Part 23

Arjun pulled the car to the drive way of Khurana’s farmhouse and carefully got her down. He led her to the hallway and told from her back, “Ab tum usse khol sakthi hoon sweetheart..” Geet slowly opened the blindfold. She was shocked seeing the hall decorated with heart shaped red and white balloons having “I Love You” written in them. Red and white flowers added the beauty of the decorations. A heart shaped cake was placed on the middle of the hall with “I Love You Geet” written on it. Geet was shocked to see the arrangements and asked, “Yeh kya mazak he Karan” and turned. She was surprised to see Maan standing there with a big grin in his face. A smile crept her face but was soon replaced by a frown when she realized that it was their plan. She told, “Tho yeh aap dono ka plan tha. Mujhe tang karne ka.” Karan came in and told, “If I didn’t help then my two logger head friends won’t ever go for a date.” Geet blushed and Maan smiled at his comment. Karan continued, “So, now I will leave you two. Mein kabab mein haddi banna nahi chahtha.. Jab tumhara date khatam hoga tab mujhe call karna..” Maan nodded and Geet hugged him and told, “Karan, Thank you..” Karan smiled and told, “Anything for my sweetheart..” Maan smiled seeing them. Karan left and they both were left on their own.

Geet was too shy to look at Maan. Maan understood that and went near her. He hugged her from her back and asked, “Kyun Geet, abhi se sharma rahi ho? Tho aage aage kya hoga.” Geet blushed but remembering the previous day she told, “Aap na, mujse baat hi mat karo. Aapko pata bhi he mein kitna tensed thi. Ek tho Karan ne bina kuch pooche dinner fix kiya aur aap mujse baat tak karne ko tayyar nahi the. Mujhe kitni guilty feel ho rahi thi.” Maan smiled seeing her pout and making a baby face. Geet turned to face him and asked, “Aapko mazak  sooj raha he. Chalo mein chalthi hoon” and started to move away. Maan pulled her back, cupped her face and told, “Ab kaise, kab, woh sab baatein choddo. Ultimately ab hum dono saath he, apne date pe. Ab koyi shikayat ki goonjayish mat rakho. Mujhe tumhe jee bhar ke dekhne do.” Geet blushed and smiled. Maan continued, “Geet, tumhe pata he, tum sharmate hue bahut achi lagthi ho. Ha ek baat batana tho bhool gaya. Aaj tum tho bilkul aasman se utara hua pari lag rahi ho, sirf meri pari.” Geet blushed more if it could have been possible. She could feel the possessiveness in his voice. Maan moved forward and placed a light kiss on her forehead. He ushered her towards the table where the cake was placed.

A soft music started playing in the background. Maan smiled and told, “Geet, aaj se humare zindagi ek naya mod le rahe he. Tho kyuna hum cake katkar shuru kare.” Geet was confused listening to him, but just followed what he told. They both cut the cake together and fed each other. Geet was searching for a napkin to wipe her hands and asked him, “Maan, napkin kaha rakha he.” He grinned and asked, “Napkin ki kya zaroorat he Geet.” Geet pouted and told, “Yeh lo. Haath saaf karne ko napkin chahiye na. Aap bhi na, kya kya poochthe ho. Jaldi batao napkin kaha he. ” He came near her and held her hand, “Kisne bola, haath saaf karne ko napkin chahiye?” and started licking off the cake from her hands. Geet was shocked and couldn’t comprehend the feelings he was creating in her. She tried to pull her hand but he held it firm. Maan sucked each of her fingers pulling it to his mouth. Geet was getting week in her knees. She had her eyes closed savoring the feeling his lips was creating. He stopped to look at her closed eyes and told, “Geet, aankhen kholo. Haath saaf hogaya. Ab yeh lo” and placed a napkin in her hand. He went near her and told, “Waise, mujhe nahi pata tha ki cake itna tasty hoga” and winked at her. Geet turned into a darkest shade of red. She couldn’t look at his eyes. She slowly took the napkin and wiped her hand. It was really difficult for Maan to control himself after having her near and that too looking beautiful in the saree. Her shyness was making him lose his control. But he need to tell her how much he loves her and assure her that he will never leave her for anything. After the hardships she suffered in her life, it won’t be easy for her to trust someone but she trusted him. He promised himself to never break her trust.

