Part 16

He stood there mesmerized by the angelic beauty in front of his eyes. He couldn’t control the emotions evoked within him. If it was on his will he would have definitely owned her in every way as possible but he controlled not wanting to hurt the angel who owned every beat of his heart. He smiled and went near her. She shied and blushed when she felt his intense gaze on her. He groaned and pulled her to an intimate hug and whispered on her ears, “Tum aise sharmaoge tho how could I control?” She blushed more on his comment if it was possible burying her face in his chest. She felt home in his arms and an unknown relief washed over her. After sometime Maan lifted his head gently and told, “Geet agar tum aise rehna chahthi he tho mein meeting mein kaise jayenge. Even though I prefer to be like this the whole life time ab hume chalna chahiye.” Geet immediately pulled back embarassed at being so desparate to be with him. Maan understood it and told, “Geet, mein mazak kar raha tha. Tum in baton ko itna seriously mat lo. I want my angel to be always in my arms.” She fidgetted her dupatta and told, “Hame chalna chahiye. Agar koi mujhe doondega tho?” Maan nodded his head and moved towards the door. She followed him.

Just before opening the door he turned back and kissed her on her cheeks and lightly brushed his lips to her soft ones. He smirked and opened the door leaving behind a shocked Geet. It took some time for Geet to register what happened. She came out of trance when she heard Maan tapping at the door. She went near the elevator avoiding any eye contact. Both left for office reminiscing the moments they shared together. When Maan entered followed by Geet the eyes, which are normally glued to one person who is the centre of attraction, seemed to focus on someone else. The guys kept gaping at Geet who looked angelic in the white suit. Even though many of them noticed the natural beauty she was, today she looked divine, so pure, so innocent, so beautiful without any makeup. The girls envied at the attention she was getting but couldn’t deny that she looked beautiful.  Maan couldn’t stand the intense stares Geet was receiving. He shot a stern look to them which ended the staring session and all got back to work. Sasha was burning inside seeing her that too with Maan. It provoked her to make the party worst for Geet. Maan entered his cabin not before stealing a glance at Geet. Geet went to her cabin and started working. Both got engaged in their respective work and it was time for Maan to leave. He called Geet to his cabin. Geet came in with her notepad and waited for him to speak up. Maan smiled and told, “Geet main meeting keliye ja raha hoon. I may not return to office as I have to go and visit dad. Do you want me to pick you for the party?” Geet smiled and told, “Nahi Maan, mein Annie di ke saath aajayenge.” Maan told, “Ok. I am leaving now. Postpone the meeting at 3 with Mr. Raheja to Monday.” He stood up to leave and went near her and told, “Aur ha Geet. Aaj saadi pehan lena. Mujhe acha lagega.” He smiled and exited the room while Geet followed him with a slight hue of pink in her cheeks to her cabin.

Unknown to them two persons were watching them intently. Sasha burned in jealousy seeing the smile adorned in both the faces. Tasha told, “Sasha.. ehm.. mera matlab he ma’am.. See how Maan sir is smiling. I have never seen him smile like that. Aur Geet aaj Maan sir ke saath kahi gayi thi. Aur wapas aate waqt dono kapde bhi badal diye the.” Sasha shot a stern look at her and told, “MK Geet jaisi behenji ke chaal mein nahi phasenge. Lekin yeh Geet ko sabak sikhana hi padega. Woh kuch zyaada hi hoshiyar banthi ja rahi he. Aaj ki party ke baad woh kisi se mooh dikhane layak nahi rahega. Yeh shock woh apni zindagi mein kabhi nahi bhoolega.”  Least did they know that there was a shock awaiting them in the party. Geet and Maan got busy with their respective work. Maan had his deal finalized with Mr. Singhania and invited him for the party. Then he went to meet his dad to finalize a major acquisition of Khurana Industries. Geet completed her work by six and left along with Pinky to get ready for the party. Meanwhile Sasha’s plans for defaming Geet were progressing.

