Part 24

While driving back Karan noticed the ring in Geet’s ring finger. He was happy for both of them. He called out, “Geet..” Geet who was lost in the moments of their first date have not heard it. He called little loud, “Sweetheart, kaha kho gayi?” Geet looked at him startled and was embarrassed for being caught like that. She smiled to cover it and asked, “Kya he Karan?” He told, “Mein dekh raha hoon ki mera egoistic friend ne aakir mere sweetheart ko propose kar hi diya.” Geet blushed listening to him while he continued, “Ab kab bata rahe ho sabko?” Geet’s face fell and she told, “Abhi nahi Karan. Jab meri course complete hogi tab batayenge.” Karan stopped the car in a jerk and told, “Geet, tum pagal hogayi he kya? Utne der tak wait karne ki kya zaroorat he. Tumhe pata nahi he kya ki woh tumhari so called sister Sameera, Maan ke peeche haath dhoke pade hue he. Anurag uncle aur Simran aunty bhi un dono ke rishte se sehmat he. Kya tum chahthi he ki Maan kisi aur se shaadi karle.”

Geet smiled and told, “Sameera di, Maan se shaadi nahi karega.” Karan looked at her confused, “Tumhe Maan pe yakeen he, yeh mujhe pata he. Lekin tum Sameera ko achi tarah se jaanti hoon. Tho phir aisa kyun bol rahi ho?” Geet told, “Mein usse achi tarah se jaanti hoon isliye yeh bol rahi hoon.” Karan shook his head and told, “Sweetheart, kabhi kabhi tumhari baate mujhe samaj hi nahi aata. Acha chodo. Ab tum yeh ring ke baare mein sabko kya bolne wali he? Kya tum yeh utaar rahi ho?” Geet nodded negatively and told, “Mein kuch aur bahana banadenge.” Karan shook his head and continued driving. They reached Singhania Mansion and the maid informed them that Meera and Mr. Singhania slept. She showed Geet her room and left soon. Karan also bid Goodnight and left for his room. Geet changed her saree and hit the bed soon after getting fresh. She hugged the pillow and buried her face in it blushing. His proposal, their kiss, their first date.. everything seemed like a fairy tale for her. She saw her phone ringing and blushed more seeing Maan’s name flashing in it. She picked the call and told, “Hello..”

The strong male voice that came from the other end made her bury her face more into the pillow. He told, “Geet, agar tum ab itna sharma rahi ho tho humare suhaag raat mein kaise rehenge?” Geet bit her lips and turned beetroot red at the mention of Suhaag raat. He told, “Ab sharmana band karo aur mujhe Good night kiss do.” Her eyes popped out of the socket hearing it. He told, “Ab aise ghoor ke kisse dekh rahi ho? Jaldi dedo.” She looked around to see if he was watching her from anywhere. He told, “Geet, mein KM mein hoon. Darro mat. Mera self control itna strong nahi hoon ki tumhe iss waqt akele milne chale aao.” She could not tell a word, as she blushed hard with his words. Finally, he told, “Ok, ab bahut hogaya tumhara sharmana. Jaldi Good night kiss dedo. Nahi tho mein abhi jo kaha uske baare mein phirse sochenge. It will take only 15 minutes for me to reach there now.” Geet was stunned by his reply and immediately placed a soft kiss on the phone blushing. Maan told, “Now that is like my mishty.. Ab sojao.. Monday ko office mein milthe hain. Goodnight..” She just smiled as if he could see her through phone. Maan cut the call knowing that she probably will not tell anything. After he cut the call, she prayed God to never let any bad shadows affect their life and slept hugging the pillow.

Both of them found it difficult for Sunday to pass. Only two persons were able to understand their restlessness, Karan and dadima. Karan teased Geet while dadima indirectly made some comments to annoy Maan. Geet and Meera got back to Manchanda’s by Sunday evening after Pinky and Manchanda came back. Finally, it was Monday morning and both were eager to meet each other. Geet came little early as Pinky was tired after the functions and took a half day off. She entered the lift without looking who was inside as she was too excited to meet Maan. The lift stopped midway and she muttered under breath, “Do din se kitna intezaar kiya. Yeh lift ko bhi abhi kharab hona tha.” Just then, she felt a warm breath on her neck and two hands snaking her waist. She leaned back knowing who it was without even turning back. He asked, “Itna miss kiya mujhe mishty..” She closed her eyes when she felt him placing luscious kisses on her neck and back of ear. He slowly turned her to face him and their eyes met.

