Part 60 — Last Part

Maan vowed to never let her down; he won’t break the promise he made to be with her always. Even though the guilt was still there, he decided to let it go. Geet was also happy that he let it go but she knew that he won’t get rid of the guilt very soon. She didn’t want him to give importance to the incident. Slowly they both erased it from their memory. Their life was back to normal, the only difference being the increased intensity and passion in their love. Maan didn’t leave her even for a minute and took her to most of his business trips in the pretense of needing assistance. He was extremely careful with Geet and she was sometimes getting irritated with his concern. She was not allowed in Kitchen and always had to eat healthy food under Maan’s strict supervision. She had developed a liking to Italian food and she often complained that it is because of Maan that she lost her taste. He loved her tantrums and her cravings except sometimes when she woke up in the midnight asking for pickles or ice cream. Nakul had stocked a range of pickles and ice creams, but every day she craved for something new.

In office, Maan slowly started involving Geet in making business decisions and made sure that she is present in most of the meetings with clients. His clients also were impressed with the young Mrs. Khurana who was simple and approachable unlike MSK. Maan was happy with the appreciation she received. By seventh month, she was given leave despite her complaints. She was at home full time under the care of dadima and Nakul. Rano and Mohinder used to visit her often. After Godhbharai, they wanted to take her home, but Maan was against it and they didn’t pressurize further as they knew it will be the best for her. Ayan and Preeti’s marriage took place after two months; Prem and Priya were expecting their baby and it added to the happiness.

When Geet was eight months pregnant, Maan had a business trip to Vegas. He was supposed to be there for two weeks. He so much wanted Geet to accompany him but was denied by dadima. Geet too wanted to accompany him but was little apprehensive as she was nearing the due date. Maan was not planning to give up, he consulted with the doctor. She told that it is not recommended to travel by flight after seven months. But he assured that she will be taken care well and she approved as her due date was still one and half months away. After much persuasion, dadima agreed and they left for Vegas.

It was more like a second honeymoon for them. Maan had only three meetings scheduled for the two weeks and rest of the time they were left to enjoy their time. When Maan was in meeting, Dadima and Meera called often to ask if she was fine. Geet was overwhelmed by the love and care they showered over her. One day when Maan returned after the meeting, Geet was looking outside the balcony enjoying the view. Maan hugged her from back and placed a kiss on her shoulder. She smiled and held his hand placed above her belly. He asked, “Kya soch rahi thi? Thinking about me?” She told, “Nahi, kisi aur ke baare mein soch rahi thi.” He turned her and raised his eyebrows. “Kisi aur ke baare mein??“, he asked. She told smiling, “Ha, koi jo meri zindagi ka anmol hissa ban gaya he.

Maan smiled and went on his knees. He kissed her belly and placed his ear on it. Baby kicked right then. He told, “Gudiya, dekho tumhari mummy abse tumhe yaad karne lagi he. Jab tum aayegi tab mera kya hoga?” Geet slowly ran her fingers through his hair. She asked, “See how he is kicking me. Mujhe lagtha bilkul aap jaise honge.” Maan stood up after placing a kiss on her tummy. He asked taking her in his arms, “Geet, tumhe zyaada takleef tho nahi ho rahi hena? Zyaada mar tho nahi rahe na?” She smiled seeing his care. After knowing that they were having twins, he was very much tensed. But she assured that she is fine but she knew that he won’t stop getting tensed. He carried her to bed and placed her there. After sometime he joined her after getting fresh.

He ran his right hand over the cute baby bump. He felt the kick as soon as he placed his hand. He noticed from Geet’s face that she felt pain when the baby kicked. He slowly moved near her face and placed a kiss on her forehead. He asked, “Geet, dard ho raha he?” She looked into his eyes. She knew there is no use lying because he clearly knew when she was in pain. She smiled and told, “Thoda sa, par ab tik he. Dono bahar aakar apne papa se milne keliye bechain he. Isliye maar raha he mujhe.” Maan smiled and took her lips into a passionate kiss. Maan was really happy about her pregnancy as he got to know another side of his innocent wife. Sometimes Maan Singh Khurana was just a chooha in front of his sherni.

After the two weeks in Vegas, they left to airport. Geet was not feeling good from the previous day and Maan was really tensed. He had asked assistance from one of their relatives who was a gynecologist and after checking Geet, she agreed to accompany them in the flight in case of any emergency. They had to take a flight toLondonand then connection flight toDelhi. The business class was having only four persons except them giving them much privacy.

When the flight was half way toLondon, Geet started getting pain. Maan couldn’t have been more tensed ever than he was then. He clarified with the doctor almost a million times that Geet and babies are going to be fine. He regretted his decision to take her along but she assured that she wanted him to be with her this time more than anything else. The lady doctor and the staff made arrangements for delivery within the flight. All the passengers were eager when they heard about it. Maan was tensed seeing Geet in pain even though she bit back the sobs and pain for his sake. After four hours of labor, Geet gave birth to the twins, a baby boy and girl. Everyone congratulated the couple.

Geet and Maan’s happiness knew no bounds. The tension was long forgotten after seeing their babies. When the flight landed inLondon, Maan made arrangements to get them admitted in a hospital for check-up with the help of Vikrant. He informed dadima and Rano about the good news. Both were exited as well as tensed for Geet. He asked Aadi to make arrangements for their tickets toLondonas he decided to stay back there for some days. Geet and babies were admitted in the hospital for a day. Others reached almost by evening and were happy seeing the twins and Geet. Geet slept almost rest of the day and night as she was very tired. Rano persuaded Maan to go to his apartment there and take rest. He agreed as he knew Geet may need her mother with her.

He had arranged everything for Geet and babies in the apartment within the time he got. His Geet was coming there for the first time. Next day after discharging, Maan took them to his apartment. Maan was happy that this time, he is coming with his cute little family. Dadima welcomed them with aarti and they shared the sweets. Geet and Maan were not getting to hold the babies as others were taking them in turns. Finally all of them retired to sleep leaving the babies to them after much persuasion. They went to their room and Geet was awed seeing the arrangements he made in the short period of time. He asked her to get fresh as both babies were sleeping. When she came, Maan was holding their baby girl patting her to sleep. The other one woke up soon and started wailing.

Geet took him to feed while Maan held the cute little baby girl who was sleeping with the small little finger on her mouth. He felt proud to be their father. He kissed her small nose and looked at Geet who was nursing their baby boy. He went near her and placed the cutie in the crib. He placed a kiss on Geet’s forehead and told, “Geet, Thanks for coming to my life and making my life beautiful. It would have never been possible without you.” Geet smiled and told, “Aapko thanks kehne ki zarrorat nahi he. Main sirf Maan ki Geet hoon. Agar aapke paas nahi aati tho mein kaha gayi hothi?” Maan took their son who was asleep by then and burped him. Geet was surprised seeing it and asked, “Aapko yeh sab kaise pata?” Maan smiled and told, “MSK ko sab kuch pata he.” Geet pouted and imitated him, “MSK ko sab kuch pata he.” Maan slowly put the baby in the other crib and went near her. He pulled her into another passionate kiss and told, “Tum aur humare bacche keliye mein kuch bhi kar saktha hoon, Geet. Bas humesha mere saath rehna.” , Geet smiled through her tears and told hugging him, “Mein humesha aapke saath hoon, aapki saaya banke..