Part 14

Geet looked at his face to get any reaction but it was blank with absolutely no emotions. That somehow made her tense. She expected any reaction but this and the worst of all was he never asked her for forgiveness. She highly doubted whether he cared if she was hurt or not. He may be in pain of losing his love, Piya. He did not react while Annie was accusing him for what he did to her. However, he reacted instantly when Piya’s father mentioned about the forced marriage. Is she really reading him right or has she ever read him correctly?

She felt ashamed to have fallen in love with someone who never cared even a bit about her. She wondered whether he ever felt a slight inclination to their son, no her son. Nevertheless, his words to Piya while leaving the hospital rang in her ears. What should she think out of all these? She did not know but somewhere she wanted him back in her life, even though she knew that it would be a compromise for him. Her thoughts were halted when Maan told, “Geet, remorse and physical pain won’t be a punishment for a crime when committed. However, for mistakes done unknowingly it can give some relief.” Geet looked at him shocked. He continued, “I will come in few minutes” and left without allowing her to talk further.

Geet couldn’t understand him. His words and his actions always contradicted. She walked back to the hall in a daze. Maan joined after a while. She came out of her thoughts when she saw him coming and remembered the reason why she was there. She asked him whether they can talk in private and he guided her to his study. Once they reached there, she told, “Mr. Khurana, my son Rehan is suffering from Leukemia. For his treatment, stem cells from sibling are required. As doctor knows that I am a single mother and cannot have children again, he advised to go with artificial insemination if you are ready to donate sperm. I am very much concerned about my son’s health. So I need your help.” He was looking at her all the while with the same blank expression and told, “You can inform me the date when I have to come to the doctor.

Geet looked surprised. He did not ask anything further, nor showed any emotions when she told that their son has Leukemia. He asked after a while seeing her silent, “Geet, Is there anything else you wanted to ask me?” She told, “Yes Mr. Khurana, as my dad doesn’t want me to get pregnant again without getting married, your parents and he has decided to get us married. I know it will be a compromise but as I do not have anything more important than my son in this life, I am ready to go with it. And yes, don’t expect us to be in a normal husband-wife relation. I am doing it just for my son.” Maan told with the same expression, “I have no objection. You can go ahead with whatever you feel right.

Geet was getting irritated seeing his expressionless face. She wanted him to speak up but after that incident in the hospital, he never spoke anything unless she asked him. She needed some time to analyze his behavior and decided not to talk further. She told, “Ok Mr. Khurana. I will meet you at the hospital.” Maan nodded and she left to meet dadima. All the while on her way back home, she only thought of his reaction. Why is he not reacting to anything? If he is guilty then he should at least think of their son. However, he made no move to see him or talk to him, not that others will allow him, but still he did not even try.

She was called back to Handa Mansion and Pammi had mellowed down knowing what she had gone through in the past few years. She was ashamed of her behaviour and apologized to Geet. But Geet told that she has always looked upon her as her mom and she has forgiven her long back. The elders decided inspite of the protests from Neil and Annie, that Geet and Maan’s marriage will be held two days after Annie-Neil and Piya-Karan’s marriage along with Dev-Nandini’s marriage. Karan, who had initially objected, understood later that Geet will never be happy with anyone else and he knew that Maan was repenting for his deeds.

Piya insisted to have Maan with her all throughout the pre-marriage rituals and wedding. Maan silently did everything but Geet noticed the contentment in his eyes when Piya got married. She knew that he was genuinely happy for Piya. But how can someone be happy when his love was taken away from him, does he not feel sad about his loss? Geet was totally confused. Their marriage followed giving a breaking news to media. Their story was leaked by their not so well-wishers like Riya and Rahul and it gave a negative image to Maan but no one dared to tell anything to Maan Singh Khurana. Even though Geet was sympathized by many, there were taunts in many forms during their marriage, but she had learned to get past it. So it didn’t affect her at all and she was not alone, she had the support of the whole family and her friends who were ready to do anything for her.

After the marriage was over, Geet was taken to KM. They avoided the after marriage rituals except Grihapravesh knowing that Geet will not be comfortable. Jai had asked Maan to move to outhouse as Geet and Rehan will be staying in his room. He offered no objection and left to outhouse asking Nakul to move his things there. Geet never wanted this. She wanted to be with him and get answers to all the questions that were going in her mind since long. Nevertheless, she knew how fiercely protective the Khuranas were towards her, especially Annie. She did not even allow Maan to sit even close to her during the rituals. But one person kept away from all these just watching them silently praying for them, dadima. Her aloofness worried Geet a lot. There is definitely something missing. She has to find it.

The next day after marriage, they went to doctor and the procedures were done for artificial insemination. After it was done, Annie took Geet to KM and Maan left for office. So she haven’t got time to talk to Maan. The next few weeks, Geet was not allowed even to move around. Everyone took extra care for her every need. Rehan was always with Vicky, Nandini or Dev. Her tests confirmed pregnancy after a month and that increased her plight as Khuranas left no chance to pamper her. Geet was experiencing the love of family from them. But still she was missing something. She knew what it was, but she had no say in it, as the family except dadima seems to have almost forgotten that the person existed. Maan never came to KM and she had seen dadima going along with Nakul to outhouse many times. But everytime she tried to follow her, someone will come and she had to stop.

Two months after their marriage, on a Sunday, Piya and Karan came after their honeymoon to visit her. They looked happy and cheerful. She was happy that they got what they deserved. They had a casual talk and Piya asked for Maan after sometime. Others tried to dodge the subject but they knew Piya won’t budge. Finally Vicky told that Maan was staying in outhouse. Piya’s face fell immediately. She stood up and walked towards the way to outhouse. Karan and Geet knew how much she cared for Maan and they decided to follow her. Piya reached the outhouse and was about to go inside when she heard someone talking and understood that dadima was there with Maan. She was happy that at least she was there with him. But what she heard next made her rooted in the spot.