Geet checked her cupboard to find a suitable dress for the party. When Pinky mentioned mostly in business parties, ladies wear dresses or short skirts Geet was perplexed. Then she remembered Maan asking her to wear saree and blushed. She took the saree Annie got her along with the diamond set she gifted. As the color code was black or white there was nothing to worry. Meera came in and started to scream in excitement, “Wow Geet, Tumne yeh saadi hume nahi dikhaya. Yeh tho kitna khoobsoorat he. Tum isme bahut achi lagegi. You will definitely be the centre of attraction in the party.” Geet gave her a worried look and told, “Meera, tum mera mazak mat utao. Yaha mein dress select karne mein itna tension le rahi hoon. Aur tum..” Meera hugged her and told, “Oye Geetu, mein mazak kyun karu meri pyari saheli ke bare mein. Tum kuch bhi pehle pari hi lagega.” Geet smiled and told, “Bas bas tareef khatam karlo. Ab bata tumhara kya plan he. Hum dono party mein chale jayenge. Tum ghar mein bore ho jaoge na.” Meera told, “Meri pyari Geetu, mein tho aaj keliye already booked hoon. Karan bhai Dilli mein he. Uska aaj kahi pe party he aur mujhe uske saath jaana he.” Geet was surprised, “Karan, woh yaha he aur tumne mujhe bataya nahi. Woh bhi mujhe milne nahi aaya. Mein unse bilkul bath nahi karegi” and pouted. Meera sighed and told, “Mein bhi jhalli hoon. Bhai tumhe surprise dena chahtha tha aur mene tumhe bina soche bata diya. Tumhe lagtha he woh tumhe bina mile chale jayenge?” Geet smiled and told, “Mujhe pata he. Tumhe safai dene ki zaroorat nahi he.” Meera shook her head and told, “Dekha kaise uski side le rahi he.” And started singing.. “Dost dost na raha..”and ran. Geet ran after her, Pinky joined them and they went to get ready after their usual masti mazak. Karan is Meera’s cousin brother and as most of the times Geet will be in Meera’s home in HP, Karan and Geet became good friends during his visits.

Maan went to KM with Anurag and he decided to accompany Maan to the party as Mr. Chopra was his old client and Singhanias were their family friends. Daadi accompanied both to the party. Arjun and Annie picked up Geet. Pinky had left little early as she got a call from Adi to address some issues before party. Geet was looking heavenly in her white saree. The diamond set added to the beauty. Both complimented her and Annie was sure that Maan will be flattered seeing her. Geet was little nervous about going with them. She didn’t want someone in the office to treat her differently after knowing that she is related to Handa’s but Arjun will take none of it. Arjun told that if he can’t introduce her as his sister at least he will introduce her as his cousin sister. He won’t stand it if someone ill treated her in the party regarding her status. He very well knew the kind of girls in KC so Geet had no chance left for herself to step back. They reached the venue and Geet wanted to rush inside before they could get out of the car. But to her dismay she couldn’t open the door. When she looked he saw Arjun and Annie grinning and she understood they could clearly read her intentions. Annie got out and opened the door for her. She held her hand and Arjun joined them after giving the car for valet parking. Geet entered the party hall with Arjun and Annie on either side while Annie held her tight knowing she will try to escape if possible. They could hear gasps and slight murmur among the crowd.

Sasha had all her plans set. She instructed the waiters to give Geet only the drink that she gave. She had drugged it and had plans to set her with a guy, Rehan who worked in KC. Sasha noticed him staring at Geet plenty of times and pestered him to help her so that he can win over Geet. She had a triumphant smile on her face which turned to a frown and then shock while staring at the entrance. Tasha had to shake her vigorously to bring her out of trance. Tasha told, “Sasha.. Ma’am.. Yeh Geet Anwesha aur Arjun Handa ke saath?? Oh my God.. Handa.. She may be their relative.. Oh no!! Mujhe lagtha he hume apne plan wapas lena chahiye. Mein.. I will come in a minute..” Tasha left fearing the consequences. Sasha was fuming. She thought, “Yeh Geet humesha mere plans kharaab karthi he. Lekin mein use MK ke paas aane nahi doongi. Woh chahe kisi ka bhi relative ho mujhe koi farak nahi padtha.” Just when she finished thinking, Rehan came running and told, “Ma’am mujse yeh sab nahi hoga. Mujhe apna jaan pyaara he. Mein bas usse dekhte hi apna dil khush kardenge. Mein ja raha hoon” and left without waiting for her to speak up. Sasha stomped her feet and turned to see her only interest on the party. What if her plans failed, she will not let her win over MK.