He pulled Geet closer and asked, “Geet, tumne ab tak ye nahi poocha ki hum kaha hain.” Geet looked around and asked, “Yeh aapke farmhouse hena. Meine Annie di ke album mein dekha tha.” He told, “Tumhe tho sab kuch pata he par meine socha tereliye surprise honge.” She was about to tell something but stopped immediately and blushed. He examined her closely and continued, “Ek baath poochu? Tum humesha extremes mein kyun behave karthi ho. Agar baat karthi he tho bak bak karke dimaag kharab karthi he. Nahi tho ek sabd bhi nahi bolthi he.” Geet looked back angrily and told, “Mein bak bak karthi hoon? Mein aapke dimaag kharab karthi hoon? Aisa he tho mujhe yaha aane ko kyun kaha. Mein ja rahi hoon.” Maan pulled her back with a grin and told, “Geet, tum humesha poori baat kyun nahi sunthi. Mein tho sirf yeh keh raha tha ki tum chup chap bilkul achi nahi lagthi. Dimaag kharab hoga tho bhi tik he. Lekin tumhare bak bak ke bina bilkul soona lag raha he. Aur aaj ka din ladne ka nahi he.” Geet looked into his eyes, she saw immense love & care and she knew it was for her. She felt elated as all these were new to her; love was something she experienced very rarely. Seeing so much of love in his eyes, a small tear escaped from her eyes. Maan wiped it at once. “Geet, mein tumhari aankhon mein aasoo nahi dekh saktha. Jitna dard tumne aaj tak seh liya woh koi aur seh nahi payenge. Aaj ke baad mein tumhe rote hue nahi dekhna chahtha hoon. Tumhari ek hassi mere har dard ki dawa he. Mujhe garv he yeh kehthe hue ki mein tumse pyar kartha hoon. You are really an angel, who always cares for others’ happiness over your own, who always sees good in others inspite of the hardships you suffered, who knows only to spread love unconditionally, who has a heart of gold. I couldn’t have asked anything better to God.” Geet was teary listening to his confession. He was about to protest seeing tears when Geet placed her finger in his lips to stop him from talking and told, “Nahi Maan.. Yeh khushi ki aasoo he. Aaj tak kisine bhi mujhe itna special nahi feel karvaya he, itna pyaar, itna samman nahi diya. Mujhe yakeen nahi horahi he ki yeh sab such he.” Maan cupped her face and kissed her forehead and eyes. “Yeh sab sach he Geet jaise tumhare liye mera pyaar. Aur aaj ke baad tum aisa kabhi nahi bolegi ki tum akeli ho. Mein humesha tumhare saath ho.

He held her hand and led her to the room next to it. The room was filled with portraits of her. And in the middle of the room was a huge portrait of her taken during the party wearing the white saree with I love you Geet written in the bottom. She was awed at the preparations he has done for her. A soft music started in the background and Maan brought her near the huge portrait. He bend on his knees holding her hand. Geet looked at him questioningly when he told, “Geet, aaj mein tumhe ek kahani batatha hoon.” Geet smiled and he continued, “Ek ladka tha, jo zindagi ko apne hissab se jeeta tha, jiske paas sab kuch tha.. Ek bada parivaar jinme sirf khusiyan chaye he, ek acha business jo wo sambhalthe the, ache dost jo humesha saath dethe the.. Phir bhi uski zindagi bahut soona tha, jaise kahi koyi kami reh gaya.  Lekin kya kami thi woh kabhi samaj hi nahi paya. Tab woh ek ladki se mili, jiske ek nazar ne unki poori zindagi badal di. Uska chehra chaand jaise sundar thi, uski aankhen itni gehri thi jisme woh apne aap ko dekh pa raha tha. Uss din woh unhe aise pakad rahi thi jaise uski zindagi unmein bassi he. Uski nazar unki nazaron se hat nahi raha tha. Us ek mulakat mein usne woh ladke ke dil mein ek aisi jagah bana diya jo koi bhi us din tak bana nahi paya.

