Part 55

The next few days went with their occasional arguments and romance. Both were very much relaxed and work was progressing well. Maan was totally at ease and seldom blasted at the employees. Preeti had handed over the tasks to Geet soon as she was a quick learner. It took only few days for her to familiarize with the tasks. All the employees liked Geet for her friendly and down-to-earth nature. They have always thought that Maan Singh Khurana’s wife will be more sophisticated but she was simple and bubbly, always ready to help. She never allowed anyone to address her as Ma’am, not even the trainees. They were really fond of her. She had selected one trainee to work under her, Megha. She was very much helpful to her and Maan also liked her as she seldom drooled over him like others and was good at work. Sasha had mellowed down after the incident and had decided to move forward taking in Geet’s advice. Geet was really happy when Munshiji came to KM to invite them for Sasha’s engagement. She went to talk to Sasha and Sasha apologized for her deeds. Everything was going well and for Geet, her life appeared to be a fairy tale. But everything was the calm before the storm.

The Saturday after Preeti left, Geet had arranged a lunch treat for her ex-colleagues and Preeti. Ayan was also invited along with Dev, Meera, Prem and Priya. As Maan was going to sign a deal to Manali for the project Geet had done analysis, he couldn’t join them. They had a great time during the treat and Ayan got some time to spend with Preeti before their marriage. Geet was feeling nauseous even after having all her favorite dishes. She was feeling tired from the past few weeks and had missed her periods, which she didn’t consider seriously. After the treat, she went back to KM along with Dev and Meera. She went to their room and rested for a while. When she woke up she felt like her head spinning and had a tendency to throw up. She immediately went to washroom and almost puked everything she ate. She was very tired by then. She asked Nakul to bring some warm water to drink and told him that she is going to rest for a while. Dadi and Meera came to enquire about her health and she told may be indigestion. They asked her to sleep well and she assured them that she is fine as they had to go to a relative’s engagement in the evening. Dadi insisted Geet to take rest and there is no need for her to come. Geet agreed as she was very much tired.

By the time she woke up, others had left, leaving her a note to take care and Maan had called to inform that he will return only the next day. She really needed Maan to be there but she knows that the deal was important. She thought of the reasons for her nausea and remembered that she missed her periods. Her heart made a jump, “Is it possible that I’m.. I’m pregnant?? Babaji, let it be true. I need to confirm.” She called a gynecologist whom she knew since long and fixed her appointment in the evening. She got ready and told Nakul that she was going out to buy some gifts. Nakul insisted on going by car and called the driver. She also thought it to be best in her current condition. She went and did the check-up. When the doctor confirmed her pregnancy, her happiness knew no bounds. She is carrying Maan’s child, their child, their love; the thought itself gave her Goosebumps. 

She decided to surprise him as his birthday was on next Friday. She decided to make it special. She has to keep the news from others till then. First she needs to get ready to surprise him. She asked driver to take her to baby shop and she bought everything required to arrange for a baby room. She smiled thinking of Maan’s reaction to this. She went home after getting some more gifts for Maan. After reaching KM, she had to tell Nakul as she knew she can’t do anything without his help. Nakul was really happy and immediately went on talking about her diet. He helped in arranging the room next to them for the baby. She decided to get the painting done some other day as she knew others will be returning soon. It was almost 9.30 by the time they finished arranging the room. She had dinner and left to their room. She called Maan and talked for a while. He was missing her as much as she missed him. Others reached very late and Geet had slept by then. Nakul kept mum at her insistence.

Maan returned almost by evening next day. He noticed that Geet was looking tired. When he inquired to Meera, she told about the treat and they concluded it to be some sort of food poisoning. He insisted her to take leave next day and rest. Geet was more than happy to oblige as she knew she can decorate the room after painting as no one will be home. Maan noticed that beyond the tiredness there was an unusual glow in her face. He asked, “Geet, kya baat he? Tum different lag rahi ho.” Geet bit her lip and thought, “Hey babaji, kahi mein zyaada obvious tho nahi lag rahi he. Mujhe unhe surprise dena he. Control Geet, control.” She told, “Kuch nahi, aap wapas jo aagaya he. I was missing you.” Maan smiled and told, “I missed you too Geet.” He pulled her to him and kissed her passionately. Geet pulled back after a while feeling short of breath. Maan asked smirking, “Itni jaldi saase ruk gayi.” Geet hugged him and placed her head on his chest. Maan told patting her head, “So jao Geet, tum bahut tired lag rahi hoon.” If any other day Geet would have objected, but she knew that she needs to take care of the little one. She hugged him and slept peacefully in his arms. Maan too slept hugging her close.

