Part 8

After Piya left, no amount of work-out could calm Maan. Finally when he was exhausted he slumped down in the floor. What he was doing? Why is he angry? Is he angry at the fact that Annie loves Neil? Or is he angry that Neil is not Geet’s boyfriend? He knew how Neil is and how specific he was about his relationships. He also knew that if he loves Annie then that will be a strict commitment unlike any normal relation. Then what is making him disagree for the relation? Is it the fear of facing her, the fear of facing the facts? The realization that Geet was never in a relation with anyone after him; the fact that she never cared for all the insults others hurled her way? But why should it affect him when she has nothing to do with his life more than being a girl friend. Girl friend?? Who is he kidding? With whom did he cross his limits than her? Has he ever got comfortable with anyone’s touch than hers? He was even repulsive to Piya’s touch. Why? A question that he could never get an answer, a question that haunted every day when he was close to Piya, the love of his life, his life partner. He hated Geet all those days for having such an effect in him, that he couldn’t give his love to Piya fully. He needs to forget her otherwise he can’t be loyal to his wife, he won’t let her affect him anymore. He will face whatever is the fact as he was never committed to anyone except Piya. And he won’t go against his sister’s wishes. Making decisions, he returned back to their room and found that Piya has already slept. He freshened up and slowly slipped next to her without disturbing her sleep.

Next morning, in the breakfast table, Jai was discussing about the call he got from Mr.Oberoi, Neil’s father. They had talked and both had decided to meet up at KM that evening. Maan was silently listening to their conversation also noticing that Annie is not at all caring to talk to him. He had noticed her cold behavior ever since she came back from London. Jai asked Maan whether he will be available when the Oberoi’s visit them. Maan told, “Dad, I have a conference at 5 with the foreign delegates. If it is getting over soon, I will come on time.” Annie told before Jai could reply, “There is no need to leave anything and come for something that goes against your wish.” Maan was shocked by her reply when Jai asked, “Annie, is this the way you talk to your brother?” Others except Piya supported Jai.

Annie just told sorry to Jai and left the table finishing off her breakfast. All were concerned with Annie’s odd behavior towards Maan, even Piya couldn’t understand what has gone wrong. Maan left for office soon without having breakfast as he couldn’t have anything after Annie’s talk. The whole day he couldn’t concentrate on anything as her words kept on ringing in his ears. He couldn’t believe that his little sister whom he cared the most could do something like that. Maan came on time in the evening and just remained silent throughout the talks they had with Oberoi’s, agreeing to whatever Jai told. Neil noticed it and was sure that it has something to do with Annie. After they left he straight away went to their room without taking dinner. When Piya came he told that he is tired and slept. All others except Annie were worried seeing this but Annie didn’t care to even talk to him once. Piya was getting concerned as she knew that Maan was skipping his breakfast and dinner except for lunch which she made sure that he ate taking help from Aadi, his finance manager. After the discussion in Gym, their talks were little strained. When she asked once about Annie, he asked, “You got what you wanted. I agreed to her marriage. Then why should you bother about it?” Piya didn’t ask further as she knew that he doesn’t like interfering between Annie and him.

In Oberoi farmhouse the preparations for Geet’s birthday as well as the celebration for Annie and Neil were in progress. Geet was against celebrating her birthday but as Mohinder, Lucky and Nandini also joined Neil and Mr. Suhas Oberoi, she didn’t have anything to say. Nandini had talked to Mohinder regarding Annie and Neil as Dev told her. Mohinder was ashamed that he misunderstood Geet and came to meet her. She couldn’t accept an apology from her father as she herself had done something against the morals he inflicted on her. She took him to Rehan and told everything that happened except that the person was Maan and they dated for three years. Mohinder was devastated hearing the truth. He was concerned about the well being of Geet and Rehan. He couldn’t find any fault at Geet as he knew she never had a support from anyone when she required it the most and he was somewhat responsible for whatever happened to her. Suhas and Neil took Mohinder to have a private discussion after the re-union of the father-daughter duo. After the talks Mohinder was little relieved. Nandini and Lucky were happy to meet Geet and she had requested to keep the information about Rehan within themselves until the party.

And finally, the d-day came. Khuranas along with Maan came to the party even though he was aloof from everything else. As Handas were present along with them, they knew that Geet was back with her family. Geet was looking pretty in her gorgeous white gown holding a two year old boy who had exactly the same eyes as Maan which didn’t go unnoticed by Piya. Rehan jumped to Annie seeing her and was with her for a long time. Khuranas were surprised to see the boy that too so close to Annie but couldn’t get time to ask as Simran, Neil, Nandini and Mohinder kept them busy with the talks. Annie was in a wine red dress and Neil in a shirt of similar color. Maan was noticing Geet ever since he came to the party. She seemed genuinely happy and there was a glow in her face unlike the times he met her before. He thought that it may be because of the family re-union. She talked with everyone fondly except him. He managed to greet her but she simply smiled and left thanking him. He noticed the boy in her hand and felt an instant connection with him but when Annie took him; he thought that he may be the son of any of Neil’s relatives and most of the time he was with Suhas, Neil or Simran.

When it was time for cutting the cake, everyone gathered around the beautiful cake placed at the center of the hall. Geet was constantly looking towards the entrance of the hall. Others wondered while the Oberoi’s understood whom she was looking for. Just then the music from a guitar played at the entrance and a handsome young man in his late 20s entered the hall. Geet’s face was bright with happiness and she started walking towards him. When she reached near him, he took her right hand and placed a kiss on it and told, “Happy Birthday Miss.Grumpy..” Geet laughed and hugged him telling, “I missed you Mr.Annoying.” Mohinder and Oberoi’s were happy seeing them. Others were surprised. But two people had shock written all over their face.. Maan and…….. Piya…..