Part 12

Geet felt pure loathing towards Maan as his one decision changed four lives and yet he failed to understand it. She consoled Piya and told, “Piya, life never goes as we wish. When you were never at fault why you are taking the blame over you? Dukh tho usse hona chahiye jinhone sabki zindagi ke saath khilwad kiya he, dard tho usse sehna chahiye jo sabko dard dekhar hasta raha..

Piya told cutting her in middle, “Geet, jo mere saath hua usme Maan ki koi galthi nahi he. Meine Karan ke baare mein usse kuch nahi bataya, isliye yeh sab hua.” Geet told, “Piya, agar ek baar woh tumhare rai jaanne ki koshish kiya that ho yeh sab nahi hotha. Par usse tho sirf apni khushi ki parwa he.” Whatever it may be Piya could never take anything wrong about Maan. She told, “Please Geet, Maan aisa nahi he.” Instead of Geet, Karan answered it.

Karan had come searching for Geet when he heard Piya talking to her. He was enraged knowing what she had to go through all the while. His hatred towards Maan increased exponentially. When he heard Piya justifying Maan again, he could not control his rage. He came forward and told, “Tumhari iss galthi ki wajhe se sab kuch hua he. Humesha se unka saath detha raha, Maan yeh, Maan woh.. Par mujhe pata nahi kyun tum ab tak yeh samaj nahi payi ki woh sirf apni khushi chahtha he. Kisi aur ko kuch ho ya na ho unhe koi farq nahi padtha he.” Piya and Geet were shocked to see Karan. Piya told, “Karan, please aap Maan ko utna nahi jaantha hoon jitna mein unhe jaanthi hoon. Please don’t blame him for what he doesn’t know.”

Piya did not want to confront Karan then, as she knew that he heard everything. So she left without letting them speak further. Both of them followed her as they wanted to speak to her. Piya went towards the entrance and saw Maan moving to the main gate. She went after him and saw him walking aimlessly in the road. She saw one car approaching from the opposite direction to where Maan was walking. She called him to move aside but he was lost in his thoughts. She ran after him and pushed him aside right on time but could not save herself.

Maan was startled by the push and the scene that welcomed him took his life away. He rushed towards the spot and took a bleeding Piya in his arms. Whatever he did next was in a daze, he did not know how he took Piya into his car and how he reached hospital screaming to everyone in the way. Geet and Karan who had followed Piya, witnessed everything and followed Maan’s car informing everyone. Maan was sitting numb before the operation theatre. His Piya, his best friend, his companion is fighting for life inside and he could not think of anything further. Karan wanted to strangle Maan but Geet prevented him from going near him. Maan’s condition was noticed by Geet.

The doctor came out of the operation theatre after what seemed four hours. By the time Khuranas, Handas and Oberois had arrived along with Piya’s parents. Dadima sat beside Maan knowing what he will be going through. As soon as the doctor came out Maan rushed to him and asked, “Piya tik hena doctor?” Doctor told, “Mr. Khurana, ab hum kuch bhi nahi bata sakthe. She has lost a considerable amount of blood but by God’s grace, the injuries are not that deep. The impact of the fall cannot be predicted until she regains consciousness. Mrs. Khurana will be kept under observation for the next 24 hours. If she regain consciousness before that then everything is alright, otherwise it can be dangerous.”

Maan stood there lifeless listening to him. As soon as the doctor left Annie came forward and told, “Aap abhi khush hena bhai? Sabki zindagi barbaad karke?” Maan just looked at her with a blank expression while Naina and Jai was furious about the way she reacted. Neil tried to stop her but Annie was nowhere in control. She shook Maan holding his shirt collar and asked, “Mujhe sharam aati he aapko bhai kehthe hue. Kya aapko ek zindagi barbaad karke khushi nahi mili ki aap Piya bhabhi ke zindagi se bhi khelne laga.” Maan was not understanding what she was telling but no words were above the pain he was feeling after he saw Piya in the pool of blood. Naina pulled her away from Maan and asked, “Pagal hogayi he kya? Kya kya bolthi ja rahi ho?”

Annie was furious and the Oberoi’s understood that it was difficult to stop her. She told, “Itne saal tak sabse saare sach chupatha raha. Lekin ab nahi. Aapko jaanna hena ki mein aise kyun react kar rahi hoon. Poocho isse, usne Geet di  ke saath kya kiya tha?” For the first time after the accident, there was some reaction in Maan’s eyes at the mention of Geet. He looked up but did not tell anything. Jai and Mohinder were equally perplexed. Mohinder with the realization that Maan was the one who destroyed his daughter’s life and Jai confused with the mention of Geet. He came forward and asked, “Annie, tum kya bol rahi ho? Tum apni bhai ke baare mein aise kaise bol sakthi ho?” Annie told, “Dad, jab aapko sachayi ka pata chalega tho aap mere se zyaada usse nafrat karenge.” He asked, “Sach, kaunsi sach?”

Annie looked at Geet for a while and told everything that happened three years back. Khuranas and the Handas except Mohinder were shocked listening to it. Maan was standing there with his head bowed down. Jai came forward, placed a tight slap on Maan’s face, and left outside unable to control his emotions. Next was Naina’s turn, she held Man by his collar and asked, “Mere parvarish mein kya kami thi ki mujhe tum jaisa beta mila. Hume humesha sabse zyaada umeed tumse tha aur tumne hume galat sabit kiya. Mujhe afsos he ki meine tumhe janam diya.” Mohinder came near Maan and asked, “Kya tumhe pata bhi he ki meri beti ne kya kya saha he tumhari wajhe se? Sharam aani chahiye tumhe aisi zindagi jeene mein.” Naina went near Geet and folded her hands to apologize. But Geet immediately caught her hands and told, “Aapko maafi maangne ki koyi zaroorat nahi he, jab aapki isme koi galthi nahi he.” Naina burst into tears and Annie and Geet supported her. Piya’s parents who were witnessing all these were heartbroken.

Piya’s father told, “Yeh sab meri galthi he. If I never forced Piya into this marriage, then these could have never happened.” This was a shock to everyone except Geet and Karan. Maan who was not reacting until now went to him and asked, “Papa, yeh aap kya bol rahe ho?” Karan who was silent until then told, “Sach keh raha hoon Mr. Khurana. Dost hone ka bada dawa karthe the na. Kya ek baar bhi yeh jaanne ki koshish kiya ki woh kya chahthi he?” Maan felt like someone stabbed him when Dhanraj, Piya’s father told how he forced her to marry him and Karan completed how they were in love and how she hid her pain from everyone else.

Annie was more furious listening to this. She told, “Dekha, aapke ek decision ne kitne zindagi barbad ki he. Yeh sab hone ke baad bhi aap sabse nazre kaise mila sakthe ho?” Others followed her and Maan stood there taking every hurtful words. Jai who came in between was shocked knowing how his friend persuaded his daughter for one promise made to him and how his son was responsible for her hurt. He told that he do not want him anywhere near his vicinity. Maan went towards the ICU and took a last look on Piya before leaving towards the exit. On the way, his eyes caught a pair of moistened eyes looking at him with helplessness. He blinked twice conveying his message through his eyes and went out.