Next day, Geet with the help of Nakul and other servants, painted the room and arranged the room. Dadima was out for her NGO work, so she was very much relieved. Once the room was done she thought, “Maan, aap humesha mujhe surprise dethe the. Ab meri baari he.. I know you will love the surprise.” Maan was quite busy with some new clients and reached home very late. Geet would have slept by then. Next few days were busy for both. Maan with his deals and Geet with her tasks plus Sameera had returned from her extended trip. She was finalizing the project with Sameera. She was happy to see that Geet joined KC and she had noticed their occasional romance and eye-locks as she will be most of the time in Geet’s cabin. She knew that they were so much in love that reflected in all their gestures. 

Finally it was Thursday evening. Geet went home early and baked a cake for him. She told dadima that she wants to surprise Maan and dadima agreed to her. They managed to make the arrangements on time. Dev managed to keep Maan busy with some of the discussions of KI and they both reached home by almost 11.55. When they entered the whole KM was dark. Maan told, “Dev, I think they all slept. But why Nakul didn’t leave any of the lights on.” Dev told, “Bro, you wait here. I will check and come.” He waited for sometime and suddenly lights came. He was surprised to see the decorations before him and saw everyone wishing him Happy Birthday. Then only he remembered that it was his birthday. Dadima came forward and hugged him, giving him her wishes. Then Dev and Annie wished him. Aadi, Sasha and Pinky were there too. Ayan and Meera wished him afterwards. His eyes searched for his Geet. There she was in a red saree, looking gorgeous holding the cake. She placed it in the table and went near him. She hugged him and wished him Happy Birthday.

He knew it is her arrangement and smiled. He cut the cake and took one piece. Geet gestured towards dadima. He gave dadima, Annie and Dev. He took one piece and held it near her mouth. When she opened her mouth, he smeared it all over her face. She looked at him annoyed and others laughed seeing her face. She went to wash her face while Nakul cut the cake and gave to others. She came back soon and others left wishing him. Dadima, Annie and Dev also retired for bed soon. Maan looked at Geet who was not meeting his gaze. When he walked towards her, she immediately left with Nakul to kitchen. He knew she was annoyed and now he has a hard task in hand. He sighed and went to room. He changed into his vest and tracks and went to bed. He saw her entering after a while and directly went to bathroom taking her clothes without sparing a glance at him. She changed to her night dress and lied down on the other end turning her back to him. Maan slowly went near her and held his hand around her waist pulling her closer. She closed her eyes not to give in so easily. She tried to take his hands from her waist but he held her tighter. He nuzzled her ear and placed a kiss on the nape of her neck. She shuddered at his touch but composed herself immediately.

He asked placing a kiss on her ear, “Geet, tum mera birthday ke din hi mujse naraz ho? Kya mujhe itna haqk nahi he ki apne patni ke saath thoda hassi-mazak karu?” That did the task of manofying. She immediately turned back placing her hand on his mouth. She told, “Aap please aisa mat kaho. Aapko mujpar pura haqk he.” Maan smiled at her innocence. He knows that she will never let him down. He pulled her to a hug and kissed her forehead. He told, “Mujhe bahut acha laga Geet. I have celebrated my birthday first time after my parents passed away.” Geet hugged him and told, “Mujhe pata he. Woh dono aaj aapko dekhkar bahut khush honge.” Maan placed a light kiss on her lips and told, “Sab tumhari wajhe se he Geet.” Before she could tell something he captured her lips into a passionate kiss. After pulling back he asked, “Geet, par mera gift kaha he?” Geet smiled and told, “Gift tho aapko kal raat hi milega. Wohi aapka saza he.” He smiled and told, “When I have the most precious gift of God with me, what more I did?” Geet told, “Hmm, Mujhe yakeen he aapko mera gift sabse precious lagega.” Maan raised his eyebrows and told, “Tho mujhe uska intezaar rahega. Par ab keliye let me enjoy my gift” and pulled her into another kiss. Soon both were panting in each others arms after their love making. Maan was very careful as she appeared fragile from past few weeks. That was definitely good for Geet as she can’t tell him yet about their baby. They slept soon in each others arms.