Sasha turned to watch Maan to get another shock. Maan stood there mesmerized by the beauty of his angel. The sight before him took his breath away. Dadi and Anurag were pleased to see her and was now sure that they haven’t made a mistake by selecting her for Khurana bahu but for different persons. Annie and dadi noticed how Maan was staring at Geet and saw the blush that crept Geet’s cheeks on watching him which got unnoticed by both Anurag and Arjun. Geet went near them along with Annie and Arjun. Dadi hugged her and told, “Geet beta, you are looking gorgeous. Kisiki nazar na lage. Badi khushi hui aapse dobara milke.” Geet smiled and had a small talk with them. Anurag too complimented her and patted her cheeks. Maan, Arjun and Anurag went to meet the clients while Geet went to Pinky along with Annie. Geet wanted to know the opinion of Maan but knew he won’t tell anything before them. Her eyes searched for him and she found him staring at her with admiration and no more words were required to know that he approved her looks. Her heart jumped with joy. Dadi and Annie were watching the silent communication with eyes but stood obvious to it.

All these came as a shock to the employees of KC. Geet whom they thought to be a mere village girl belong to Handa family and is related to Khuranas. Many of them admired her for her simplicity even after belonging to a prestigious family. Most of them knew that Handas are one of the powerful families in HP but didn’t know that Geet belonged to it as most of them knew only her firstname. Sasha fumed seeing her so close to dadi who was supposed to be her entry point to Maan’s heart. She knew that dadi has a kind of repulsion towards her and even those who try to impress Maan including Sameera but the way she behaved to Geet clearly depicted her likeliness towards her. Now she has to act fast. There was only one weapon remaining and that was Sameera. Even if Geet is her relative Sasha was sure that Sameera will care a damn about her and won’t ever allow someone like her to be close to Maan. She remembers how she used to hate her presence near Maan. She even warned her to keep distance from him. But now she can use her and she knows Maan will never marry Sameera and her way will be clear. So she should try her last weapon. She determined to meet Sameera in the weekend and warn her of Geet. Rest she will do and she can just wait and watch. Sasha smirked with satisfaction and thought, “Geet Handa, jitna bhi khushiya manana he ab manao. Kyunki ab ki baad tumhara kya haal hoga woh tho dekhne ke layak hi hoga.” Geet who was obvious to the evil plans of Sasha was happy with the love and affection she was receiving. She kept aside her apprehensions and started enjoying to the party. While she was talking to dadi someone familiar caught her eye. She blinked her eyes to make sure that she is seeing the right person. Now she was sure and she made her way towards her point of interest.

Maan was greeting the guests while stealing glances at Geet. Then he saw Mr.Singhania entering the party hall with a familiar face. He went and greeted him and turned to talk to her, “Hi Meera, how r u? Good to see you here. I never met you before with Singhania family.” and gave a questioning look to Karan. Karan smiled and told, “Oh come on Maan. This is a party at least keep you business mind out here. And she is my sweet little sister. To be precise chachu’s daughter.” Maan smiled and hugged him, “Oh so Meera is your sister. Hmm.. Maine socha ki Karan Singhania jo ladkiyon se door rehte the woh kisi ladki per mar gaya.” and winked. Karan replied, “The same thing is applicable to you too Maan. So don’t drag the subject too much.” Maan smiled thinking of Geet and told, “Things can change Karan..

Their conversation was disturbed by Meera’s voice, “Oh my God, Geetu I can’t believe we came for the same party. Pehle pata hota tho hum saat chalthe.” Karan immediately turned to her direction hearing Meera’s voice. His heart jumped with joy seeing his best friend, his sweet heart looking at him with little anger in her face. He shook his head and murmered, “Mar gaya thu Karan.. Pata nahi ab mujhe kya karna padega.” Maan was not comfortable with the looks exchanged between Geet and Karan like they are obvious to all others present there. Karan went ahead and stood near Geet while she turned to walk away. Karan caught her wrist and turned her towards him. He held his hands in his ears and told, “Sorry sweetheart..” Even a stone could have melted at his words. Geet looked him with the same angry face and came forward and started hitting him with her small fists lightly complaining, “Sorry?? Ab yeh keh raha hoon kyunki aap mujhe yaha dekha.. Mein yaha aate hue ek mahina ho gaya aur ab tak ek phone bhi nahi kiya. Aur ab sorry bol raha hoon. Nahi chahiye mujhe sorry.. Baat nahi karni he mujhe aapse. Aur mera haath chodo mujhe jaana he.” Geet started to turn back when Karan told, “Meri pyaari chattar-pattar, tum kitna bolthi ho. Mujhe bhi tho bolne ka mauka do.” Geet looked even more angry and told, “Chattar-pattar.. aapne mujhe chattar pattar kaha.. Mein aapse ab baat bhi nahi karoongi.” She turned her back and walked away pulling Meera along with her. Karan immediately went after her to pursue her. The employees of KC were looking too shocked to react. First Geet belongs to Handa family, second she is related to Khuranas now Singhanias.. What more shock they needed. But someone seemed more shocked than them. It was none other than Maan.

