Part 21

The next morning came with new hopes for both of them. Geet wanted the time to pass quickly until Maan comes to meet her. Maan too was in a hurry to meet Geet. He got ready and came down by 7. Dadima and Anurag were surprised to see him getting ready for office so early. Both knew that there were no meetings to be held so early. But Dadima understood by the glow in his face that he was going to meet Geet and things might have definitely sorted out. Anurag asked, “Bete, why are you leaving so early?” Maan maintained his composure and told casually, “Woh mujhe Karan se milna he. Aaj woh Meera ke saath kahi ja raha he. Tho uske pehle kuch details discuss karna he.” Anurag nodded and went back to what he was doing. But dadima, being aware of his nervousness to lie, gave him a knowing look. Maan left without waiting for the breakfast. When he reached hospital Pinky was waiting for Manchanda to come so that she can go and freshen up. Maan told her that he will be there until she returns and not to bother Manchanda. Geet also assured her that she will be fine and Pinky left.

Maan turned to look at Geet who was fidgeting her dupatta and looking everywhere but him. Maan smiled at her nervousness and went to sit near her. He held her hands in his and asked, “Kyun Geet, tumhe dekh kar lagtha he tum mujse darthi he?” That was enough for Geet. She was back to the sherni mode. She looked straight into his eyes and told, “Darr, aur mujhe? Mr. Maan Singh Khurana aap aise galat faimi mein na rahe tho acha he. Mein nahi kabhi aapse darthi thi aur nahi daregi.” Maan was really missing his sherni. He couldn’t help from pulling her into his arms and hugging her tightly. He told, “I was missing my sherni’” Although Geet was startled by the sudden hug she soon melted in his arms. Maan wanted to tease her a little and told, “Yeh sach he ki jab tum chatter-pattar karthi ho tho bahut annoying he” He paused a little and waited for her reaction and it was immediate. She pulled back and angrily stared at him.

She told, “Mein chatter-pattar karthi hoon. Tho teek hain. Mein kabhi aapse baat nahi karegi.” She turned her face pouting. Maan held her chin and told, “Mishty, tum mujhe apni baat poora karne nahi diya.. Par jab tum chup hojathi ho tho aisa lagtha he jaise dil ki dhadkane band ho raha he. Tum paas na ho tho saas lena mushkil hojatha he.” Geet immediately closed his mouth with her hand and told, “Maan, please aap aisa mat kahiye. Mein hamesha aapke saat hoon. Aapki Geet aapke bina ek pal bhi nahi reh sakthi.” Her eyes were moist. She cupped his face and did something he hasn’t expected. She kissed his forehead, his eyes, his nose and when she came near his lips only she was caught by her bold response. She shied and was about to move back when Maan held her by her waist and pulled towards him. He told, “Geet, rukh kyun gayi? Waise tum aur koyi bhi kaam adhura nahi chodthi tho ab kya hua.” Geet blushed and looked down. Maan told, “Tik he tumhe poora karne ka iraada nahi he tho mein waha couch pe jaakar baitha hoon.” Saying this he slowly pulled his hands away. She thought he is disappointed and immediately looked up only to find him staring at her with a smirk.

She understood he is teasing her and looked away with a pout. Maan told, “Geet tum aisa karogi tho mein apne aapko control nahi kar payenge.” Geet lightly hit his chest with her small fist and told, “Maan aap bhi na.. Yeh hospital he. Doctor abhi rounds keliye aathe hi honge. Aap chair mein baitiye. Nahi tho Maan Singh Khurana ka jo reputation he who kharab ho jayega.” Maan gave her a questioning look, “Maan Singh Khurana ka reputation koi kharab nahi karega. Itna himmat kisi pe bhi nahi he.” Geet laughed and told, “Are Maan, mein woh baat nahi keh rahi thi. Aapko ladkiyon ke saat jo reputation he woh kharab ho jayega, jab koyi yeh sunega ki he is having affair with his secretary.” Maan replied in a stern voice, “I don’t care aur Geet aaj ke baad tum yeh nahi kahegi ki tum mera sirf secretary he. Tumhe nahi uss post ki zaroorat thi aur nahi kabhi honge. Aur ha, if you don’t know your post in my office has changed to trainee architect. Samji tum.

Geet looked at him in awe. She knew he cared for her but to the extent of making her a trainee architect when she doesn’t even have an architecture degree. She just looked at his eyes without blinking and told, “Aap itne ache kyun he Maan. Jab mere apne hi mujhe chod diya tho aap mereliye itna kyun karthe ho. If you want you can get a highly-educated, rich and gorgeous lady then why have you selected me? Mein nahi sundar hoon, nahi educated aur nahi apne mama-papa ka naam le sakthi ho..” Maan kept his finger in her lips and told, “Chup. Eik aur shabd nahi meri Mishty ke bare mein. Geet tumhe apni achayi kabhi nahi dikhthi he. Tum sabse khoobsorat ho aur tumhari khoobsurathi sirf bahar ki nahi andar bhi he. Tum mein woh khoobhi he jo kisi aur pe meine kabhi nahi dekha he. Your selflessness, no one can risk their own wishes for others, but you always did. And about your family, if it was in my wish they would have been behind bars for keeping you in darkness suffering all those…” Maan clenched his fist while telling that.

Geet immediately held him, “Maan aap please woh baat bhool jaiye. Mujhe unse koyi shikayat nahi he. Aur waise bhi Arjun bhai tho humesha mere saath the. Aur Meera aur Karan the. Woh sabke hote hue mein dukhi kaise rahegi?” Maan looked into her eyes and told, “Geet, sorry for misunderstanding your relation with Karan. I didn’t trust you and bad mouthed you in my anger.” Geet smiled and told, “Maan aapko sorry kehne ki zaroorat nahi he. Aapke jagah aur koi bhi hota tho bhi yahi sochtha. Aapko pata he hamare pure office staff tho yeh sochtha he ki mein Karan ki fiance ho.” Maan told, “Hmm.. Woh tho log kahenge kyunki it is the first time everyone has seen Karan conversing and dancing with a girl so freely.” Geet continued, “Aur aapko pata he Sasha bhi yahi soch rahi he. Isliye mujhe zyaada disturb nahi karthi he kyunki ab uski rashthe ka kaata nikalgayahena.” Maan asked, “In sab mein Sasha ki kya lena-dena he? Why should you be a problem for her?” Geet laughed and told, “Uffo Maan, kya aapko yeh nahi pata ki Sasha’s greatest ambition is to become Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana. Isliye woh aapki saare secretaries ko chutki mein nikaal dethi he. Usko lag rahi thi ki hamare beech mein kuch he. Isliye mere peeche padi thi.” Maan told, “Nahi Geet, Sasha is a very trusted employee of KC and our munshiji’s daughter. She won’t do something like that.” Geet smiled, “Maan, humare office mein aapke alawa bakki sab ko yeh pata he.” Maan told, “Hmm woh sab chodo. Par yeh tho acha he ki woh ab tumhe chen se jeene dethi he.” Geet smiled at his interpretation. She knew he won’t believe anything unless he himself feels so. They talked for sometime and the doctor came for check-up.