Part 20

Maan felt a weight getting lifted up from his heart. His Geet belongs to him, no one else. But soon it got clouded with guilt. Was it not enough that he hurt her to such an extent that now he again misunderstood her. He really doesn’t deserve her. He slowly turned to meet her eyes which were still blank. Her face showed no emotions. He told looking down, “It really doesn’t matter now Geet. I don’t deserve you after what I did.” He withdrew her hand and was about to leave when she held his hand again. Geet had expected anything but this. He thought he doesn’t deserve her, it doesn’t matter anymore. What he was thinking? He can play with her feelings and leave her midway. Till now she had her own apprehensions, she thought he was only attracted towards her. But after listening to him she knew his words and feelings are genuine. It doesn’t matter for her that he hurt her in anger, it doesn’t matter for her whether he misunderstood her or not. Only thing that mattered for her that he loves her and she won’t let him suffer the guilt he is going through. When she loves him how can she let him down? Her love won over her fears and apprehensions. She was about to tell him when Arjun knocked the door. She immediately withdrew her hand.

Arjun, Meera and Pinky came inside. They had a light talk to cheer up Geet and Maan watched them silently. Maan called his guards and asked them to keep a watch on the hospital premises. After sometime Meera announced that she is going to stay with Geet and others can take leave. Geet knew that Meera was supposed to go with Karan for finishing some of the formalities related to their Visa. And she remembered Annie telling about an important meeting Arjun had to attend next day on Mumbai and he had to take the midnight flight. Geet told, “Meera, tum ghar jaake Karan ke saath jaane ki tayyari karo. Aur bhai aapko bhi tho aaj raat Mumbai jaana he. Pinky fresh hoke wapas aayegi aur mere saath rahegi. Apko itna fikar karne ki zaroorat nahi. Zyaada chot tho nahi he.” Arjun and Meera said an outright “No” but Geet was not willing to take it. And finally after much persuasion they agreed and Maan told he will be there until Pinky returns. All of them left after talking for some more time. Even though Arjun and Meera didn’t want to leave Maan assured them that he will take care of everything.

When they left Maan asked Geet whether she needs anything. She nodded no. Maan went to sit in the couch located in one corner. Geet called out, “Maan’” Maan immediately came near her, “Kya hua Geet. Dard ho raha he? Doctor ko bulao.” Geet interrupted, “Maan, mujhe aapse baat karni he. Yaha baito“, pointing to the bed. Maan reluctantly sat there. He was not able to meet her eyes. She slowly spoke up, “Maan, aapne jo bhi kaha meine sun liya. Lekin mujhe ek baat samaj mein nahi aa rahi he. Aapne ab tak jo bhi kaha usme aapke hurt the, aapke dard the, aapke pyaar the, aapke guilt the. Insab mein, mein kaha he? Aapko lagtha he ki mein koi katputhali ho jise aap jab chahe pyaar kar sakthe ho aur jab chahe chod sakthe ho.” Maan was about to tell something when Geet stopped him raising her hand. “Maan aaj tak aapne jo bhi kiya meine woh sab bina kisi shikayat ke sunli. Aapne decide kiya ki mein Karan se pyar karthi he. Kya aapko kabhi bhi meri aankhon mein aap keliye pyar nazar nahi aaya. Aaj tak meri zindagi ka faisla koyi aur letha raha. Ab mujse nahi hoga.

Tears started to flow from her eyes. When he moved forward to wipe her tears she held him by his shirt collar and started shaking him. Maan was initially shocked and guilty at her sudden outburst. He knew he was responsible for the pain she went through for the past few days. But his heart jumped with joy with her confession. She continued yelling, “Aap bahut bure ho.. I hate you.. I hate you…“. Maan pulled her towards him and silenced her with a searing kiss. She initially protested by not opening her mouth and hitting on his chest with her small fists. But she gave in as he kissed her passionately. He wanted to take away the pain and hurt she went through. When he felt her relaxing, he slowly bit her lower lip making her gasp a little and his tongue took that opportunity and entered her mouth. She moaned as his tongue explored every corner of her mouth. His hands held her closer by her waist and her hands fisted his hair as the kiss deepened. She slowly started kissing him back and they were too lost in the kiss that they forget everything around. A knock at the door made them realize the surroundings and they immediately straightened. But the intruder had already witnessed their intimate moment.

