Part 19

The next few days both Maan and Geet avoided each other. During meetings and discussions even though Geet was present she seldom commented as most of her inputs she used to give Sasha and she presented the ideas in the meetings. Even though Sasha was reluctant at first, Geet promised her that she only wants the success of the project and an exposure to this field and it won’t be good if clients keep on pressing her to do projects. She had even talked to Mr. Chopra that Sasha will continue to work on the project and she will assist her and he was convinced by her work as Geet handled it properly. Maan was aware that the ideas Sasha presented were suggested by Geet. He noticed that Sasha and Tasha nowadays were in complete ease with her. Knowing Sasha it was difficult for anyone to believe that she gets along well with a lady. But it is not someone, it is Geet. Who won’t love her for what she is, how much ever stone-hearted they are? But what about her dear ones, whom she wished could love her? They hate her even after knowing how she is?

Maan knew how much his words could have hurt her. But seeing her with Karan, the thought that she is in love with someone else all the while she was with him, prevented him from apologizing for his behavior. When she came to talk that day he really wished it might be about Karan and her that it was a misunderstanding from his end. But no, she came to talk about Sameera, her cousin and him. What he didn’t understand is why she wanted him to not take his relation with Sameera forward? Why she told it is not right? Even though he wanted to believe that she needs a chance for herself with him, he couldn’t. He knew she will never want such a thing. Then why? Was she concerned of her cousin’s future knowing he doesn’t love her? Maan was getting frustrated with his thoughts. He checked the time and decided to leave for home as it was already 6.

Geet was finding it difficult to pass each moment. She had suffered a lot in her life. But his words left a huge impact in her. She was used to people throwing her away from lives. But after experiencing the love he showered over her, it was impossible for her to recover from what happened. The fact that she couldn’t stop loving him left her in a pool of sorrow. She couldn’t believe that he thought so low about her that he was ready to throw her out of his life without a second thought. She decided to call Pinky and leave. She collected her bag, gave her task status to Sasha who gave her a genuine smile which she gives to very less people and left for the reception. She bumped into something, rather someone and he caught her by waist. She instantly realized his scent even though her eyes were closed. Being close to him after such a long time, she wanted to be just held like that. But soon she was hit by reality and immediately straightened and pulled away from him. Maan was nearing reception when he collided into something smooth and caught her from falling. He looked into the closed eyes, something he wanted to feel near him from a long time. He was so lost in the beautiful face when she pulled away suddenly. He mentally chided himself for getting lost like that. Both didn’t tell anything. When Geet was about to leave when she saw someone standing near the entrance. The looks in his eyes told her that he witnessed everything and a shiver ran down her body. She knew what is coming next. She looked down expecting every possible thing.

Brij came forward and greeted Maan. Maan greeted him back and exchanged pleasantries. All the while Brij was not looking at Geet as he knew he have to control himself before Maan. The sight of her in Maan’s arms and the way he was looking at her conveyed everything to him. He then asked, “Agar aap bura na maane tho kya mein Geet ko apne saath le ja sakthe ho?” Geet closed her eyes knowing it coming. Maan replied, “Of course you can. Office time is over.” Brij looked at Geet and she knew what it was supposed to be. She followed him silently. She gave one look to Maan, she took in the sight of him as she was not sure whether she will be able to even get a glimpse of him after that. Maan was looking back at her. He saw pain in those eyes, but something else he saw left him confused, he saw helplessness. Why? She is going with her brother. He felt like she feared something. He stood staring at her until she was out of his sight. He came back to sense when Pinky came dashing with a packet of chips and almost collided to him. He shot a stern look to Pinky. She nervously asked, “Woh I am sorry sir, I was looking for Geet.” The word Geet calmed him down and he told, “Be careful next time. Geet just left with Brij.” Pinky dropped the packet of chips and exclaimed in horror, “What? Brij yaha..” Before Maan could ask something she went and took her phone. She called Meera and asked her to leave home as soon as possible and told that Geet is with Brij. She seemed to be in a state of panic, she threw her things into bag and went near him and asked, “Sir, when they left?” Maan told, “Just 5 minutes. “Before he could ask further she rushed out. Maan also strode behind her.

