Part 17

After sometime, they broke apart from the hug and Maan told, “Geet, ab tum dono ko wapas chalna chahiye. Sab tumhara intezaar kar raha hoga. Tumhe pata hena Annie kitna tensed ho jathi he?” Geet looked at Maan and asked, “Maan, aap kya keh rahe ho? Aap ab bhi yahi chahtha he ki kisi ko kuch pata na chale?” He told, “Yahi mera sazaa he, Geet. Jo meine tumhare saath kiya woh maafi ke layak nahi he. Par tum itni achi ho ki tum mujhe maaf kar diya.” Geet took Rehan in her arms and told, “Tho aap hum dono se ab bhi door rehna chahtha he?” He told, “Nahi Geet, aisi baat nahi he. Par mein nahi chahtha he ki sab log mujhe itne jaldi maaf karde. Jo gunah meine kiya woh maafi ke layak hi nahi he.” Geet looked at him for a while and asked, “Maan, aap humesha ki tarah sirf ek hi baare mein soch raha he, yehi baat ab tak kitni zindagiyan barbad ki he? Aapne Piya se shaadi karne pehle ek baar bhi usse nahi poocha ki woh aapse pyaar karthi he ya nahi. Aapne socha ki Piya aapke saath khush rehegi. Aapne mujse tum dono shaadi ke baat batane se pehle ek baar yeh jaanne ki koshish nahi kiya ki mein kya chahthi hoon. Aapne decide kiya ki mein aapse pyaar nahi karthi, mujhe kuch faraq nahi padega. Aapne apne aap ko sazaa detha raha, par ek baar bhi yeh nahi socha ki aapke apnon ko kitna dard hoga. Aapne sabse itni badi baat chupane se pehle ek baar bhi yeh nahi socha ki jab sachayi sab ko pata chalega tab sab logon ko kitna dard hoga. Aapne yeh kaise sochliya ki sab log aapko dard mein dekhkar khush honge?

Maan looked painfully at Geet and told, “Geet, please..” She told, “Kyun Maan, mein jo keh rahi hoon kya wo sach he. Aap humesha ki tarah ek aur galthi karne jaa raha he. Aapko lagtha he ki mom aur dad aapko aisa dekhkar khush he, Annie bhi jitna gussa woh dikhathi he usse zyaada woh aapse pyaar karthi he. Usse yeh saha nahi gaya tha jab usse patha chala ki aap hi Rehan ki papa ho. Par jab sachayi patha chalega tho sabse zyaada dard usse hoga, kyunki usne gusse mein aapse bahut kuch kehdiya. Kya aap chahtha he ki woh aur zyaada bole aur usse zyaada regret kare? Aur Piya, usse kaise laga hoga ki uski khushi keliye aapne itni badi kurbaani di aur ab bhi khush nahi he tho? Aur sabse zyaada aapko nahi lagtha he Rehan ko apni dadda ki zaroorat he? Usse bhi wahi zindagi jeene ka haqt he, jaise sab log jeethe hain? Usse bhi khush rehne ka haq he, apne dadda ki saath humesha rehne ka haq he? Aur mera kya Maan, aap yahi chahtha he ki mein phirse wohi zindagi jiyu jo mein do saal se jeethe aarahi thi? Aapke bina, akele?” Her words choked in her throat as she finished. Maan pulled her into a hug before she finished. Rehan was looking at his parents all the while not understanding what they were talking. He came forward and joined their hug. Maan and Geet pulled out of the hug and smiled seeing Rehan hugging them.

Maan took him in his arm, held Geet by her shoulder and went to his room. He opened one cupboard in the corner and there was a huge set of toys and clothes, all for Rehan. Geet smiled through her tears and Rehan was happy seeing the toys. Soon he started playing with those. They both watched as he played, Geet resting her head on Maan’s chest finally feeling at peace. Maan’s heart pained seeing them, how he kept them away from all these happiness. How it might have been to suffer the pain all alone, but she did it and struggled for their son. Geet kissed his chest feeling his raised heartbeats. He looked down to find her gazing at him lovingly. Their cute moment was disturbed when Rehan started wailing. Both were immediately by his side. Maan took him in his arms while Geet understood that he was feeling hungry. Geet told, “Maan, usse bhook lagi he. Mansion chale?” Maan looked away and told, “Geet, tum jao. Mein..” She understood his hesitation and told, “Tik he Maan, mein Rehan ko sulake aathi hoon.” Maan immediately told, “Par Geet, Rehan tumhe nahi dekhkar royega na?” Geet smiled and told, “Nahi Maan, he cares less about me when Neil and Annie are there.  He won’t mind.” However, Maan still looked apprehensive. She knew besides all these he wanted to be with Rehan. She told Rehan, “Beta, papa ko kissi dedo.” Rehan held Maan’s face and placed a kiss on his cheeks. Geet took him and left with a smile.

