Part 2

Yash and Meera gazed at Geet, who was working in the next cabin like a maniac. They had tears seeing her like that. How far fate can change a person? She is no longer the bubbly chirpy girl who used to roam around them with her constant chatter; she is no longer that optimistic person who believed everything will be alright no matter whatever goes wrong, she is no longer the girl who used to depend on them for every single matter and she is no longer the girl who believed in destiny. How fate can be so cruel to her?

Geet looked up to see tears in her friends’ eyes. She knew it was for her and immediately kept a smile on her face even after knowing that they will read through her smile. She went to their cabin and asked, “Tum dono mujhe aise dekhte rahenge ya kuch kaam bhi karenge? Mr. Khurana will be here soon. We have to give the best presentation.” Yash told, “Geet, jab tum itna kaam kar rahi ho tho hume kaam karne ki kya zaroorat he?” and sits in the chair relaxing, “Mein tho yaha aaram se baitenge aur jab tum presentation denge tab sab kuch sunke tera help karenge.” Geet knew they want her to react like she did earlier but she can’t. She simply smiled and told, “Aaj nahi Yash, you need to look into the financial figures. You are going to present it.

Yash and Meera sighed giving each other a disappointed look. Meera told, “Aise zindagi jeene ka kya matlab he Geet? Woh tho apni zindagi mein aage bad chukka hoon. Tumhe bhi apni zindagi ke baare mein sochna chahiye.” Geet knew they won’t leave until she gave a convincing reply. She told, “Meera, meri zindagi Garv he. Mein unhi keliye ji rahi hoon. Mein sirf itna chahthi hoon ki Garv khush rahe, humesha muskuratha rahe. Mujhe usse zyaada kuch bhi nahi chahiye? Meri khushi uski khushi mein he. Ek kami tho humesha uski zindagi mein rahega. Mein woh kabhi poori nahi kar sakthi aur jo poora kar saktha he woh kabhi usko wapas milega hi nahi.” Meera knew she won’t listen to anything but it doesn’t mean that they stop trying.

She told, “Geet, agar tumhe ek aisa jeevan sathi mile jo tumhe aur Garv ko itna pyaar de jitna kabhi uske papa ne bhi nahi diya ho tho kya tum unke saath aage badne ko tayyar ho?” Geet smiled and told, “No one can love Garv more than Dev. No one can ever take his place in his life. Aur koi bhi insaan kyun mere bête ko apnaye jab is duniya hi matlabi logon ka he?” They didn’t persuade further but just prayed to bring someone to her life, who can fill her life with happiness.
They got busy with the preparations for the presentation. The conference hall was set and they were ready when the receptionist informed that Mr. Khurana has arrived. Yash went to welcome him while Geet set the necessary files with the help of her assistant. Soon Yash arrived with a handsome young man in his late twenties. He had an aura of power surrounding him. From what they have heard, he is angry and arrogant and very hard to please. He was breathtakingly handsome and had looks to kill. Every female inside the conference room except Geet was smitten by his appearance and where left mouth open. Yash guided him to his seat and told, “Mr. Khurana, this is Geet Handa, MD of HM Corporation. He forwarded his hand to Geet. He told in a voice that itself depicts the power and authority, “Maan Singh Khurana..” Geet greeted him with a smile that seldom reached her lips, “Thanks for accepting our request, Mr. Khurana. Can we proceed with the presentation?” He told, “Yes, you can.” Geet went near the projector to start the presentation.

Maan looked at her. He got the details of the whole history of HM Corporation and its director board before coming there. After all that is what Maan Singh Khurana is, perfection at peak. He will never deal with anyone without knowing their whole history whether it is be personal or professional. It has always helped him in perfectly judging the person. When he heard of Geet Handa, a divorcee and mother of a three year old staying with her parents, the first impression was of a self-centered girl who was over-pampered by her family, who failed to keep her marriage intact, who fled overseas to avoid any confrontations, who might be pining to find another match but failed miserably. He was sure that she will be like the girls who were after him for money. But seeing her, he felt may be for the first time in his life, he was wrong. Her photo, he got was one during her early days of marriage. But the person whom he came face to face today was not anywhere like what he saw. The face was almost lifeless and the smile in her face was forced. She didn’t seem to even notice him much beyond his words while others in the room were drooling over him.