The turn of events, since he told Pinky that Geet left with Brij, left him confused. When he reached down he saw Pinky asking the watchman something and he pointed to one direction. Pinky went out and took an auto. Maan’s driver came with the car and he asked him to follow the auto. The driver was confused but followed his instructions. He saw Meera waiting in the signal and getting inside. The auto stopped near a garage. He looked up and saw it was Handa’s building used for dumping unused raw materials. He thought, “What they are doing here?” He was getting anxious. He asked the driver to wait outside and went inside. He heard someone yelling loudly and thrashing sounds from inside. She could hear someone pleading to stop. He understood that it was coming from a closed room. He went near and opened the half-closed window to get the worst shock of his life. Geet was lying in the floor with thrash marks all over her body and Meera and Pinky were trying to stop Brij from hitting her with the belt. He felt his blood boiling. His Geet, how can he do something like this to her?

He was about to barge inside when he heard Brij shouting, “Kitni baar kaha he tumse. Agar hamare ghar ke kisi ek ki khushi mein tumhari nazar lagi tho tum zinda nahi bachegi? Tumhe janam dethe hi Rano ma margayi. Tabhi hame mar dena chahiye tha tumhe. Tab se kala saaya banke hamare zindagi mein pade ho.. Aaj tho tum mujse nahi bachegi.” Maan was shocked out of wits, “Rano ma ki beti? Iska matlab Geet is Arjun’s own sister. Mohinder uncle’s daughter? How can it be?” But his thoughts were confirmed when he saw Arjun barging into the room. He held the belt and pushed Brij outside. He started to hit him with his fist, “Tumhare himmat kaise hui meri behan pe haath utane ka. Mujhe pata tha ki tum Geet ke paas hi jayega jab meine tumhe Sam se baat karthe hue suna. Geet meri behan he. Itne saal tum log usse mujse door rakka. Par ab aur nahi. Sirf papa ki kasam ki waje se aaj tak mein ruk gaya. Lekin ab aur nahi. Suna tumne Brij. Aaj ke baad agar tum unke aas paas bhi aane ki koshish ki tho mein tumhara aisa haal kar doonga ki tum wapas apne pairon mein nahi jayega. Mein bhool jaonga ki tum mera rishtedaar ho.” Brij pushed him away and stared angrily at Geet who stood up with the help of Pinky and Meera and told, “Dekha, tumhari wajhe se Arjun mujpe haat utaya.. Darji sahi keh rahe the. Tum sab mein koyi kaala jaado chalatha he ki sab tum par vishwas karne lagtha he.” And turned towards Arjun and told, “Tum inki baaton mein aake mujse panga le raha hoon. Yeh dhyaan se sunlo yeh ladki ek din sab kuch khatam karlega. Tab tum meri baat manega.” Arjun retorted, “In your dreams Brij. Jao iske pehle mein aur kuch karu.” Brij shot an angry glare at Geet and left.

Arjun turned and his heart pained to see his little sister in this condition. He went and took her in an embrace. He told, “I will not spare him for doing this to you.” Geet told in a low voice, “Nahi bhai, aap aisa kuch nahi karenge..” but was cut by Meera, “Stop it Geet, aaj tak meine job hi dekha jo bhi suna woh sab bhai ko tumhari wajhe se nahi bata payi. Nahi tho yeh phirse nahi hota.” Arjun pulled away from Geet and asked Meera in disbelieve, “phirse??” Meera sighed and told about the numerous times she was admitted in hospital and how Brij used to abuse her. Arjun’s felt guilty for leaving his sister to suffer like this. But someone who was listening these outside was drowning in guilt. He couldn’t even possibly think of what Geet could have gone through all these years of her life. His hands turned to a tight fist thinking of Brij. He will definitely suffer for his deeds. But what about him? Did he do something better? No. He too hurt her like others. How he could even face her after this? Then suddenly something strike his mind. Why did they hide the fact that Geet is Mohinder uncle’s daughter? Why even Arjun hide it from him. He went near the room door.

Arjun held Geet and turned to leave when both got another shock seeing Maan watching them with his arms folded on his chest. From the look in his face they knew Maan witnessed everything. Arjun was about to tell something when Maan told, “Geet ko hospital le chale? She is bleeding..” Both felt the concern in his voice and they took her in Arjun’s car and Maan followed them in his. They took her to a nursing home familiar to Handa’s. Geet was taken for examination while others waited outside. Arjun went to Maan and asked, “Maan tumhe kaise..” Maan replied, “I found Pinky’s behavior odd after I told that Geet went with Brij. So I silently followed her.” Then he held Arjun by his shoulders and asked, “But something that I can’t understand is why you kept your own sister away from you? And let the monster do all these? I thought you considered me as your friend but now I think otherwise..” Arjun interrupted, “Please Maan, never tell that.” Maan asked, “Phir yeh sab kya he Arjun. You could have at least told me when she came to work with me. I should have been extra careful about Brij. This must not have happened. How could you let her suffer so much?” Maan turned his back towards him. His concern was clearly known from the words he uttered. Pinky was for the first time seeing him emotional. None of the KC staffs ever got to see this side of Maan. Both Pinky and Meera looked at him in awe. He only talked about her well being. But what they didn’t know was the guilt, the pain he was suffering after seeing her in such a state. He held himself responsible for that. If he never turned his back to her, she could have confined her fears to him. But he didn’t even give her a chance to explain herself, behaved as per his assumptions.