Maan stared at her retreating back not knowing how to make up the last two years with her. He knew he can’t undo anything that he did, but still he can do everything that is needed to make her happy. He called Aadi and instructed him what he needed. There was a smile of contentment in his face, a smile that was missing from him for the past few years in his life. He went ahead to start the preparations. Geet went to mansion, little apprehensive about the situation there. However, one look at Annie’s face was enough for her to know that they knew. She knew the extremities in Annie’s behavior. Before she could tell a word Annie rushed to her and asked, “Bhai, tik tho hena?” Geet smiled and gave Rehan to Neil who was standing beside her. She held Annie’s hand and told, “Annie, Maan tik he. Nahi tho ab hojayenge.” Annie hugged her tight and told, “Bhabhi, mujhe pata he ki jo bhai ne tumhare saath kiya tha woh tik nahi he. Par meine unhe un saare baton keliye doshi mana jo unhone kabhi kiya hi nahi tha jab mujhe pata tha ki unhe meri baaton se kitna dukha pahuncha hoga. Kya bhai mujhe maaf karega?” Geet patted her back and pulled out of the hug. She told, “Annie, unhe yeh nahi pata he ki tum log sab kuch jaan chukka he. Aur usne mujhe kuch bhi kehne se mana kiya tha. Unhe abhi bhi yahi lagtha he ki jo usne mere saath kiya uskeliye koi bhi sazaa kaafi nahi he. Isliye unhone mere saath yaha aane se inkar kiya tha. Par tum chintha mat karo. Give him some time. Everything will be alright.

Naina, dadima and Piya had tears in their eyes while Annie hugged Geet and cried. Geet consoled her and assured others not to talk to him until she gets him out of this guilt trip. She fed Rehan and asked Nakul to take the lunch for both of them to outhouse. Piya, Karan, Neil and Annie left taking Rehan along with them promising to bring him back next day morning. Dev and Vicky wanted to meet Maan, but Jai asked them to follow what Geet said. Geet went to outhouse and noticed that the door was slightly opened. She pushed it open and saw that the whole house was decorated with orchids, her favorite flower. There were white balloons and candles decorating the whole room. She went inside and saw a packet in the recliner. There was a note pasted above it which read, “Geet, This is my earnest try to give you the happiness, I could never give you. Please wear this and come to the swimming pool in the backyard. ” Geet smiled through tears and opened the packet. It was a beautiful white saree with its blouse and accessories. There was a simple diamond set accompanying it.

Geet got ready in the guest room. She went near the pool and found that the whole place was decorated just like the living room. There was a table for two near it. The pool had orchids floating on top and as she approached the table, she saw, behind that, near the table, there was a rose bed of red roses with “I Love You” written in the middle with white roses. She had tears in her eyes at the extent to which he went, in such a short period, to make her happy. She turned to face him who was in a white shirt and blue jeans, the dress she always liked on him. She hugged him tight before he could tell anything. He reciprocated the hug and the apprehension when he saw the tears in her eyes was gone. They broke out of the hug after sometime. She started to tell something but Maan silenced her with a finger on her lips. He told, “Aaj mujhe kehne do Geet, jo meine aaj tak nahi kaha he.” He guided her towards the rose bed.

He went on his knees and held out a velvet box with a platinum solitaire ring and told, “Geet, jabse tum meri zindagi mein aayi ho tabse mein tumse pyaar kiya tha, par mera ego itna bada tha ki kabhi mein woh accept nahi kar paya. Jab bhi tum mere paas hothi thi, tab mujhe tumhare alawa kuch aur dikhtha nahi tha, jab tum meri nazron se ek pal keliye bhi door jathi thi, tab meri aankhen sirf tumhe doondtha raha, dil itna bechain hojatha tha ki dhadkane tez ho jatha tha. Jab bhi tum meri bahon mein hothi thi mann kartha tha ki humesha tumhe apne paas hi rakho. Par mein kabhi accept nahi paya ki mein tumse pyaar kartha hoon. Mujhe humesha yahi lagtha tha ki pyaar insaan ko kamzor banatha he aur ussi wajhe se mein kabhi apna pyaar kabool nahi kar paya. Meri uss zidd ne humari zindagi..