When he noticed the silent communication between Karan and Geet he thought they may know each other. But when Karan caught her wrist preventing her from going his blood boiled and his hands turned to fists. He was about to interfere when he got one of the worst shocks in his life. “Sweet heart?? Did Karan called Geet Sweet Heart? The Karan Singhania who hated girls, called her sweet heart?” And he has never seen Geet being so free with someone else. From the way she was interacting with Karan it was clear that they are very close. But how close?? Knowing Karan, it was a surprise not even to him but to all present in the party except Meera and Arjun as they very well knew the bond they shared. Maan Singh Khurana was jealous for the first time in his life even though he was not ready to accept it. His thoughts wandered to the conversation between Geet and Karan. “Kahi Karan Geet se pyaar tho nahi kartha? Kaun Geet ko pasand nahi kar saktha? Aur Geet.. Is it why she is reluctant to come close to me? Nahi.. aisa nahi he.. I have seen love in her eyes for me.. She was telling of him not keeping contact. May be she might have thought he moved on in his life. Maan… You are thinking too much.. You should talk to Geet before reaching any conclusions.. For now concentrate on the party.

Mr.Chopra arrived and Maan was distracted from his thoughts. They talked for sometime but all the while his eyes wandered towards Geet and Karan who seems to have sorted out the things and saw Geet talking animatedly and laughing. He has never seen her so happy. The genuine happiness was visible in her face. He felt bad that he couldn’t bring that happiness in her face. But he didn’t know that nothing could ever give her the happiness that he gave her in the past few days. He was now more eager to know about their relationship. He went towards their direction. Dadima and Anurag were surprised to see them get along so well. They also doubted whether they were in  a relationship. But they cleared it out very soon with Meera when she told about how well they were bonded. They both sighed in relief and continued enjoying the party. Sasha who was noticing Maan all the while understood that he didn’t like the closeness that Karan and Geet shared and she was happy the way it was turning out to be. When she saw Maan heading towards them she immediately instructed the people to start music and announced to enjoy dancing. She was sure that Karan will dance with Geet and she will get a chance to dance with Maan. When the dance was announced Karan held his hand out to Geet and asked, “Sweetheart, may I have the pleasure to dance with the most beautiful lady I came across ever in my life.” Geet smiled and replied in the same tone, “Anytime darling“. and they moved to dance floor. Maan stopped when he listened to the music and announcement a few feets away from them. He thought of asking her for a dance. But couldn’t move a bit after seeing what transpired between Geet and Karan. He felt like he was knocked out from a wonderful dream to reality. He was now sure that their relation was more than what it he expected it to be. After meeting Karan neither him nor Geet made an attempt to even look at him like he never existed. Karan always used to tag along with him in the business parties as he hated the attention he received. But today he doesn’t seem to bother neither does Geet. His insides burned seeing her dancing gracefully with Karan. He turned and left towards the drinks counter. He seldom drinks in parties unless it is really necessary. But today he was totally out of mind. Sasha went and asked him, “MK, would you care for a dance?” Maan shrugged her off saying he was not interested. She tried pestering him hinting about Geet and Karan. But he told an outright no. She left the party cursing Geet in her mind.

