Maan slowly opened his eyes rubbing it with the constant ringing of the alarm and wondered why Geet has not yet waken up. He looked down to see his beautiful wife sleeping peacefully on his chest. It has become a ritual to wake up daily like this in the past thirty five years. Otherwise he won’t let anyone in peace, as their grandson Dhruv says “dadu is mad for not having dadi near him, see papa how much he loves dadi. You always fight with mom. This is not fair.” Gautam, their son, always tries to shut his son’s mouth and ends up getting scolding and a long lecture from Geet on how to take care of his wife. He always wondered whether she is the same Geet who took every hurt and pain that he inflicted in her without any complaint, still does. She always made sure that their son, who had the same temper and arrogance like him, never hurts their daughter-in-law, Suhaana. Whenever he asked about that she told, “Not everyone will be able to survive with it.” She was right. No one can be like her. She is an angel, a gift from God to him. She is unique and will always remain. Megha, their daughter was almost like Geet, sweet and caring. She understands every need of others without mentioning it. Her husband, Raj was fortunately a very caring person unlike him and Gautam. He still remember how horrible was he and Gautam to Raj initially when Megha told that she loves him. Their hours of interrogation and Raj’s patience finally bear fruit and they are now happily married with two naughty little kids, Shreya and Samar. Their family was complete and they were now proud grandparents.

He looked at Geet who was slowly opening her eyes. She smiled seeing him and wished Good Morning snuggling more into him. He asked, “Geet, tumne alarm 5.30 ko kyun rakka?” She smiled and told, “Takki aap kisi se gussa na ho aur mera kaam bhi tik se ho.” He knotted his eyebrows while she continued, “Agar mein aap se pehle utgayi tho aap sab ke upar chillayenge. Agar mujhe late hogaya tho Dhruv ka khana kaun banayega. Isliye alarm 5.30 ko set kiya takki dono kaam tik se hojaye.” He examined her for some time and pulled her to one long passionate kiss which left her breathless. She told, “Maan, kuch tho sharam karo. Now you are the grandpa of three children, still..” Maan closed her mouth and told, “Geet, tumne yeh bahut baar keh chuki hoon, jab humare bacche bade hogaye the, jab unki shaadi hui thi, aur jab unka baccha hogaya tha.. Par tumhe pata he ki chahe jitna bhi saal kyun na beet jaye mera tumhare liye jo pyaar he woh badtha hi jayega. I love you Geet.” She smiled hugging him close and told, “I love you Maan..” After a while Geet got up to freshen up while Maan went to Gym. Unlike old times, he had Gautam and Dhruv to accompany him in his tai-chi sessions.

Geet went down and found Suhaana looking lost near the kitchen table. She was sure that Gautam and she had some fight yesterday. She tapped her shoulder and Suhaana immediately composed herself before turning back. Geet asked, “Kya baat he Suhaana?” Suhanna smiled and told, “Kuch bhi tho nahi ma.” Geet knew she was hiding something and told, “Beta, tumhe pata hena tumhare chehre se mujhe saaf saaf pata chaltha he ki kuch tho baat he.” Suhaana knew that there is no use of lying to her and immediately hugged her crying. She told between the sobs, “Ma, mein unhe surprise dena chahthi thi aur woh business ke kuch tensions ko leke mere upar chillaya. Mere surprise bhi kharab ki aur phir subah bina baat kiye Gym chala gaya.” Geet smiled knowing that their son is as stubborn as Maan and sometimes acts without thinking. She remembered how she planned to surprise him with the news of the baby and how it turned out to be. Geet pulled back from the hug and wiped her tears.

She told, “Beta, I kind of know what your surprise will be. But don’t be disappointed. I know how stubborn the father-son duo is. Tumhe pata he, jab mujhe pata chala ki mein pregnant hoon mein bahut khush thi. Aur meine socha ki unke birthday ke din unko surprise doon. Poore ek hafte mein baby room sajane mein aur unke surprise plan karne mein lagi hui thi. Aur birthday ke din unhe humare ateet ke kuch incident ke baare mein pata chala jo mein usse nahi batana chahthi thi aur woh uss baat ko leke pareshan hogaya tha. Phir mujhe do mahine wait karna pada unko good news dene tak woh bhi unhe accidently pata chala kyunki mein behosh hogayi thi.” Suhaana smiled whole heartedly listening to her mom-in-law. Geet continued, “Mujhe nahi lagtha he ki mera beta utna khadoos he. Unka gussa jaldi tanda ho jayega.” Both laughed when until Maan who was standing near the door with Dhruv asked, “Geet, yeh khadoos kaun he?” Geet looked at him shocked and asked, “Aap kab aaye? Aur Gautam kaha he?” He smirked and told, “Jab tum mujhe khadoos bula rahi thi tabse mein yaha hoon. Aur Gautam room mein chala gaya. Suhaana beta, tumhe bula raha tha.” Suhaana muffled laughter and went to their room taking Dhruv from him. Geet turned and started doing something or the other to avoid the nervousness. Maan smiled seeing that. No matter how strong she is before others but before him she is always the old innocent Geet. Maan went near her who had her back towards him, almost touching her back with his hard chest. He whispered on her ear, “Geet, give my black coffee..” She immediately gave his black coffee she just prepared, without looking back. He took it in his hand and told, “Aaj hum office nahi jaa rahe hain.. Take our breakfast to our room after they left.” Geet looked at him surprised. He winked and left after placing a small peck on her lips.