She shied away seeing the love and desire in his eyes. He moved closer and took her lips into his. They kissed until the lift started with a jerk. Both stopped kissing and pulled away. Geet adjusted her dupatta and looked down feeling shy. Maan smirked seeing her and placed a peck on her cheek before getting out of the lift. It took some time for her to compose. She went to her and Tasha’s cabin. Maan entered his cabin and looked at the cabin next to him. He felt angry with himself for deciding to give the cabin to Sasha. However, on a second thought, it would be good if no one knew about their relation. He knew how cunning Sameera was and if she came to know about their relation, she will not leave a stone unturned to hurt Geet. He composed himself and started working.

Geet too wanted to meet Maan but knew that she can’t with Tasha and Sasha full time around her, not that they suspected anything now, but she doesn’t want anyone to have a doubt on them until everything is cleared. She started working keeping her thoughts aside. Sasha and Tasha had to leave early for a site visit, as Maan will not be able to go. So Sasha asked Geet to assist Maan as Tasha was not going to be there. Geet nodded without any change in expressions when her mind was jumping in joy. Maan called Tasha for some files after they left.

He was informed that Tasha went along with Sasha for site seeing and Geet will be assisting him until she was back. His day could not have turned happier, to have her with him at least half a day. He called to Tasha’s extension instantly and was rewarded with her soft voice in the other end. Keeping his feelings in check, he told, “Geet, come to my cabin, now.” Geet on the other hand was stunned when she heard his voice that sent shivers down her spine. It has been long since she heard his commanding voice. After their short romance in lift, she was not having the will to face him. As there was no response from the other end Maan told, “Geet, I told now.” That brought Geet out of her dreamland and the commanding voice affirmed her that it meant work. She told, “Yes sir” and Maan cut the call.

She took her notepad and rushed to his cabin without a second thought. When she reached there, Maan was sitting facing his back to her. He told her to take a seat without turning back. She took the seat murmuring “Dusht danav..” to which Maan smiled without making it obvious to her. He told, “Geet, I am going to dictate the letter to be send to Mr. Malik. Send it soon as the deal is really important to KC.” She told ok and started writing while Maan continued with it. After finishing the letter she asked, “Can I leave now, Sir?” He told still not turning back, “Yes, and come back after sending the letter. I need assistance in some other tasks also.” She was taken aback by his attitude and left making faces while Maan was trying hard not to laugh seeing her facial expressions through the reflection in the glass partition. Fortunately, Tasha who had come back to take a file from Sasha’s cabin had witnessed Maan giving dictation without even looking at Geet and informed Sasha soon. She was more than happy to know that MSK is not interested in Geet anymore, while everything was in contrary of what she thought.

Geet came back to Maan’s cabin after sending the mail. He was too engrossed in his laptop and just asked her to take seat. He stood up, took a file next to him, and asked her to go through it and give the output. Geet was again disappointed knowing that he called her for work. Soon she got engrossed in the file that she did not notice him locking the door or closing the blinds. He had informed Aadi that he is going to discuss the Noida project with Geet and they should not be disturbed. Geet was startled when she felt his warm finger removing the curls from her face. She stood up instantly and saw him just behind her chair. He pulled her to him and asked, “Tho meri Geet isliye naraz ho kyunki meine tumhe yaha kaam keliye bulaya.” Geet stammered with the proximity and told, “Nahi Maan, aisa kuch bhi nahi he.” He pulled her more close almost touching her cheeks with his lips and told, “Phir kyun in aankhon mein mujhe gussa nazar aa rahe the. Aur ha, kya bula rahi thi, Dusht danav..” Geet instantly covered his mouth feeling embarrassed for being caught like that.

Maan kissed her hand and removed it. He told, “Geet, kya tumhe lagtha he, aise mauka milne ke baad bhi mein tumse door reh payenge? You don’t know how much I regret the decision that I took in my anger. I am sorry for that Geet.” She nodded negatively and told, “Nahi Maan, aap please aisa mat kaho.” She hugged him and told, “Maan, mein aapko uss baat keliye kabhi doshi nahi mana he. Mujhe pata he ki jo bhi mujhe aur Karan ko saath mein dekha he, sabko yahi laga tha ki hum dono ke beech kuch chal raha he. Sirf Meera ko pata he ki hum dono kaise hain. Agar aapke saath koi ladki ko aise dekhe tho mujhe bhi acha nahi lagega, tho mein aapko dosh kyun do?”