Maan had one shot and then dadi came along with Meera. Dadi raised her eyebrows while she saw him drinking. Maan smiled not wanting to disturb her with his thoughts. He went with them and got into a conversation with Meera who was really interesting to talk with and he almost forget why he was annoyed. Annie went to Maan and asked, “Bhai, aap dance nahi karenge? At least aaj ke party mein tho dance karo. Dekha Karan bhi dance kar raha he. Aap chaliye na” She dragged Arjun and told, “Chalo Arjun, lets hit the dance floor.” When they left he was again reminded of Geet and turned to watch her. She really seemed to enjoy her dance with Karan. They were talking and laughing in between obvious of others watching them. Maan turned his back towards them angrily and saw Meera staring at the dance floor. He understood she wanted to dance but was holding back as she don’t have a partner. Maan looked at Karan who doesn’t seem to notice her. He knew she might be feeling lonely in the party. He went near her, extended his hand and asked, “Will you be kind enough to dance with me?” Meera smiled and gave her hand. He guided her towards the dance floor. They started dancing near to Arjun and Annie away from Geet and Karan. Annie gave a flying kiss to Maan and he returned it. Arjun smiled as he understood Maan’s concern towards Meera. Even he was not happy with Karan and Geet for leaving Meera like that. But the one person who was completed unaffected by those feelings was Meera. She knew how it will turn out if Karan and Geet are together. She never had any concerns on that. She knew Geet smiled with all heart whenever she was with Karan and she will do anything to see the smile in her friends’ face. Even though she felt little lonely, dadi and Maan were around for her company and now that Maan had asked her for a dance she was really enjoying the party. Maan talked with Meera while dancing occasionally stealing glances at Geet and Karan. He really liked her company and everytime she talked about Geet there was a clear concern in her voice. He understood they were more like sisters than friends. He asked Meera to take up a job in KC as the course she was doing was about to finish and she could accompany Geet. She told she will think about it. The song turned to a romantic one. Maan gracefully took the steps holding Meera, his one hand held her hand and other held her waist. Meera put her free hand on his shoulder and they danced gracefully. Meera was really a very good dancer. The attention of the people turned towards them and all except them stopped dancing watching them. They really complimented each other with the steps.

Meanwhile Geet and Karan had stopped dancing and went towards the counter when the thought of Meera hit them. They searched among the people to find her. But they saw everyone’s attention was on the dance floor and they turned their focus to dance floor. Both of them were surprised to see Meera and Maan dancing together so gracefully with the song. Karan knew that Maan was concerned about Meera being alone in the party and accompanied her to the dance floor while Geet was feeling bad to have left two most valuable persons in her life just like that without even caring how they were. She was thankful to Maan for making Meera comfortable. She could make out from the way they danced that they were comfortable with each other. As the dance was finished there was a loud applause and everyone complimented them. Dadi and Annie were happy that Maan enjoyed the party eventhough they wanted Maan to dance with Geet which was spoiled by Karan’s entry. Maan complimented Meera for her dance and went to meet Mr.Chopra as he was about to leave. As soon as he left he went to meet dadi who was talking to Karan, Geet and Meera. He told Karan that he has to take leave and told dadi that driver is waiting and she should leave with Anurag. He told bye to Meera and went towards Arjun and Annie without even looking at Geet. He left the party immediately after talking to Arjun. He wanted to get out of there. The atmosphere was suffocating him. What he thought will be one of the memorable days in his life has turned out to be something else. Yes he will not forget this. He will make it a point not to fall for anyone so easily.

Geet’s face fell when Maan left without even sparing a glance at her. She knew he was angry at her and felt really bad. She came for the party all dressed up only for him. But as always she forget everything after meeting Karan. Karan noticed the tension in her face. He called her aside and asked, “What is the matter sweetheart? Why are you so gloomy? You were ok till now.” Geet hid the tears that were forcing to be spilled out and told, “Kuch nahi Karan. Bas papa ki yaad aa raha tha. Kash woh bhi yaha hota.” Karan smiled, hugged her and told, “Pagli har baar aise khushi ke mauke main hi tumhe yeh sab soojtha he? Chodo mein tum dono ko drop kar detha hoon.” Meanwhile Maan who came back to inform dadi that Anurag has left and she has to come along with him saw this and his hands turned to fists. He controlled the rage and went near daadi. He told he will be waiting in the entrance. Geet saw Maan when daadi came to bid bye. She was continuously staring at him for one look. But he left without even caring to look towards her side. She hid her tears and smiled as Meera and Karan approached her to leave.