Part 56

Maan couldn’t move a bit after hearing it. He didn’t need any confirmation on whether it was him who did it. It was definitely him. The familiarity in her touch, the contentment he felt in the morning after that day, the ruffled bed sheets, and the red coloration in water while he took the shower everything explained him what he did. But he wanted to hear it from her, before his guilt overpowers him. The day which was supposed to be the best day in his life has turned out to be the worst. He went back to his cabin and tried to engross himself in work but nothing could help him today. He did a grave mistake to an angel, who knows nothing but to give love unconditionally. Nothing can rectify his mistake. He defamed the values and morals his dadima inflicted on him. He did the worse to a girl, who was just 18. How much has she suffered, just because of him? He held his head in both his hands and sat with his head bowed. 

When he heard a knock in the door, he immediately composed himself. Geet came inside smiling. She looked at him and noticed that he is disturbed. She asked, “Kya baat he? Aap bahut der se pareshan lag rahe ho?” He looked up, her each and every caring words were hitting him like nails. He was not worth it. He told keeping the coldness in his voice, “Geet, hum ab office mein he. Tum kaam karlo.” Geet was little disturbed by his sternness but smiled and told, “Ok Maan sir. Can you please give my mobile back?” He gave the mobile back without any change of emotions in his face. Geet told before leaving, “Aap jaldi ghar aa jaiyega. Mein panch baje nikalthi hoon.” Maan just nodded and she left the cabin confused.

Geet went back to her cabin and noticed that the blinds were closed. Something is definitely wrong. She decided that her surprise will definitely change his mood and left for home soon. Dadima, Annie, Dev and Meera had left for the farmhouse Maan gifted to Dev as they wanted to give the couple privacy for the day. They knew that Geet has some surprise in her sleeve. Geet reached KM and decorated the baby’s room with balloons and candles. This is going to be a surprise for him. After preparing his favorite dishes, she waited for him. She asked everyone else to leave and told she will take care of everything. She checked the time; it was half past nine but he didn’t reach yet. She was worried. She called to his mobile, it was coming switched off. She called Aadi and he told that he left early from office. She was really tired after the preparations and dozed off due to tiredness in the table itself.

When Maan came by almost midnight he noticed that the lights were on and saw Geet sleeping in the chair. He saw the dishes in the table. He understood that she dozed off waiting for him. Again he is hurting her, but he doesn’t deserve her love and care. But for today he needs to talk to her. He went near her and slightly shook her. She opened her drowsy eyes and asked, “Aap aagaye. Mein kabse wait kar rahi thi. Sab log farmhouse chale gaye. Aap fresh hoke aao. Mein khana lagathi hoon.” Maan told, “I had dinner, Geet. Tum khakar upar aao. Mujhe tumse kuch baat karni he.” Geet was disappointed but couldn’t show it to him as she didn’t want him to feel bad on his special day. She smiled and told, “Tik he, Aap jake fresh hojao.” Maan left feeling his chest getting congested with pain for making her disappointed. She decided to go up without having dinner but the thought of baby prevented her from doing so. She had dinner and cleaned the plates. She smiled remembering the surprise and went up.

When she entered their room, she noticed that he was not there. She went to study and saw him sitting in the chair. She went and sat opposite to him thinking what he needs to talk. Maan was contemplating on how to ask about the matter. He told after a while, “Geet, I want to ask you something that you may not even want to discuss. But I need to know it.” Geet wondered what it is and told, “Aapko aaj jo bhi poochna he poocho. Mein aapko disappoint nahi karoongi.” Maan sighed and asked, “Jo hadsa tumhare zindagi mein hua tha kya woh humare farewell day ke din mein hua tha?” She looked at him shocked. But she composed soon and asked, “Aap yeh ab kyun pooch raha he?” He told, “Geet, mujhe Ayan se pata chala ki uss din ke baad tum beemar padgayi thi. Kya woh sach he? Mujhe choot nahi sunna he.” 

Geet looked down and nodded. Maan felt his heart getting constricted. He continued with great difficulty, “Kya woh humare batch mein tha?” She again nodded looking down. He asked, “Usne aisa hone ke baad tumse milne ki koshish nahi ki thi?” She told, “Usko pata nahi tha ki usne mere saath aisa kiya tha. Woh nashe ke halath mein yeh sab kiya tha.” He asked, “Aur tumne usse bataya nahi?” Geet told, “Nahi, usne hosh mein nahi kiya tha. Aur woh kisi aur se pyar karthe the. Mein unke beech mein aana nahi chahthi thi. Aur yeh baat tho sirf mujhe pata tha. Kisi aur ne hume dekha nahi tha.” Maan felt he can’t breathe anymore. How much she suffered because of him. How can she love someone like this? He asked finally, “Don’t you think he deserves to know the truth?” Geet told looking up, “Nahi, ab in sab baton ka kya matlab. Mein usse kabhi bhi guilty feel karana nahi chahthi thi.” He stood up and went near her. He held her shoulders and asked, “Don’t you think it is wrong to keep him in dark? Even after getting married to him?