Even though Gautam took over the work, he refused to take up the post of MD or CEO of Khurana Constructions from his dad and mom. So they remained in the post just attending the meetings giving suggestions to Gautam. Meera and Dev had left for Canada after dadima passed away. Khurana Industries head office was also shifted to Canada. They were settled now with their aging life with their two sons and daughter-in-laws along with the two naughty little ones. Annie was married to Arjun after the first birthday of Geet and Maan’s twins, with Arjun Rathod and is settled in Mumbai with their children and grand children, so was Prem and Ayan settled in Delhi. They used to pay visits to Khurana Mansion occasionally. Geet smiled thinking of them. How fast time flies? She felt it was just yesterday that she had her twins, Gautam and Megha in her hand. Everything has changed except them and their love.. It has always been the same and will always remain. She smiled and asked Maria, their new cook, to serve the breakfast for Gautam and Suhaana while she took Dhruv’s plate and left to feed him. He never allows anyone other than her to feed him. After having breakfast, Gautam and Suhaana left along with Dhruv. Before leaving, Dhruv turned to her and told, “dadi, enjoy your day with dadu.. Koi disturbance nahi hoga..” Geet was left mouth open hearing him. He ran out before Geet could scold him followed by a grinning Gautam and Suhaana. Geet was all red and embarrassed.

She went to kitchen and took their breakfast before giving a day off to the Maria and others. Maria told she will clean up the dishes and leave. Geet went to their room and noticed that he was in study. She went inside with the tray and noticed him waiting for her with his hands folded behind his head. His biceps were clearly visible and she couldn’t stop blushing at the sight even now. Maan smirked seeing it while she set the tray in the table. He pulled her to his lap and asked, “Hmm.. tho mein khadoos hoon. Pehle khana khalo uske baad mein tumhe dikha detha hoon ki mein kitna khadoos hoon.” Geet blushed like a new bride while taking the spoon full of pasta to his mouth. They finished the breakfast together with occasional kisses from Maan. She went and gave the tray to Maria after that. While she was back Maan was resting in their bed. She was tensed as to what is in his mind. Even after all these years she still gets tensed when he is near. She slowly went and sat near him. He pulled her into his arms and she hugged him tight. He told, “Geet, yakeen nahi hota he ki itne saal beet gaye. Lagtha he ki sub kuch kal hua tha.” Geet kissed on his chest and told, “Maan, woh isliye kyunki humari zindagi un sab lamhon se humesha jude ho… Un lamhon ke bina humari zindagi adhoori he… Hum har din un lamhon ko dubara jeene ki koshish kar rahe hain.” Maan smiled at her explanation and told, “Tho kyuna hum un palon ko dubara dohraye jab hum honeymoon pe gaye the.” She hit lightly on his chest and told, “Maan, aap bhi na, bahut besharam hogaye hain.” He pulled her from the hug and hovered over her. He told, “Tumse kaise sharam Geet, Aur ha mein khadoos ko bhula nahi.” With that he pulled her into a passionate kiss. Their love and passion only seems to increase every day. Soon they forgot the whole world around them, drowning into the ecstasy of the emotions.

One fine day few of Suhaana’s friends came for lunch. Gautam was at office even after being a Saturday, workaholic as Maan. Maan was playing with Dhruv, trying to lose for the sake of Dhruv in the game they were playing. Geet and Suhaana were chatting with her friends after lunch. Then one of her friends, Kavya asked Geet, “Maa, humne aap dono ke love story ke baare mein bahut kuch suna tha Suhaana se. Par hum aap ke muh se ek baar sunna chahthi hain. Please..” Geet tried to deny but seeing the pleading faces along with that of Suhaana’s, she looked at Maan. He left Dhruv to play with one of his playmates from next door and came to them. Suhaana told, “Papa please, aap hi boliye na ma ko..” Maan took a seat next to Geet and told, “Humari prem kahani, hum dono ke bina adhoora he aur mein soch raha tha ki mein Geet ko help kardu..” All were happy listening to them. Geet started off after giving one look at Maan and he joined as she proceeded. They were so into the story that they lost the track of time. When they finished their story, there was silence throughout the hall. Geet and Maan were smiling with tears in their eyes reminiscing their old memories. They were brought back from their world when they heard sobs and looked up to see Kavya sobbing. They looked at others to see that they were on almost the same state with tears of their eyes. Suhaana leapt forward and hugged Geet tight. She told, “Ma, you are great.. I promise, no one can be like you. You are really an angel.” Maan smiled seeing it while Geet hugged her tight. They looked towards the entrance hearing a movement to see Gautam who also had tears in his eyes hearing their love story. Geet slowly pulled back from the hug and told, “There is nothing great in it Suhaana beta. If it was not for him, I couldn’t have been there today. Uske bina mera koi zindagi hi nahi he. Mein unki Saaya hoon, tho mein unke bina kaise jiyengi?” Maan looked at her with love; he couldn’t thank God enough for giving her to him. She was really the gift from God.. His Saaya…