Geet gave the presentation confidently as she was detemined to win this deal. She explained the company’s growth chart, its achievements and the furture plans. Yash presented the financial figures even though he was little nervous before Maan Singh Khurana. Once the presentation ended they both waited for Maan’s response. He went through the files in front of him after the presentation and told after a while, “Ms. Handa, HMC is just like any other growing start-up firm. Why do you think that I should invest here?” Even though Geet didn’t like his first comment, she told with confidence, “I hope you have noticed the future plans of HMC. I am not sure whether all the start-up companies have plans like that within a span of two years from start-up. But HMC always does what they intend to do.” Maan liked her confidence but keeping the coldness in his voice, “What if you failed to keep it?” Geet’s reply was immediate, “Then you can withdraw your funds with a public announcement that HMC failed reaching the targets.

Everyone in the conference room was taken aback by her reply including Maan. Yash and Meera knew that it will be the end of HMC if something like that happened even though they had faith on Geet. Maan thought she might have challenged him and asked, “Ms. Handa, do you understand what you are committing?” Geet smiled and told, “Yes. Mr. Khurana. Geet Handa has learned from her mistakes and never intend to do a mistake knowingly. I clearly know what I intend to do.” The words were deeper than it appeared to be. Yash and Meera knew well. Maan also felt a hidden pain in her words, but shrugged it off. He told as a final note, “Ms. Handa, this deal is on. Khurana Industries will be financing HMC for the next one year and will continue only if you meet the targets.” Geet was happy that she got a chance in her life to do something for her son on her own, to prove herself that she is not weak, to make her parents proud, to meet the expectations of her best friends and above all.. She left that thought and thanked him. She asked Yash to discuss about the proceedings of the deal and the legal documentation. She needed some time alone, so she left not before thanking Maan once more.

Maan noticed the glow in her face when he agreed to the deal. He saw a flicker of emotions in her face and it was again back to blank in a while. He wondered what it might be. He noticed that she was in a hurry to leave just after the presentation was over. Soon Yash disturbed his thoughts with the talks to proceed with the deal. Once the agreements and legal formalities were done, they were about to leave. But he felt a need to talk to her before he leave. He asked Yash, “Mr. Malhotra, I want to meet Ms. Handa.” Yash immediately offered to take him to Geet’s cabin. But he told him to discuss the rest of the matters with Adi, KI’s finance manager and asked Yash’s assistant to show him the way to Geet’s cabin.

As he never had to knock anywhere before he entered, he went inside without knocking and noticed that Geet sitting in her chair facing away from him. She held a photo frame close to her heart. He understood that she is obvious to his presence and was about to call her when he heard her say, “Pata he Dev, today I made an important step to bring our company on top. We got KI as our financier. Ab mein humare sapne ko saakar kar sakthi hoon. Jo sapna aap bahut saal se dekh raha tha, humare bacche keliye. Kash aap bhi mere saath hote, humari khusiyon mein shamil hone ko. Mujhe pata he ki aaj aapko yeh sab itna khushi nahi dega jo Nandini ke saath rehkar aapko miltha he. Lekin mereliye yeh sabse badi khushi he, kyunki ab mere zindagi mein Garv ke alawa aur kuch nahi bacha he. Mein sirf yahi chahthi hoon ki aap aur Garv humesha khush rahe.” Tears were flowing down her eyes while she held their wedding photo close.

Maan was stunned hearing her. He knew that Dev was her ex-husband. Did he read her right? Was he wrong? No he can’t be. May be she is repenting for her deeds. He went outside and knocked the door. When he came inside he notticed that Geet appeared quite composed as before except for the redness in her eyes. She asked, “Mr. Khurana, please take your seat.” Once he was seated, she continued, “You should have called me instead of taking pains to come here. Is there anything more to discuss?