Karan was very much tensed when Meera informed him. He immediately left to meet Geet. When he barged into Geet’s room he repented to have entered without knocking. His sweetheart and his friend were too much engrossed in kissing to even notice him. He immediately went out and knocked the door. When he entered he fought hard from not laughing at their flushes faces. He didn’t fail to notice the blush that crept Geet’s cheeks whenever her eyes met Maan’s. He was really glad seeing the glow in Geet’s face and the genuine happiness in Maan’s. Not wanting to embarrass both he enquired about Geet’s condition. After having a small talk he called Maan outside in pretense of going to doctor. As they both wanted to talk about the same thing it was easier for them to find a solution also. They decided what they needed to do and Brij will be behind bars. Karan got a call and asked him to join Geet and he will return soon.

Geet was finding it difficult to control her irregular breathes after Karan came in. She couldn’t imagine how long they would have kissed if Karan didn’t come then. Whenever her eyes met Maan’s she could feel chills all over her body. The slight thought of the kiss made her blush. When Karan went out with Maan she finally let out a heavy breathe. She couldn’t help herself from blushing. All the pain she went through the past few weeks seemed to have subsided. She looked ahead when she heard the door opening and saw the man who managed to lift her senses entering with a slight mischief in his eyes. Maan was really happy to bring back the genuine smile and happiness back to Geet’s face even though the guilt of what he had told her was still afresh in him. When he entered the room he saw her blushing lost in her thoughts and understood that she is thinking about the kiss.

He decided to tease her a little. He went near her and asked, “Geet, ab pain kaisa he. Tumhara gal lal kyun he? Kahi pain zyaada tho nahi.” Geet understood his tease and replied, “Pain tho kam hua, shayad dawa ki asar he.” Maan got the hidden meaning in her words. He slowly went near to her and she leaned back further to the bed. He almost closed the distance between them and whispered in her ears slowly kissing it, “Kya ek aur baar doon?” Geet pushed him and looked down blushing. Maan smiled and slightly lifted her chin and told, “Geet, mujhe pata he ki meine tumhe bahut hurt kiya he. Lekin I promise aaj ke baad mein in aankhon mein kabhi aasoon na aane dega. I Love You Geet..” and hugged her tight. She too hugged him back and told in a soft tone, “I Love You too Maan..” Both smiled at their confession and tightened their hold around each other. Karan who stood near the door witnessed Maan’s promise and their confession. He had tears in his eyes. Finally his sweetheart got her love and he was sure that Maan will keep her happy under any circumstances. He went outside not wanting to disturb the beautiful moment. He called Maan and informed him that he is leaving to pick Meera and will visit Geet once he is back.

Maan and Geet spend the rest of the time talking accompanied by occasional hugs and kisses until Pinky came. Maan left promising her to meet in the morning. He gave Pinky next day off and left to KM after checking the security and talking with the doctor once more. He reached KM almost by 10 and dadima had slept early as she was exhausted after one of the charity events she organized. He got fresh and went to bed. The day’s events started flashing in his mind. The sight of Geet in the floor beaten by Brij made his blood boil. He swore to give the worst ever punishments to him. His angel, his mishty, how can someone even think for doing anything to her. He went to Gym and worked out furiously. He wanted himself to go through the pain she went through. His hands started bleeding by the continuous thrashing on the ice blocks. But he cared for none; the thought that he hurt his angel prompted him to hurt himself more. He stopped when he heard his phone ringing. He noticed watch and saw it is 1am and thought who is calling at this odd timing. He saw it is from an unknown number and picked the call, “Hello.“. In return he heard a gasp and immediately understood who it is.

He smiled and told, “Geet..” He heard a loud gasp this time. He laughed and told, “Geet tumhe samajne keliye mujhe awaz ki zaroorat nahi he. Pinky so gayi? Itni raat ko kyun phone kiya? Aur yeh kiska number he?” A sweet voice came from other end, “Maan, aap soye nahi? Meine socha aap so rahe honge.” Maan smiled, “Tum bhi tho nahi soyi..” Geet stammered, “Woh mein yeh kehne keliye phone kiya tha ki yeh mera number he. Aaj bhai ne mujhe naya phone diya tha.. Tho meine socha aapko dedo.” Maan laughed and asked, “Itne raat tum yeh dene keliye phone kiya? Number tho kal bhi de sakthe the.” Geet hesitated a bit and told, “Nahi, woh mujhe aapse yeh kehni thi ki aap please pareshan mat ho.” Maan was taken aback and asked, “Tumhe kyun laga ki I’m worried?” Geet replied, “Mujhe aapke chehre se pata chal raha tha ki aap bahut tensed he. Maan, aap please jo hua usse bhool jao. Aaj aapne jo khushi mujhe di he uske baad mein kisi bhi baat ko lekar pareshan nahi ho.

