else you will really get to see your khadoos dusht danav boss.” Geet was stunned hearing him. She shot him one annoyed look and left taking the file.

Maan smiled when she exited his cabin. This is definitely going to be a test on his self-control. He has to definitely make some arrangements for this. He went back to work when Sasha’s words came back to him. He called Sasha to meet him in his cabin. He closed the blinds so that Geet can’t see their talk. Sasha came soon hearing the coldness in his voice. She asked after getting seated, “MK, you called me. Is there any new project coming up? Do..” Before she could continue Maan cut off in the middle. He told, “Sasha, I called you here to give one last and final warning. I have seen you misbehaving with other employees and had warned you many times. Just because you have the privilege of being Munshiji’s daughter doesn’t mean that you are free to do anything in KC. Today I heard your talk in Geet’s cabin. Let me remind you that Geet is Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana and 40% share holder of the KC. She will be assisting me in business and not just with KC’s projects. And I have employed her as an architect just because she won’t take up the post of CEO. She will never agree for something unless she feels she deserves it, unlike you people who think that there is no one beyond you. As you told, she can never take your place because she is far more capable than the post of a chief architect. Even if I asked her to join as a trainee, she could have readily agreed. I’m warning you, if you repeat this once more then I won’t think before terminating you from KC.” Sasha was really afraid after listening to Maan. She shot a quick apology and left telling that she won’t repeat it.