Geet was looking mesmerized at Maan. Maan was intently staring at her eyes to capture every reaction in her face. Geet looked back lovingly. He continued, “Uski baatein aur harkatein bilkul bachon jaisi thi. Dheere dheere dono woh ehsaas jaanne laga.. Pyaar.. Par shayad accept nahi kar parahe the. Jab usse kisi aur ke saath dekha tho dil mein itna dard hua ki woh us dard mein unhe itna dard diya par unhone wo sab kuch chup chap sehti rahi.  Par us ladke ko kaise pata tha ki woh masoom apne dil mein itna dard chupa rahi thi jisse koi aur kabhi seh nahi payega. Jab sachayi pata chala tho unhe laga ki woh bhi wahi kiya jo unke apnon ne uske saath kiya, unhe dard dekar. Unhe pata nahi tha ki woh maafi ke layak he ya nahi par woh apna pyaar ko kho bhi nahi saktha tha. Unhe sirf ek mauka chahiye tha, sirf ek mauka jiske zariye woh usse zindagi bhar ki khusiyan de sake, jisse uske dil mein chupe hue har dard ko mita sake. Kya woh ladka us mauka ke laayak nahi he Geet?” Geet couldn’t control her tears listening to his world. She dropped down to the floor and cried hugging him tight. She told between the sobs, “Maan, mujhe aapse kabhi koi shikayat nahi thi. Mujhe pata he aapne jobhi kiya woh sab gusse mein aakar kiya. Mujhe yeh bhi pata he ki aap mujhe kitna pyaar karthe ho. Mein kabhi aapke pyaar ko khona nahi chahthi. Mein kaise apni zindagi ke sabse badi khushi se, aapki pyaar se mooh mod sakthi hoon?” Maan pulled out of the hug and cupped her face in his hands. He wiped the tears and told, “Geet, mein bahut khush nazeeb ho ki mujhe tum mila. Aur aaj ke baad mein in aankhon mein aaso nahi dekhna chahtha. Ab tumhari zindagi sirf tumhari nahi mera bhi he. Aur mein har khushi mein har gham mein humesha tumhare saath doonga. I love you Geet.” Geet smiled and told, “I love you too Maan.” He took her lips into his without wasting a moment. They kissed for what seemed like ages while holding each other in a tight embrace.

They let go when both of them were out of breathe. Maan held her closer and Geet kept her head on his chest feeling his heartbeats. Both didn’t want to think of anything else and wanted time to be still within each other’s embrace. Their peace was disturbed by the constant ringing of Maan’s phone. Maan took the phone not allowing Geet to move away from his embrace. It was dadima and he groaned in frustration as he knew she won’t leave him without getting where he is now. He took the phone and told, “Dadima, I’m little busy, will call you later. I will be late today, don’t wait for me.” Dadima cut the call telling ok. After putting down the phone dadima was grinning ear to ear. She knew her grandson is on date as she doubted. When he asked keys of farmhouse she knew he has some plan and it was clear from his face that it has something to do with Geet. When he asked Meera about Geet, she told that he is out with Karan. And she had seen Karan with one of his business partners while returning after her kitty party. Karan’s visit the early day made her everything clear. She was glad for her grandson and Geet. She knew he is the best for him. She smiled and went to have a peaceful sleep.

After cutting the call, Maan checked the time and noticed that it is almost 10.  He has only an hour left. He pulled Geet out of the hug placing both his hands on her shoulders and told, “Geet, tumhe bhook nahi lagi? Aao hum dinner karthe hain.” She nodded and he took her to the next room. It had a round table with two chairs arranged towards the center of the room. Candles and red roses were arranged in the middle of the table. The room was decorated by red and white flowers and balloons like the living room. He pulled chair for her and get her seated. Once both were seated Maan called for someone and a maid came carrying plates with her favorite food. She got teary seeing his care but wiped as she saw the frown in his face. He served her and served himself a little of everything. She saw this and asked, “Maan, aapko yeh khana pasand nahi hena? Aap kyun yeh kha raha he? Rukho mein usse aapkeliye kuch Italian banane ko kahenge.” She was about to get up when Maan told, “Geet, I prefer Italian but that doesn’t mean that I can’t taste the favorite food of my love.” Geet blushed at his mention of my love and was about to tell something when Maan pulled her to his lap. She was startled by the sudden pull. Maan hugged her from her waist and asked, “Hume do plates kyun chahiye? Ek hi plate se khate hena. Tum mujhe khilao.” Geet was blushing furiously and couldn’t move a bit as his hold was strong. His hands moved around her bare waist tickling her senses. She closed her eyes with the sensation it was creating. Maan noticed her closed eyes and told, “Geet, kya tum aise baiti raho ya mujhe khana kilao?” Geet opened her eyes and was embarrassed. She slowly took his plate and started to feed him. He held her hand after the first bite and moved it to her mouth. She had it and they fed each other like that. Maan got naughty moving his hands from her waist to her bare back while Geet fed him. Geet was feeling ticklish and tried to get up many a times but couldn’t free herself from his hold.

