Part 13

After what seemed six hours, Piya regained consciousness. Everyone was relieved when doctor told that she was out of danger. Everyone went inside to meet Piya, but her eyes were searching for Maan. She had lost her consciousness only when Maan placed her in the car. She had seen the expression in his face and knew what he has gone through after seeing her like that. From everyone’s expression and talks, she could sense something wrong, she feared whether the truth was known to all. Her doubts were confirmed when she asked about Maan. It was Annie who replied to that, “Bhabhi, itna sab kuch karne ke baad bhi aap uske baare mein kyun pooch rahe ho? Bhai ne jo aapke aur Geet ke saath kiya, woh sabko pata he.” Piya noticed the hatred in the faces when Maan’s name was mentioned. She told, “Maan ne mere saath kuch nahi kiya he. Mujhe abhi unse milna he.” Annie was about to tell something when Geet got hold of her and took her out. Piya looked at every face present inside and her eyes rested on the one person she knew she could ask. She told, “Dadima, please aap Maan ko bulao. Mujhe unse milna he.” Dadima just nodded and went out. After some time dadima returned with Maan and one look at his face was enough for Piya to know what he has gone through. She asked everyone else to leave the room. All of them left unwillingly glaring at Maan.

Once they left, Maan went near Piya and knelt down beside the bed. She was about to tell something when Maan put his finger in her lips and silenced her. He told, “Aaj ke baad kabhi aisa mat karna.” Piya’s eyes were teary knowing what he might have gone through. She told, “Maan, jo bhi hua..” Maan silenced her again and told, “Piya, tum mere patni banne se pehle hi mera sabse achi dost he. Tum hi ek he jisse mein apne dil ke baat humesha batatha tha. Did I do anything against your wish even once during our friendship? Did I do anything that made you sad even once?” Piya nodded negatively. He continued, “Phir tumne aise kaise soch liya ki mein tumhari zindagi ke sabse badi khushi he khilaf hoga? Kyun tumhe aisa laga ki mein tumhe apne zindagi mein zabardasti lane ki koshish karega? Kyun chupaya itna bada dard? Kyun nahi bataya mujhe? Kya itna hi yakeen he tumhe humare dosti par?

Piya immediately covered his mouth with her hand and told, “Nahi Maan, yeh meri galthi thi ki mein aapse kuch nahi keh paya. Mujhe apne dosti par sabse zyaada bharosa he. Par halat aisa tha ki mein kuch nahi kar payi.” Maan held her hands and told, “Piya, halat jaise bhi ho par yeh tho tumhara zindagi ka sawal tha. Jo ladki mujhe apne dil ka saara dard share karthi thi usse itni badi baath kaise chupaya. Mera ek faisla ne tumhari zindagi barbaad kardi. Mein humesha se tumhari khushi chahtha tha par meine hi tumhari zindagi se khusiyan cheen liya.” Piya told, “Nahi Maan, please aap aisa mat bolo. Humare kismat mein yahi likha tha isliye yeh sab hua. Please apne aap ko dosh dena band karo.” He noticed Piya’s BP monitor beeping and told her to take rest. When he was about to leave Piya held his hand and asked, “Geet…” He turned to face her and told, “Kuch gunahon keliye koi bhi sazaa kaafi nahi he Piya.” Piya noticed that his face has turned blank and she held his hand tight. He noticed it and told, “Mein chahtha hoon ki tumhe apni zindagi ki saare khusiyan mile. Mein tumhari khusiyon mein shaamil zaroor honge.” He patted her cheeks and left.

Two persons had listened to their whole conversation and understood the depth of the friendship they shared. Karan was not there when Maan came back to meet Piya. He was furious to know about it and was about to barge inside when Geet held him back. They stopped there when they heard them talk. Karan somehow felt bad that he shouted at him for Piya, but that does not mean that he will forgive him for what he did to Geet. Maan went outside without noticing them. Geet left Karan to talk to Piya and went towards where Maan left. How much ever she hated him for doing this to her, she never wanted him to be stranded by his family like this, she never wanted everyone to know the truth like this. Nevertheless, she knew that everything was out of her control now and he is going to pay for his deeds.