Arjun held his hand and led him towards the exit. Once they reached somewhere with less people Arjun started to talk. He told, “Maan, I’m really sorry. I never meant to hide it from you. But please understand me. Papa had taken a promise from me that I won’t tell anyone regarding this.” And he started telling how Geet was born and how Mohinder left her and came to Delhi. How he was forced to keep away from his own sister, everything that happened till now. He told that Annie is aware of the fact even before their marriage. Maan couldn’t believe that Geet went through all these and still she smiles and spreads the smile to others. How could someone withstand all these? She is definitely an angel. And Brij, how dare he do that to her. After sometime they went inside. The doctor came and shot a stern look at Arjun. She told, “Arjun, how could you be so careless? And how far she has been going through all these? I must tell you that she won’t be able to handle anymore. She is very much weak and she needs at least one week rest. We need to admit her.” Arjun nodded silently. He knew she was agitated when he told that she was beaten. They went and met Geet. Maan waited outside while they went to meet Geet. He didn’t have the courage to face her after his accusations.

After gaining some courage Maan went inside and saw Arjun sitting besides her holding her hand. He looked at Pinky and Meera who were continuously cursing Brij while caressing her wounds. He thought it won’t be good to interfere and decided to move outside when he heard her call, “Maan..” He turned around and went near the bed. She asked others to wait outside as she needed to talk to him alone. They understood that she wanted to talk about not disclosing her real identity to others. So they left closing the door. She gestured Maan to sit near her. He did as she told and she started, “Maan, I know my family hide my identity from all of you but it was not intentional. Please don’t disclose to anyone else. I don’t want any sort of problems to be created between our families. Please try to understand.” Maan looked at her shocked. She is still concerned more about her family even after going through all these. He felt tears pricking his eyes.

He slowly held her hand, “Geet, even though I am not pleased with what your family did to you for your sake I won’t tell to anyone else. But you should inform either Arjun or me if Brij tries to call you or meet you. What you have gone through is not something acceptable and he should be behind bars for what he has done.” Geet withdrew her hand and told, “Maan, it is our family matter. Please don’t try to do anything like that. We will solve it ourselves. You please forget that you ever know my real identity.” She was not looking at him all the while. He was hurt by her words but he knew he deserved nothing less. He knew how much she loves them. He took her hand that was resting in the bed and told without looking at her, “Geet, there is something else I wanted to tell you. Till today my ego was not permitting me to apologize for my behavior that day. I am really sorry; I couldn’t have uttered those words. I don’t know what comes over me when I’m angry. It was my anger and frustration that I took on you. I apologize for my behavior even though I can’t take back the words I uttered. After the party I was really out of my mind. I never knew that you and Karan were in a relationship. If so I could have never tried to come close to you. I know you tried to resist my advances many times and I admit that my ego didn’t permit to let you go easily as you are the only person who managed to win my heart. I was more than hurt after the party. So I could only see my hurt and pain. I haven’t tried to see through your point of view. Now I know how wrong I was. And I proved myself that I don’t deserve you by hurting you to the extremes. I know Karan will keep you happy and you both will make a perfect couple. You don’t have to worry about anything else. I won’t reveal your identity to anyone. Will see you at office next week. Take care.” And he got up without looking at her as he didn’t have the courage to face her. He was about to leave when he felt a tug in his hand.

Geet knew that he was going to apologize for that day and she was about to tell that it doesn’t matter. But when he started telling about the party she stopped and listened. When he told about Karan she understood the reason for his anger. But her heart did a somersault at his direct and straight confession. She could feel the pain and anguish in his voice. And what he told, he doesn’t deserve her? She could feel him withdrawing his hand. She instantly held it. He turned around and looked at her. He saw that her face was blank. And then she told, “Karan is my best friend..