Maan told, “Yes, Ms. Handa, As you are determined to achieve the targets soon, I have a project to offer you.” Geet waited for him to continue. He told, “We have a new multi-speciality hospital in Delhi getting inauguarated in four months. I want HMC to do the Management System for it.” Geet was overjoyed hearing it. It is going to be the best project they could get currently and will definitely get recognized. She told, “Mr. Khurana, thanks for the trust you show on HMC and we promise that we will live upto your expectations.” Maan told, “I aim at perfection and I want you to keep it in mind.” Geet assured him that and he asked to contact the business area manager of KI in Delhi, Sasha for further details. She said, “I will be visiting India next week. I will fix a meeting then.” He agreed and left after a small discussion about the project.

Geet broke the news to Yash and Meera and both were happy that the hardwork of their friend was getting paid. Mohinder and Rano were happy when Geet told them and they arranged a dinner at home inviting Yash and Meera. It was the first time after her divorcee that she was truly happy. All of them were happy to see a glimpse of their old Geet. Meera and Yash left after the dinner. Geet patted Garv to sleep after bidding Goodnight to Mohinder and Rano. She took the photo frame on the table and thought back to the day they got divorced.

She sat outside the court, holding their son close to her, waiting to see him once more before they separated their ways. He came and sat next to her. Their son was asleep in her lap, not knowing that he won’t get to see his parents together again. He looked into her eyes. She saw there was pain, guilt and love. Then why he took such a decision? She knew he loved her, no loves her still as much as she loved him. He was the one who used to tell the importance of having both parents with the kid. Then what prompted him to make such a decision? She knew they were exact opposites. Their likes or dislikes never matched, their aspirations and dreams never matched, their lifestyle never matched. Theirs have been an arranged marriage and there was not a single day in the past five years of their marriage that they never argued over something. But beyond all these, there was something that kept their relation intact, their love.

She couldn’t come into terms with the fact that they got divorced, the five year long relation has come to an end. She wanted to scream, to beg him not to leave her, but something prevented her from doing so. If he is not happy with them, she should let him go. When he gave the divorce papers, the only thing she asked was she don’t want their son to live a dual life, she wanted him to be with her always. She knew it will be difficult for him knowing how much he loved him but to her surprise he agreed on a condition of bringing him to meet him once in every two months. The past six months of staying together under a roof knowing about the impeding doom was the most difficult phase in her life. She wanted to ask him the reason. Like knowing her inner turmoil, he spoke breaking her thoughts, “I’m getting married next month.”

Geet looked at him shocked. How could he? She understood that she couldn’t live upto his expectations, but marriage so soon. He was not looking at her face. She could see that he was ashamed. She asked, “Why Dev? Kya mein itni buri thi ki tum itna jaldi apneliye naya jeevansathi chunliya.” He shook his head and told, “Please Geet, isme tumhara koi kasoor nahi he. Hum dono ek doosre keliye nahi bane the. Aur tumhe bahut pehle se hi pata he ki ma aur Kamya is shaadi se khush nahi the. Woh isliye kyunki woh dono kisi aur se mera shaadi karana chahthe the, jisse ab meri shaadi honewala he. Agar hum apni zndagi mein aage badenge tho bhi yeh problems kam nahi hoga. Kya tum yahi chahthi he ki humara baccha har roz apne mamma-papa ko jagdthe hue dekhe.. Usse uski zindagi mein kitna asar padega. Tumhe woh baat bahut ache se pata hena. Humara alag hona hi tik tha.”

Geet heard everything but couldn’t still understand why he took such a decision when it was only his mother and sister who didn’t like their relation, he loved her. Then why couldn’t he leave all those tensions for them when she beared every bit of humility from her mother-in-law and sister-in-law. She could notice that he was determined and didn’t ask further. She told, “Bye Dev.” She left carrying their son without sparing a glance back as she knew that she will break down if she looked back. That was the end of their relation. She couldn’t still understand even now, why he left her like that.

Somewhere in Delhi, someone was sitting holding the same photo frame with tears in his eyes when he felt a hand on his shoulders. He turned and hugged the person breaking down in her arms. She told, “Dev, please sambhalo apne aap ko.” Dev told, “Jo meine kiya woh maafi ke layak nahi he Nandu. Mein uskeliye kabhi apne aapko maaf nahi kar payega.”