Days passed by and Piya was discharged from the hospital. Maan was not allowed to meet her after that and he was not even allowed to stay in KM. Maan never objected anything and went to stay in their farmhouse. Piya was taken to her house after discharging and everyone was very clear about what next, except Piya. They had already moved their divorce papers in the court. Jai was the one who suggested it first and others supported his decision. But Piya was very much apprehensive because she knew that if she left, Maan will be alone and nobody will support him. When she was given the divorce papers to sign, she told to take her to Maan, as she wanted to talk to him. Karan offered to take her, as he didn’t want her to change her decision for Maan.

When she was told that Maan was in farmhouse, she understood how far the effects of the truth are. She desperately wanted to meet him. When they reached farmhouse, Nakul opened the door. Piya noticed the pain in his face and she knew it was due to Maan’s condition. He told that he would inform Maan after asking them to take seat. Maan came after sometime wearing a white full sleeve shirt and jeans. He looked tired and there were dark circles around his eyes. Piya’s heart pained to see him like that. She knew what he was upto seeing his attire. Before Karan could tell something, Piya told him that he wanted to talk to Maan alone. Karan was pissed off but knew that Piya won’t take a no. He left telling that he will be back in an hour.

Once he left, Maan asked, “Piya, why did you send him away? I feel he did not like that. We should have talked before him.” Piya told, “Mujhe sirf aapse baat karni he. Aur kisise nahi. I don’t want any interference while we talk.” Maan told, “Par Piya, he is not anyone. Why don’t you understand that?” She told, “Enough Maan, mein ab sirf aapse baat karne aayi hoon. Mujhe kehne do.” Maan fell silent, as he knew what she meant. She was hiding the envelope, as she did not have the courage to give it to him. He got hold of it before she knew and opened it. There was no change in his expressions when he read it.

He took the pen from the side table and signed it. He took it and came near her. Piya was looking at him shocked. She didn’t expect him to be calm. Maan smiled seeing her face and asked, “What? Tumhe abhi bhi lagtha he ki mein tumhe aur dukh mein daalna chahtha hoon. Mein tumhari khushi chahtha hoon aur mujhe pata he tumhari khushi Karan mein he. Mein yahi chahtha hoon ki tum jaldi usse shaadi karo aur humesha khush raho.” Piya had tears in her eyes listening to him. She told, “Par Maan, mein gayi tho..” He didn’t let he complete, “Piya, tum kahi nahi jaa rahi hoon. Jab bhi tum chahthi ho, tum mujse milne aa sakthi ho. Tho phir tension kis baat ka he? Aur humara dosti humesha aise hi rahega. Shayad galthi se humne humare rishthe ko ek aur naam diya tha par humara rishtha humesha se dosti hi raha tha, aur humesha rahenge.

Piya hugged him feeling light at heart. After sometime she asked, “Maan, aap such mein yahi chahtha he?” He pulled her away and asked, “Piya, tum aise kyun pooch rahi hoon. Mein humesha se tumhari khushi chaha he. Tho phir tumhare sabse bade khushi mujhe dukh kaise de saktha he?” Piya had so many questions in mind but decided to let it go for a while. He asked her to sign it and kept the papers in the envelope. She went to Nakul when Maan got a call from office. She helped him to prepare Maan’s favorite pasta. She asked Nakul about Maan. Initially he was hesitant but later he told how Maan spent his days there. He spent most of the time after office in Gym and one sight of the Gym was enough for her to do what he did there. He hardly ate, that too on Nakul’s constant insistence. He told that no one except dadima visited him. Piya’s heart pained listening to all these. She knew he was at fault but she never wanted him to get a punishment like this, she could not see him in pain no matter whatever happened. She decided to talk to dad once.

She went to see Maan who was talking to Aadi. She noticed a red color in his right hand and immediately went near him. She noticed it was blood and was spreading on his white shirt. She took the phone from him and asked Aadi to call later. Maan looked at her and saw her furious. She gestured him to sit and asked to remove his shirt. Maan refused first but gave in seeing her angry glare. The sight awaited her wrenched her heart. The vest he wore didn’t hide much of the wounds. Maan immediately held her hand and told, “Piya, I’m sorry.” She took her hand away and told, “Maan, how many times have I told you not to hurt yourself like this? You never listens to me. Agar tumne dubara aisa kiya tho mein tumhe chodkar kahi nahi javoongi. Tumhe dard mein dekhkar mujhe koi khushi nahi chahiye.” Maan told, “Please Piya, I’m sorry. I promise, I won’t repeat it.” She gave him a glare and started cleaning his wounds. Nakul came with first aid kit and warm water. She told Nakul to call her if he repeats this. Nakul nodded and gulped seeing Maan glaring at him. Piya told, “Usse ghoorne ki koyi zaroorat nahi he. If he will not tell also I have my sources to know. So you better don’t repeat it.” Maan smiled the first time after her accident and Piya was happy that she could lighten his mood. She made him ate the whole pasta she prepared. Karan who had witnessed all these understood their bond and decided not to interfere between them.