When the dinner was finished she asked Maan to leave her so that she could wash her hands. Maan loosened his grip on her waist and she got up. She came after washing her hands and noticed that he was not there. She went to the living room and saw him relaxing on the couch with his eyes closed. She went and sat next to him. He opened his eyes and pulled her into a hug. She willingly went into his arms. They stayed like that for a while. He told, “Geet, next few weeks will be busy as we have a couple of projects in line. We won’t get much time together. We can’t always meet in pretense of Karan. If I ask you to work on Saturdays so that we can get some time alone then will you be fine. I mean, you will also want some time with Pinky and Meera. So I don’t want to force you.” Geet moved her head from his chest and looked at him. She cupped his face and told, “Maan, mujhe koi aitraaz nahi he. Meera aur Pinky ke saath mujhe puri Sunday bakki he. Aur har roz hum saath bhi he.” Maan looked at the angel in his arms. Karan was right. She will do anything for someone she loves. He wound an arm round her neck supporting her and the other on her waist and kissed her. He could never get enough of her. Geet who was not expecting the kiss was stunned for a second then melted into his touch and started responding back. They break the kiss in between to stabilize the breathing but continued kissing.

When finally they parted from the kiss, Geet hugged him tight not wanting him to see her blushing. Maan understood that and smiled. She told, “Maan, mujhe abhi chalna chahiye. Nahi tho Uncle aur Meera pareshan ho jayenge.” Maan told, “Hmm.. But I don’t want to leave you. I want you in my arms forever.” Geet smiled and told, “Mein sirf aapki hoon. Lekin aur bhi log he jo hum dono ka intezaar kar rahe ho. Unkeliye hume jaana padega.” Maan smiled and stood up still holding her in his embrace. She moved back to look at him. He held her shoulders and told, “Geet, before you go I want to ask you something” and knelt down. He took a velvet box from his pocket and opened it. There was a solitaire diamond ring in white gold in it. He held it towards her holding her right hand with his left and asked, “Geet Handa, I, Maan Singh Khurana is undeniably in love with you and wants to share the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” Geet was stunned by his proposal. She didn’t expect it so early. She told holding his hand, “Maan, I love you too. But is it not too early to get married?” Maan looked at her questioningly, “Geet, if you are thinking of your studies then don’t worry.” Geet told, “No Maan, it is not about my studies. Par itne jaldi.” Maan asked looking disappointed, “Geet, are you going to marry someone else?” Geet immediately closed his mouth with her hand and told, “Maan, mein aapke alawa kisi aur ke baare mein soch bhi nahi sakthi.” Maan told, “Then tell me, will you marry me or not.” Geet sighed and told, “I will marry you and only you.” Maan put the ring in her finger and stood up. He pulled her closer and kissed her senseless. After a while he pulled back from the kiss and told, “Geet, mein itna bhi dusht danav nahi hoon ki mein tumhare padayi ko chodke aise decision lenenge. I also didn’t think of getting married now. We will get married once you finish your course inLondon. Par tab tak mujhe yeh assurance chahiye kit um sirf meri ho. Not that I doubt you but I don’t want anyone else to approach you. You know I am really possessive when it comes to you.” Geet smiled and rose on her toes to kiss him on his nose. She told, “Maan, I’m yours no matter wherever I go, whoever I meet. I love you and will do till my last breathe.” Maan smiled and kissed her again. After a while he called Karan and informed to come. Karan came and took Geet with him and Maan drove back to KM.