Part 22

Doctor came for check-up and told that she can get discharged by Friday. Pinky and Manchanda came after sometime and Maan left half-heartedly. He was restless the whole day and kept texting Geet to enquire about her health. Geet knew he was worried for her and sent prompt replies. Pinky asked why she is holding the phone always but she just shrugged off telling she was playing games. Geet told Maan not to come and visit her often as she didn’t want anyone else to know about their relation soon and Maan had to agree even though he wished to be near her the whole day. Both were finding it difficult as days passed by. Being away from each other was really difficult after confessing their feelings for each other. Meera and Karan returned next day and Meera was with Geet fulltime after that. Days went fast except for Maan and Geet and finally it was Friday and Geet got discharged from hospital. Maan wanted to take her out on Saturday but when he talked to Geet she refused outright and told that she can’t make any excuse to Meera and Pinky. Maan asked her to tell them but Geet was not willing to disclose them yet, even though they were her best friends. Maan lost his temper and cut the call. Geet knew he was angry but she was not ready to tell anyone as she knows Meera and Pinky won’t stay quiet if she tells them. She was sure that they will tell Arjun bhai and he will be more than happy to proceed with the relation. She knew her papa wanted Maan to marry Sameera and she never intended to hurt him. She has to do something before that. It is time for someone to realize true love. She needs to take a step. She was brought back from her thoughts when someone tapped her shoulder.

Karan was coming to meet Geet when he heard her talking over the phone. From her talks, he was sure that it was Maan. He smiled and was about to go out when he heard Geet refusing to go out with Maan. Knowing her concerns he decided to help them. He knows how difficult it is to manage the pace between his egoistic friend and over-considerate sweetheart. He understood Maan cut the call and his sweetheart was cribbing over that. He patted her shoulder and asked, “Kya baat he sweetheart. Tum kisi pe gussa ho kya?” Geet immediately replied trying to cover her nervousness of being caught, “Nahi toh. Mein bas aisa hi kuch soch rahi thi.” Karan smiled and told, “Tik he. Tho kal mein aur meri sweetheart bahar ghoomne ja raha he. See you tomorrow.” And left without giving her a chance to speak. Geet got irritated and told to herself, “Ek tho Maan he jo har baat pe gussa ho jatha he, aur ek Karan he jo bina ijazzat ke sab kuch apne aap decide kar letha he. In dono ke beech mein chen se kaise jeeyenge. Ha babaji, aap hi boliye. Kya karu mein.” Karan who was waiting outside to know her reaction was suppressing his laughter at her self-talk. He decided to meet Maan and left for KM.

Dadima was chatting with Simran when Karan got there. Both were pleased to see him. He touched both their feets and they smiled patting him. Dadi asked, “Karan bte, aapko abhi time mila hum sab keliye?” Simran added, “Ha aaj kal aap ko dekhne keliye shayad hame appointment ki zaroorat pad sakthi he.” Karan smiled and told, “Kya dadima, hum tho party ke din hi mile the na.. Aur mein last month yaha ek pura din bitakargayatha aur aap yeh keh raha he.. mamma, aap bhi dadima ki side le rahi he.” He made a cute baby face. Dadi smiled at this and Simran hugged him. Simran was always his mamma ever since his mother left them. Initially few days after his mother’s departure, Mr. Jai Singhania had kept Karan in KM on the insistence of Anurag which helped him to get over the pain inflicted by his mother. Simran and Maan helped him a lot in composing himself and come out of the grief and he can never stop thanking them for that. After conversing sometime with them, Karan left to meet Maan to his favorite place for venting out the anger ‘ his Gym.

Maan was really disappointed and angered as he had planned a lot for Geet and she can’t spare sometime with him. He hit the punching bag taking out all the anger when he heard someone chuckle and told, “Aaj kiska gussa ispe nikal rahe ho.. Bechara koi bhi ho bhagwan uski raksha kare.” Maan turned to find Karan there with a grin in his face. He was surprised by his sudden visit but was relieved as he doesn’t have to spend the rest of the day in Geet’s thoughts. Maan asked, “So finally you got some time to spend with your buddy. Huh?” Karan knew it coming. It has been long since he met Maan personally, otherwise it will be in some deal or parties. When Karan visited KM last time, he was in HP to get the land. Karan laughed and told, “How is it my fault that when I come to visit, you are not at home?” Maan too smiled and told, “Hmm.. aaj kaise aana pada? Mujhe lagtha he zaroor is visit ke peeche koyi vajha he.” Karan shook his head and told, “Tho ab tumhe yeh lagtha he ki hamare har mulakat ke peeche kuch vaje he. Hmm.. Dost ho tho aise.” Maan told, “Karan, no offense. Ab batao kya baat he. Aaj mein bikul mazak ke mood mein nahi he.” Karan smirked, “Mera yaha aane ka maksat bhi tumhara mood tik karne keliye he.” “Kya matlab?” Maan asked seeing his signature smirk.

