Part 17

Annie and Arjun reached HM late. Mohinder was awake watching Television. They went to him and they discussed for sometime regarding the party and about Geet as they thought Sameera was asleep. Meanwhile Sameera came for getting water was listening to their conversation and was getting furious when she came to know that Geet was inDelhithat too working in KC. And now Meera, how dare she dance with Maan? Annie told she was tired and went to sleep. Arjun and Mohinder started discussing about some business matters only to find Sameera standing there with her arms folded. Both were little shocked to see her as they were sure that she had heard them. Mohinder was about to tell something when Sameera raised her hand indicating him to stop and shouted, “Aap log mujse chupa rahe the?? Woh Geet.. Kya zaroorat thi usko yaha lane ka. Woh bhi KC mein Maan ke saath?? Arjun bhai tho hamesha Geet ke bare mein hi sochtha he. Lekin papa kamse kam aaptho bata diya hota.” Arjun rolled his eyes and Mohinder tried to defend, ” Beta aisa kuch bhi nahi he jaise tum soch rahi he..” Sameera didn’t allow him to finish, she told, “Bas papa, ab mujhe pata he Geet ko KC se kaise bahar nikalke phekna he. Aap bus dekhthe reh jao.” Arjun knew well Sameera will go to any extent and that he has to stop her. He immediately told, “Agar tum Maan keliye pareshan ho raha ho tho yeh bhi suno. Maan kabhi apne bhai ke honewali biwi ke saath rishtha jodne ko nahi socheja aur Geet bhi.” Sameera turned around at his words and asked, “Kya matlab?” Mohinder explained, “Anurag ne Vicky keliye Geet ka haath maanga he. Waise bhi Geet tho kuch mahino mein London chali jayegi aur Vicky bhi tho waha hena. Tum khamakha pareshan horahi ho. Woh sirf kuch dino keliye yaha he. Usse rehne dona.” Arjun knew that it definitely had an effect on Sameera and he left. Even though Sameera was not happy with Geet being part of KM she could let go as Maan was safe from her. She bid Goodnight to Mohinder and went to sleep awaiting for her dinner with Maan.

Meera and Geet reached home only to find Pinky waiting for them eagerly. She went and hugged Meera and exclaimed, “Meers.. Aaj tumne kamal kar diya.. Tumhe pata he Maan sir aaj tak kisi bhi ladki ke saath dance nahi kiya he. You both looked so perfect together. How dreamy!!! Aur tumne yeh kyun nahi bataya ki tum Geet ko apni bhabhi banaya he.” Geet for once got disturbed at the mention of Maan but smiled. Meera rolled her eyes and told, “Uff Pinky, tumhe kabse baate banana ke aadat padgayi? Aur waise bhi who sirf ek dance tha. He was just being a gentleman giving me company. And who will deny an offer from the hottest bachelor of  Delhi. And how much ever I wish Geet to be my bhabhi, yeh dono kabhi woh line pe nahi jayega.. Aur ha tum beech mein kaise gayab hogayi?” Pinky sighed in disappointment and told, “Oh meine socha ki mera dono friends ki life set hogaya aur ek acha treat milega lekin yeh tho.. Ha.. Yaha koi relatives aaye the isliye mein chali aayi..” Meera smiled and told, “Pinks darling.. Don’t be disheartened kal Karan bhai ka treat he.. Tumhe bhi bulaya he.. Chalo ab bahut thak gayi he.. Sone chale??” Geet was all the while silent unlike her. But none noticed as all were too engrossed in the day’s events.

Geet got freshened up and came when Pinky and Meera were still sitting and chatting. Geet joined them and noticed that there topic of interest was Maan. She heard Meera telling that Maan asked her to join KC. Geet saw how considerate he was. She felt miserable of ignoring him. He didn’t even spare a glance at her. Why would he? She was too lost in her talk that she didn’t even care about anyone present in the party. What would have dadima and Anurag uncle thought about her? Annie di usse kya laga hoga? Shayad sab Pinky ke jaise hi soch rahe honge. Arjun bhai ko tho ab pakka yakin hogaya hoga ki hum dono ke beech kuch he. Pehle se hi woh Karan ka naam leke mujhe chidathe the. Ab kya hoga. Babaji yeh mene kya kardiya.. Ab tho pure KC ke staff bhi wahi soch raha hoga. Ek tho Maan ko manana padega, aur yeh bhi. Babaji please meri madat karna.. Geet went to sleep bidding bye to them but sleep was no where near her eyes.