Maan sighed and told, “Geet, tum bahut achi ho. Isliye sab mein tumhe sirf achayi dikhayi detha he. I don’t know how you suffered all these without breaking down. Tumhare jaise koi kabhi nahi ban payegi. You are an angel and I hurt you with those cruel accusations. I can’t forgive myself for that.” Geet immediately told, “Maan, please aisa mat kaho. Meine woh sab kab ka bhool chuki ho. Aapne woh sab gusse mein kaha tha.. Tho woh sab chodo.” She felt the need to lighten his mood and told, “Waise mujhe pata nahi tha ki Maan Singh Khurana jealous bhi ho saktha he. Woh bhi apne dost se.” Maan immediately got back to his angry mode, “Geet, tum mera mazak mat utao.” Geet laughed and told, “Kyun mein sach hi tho keh rahi thi. Aap itne jealous honge mein tho sapne mein bhi nahi socha tha.” Maan shouted, “Geet‘” Geet laughed again and told, “Maan, mujhe pata he ki mein Geet hoon aur aap Maan. Kyun baar baar mere naam le raha hoon?” Maan controlled himself and told, “Geet, agli baar kabhi is baare mein behas mat karo. Tum sirf meri ho. Sirf meri. Aur ha, mein kisi aur ko tumhare saath bardasht nahi kar saktha. Usse jealousy kahe tho tik he. Lekin uss baat ka mazak kabhi mat utana.” Geet smiled hearing his possessiveness and told, “Maan, mein sirf aapki hoon aur hamesha aapki hi rahegi.

There was a silence between them as they accepted the fact that they are bound to be together. Maan broke the silence and told, “Geet, ab bahut raat ho chuki he. Tum so jao. Mein tumhe kal subha aakar millenge.” Geet told, “Aap bhi so jao.Kisibaat ki tension mat lena.” Maan told with a naughty smile, “If I have to sleep peacefully give me a goodnight kiss.” Geet blushed furiously and told, “Maan, aap bhi na.” Maan laughed and told, “Geet you looked so adorable with the pink cheeks and swollen lips after our first kiss. I wish I could do it often.” Geet’s cheeks turned crimson red at his open flirting and all she could say was “Maan..” Maan teased, “Kyun Geet tujhe koi aitraaz he?” Geet told in a haste to cover her embarrassment, “ha..” Maan asked as if he is hurt, “ha? Tumhe kiss acha nahi laga?” Geet stammered, “Ha, mera matlab he nahi.. Woh..” She couldn’t utter a word.

Maan laughed and told, “Geet agar tumhe aitraaz he tho bhi mujhe koi problem nahi. You can’t stop me from doing it again” Geet opened her mouth in shock. He continued, “Ab apna mooh band karo aur mujhe goodnight kiss dedo. Nahi tho mein waha aake Pinky ke saamne tumhe kiss karega.” Geet immediately closed her mouth and looked at the phone as if checking for whether he can see her through the phone. He told, “Ab phone ko ghoorke kya dekh rahi ho. Jaldi karo warna.” She immediately held the phone close and placed a light kiss on it. He smiled and told, “Aaj keliye yeh kafi he. Par kal mein interest ke saath lenge.” He returned the kiss and she blushed furiously. He told, “Agar tum aise hi blush karenge tho mein apne aapko kaise tumhare paas aane se roku?” She smiled and told, “Maan‘” Maan told, “Tik he Geet, ab tum so jao. Goodnight and sleep dreaming about us..” Geet smiled and told, “Goodnight Maan..” Maan cut the call as he know if he continued he will go on and as Geet needs good rest he has to stop. Geet smiled and slept holding the phone closer. Maan also did the same. Both slept dreaming about their days together.