As the divorce was mutually consented, they were supposed to get it in another three months. By this time, arrangements were made for Piya and Karan’s marriage. Maan was called back to KM at the insistence of Piya, but none spoke to him except dadima. He did not mind it as he knew he deserved it for what he did to Geet. Khuranas wanted to have Geet and Rehan with them, but they could not think of binding her in a relation that only gave her hurt and pain. Handas also wanted Geet to get married to Maan as they knew that it will be good for her and Rehan’s future but left it to her to decide as she had suffered enough. Neil, Annie and Karan were totally against it. But the most confused soul was Geet. Everytime Maan had to come face to face with Geet, he avoided any kind of talks. Geet wondered whether he was not guilty of what he did to her but she could not read his face as it was blank always. She has seen him looking at Rehan whenever they had to meet, but never tried to make a move towards him. She just could not understand what was going on in his mind. She had noticed how everyone distanced from him but the pained expression in dadima’s face never went unnoticed by her. She asked for forgiveness from her, but never blamed Maan like others. She felt something amiss, she could not figure out what.

However, destiny plays its game not according to everyone’s wish. Rehan’s treatment was going fine when one day his condition worsened. Everyone was tensed and Geet was in tears seeing her baby like that. Doctor informed that it happens only once in a million that the condition of the patient is worsened like this. He had only one option to go and that was to get the stem cells from the sibling and start the treatment. Geet couldn’t think further, how is she supposed to give a sibling to Rehan, she can’t beg to the person who never cared about her existence nor could she compromise her baby’s health. Doctor came after sometime and told that there is no need for a physical relation, his father can donate the sperm and the process can be done in ease. That was a relief to everyone, as Geet will not be forced to do something against her wish. Jai told that he will talk to Maan in this regard but Geet refused saying she will speak herself.

Khuranas except dadima and Annie and Handas left for Handa Mansion as they had to discuss about Geet and Maan. They knew that Geet cannot get pregnant again without getting married and they had to find a solution for that. Neil, Karan and Annie stayed with Rehan and Geet left to KM with dadima to meet Maan. Geet noticed that dadima appeared weak and gloomy than she saw her first. She looked tired and talked very less. When they reached KM, Nakul informed that Maan is in Gym and he will call him. But Geet told that she will go and meet him and left ignoring Nakul’s protests. Nakul looked helplessly at dadima and she told with a heavy sigh, “Let her go Nakul, how long will we hide from others?”

When Geet reached near Gym, she heard the sounds of breaking tiles inside. She contemplated on whether to go inside or not and decided to go inside finally. The scene that awaited her was heart wrenching. The Gym was full of broken bricks and ice blocks with traces of blood in it. In the middle of the Gym stood Maan, ready to block another set of bricks. His bare upper body was full of thrash marks and burns. His hand was bleeding continuously. She never expected him to see him in such a situation. She knew the reason why Nakul tried to stop her. She could not see him in pain, but the thought of what he did to her prevented her from taking a step towards him. She kept her emotions aloof and knocked the door.

Maan was startled by the knocking and by mistake hit the wound with the side of the brick thereby making it bleed. He turned and was shocked to see Geet. He hasn’t expected her there and was angry at Nakul for letting her to Gym. He never wanted anyone to find him in this condition. Geet wanted to reach him and nurse his wound, but she kept her straight face and walked towards him. He asked, “Geet, tum yaha? Nakul nahi the waha?” She ignored his words and told, “Sorry Mr. Khurana for intruding into your privacy. I wanted to discuss something. If you don’t mind please spare few minutes for me.” Maan knew that he could not expect anything less than that from Geet. He told, “Please wait in the hall; I will come in few minutes.” Before leaving Geet turned and told, “Do you really think that any amount of physical pain will compensate for the hurt and pain I suffered? Then it is a misconception Mr. Khurana.