Maan smiled and pulled her out of the hug. He asked, “Acha, tho meri Geet jealous bhi ho sakthi he. Ha ha mujhe yaad he uss din jab Sameera mujhe office mein milne aayi thi tab jwalamukhi fatgayi thi.” Geet asked surprised, “Sameera di? Office mein kab aayi thi?” Maan closed his eyes for having blurted it out. He told, “Woh.. Geet..” She told realizing it, “Oh, tho uss din aapke saath jo ladki thi woh Sameera di thi. Acha hua usne mujhe nahi dekha. Nahi tho khamakha pareshan hojathi.” Maan looked at her as if seeing some alien and asked, “Geet, tum kis mitti ki bani ho? Jab woh tumhe hurt karne ka koyi bhi kasar nahi chodthi, tho tum uski khushi ke baare mein soch rahi he.”

Geet told, “Maan, aap di ko utna nahi jaanthe jitna mein jaanthi hoon. Woh dil se bahut achi he. Jo bhi woh kar rahi he sochke nahi kar rahi hoon. She believes that modeling is her right profession when in reality it is art. She is an in-born artist, which no one except few knows. But she forced to change her career. She believes that money and power are the ultimate destiny for happiness where as her happiness lies somewhere else. The day she realizes it, she will be back to her real self. I know that will happen soon. I always wanted her happiness no matter how much I have to suffer out of all these.” Maan shook his head and told, “Geet, tumse tho kuch batana hi bekar he. Tum tho humesha un do ladkiyon ki side lethi ho jo sirf paise aur power keliye jeethi ho. Pata nahi tum char itne alag kaise ho gaye. Ek Arjun aur tum ho aur doosra Naintara aur Sameera. Zameen aasman ka farq ke tumhare beech.”

Geet smiled and told, “Maan, aap please unke baare mein aisa mat bolo. Naintara di tho bachpan se hi aisi he. Usse tabse sab kuch best hi chahiye thi. Money and power had been her destiny since then. Unlike us, she never cared for relations. Papa tried to change her a lot but as she grew up the intensity of her greediness also increased. She will understand the depth of relations soon and I have faith in my babaji. Sameera di par unka asar pad gayi thi aur woh dheere dheere unki tarah hogayi. Par mere alawa baaki saare rishthe ab bhi usse utna hi manya rakhtha he jitna pehle tha.” Maan smiled and told, “Jaise tum tik samje Geet. Par Maan Singh Khurana bina kisi sapoot ke kisi ke upar vishwas nahi kar saktha. Meine jabse un dono ko dekha he tabse woh aise hi he aur mein un dono par kabhi yakeen nahi kar saktha.”

Geet knew his nature and looked at him for a while. She asked after sometime, “Maan, aapko mujpar bharosa he?” He looked at her questioningly and asked, “Tum aise kyun pooch rahi ho, Geet?” Geet told, “Nahi Maan, mein isliye poocha kyunki aap mujhe Brij veerji ke aane se pehle tik se jaanthe tak nahi the? Phir aapko mujse pyaar kaise hua?” Maan smiled and told, “Geet, kuch cheezen humari mutti mein nahi hotha he, jaise dil.. Meine tumse pyaar karne se apna dil ko rok nahi paya aur pyaar ke saath saath bharosa bhi tha.. Par.. Shayad woh bharosa kam padgaya tha. Mind ruled over my heart and forced me to think calculatively. Par dil sahi the, tum galat kaise ho sakthi he? Jo ladki apne parivaar keliye apni zindagi ki saari khusiyan chod sakthi he, saare dard seh sakthi he, woh galat kaise hoga? Tum pehla insaan ho jisne Maan Singh Khurana ko galat sapit kiya. Par mujhe garv he kyunki mujhe tumhara pyaar mila he. I got an angel as the love of my life.”

Geet smiled with tears in her eyes and told, “I am the one who is lucky, Maan. I am lucky that I have you in my life. I am lucky to get your love. I Love you Maan.” Maan pulled her closer, kissed away her tears and told, “I Love you Geet.” He carried her to the couch and sat with her on his lap. She hugged him and buried her head on his chest listening to his heartbeat. They sat like that feeling each other’s presence until the phone rang after almost an hour.