Next day when Maan came after shower, he noticed the blue shirt and vest along with the trousers placed in the bed. So wifey managed to get me a new dress. But that was not enough. He noticed the new Rolex watch and even his new shoes. He smiled and left to get ready. He went downstairs and saw that she was in a white and red saree which was his favorite. They had breakfast and headed to office together. On the way he asked, “Geet, why you wore saree today?” Geet smiled and told, “Aaj aapki special day he tho meine socha aapke pasand hi pehnu.” Maan asked, “Aur kitna surprises denge?” She told, “Shyam tak ek ke baad ek milega.” He smiled and shook his head. Almost half the day went soon as he was busy with his meetings. Before lunch time, he noticed a note in one of the files Megha gave him. He opened it and read,


Aaj lunch humare saath. Will wait for you.


Maan smiled and looked through the blinds and saw her laughing with Sameera in her cabin. He checked the time, it was 12.30. He decided to spend his afternoon with Geet and was about to leave when Pinky informed that Mr. Abhishek is there to meet him. He was from the private detective firm he had asked to get the details of Geet. He asked her to send him in. He closed the blinds as he didn’t want Geet to know about it. The facts Abhishek presented was very much confusing. He mentioned that Geet never had any relation even friendship with guys except Ayan. 

In school, no one dared to come near her as Brij was a terror to who ever tried to even talk to her. That he also knew from Prem. In college, Ayan was very much protective about her and nobody made any move towards her. While in hostel, she never came late except for the Farewell day when she was in first year. After that she was always with Meera or Ayan as she was staying with them. Maan thanked Abhishek and he left. Maan couldn’t see where this must have occurred. He so wanted to know the one who did it to his innocent Geet. Putting two and two together, he concluded that it might have happened in the farewell party, as Ayan had mentioned about her worse condition the next day. Then it had to be someone either in his batch or hers. He needs to find it out. He decided to keep it aside as he knew she was waiting for him. Sameera had left by then and Geet was waiting for him.

He went near her and hugged her after closing the blinds. He kissed her passionately as his mind was disturbed with the information. Geet could feel his tension and asked him after pulling back from the kiss, “Kya hua? Aap tensed kyun ho?” Maan told, “Kuch nahi Geet. Chalo hum chalthe hain.” Geet smiled and decided to ask it later. They left for lunch. Geet had reserved a table in Maan’s favorite Italian Restaurant. Maan was awed at her surprises. He was little apprehensive as he knew Geet hated Italian dishes. But to his surprise, she ate the dishes as if they are the tastier dishes she ever had. He had noticed lately that she was reluctant to have her favorite Punjabi dishes. He smiled and asked, “Geet, tum aur Italian khana? Yeh kaisa chamatkar hogaya.” Geet pouted and told, “Kaise nahi hoga. Yeh sab aapki wajhe se hua he. Mujhe ab mera Punjabi khana acha nahi lagtha.” Maan shook his head and laughed while both continued to finish the lunch. They reached office by two.

Sameera was waiting in Geet’s cabin and Maan left for his. When he was about to sit, he noticed Geet’s mobile in his hand which she gave to keep when she went to restroom. He took it and went towards Geet’s cabin. He was about to go inside when he heard Sameera talking. Sameera asked, “Geet, mein tumse kuch poochna chahthi thi. Us din party mein hi batane wali thi par tab Meera ka call aaya tha.” Geet told, “Ha bolo Sam.” Sameera continued, “Geet, tumhe woh farewell party yaad he jo humare jaane se pehle hua tha.” Geet’s face fell hearing it but she immediately composed it and told, “Ha yaad he Sam.” Maan could see her face through the small opening of the door. The changed expressions definitely caught his sight. 

Sameera told, “Us din mein Vivek se milne gayi thi. Kuch der baad Ayan ke call aaya tha. He told Maan was too drunk and I felt bad to have left like that. When I returned, I saw Maan leaving towards a private room. I was about to talk to him when I saw you coming out. Maan had pulled you inside and closed the door before I could talk. I waited outside for some more time but neither of you came out. Soon I got a call from Vivek and I left. Us din kuch hua tha? I mean did Maan get angry with you.” Geet couldn’t believe what she heard. She had always thought that only she knows about that night. Now she has to clear this out of Sam’s mind. Geet smiled and told, “Sam, woh mujhe tum samjke andar lake darwaza band kiya. He blasted after that on why you left so early. He was very angry. I was really tensed seeing him like that. Finally he passed out in the bed after a series of shouting. I came out after making sure that he is fine.” Sam sighed and told, “Oh my God, I was always worried as to whether he mishandled you that day. But you relieved me now. Leave it. Let us finish work soon. I know you have to prepare for the next surprise for Maan.” But outside the door, Maan stood getting the worst surprise of his life, the realization that he did it to her.