Karan told, “Oh common buddy. How long you are going to hide it from me?” Maan was confused and thought, “Kya woh Geet ke bare mein baat kar raha he? Nahi.. Woh kuch aur soch raha hoga.” And told, “Kya baat he Karan, saaf saaf batao.” Karan laughed at his impatience and told, “Yehi ki I already knew that the great Maan Singh Khurana is in love.” Maan looked at him in disbelief. He continued, “Don’t tell me that it is a lie. Ha.. I didn’t want to embarrass you both in hospital, so left it then. But now there is no way out, Mr Khurana.” Maan actually blushed for being caught like that but maintained his composure soon and told, “Karan aisi baat nahi he.” Karan cut in between, “Fir kaisi baat he. Are you going to tell that you are not serious about it? Agar aisa hi socha he tho mujse bura koi nahi hoga.” Maan immediately told, “Karan, how can you tell like that? I love her. I can’t see her in pain. And I’m sure that Geet is the girl I want to spend my whole life with.” Karan was reading the expressions in his face. He could see the love and affection in his face every time he mentioned about her. Even though he never required any assurance, as he knew Maan very well, seeing the immense love in his eyes proved him right. His sweetheart got her soul mate. They are perfect. Karan shook Maan who was lost in Geet’s thoughts and told, “Maan, mein bus mazak kar raha tha. I trust you both and I’m sure you will keep her happy” and hugged him.

Karan pulled out from the hug and told, “Ok.. Now first things first. Date keliye kya plan banaya he?” Maan’s face fell again, “Kya batao yaar, woh tho mere saath bahar jaane ko bhi raazi nahi he. Date tho bahut door ki baat he.” Karan smiled and told, “Are, Maan Singh Khurana itni jaldi haar maangaya. Yeh kaise ho saktha he.” “Tumhe mazak sooch raha he?” asked an annoyed Maan. Karan laughed and told, “Common buddy. Mein hoon na. Tum apni first date ki preparations suru karo. Geet ko lane ka kaam bus mujpe chodo.” Maan’s face lightened up and he hugged Karan, “Thanks buddy.” Karan told, “Anything for my sweetheart.” Maan rolled his eyes. Maan gave him a gift packet and asked him to make sure that Geet wore it. Karan continued his teasing sessions through out and finally left to give the packet to Geet. He just left it with Meera and told it is a gift for Geet and to tell her to wear it the next day. If he met Geet, he was sure that she will have a lot of questions for which he may fumble. So he played safe.

Geet was all confused after receiving the gift. It was a red saree with matching jewellery set. Geet wondered where he is going to take her. She was already feeling bad for ignoring Maan’s request and now she is going out with Karan. She tried calling Maan many times but he was not responding. She was getting tensed; this time he will definitely feel bad. Meera barged in meanwhile and disturbed Geet’s thoughts. Meera told, “Oye Geet, Pinky aur uncle aaj kisi risthedaar ki shaadi keliye jar aha he. Ghar mein do din keliye sirf hum log rahenge. Aur kal mein Karan bhai ke ghar ja rahi hoon.. Bhai ne bola tumhara uske saath outing ka plan he. Tho mein waha jaake uncle se milke aayegi.” Now she was feeling more guilty. It was very easy for her to go out with him and now she is stuck with Karan. She tried calling him again. And finally he picked up the call.

Maan smiled seeing her call. He already knew from Karan about Pinky and Meera’s schedule. So now what she wants to tell? He picked the call and asked coldly, “Kya baat he Geet? Why are you calling me continuously? If you don’t want to come then it is fine. I will not ask you out from now on.” Geet was feeling guiltier now. She told, “Maan, mein kal..” Maan didn’t allow her to finish, “Look Geet, We discussed this once. Now leave it. I have a meeting with a client tomorrow which I had postponed earlier for you. I need to work. So please don’t disturb me. Goodnight” and he cut the call. Geet who was already feeling guilty burst into tears, “Woh mereliye meeting bhi postpone kiya tha. Aur meine unke saath jaane se mana kardiya. Ab mein usse kaise manao. Woh tho abhi se gussa he tho agar Karan ke saath bahar jaathe hue dekha tho jwalamukhi fatjayega. Ab mein kya karu. Tum bhi na, bahut jhalli he Geet. Kya zaroorat thi mana karne ka. Pehli baar unhone kuch poocha aur tumne mana kardiya.” Maan was really guilty about talking to her like that. He knew she might have felt bad, but he couldn’t help as tomorrow is going to be a wonderful day, a surprise for her. Something that he had been longing to do since the day he met her. He smiled and went to sleep. Geet also went to sleep with a heavy heart.

Next day went pretty fast for both, as Maan was busy making arrangements for the date and Meera pulled Geet with her to shop something for Karan’s father, her uncle. Meera left for Karan’s house and Geet was to go to Karan’s house after her dinner as Karan insisted them not to stay alone. Geet was getting ready half heartedly after she received Karan’s call. She looked like a fairy, beautiful and elegant in the red saree. Karan came and was stunned seeing his sweetheart when she opened the door. He turned and was about to go back. Geet was confused and called him, “Karan, where are you going?” Karan turned with a fake surprise smile in his face, “Oh, tum ho sweetheart. Meine socha ki mein galathi se kisi pari ke ghar mein aaya he.” Geet whacked in his arm and told, “Karan, bas karo. Aap bhai, behen dono eik jaise he. Hamesha mere taang kheenchitha he. Ab chale.” Karan smiled and told, “Chalo sweetheart. Ab tum itna sundar jo lag rahi hoon tho ek surprise bhi dena mera farz he” and he blindfolded her eyes with a black lacy material. “Karan, kya kar rahe ho? Mujhe kuch dik nahi rahi he. Kya surprise.” Geet told while trying to pull on the blindfold. Karan caught her hand and told, “Aha, khulne ke baare mein sochna bhi mat. Aur surprise tho mein kaise batao. Now do you trust me?” The reply was sudden, “Khud se bhi zyaada.” Karan smiled and told, “Tik he tho chup chap mere saath baiti raho.” He carefully seated her in the car and started driving. He saw Geet pouting in between. He thought, “Sweetheart, thodi der aur intezaar karo. Uske baad tho tumhe sirf khusiyan hi khusiyan hogi.”