Maan too was devoid of sleep but due to anger. He went home and went to Gym after changing. He worked out furiously. The flashes of Geet dancing and laughing with Karan came before his eyes. He felt miserable to have fallen into love with her. She doesn’t deserve it.. He thought, “It was my fault to have found her different. She is not an exception. She was just trying to play get hard types. Aur Karan, woh kaise itna close bangaya kisi ladki se? May be same way as I fell for her. Uska masoom chehra kisi ko bhi khayal kar saktha he. But good that I got a glimpse of the real Geet behind the innocent face. Geet, ab tum dekhegi Maan Singh Khurana kya he. None played with my feelings yet and I always got what I wished for. But I don’t need you Geet, in my life or any where in my proximity.” He broke huge ice blocks in fury, each time Geet’s face flashed in his mind. After calming down himself he went to bed by midnight but couldn’t sleep.

Maan woke up by 6 by the continuous ringing of his phone. He wondered who is calling at this time. His thought went to Geet but brushed it off and attended the call. “Good Morning Maan.” Came Sameera’s voice. Maan was already frustrated and above that Sam. He asked in a cold tone, “Good Morning Sam, how come you called so early? Anything urgent?” Sam told, “Oh come on Maan, do I need a reason to call you? Waise I called to remind you about our dinner tonight which you have promised. I know Maan Singh Khurana kabhi kuch bhooltha nahi phir bhi I couldn’t stop calling you.” Maan got more irritated but kept cool and told, “Sam, as you said I never forget what I committed. So see you at ***** by 7. Bye” and cut the call. Sam on the other end thought, “Maine socha tha he will tell I will pick you up by 7. But yeh tho kitna attitude dikha raha he. Chalo koi baat nahi kam se kam ek dinner keliye tho mana liya na. Dheere dheere mein apna poora haq usse loonga.” Maan threw his phone on the bed and thought, “Yeh sab Geet ke wajhe se hua he. Maan Singh Khurana is going to do something he hate. Jabse woh mere zindagi mein aayi he tabse sab galat ho raha he. Ab aur nahi Geet Handa.” He got up and went to Gym.

Geet couldn’t concentrate on anything. She wanted to badly meet Maan. For that she had to wait till Monday and the thought itself was killing her within. She knew how peculiar he was to see her in saree. She blushed thinking of the moments they spend together but was replaced by a frown remembering his looks when he left the party. How could she forget about Maan. But she couldn’t hold back her excitement when she met Karan. The thought itself brought a smile in her face.

2 years ago.

Geet had come to meet Meera for they had planned for a combined study. She noticed that the servants were busy with something unlike every Sunday. She went to kitchen and saw that Meera’s mom was busy preparing dishes giving orders to the maids. She went, hugged her from back and asked,” Ma, kya baat he? Aap bahut busy lag rahi he. Koi guest aanewala he kya? Meera ne mujhe kuch nahi bataya.” Meera’s mom treated her like their own daughter and she used to call her Ma as she missed the love of a mother through out her life. Meera’s mom patted Geet’s cheek and told, “Are ha beta. Karan aa raha he. Woh pichle hafthe London se wapas aaya he apne studies complete karke. Tho business join karne ke pehle do mahina yaha relax karne aa raha he. Meera abhi tak uta nahi beta. Jake usse jaga do.” Geet smiled and went to Meera. She was disturbed a little that she may have to stop coming to Meera’s home often for next two months. She knows that Meera and her parents will insist her to come but she doesn’t want to disclose the matters in her family to someone else and even though she had met Karan before he never paid attention to her and was barely interested even to say a “hi” to her. So she decided it is best to be away for few days.

