Part 1

She slowly opened her eyes and let herself adjust to the brightness of the sunlight peeping through the window. She thanked God for giving one more day in her life and promised to do her best to make it good. She searched under her pillow, took a photo frame, and hugged it tight. She told, “Ma, papa, I miss you both. Ma, you know, if you were there, then by now you should have shouted at me at least ten times for being late. I miss you ma.. Papa, I miss your morning kiss, I miss how you always cover up my mistakes. Teji veerji, mein aapka hug aur smile miss kar rahi hoon, aur Lucky veerji I miss you the most, aap hotha tho hum saath mein jogging keliye chaltha. You know, yeh log bahut lazy he, no one cares for their health. Ek Pinky he jo itna zyaada khathi he aur exercise hi nahi karthi, aur Pari, she will do dieting to maintain her figure but no exercise. Meera ke baare mein baat hi mat karo, even if she wakes up early she will sit with any of her books, sach mein book worm he.

Aur woh char bandar, chalo char nahi teen, Rahul teek he, usko tho apne business sambalthe sambalthe time nahi miltha he. Yash tho mere call aane ke darr se phone silent mein raktha he. Rehan ki tho baat hi mat karo, job milne ke baad bhi koi itna padtha he kya? Agar mein unke bare mein zyaada baat ki tho mein abhi jaake unko do char tappad mardoon. Aur Vivek, woh har din mere saath aana chahtha he par kaun rokega unke sone ki beemari ko. Agar so gaya tho usse utana namumkin he. Tho mujhe ab akeli jaana padega. Ab mein yeh sab kehke apna time waste nahi karna chahthi he. Aap sab ko pata hena, darji ki tabiyat ke wajhe se mein koi bhi interview attend nahi kar payi aur ab mujhe yaha aake job doondna pada. Koi baat nahi, Geet Handa ko koi job na de aisa ho saktha he? Nahi na? Par aaj mera ek bhi interview nahi he. Jab bhi koi walk-in interview hothi he interview premises ke andar tak ja nahi pathi, tho interview kaise degi? Chalo koi baat nahi next month bahut saare companies walk-in keliye schedule kiya he. Mujhe unmein se ek zaroor milenge. Tho ab mein chalthi hoon. Miss you all.” She kept the photo frame after kissing it and went to bathroom taking a quick glance of her sleeping friends.

She came out after sometime wearing a white and navy-blue T-shirt and navy blue jogging tracks. She put on her Reebok shoes, tied her hair in a bun, and put on a white band covering her forehead. She looked at her friends and a smirk adorned her lips. She went back to bathroom and came out with a mug full of water. She poured the mug full of water over Pinky who was sleeping calmly. Pinky jumped up screaming, “Bachao, bachao, I am drowning.” Her scream was loud enough to wake up the other two. Pari almost fell from her bed and Meera knocked her books from the side table down. The three came into senses when they saw Geet grinning at them. Before they could react she stuck her tongue out and rushed outside telling, “This is what you get for being lazy..” She could hear Pinky shouting, “Tum wapas aao mein tumhe chodenge nahi.”

Geet smiled and went down. Manchanda was reading newspaper and smiled seeing her. She hugged him and placed a kiss on his cheek telling, “Good Morning Uncle.” He told, “Good Morning beta, aaj tum do minutes late he.” Geet told, “Kya kare uncle, aaj mein mission impossible mein the.” Manchanda raised his eyebrows questioning while she continued, “Aaj tho mein un teen lazy bums ko utake aayi hoon. Agar mein zyaada der tak yahi raha tho woh log mujhe jaan se maar denge.” Manchanda smiled while she rushed to the door. He turned to see Pinky coming with her hair and dress messed up and wet. He couldn’t stop himself from laughing seeing her. Pinky told, “Papa, aap bhi.. Geet, aaj tumhe mein chodenge nahi..” and left holding onto her messy hair.

Meera and Pari joined him soon after getting freshened up. They wished him and the three went to prepare breakfast. Manchanda used to do it for both him and Pinky before they came to stay there as Pinky had lost her mother at an earlier age and was a foodie. After they came to stay mostly Meera and Geet helps him while Pari will just see what is getting prepared. Meera and Geet were used to helping their mothers at home even though they hailed from rich families. But Pari was never used to any of those stuffs as she had dozens of servants at home for doing every single work. Knowing that others won’t bother her but still she tries to learn from them. Pinky will help only for dinner as she usually leaves early for office.

Manchanda started making breakfast along with them when Pari asked, “Uncle, there were too many cars in KH. Has anyone come there?” Manchanda knew that Pari was asking about Khurana House next to theirs as their family has been the caretakers of KH since the time of Virendra Singh Khurana, father of Raj Khurana. He told, “Ha Pari beta, Maan babu aaya he. Unka yaha ke office mein kuch problems he. Woh 6 mahine tak yaha hoga.” He stopped when he heard a thud and turned to see Pari fainted in the floor. Meera rolled her eyes while a worried Manchanda sprinkled water on her.

Pari got up in a dazed state while Meera told that she reats like this whenever she hears about MSK and no need of worrying. Suddenly Pari asked, “Kya, MSK yaha he.. Oh my God, I can’t believe it. Uncle, please aap mujhe ek din KH leke jaao na. Mujhe unse ek baar milna he, sirf ek baar.” Manchanda smiled while Meera told, “Pari, tum tho aise behave kar rahi ho jaise tumne unhe pehle kabhi mila he. Tum log tho humesha dad ke parties mein milthe the na?” Pari sighed and told, “Milthe tho the. Par woh kaha mujhe dekhta. Maximum ek Hi uske baad agar bolne ki koshish karo tho aise mooh leke baittha he ki mein dar jathi hoon. Ab uncle ke saath he tho woh mujhe darayenge nahi. Please uncle, ek baar.”

Manchanda told, “Ok beta, Iss Sunday ko chalthe hain.” Pari jumped up and kissed his cheeks and rushed to her room telling, “Mujhe parlour jaana he. MSK ke milne se pehle yeh stupid pimples ka kuch karna he.” Meera hit her head with her hand while Manchanda laughed seeing her desperation. Meera told, “Mujhe pata nahi yeh ladki kab sudharegi. Humesha uske khayalon mein khoye rehthe hain jab usse pata he ki woh isse acknowledge bhi nahi karthe. Sab pagal he.” Manchanda patted her shoulder and told, “Beta, jab yeh umar beet jayega tho sab kuch teek ho jayega. Woh khud samaj jayegi.” Meera smiled and they continued cooking.