She went to wake up Meera. After sometime they both came down and found Karan sitting in the living room along with Meera’s papa. Meera beamed seeing him and went and hugged him. Karan was happy to see her after a long time. He always counted on her as her own sister. Meera pulled out of the hug and asked, “Bhai, mein aapse baat nahi karegi.. Aap tho London jaane ke baad hame bhool hi gaya. Hafte mein sirf char baar hi call karthe the. Aapne jaane se pehle waada kiya tha ki aap har din mujhe call karenge.” and turned her face. All of them laughed at her complaint and Meera shot a look, “Aap sab mere mazak uta rahe ho.” Karan smiled and pulled her back to a hug and told, “Meri pyari behana mein tumhe bhool jao. Itna himmat mujhe kaha se milega.. Mujhe marne ka koi irada nahi he.” Meera was now super annoyed and she started hitting him with whatever she got in her hand. Finally she calmed down after Karan’s continuous persuasion and hugged him.

Geet was watching them near the stairs. She could see the love the brother and sister shared. She thought of Arjun. He has always been protective about her but she always missed him. Whenever they meet it will be just for a day as Handas always managed to keep them apart. She could talk to him freely only when she was with Meera. At home she was never allowed to talk more than a minute. She never shared her concerns or pain with him as she knew it will give him more pain. How much ever she wished his life to be normal just like everyone else, it would never be. A fresh surge of tears formed in her eyes threatening to fall. Sometimes she even felt she was a burden to all but it was Meera who had helped her to cope up with her pain and made her happy. She couldn’t stop thanking God for sending Meera to her life. She watched them silently until Meera’s mom called her.

When Meera hugged Karan, he noticed the beautiful girl standing near the stairs with a slight smile in her face. Sure he had seen her before but never paid any attention as he always does with any girl. He had found her chatting non-stop with Meera and he actually hated her non-stop blabbering. He stared at her and noticed that she has got the most beautiful and innocent face he had even seen. There was no pretense, no makeup she was just simple yet gorgeous. But when he looked at her eyes, he could see the pain she was hiding with her smile. She seemed to mask a throbbing pain behind those hazels. His thoughts were disturbed when auntiji called her. She smiled and came reluctantly near them. It was another surprise for him. He had seen girls waiting to get a chance to talk to him. But she seems unaffected and reluctant to meet him. Meera went near her and dragged her towards him and told, “Bhai, yeh meri best friend he Geet. Meine aapse bola tha na iske baare mein? Aap pehle bhi inse mila he.” He thought, “Oh so she is Geet. No wonder she is Meera’s friend. She seems genuine.” He smiled and asked, “Tho aap he Geet jiske baare mein meri behen non-stop baatein kathi he. Nice to meet you.” Geet smiled back. Meera had told Karan that she had went through a lot till now but she hasn’t mentioned what as Geet never wanted anyone to think bad about her family and take pity on her. Geet went to Meera and told, “Meera hum kisi aur din study karthe hain. Ab mein chalthi hoon.

Meera immediately stopped her, “Are tum aise kaise chal sakthe ho? Tum tho abhi abhi aayi ho.” Geet told, “Nahi Meera aisa nahi he.” Karan interrupted, “Lagtha he your friend is not comfortable with me around.” Geet was taken aback by his reply and she tried to cover up, “Aisa kuch nahi. Mujhe ghar jaake kaam he. Aur aaj mujhe nahi lagtha ki hum combined study kar payenge.” Karan teased, “Saaf saaf kyun nahi bol rahi he ki tumhe mere presence me yaha rehana acha nahi lag rahi he. Shayad darthi he ki..” Geet didn’t allow him to finish. She shot a stern look to him and told, “Mein anjaano se darthi nahi balki door rehthi hoon. Aur Meera se milne se mujhe koyi bhi nahi rok saktha. Aap bhi nahi.” Karan told, “Oh is it? Then why are you leaving in a haste?” Geet replied calmly, “Mujhe nahi pata tha ki yaha koi aa raha he. And I am sure that Meera wants to spend some time with her brother. So I decided to leave. And don’t judge people so soon.” Geet left immediately without allowing anyone to react. Meera couldn’t interrupt their talk. She knew both of them won’t stop as their ego was little more to be handled. Even though Geet never complained to anything her family did to her, she never allowed anyone else to take advantage of her weekness. She was always reluctant to let anyone know about her condition. Meera also had a tough time to open her up in the beginning.

Meera came back to Karan and told, “Bhai, I never expected this from you. I know you don’t like girls and I am the only lady you care for except our mom. But it doesn’t mean that all girls fall on the category who are ready to throw themselves up on you. And you have hurt my best friend. This is not acceptable bhai.” Meera was about to leave when Karan caught her wrist and led her towards the garden. While walking he told, “Meera, I haven’t tried to intimidate her. As you told I never cared for a lady after mumma left us.” His jaw tightened at the mention but he continued. “But it doesn’t mean that I can’t judge people. If she is your best friend then nothing more is required for me to convince that she is definitely good. And I saw the innocence in her face and the straight forwardness in her talk. But beyond that I could also see a tinge of pain in her eyes. I knew she was not comfortable with my presence. So I was just trying to make her talk. And you see now she will definitely come to meet you tomorrow as I have challenged her. So still you think I have done a mistake?” Meera squealed with joy and hugged him, “Bhai, you are the best. I know you will never let me down.”

–Flashback ends

It was their first meeting and as the days passed by, Geet slowly became comfortable with Karan and in the two months period they became good friends. When Karan came to know about her family he was furious and wanted to send them to jail for what they did to Geet but she stopped him to do anything against her family and threatened that she will stop talking to him if he did so. He felt miserable about her condition and the only way left was to get her out of the hell. He helped them in applying in Cambridge and paved a way for her out of the mean world she lived in. Their friendship became very strong as time passed by. Even after Karan joined his family business he always spared time everyday to speak to her. Geet was the only person to whom Karan opened up fully and same with Geet. Even with Meera both had some restrictions by the way she reacts but not among themselves. First their relation was misunderstood as love by Meera and her family and they even talked to Arjun regarding this as they were more than happy to let it happen. But when they talked to Karan and Geet, they started laughing their heart out. They cleared their misunderstanding and confirmed that they were good friends and never to think of their relation otherwise. Geet came out of her thoughts when Meera called her to get ready as Karan will be coming anytime. Her mind could never stop thinking about Maan. She knew that she never acknowledged her love for Maan verbally out of fear, even though it was obvious by her actions. She hoped that he will understand her once he calmed down. She sighed and started to get ready.

Maan, who was already disturbed by Geet’s thoughts was finding it more difficult as he had to go with Sameera. All these increased the anger he had for Geet. Dadima and Annie noticed his mood and understood that he may be angry by the turn of events yesterday. But thought it will be better if they clear the misunderstanding themselves and left him. He reached **** hotel by 6.55pm and found that Sameera was already there waiting for him. He knew that this cunning lady was hell bend in impressing him with her charms and thought may be being a Handa girl the cunning nature can be in Geet’s blood too but not visible to others due to her innocent face. He greeted her and led her to the table reserved for them. Sameera was in seventh heaven as she thought she had finally managed to impress Maan Singh Khurana with her charms. As usual she started off with her dreamy conversation and Maan who was already irritated was replying in monosyllables. But his thoughts were disturbed when Sameera asked him about Geet. With all his pended up anger he told, “You know very well that I care less about the whereabouts of my employees and especially women employees. Can we talk something else?” That was all Sameera required, she thought with a smirk, “This Geet has not managed to secure her place in Maan’s heart like with bhai and Karan. Now my way is clear and I will leave you for now Geet.” Little did she know that she had already made her special place in his heart which no one ever could do till now. Sameera went on with her talks and they haven’t noticed four people watching them curiously.

Karan came by almost four to pick them up and they went for shopping. By the time they winded up it was almost 6.30 and Karan took them for dinner which happened to be the same place where Maan and Sameera was in. All the while Geet was silent unlike her. Even though Meera and Pinky failed to notice it, it didn’t escape from Karan. As they were together he thought of asking her later. They were seated almost two tables away from Maan. Pinky was the first to notice them. She told, “Oye dekho. Maan sir aur Sameera. Woh dono ek saath kya kar rahe ho?” All the eyes turned towards them. Geet was too shocked to react. Karan told casually, “May be Maan had to take his would-be fianc for a forced dinner. I still wonder why he is not saying an outright no when he is not clearly interested in her.” The other three were stunned with the revelation. Meera asked, “Would-be fianc aur Sameera di?” Karan told, “Ha, I thought you people might know. Sorry to say Geet but she is such a’.” Geet interrupted, “Karan please don’t tell such things about my di.” That was enough for them to wind up the discussion even though Karan was curious to know the reason behind Maan’s appearance with Sameera. But none of them knew the turmoil Geet was going through after watching Maan with Sameera.