Maan closed his eyes and continued after composing himself, “Jab mein Piya ke saath jeena suru kiya tha tab mujhe ehsaas hua tha ki mere dil ki dhakane sirf tumhareliye dhadaktha he. Har lamha mera dil tumhari ek jhalak ka intezaar kartha he. Par jab tum mere saamne aayi thi, mera dil jalne laga tumhe kisi aur ke saath dekhkar. Dil tho humesha se hi yahi maantha tha ki tum sirf meri he, par tumhe paas hothe hue bhi door dekhkar dil tootne laga. By the time I came to know that my love is not unrequited, it was too late. The damage my ego and stubbornness did was almost incurable. Mein chahkar bhi woh sab wapas nahi kar saktha. Meine sirf mere pyaar ko nahi humare pyaar ki nishani ko bhi chod diya. Jo bhi meine kiya woh maafi ke layak nahi. Par phir bhi kya tum meri galthi sudharne ka ek mauka denge mujhe? Kya tum phir se apni zindagi mein shaamil hone denge mujhe? Mein tumse pyaar kartha hoon, Geet, Kya tum mujhe ek mauka de sakthi he tumhe aur humare bachon ko iss duniya ke saari khushi dene ko?

Geet smiled through her tears and hugged him tight falling on her knees. She told, “Maan, yeh zindagi sirf aapki he. Isme aapko shaamil na kare tho mein kise kare? Meri zindagi aur mera pyaar sirf aapka he. Jabse pyaar ko jaana he tabse aapse hi pyaar kiya he, par mujhe darr thi ki kahi mein uss pyaar ko kho na doon. Meri zindagi mein humesha jisse bhi mein pyaar kiya tha, woh sab mujse cheen gaya tha. Isliye darr tha ki kahi mein aapko kho doongi. Jab aap mujhe chodkar gaya tha, meri zindagi mein sirf ek hi umeed the,Rehan, humare pyaar ki nishani. Mujhe laga tha ki meri zindagi mein kabhi khusiyan nahi aa sakthi, mere zindagi mein pyaar nahi likha he. Khush rehne ka umeed hi chod diya tha Rehan ke baare mein jaankar. Aaj jab aap mujhe woh zindagi jeene ka ek mauka de raha hoon tho mein kaise aapko na kaho, jab mein yeh jaanthi hoon ki mera pyaar humesha se hi meri thi. I love you Maan, I can’t live without you. Don’t leave me again; I won’t be able to survive.

Geet let her insecurities and fears out and cried hugging him. Maan understood how insecure and alone she was all the while in her life. How could he not read her eyes, which always hid the pain she went through? He let her cry and hugged her close to his heart. Geet cried her heart out. Even though she liked everyone, she had never let anyone close to her heart except Neil and Karan. They knew her inside out, but with them also she could never express herself fully. But Maan’s confession let herself break all the walls she built around herself. When she knew that her love was reciprocated she left everything behind, the pain and suffering she went through does not matter for her. Now with his open confession every little apprehension of hers was gone.  After sometime when Maan felt that the sobs were subsided, he pulled her out of the hug and told, “Geet, aaj ke baad mein in aankhon mein aaso nahi dekhna chahtha hoon. Mein wada kartha hoon, meri aankhri saas tak mein tumhare saath rahega, kabhi tumhe chodkar nahi javoonga. Geet ke bina Maan adhora he. I love you, Geet.

Geet smiled and moved forward. This time Maan didn’t hesitate before taking her lips into his after putting on the ring. They kissed until what seemed eternity before pulling apart as they fell short of breath.  The continuous kissing flushed Geet. She smiled and hid her face in his chest. Maan smiled and told, “Geet, chalo lunch khathe hain.” She looked at where she was pointing and saw the table was having all her favorite dishes. She hugged him tight again feeling happy. They had lunch feeding each other with Geet sitting on his lap. After having lunch, Geet cleaned up the table while Maan left asking her to come to his room. Geet went to his room and noticed that he was standing near the window looking out. She went behind him and hugged him tight. Maan held her hand and turned around. He scooped her up in his arms and took her to bed. She blushed a little after being in his arms like that after a long time. He placed her there and told, “Geet, ab tumhe aaram ki zaroorat he. Thodi der sojao.” Geet pouted and sat up with a disappointed look. Maan sat beside her worried. He asked, “Geet, kya hua? Tum tik ho?

She turned away from him and he got more worried. He asked turning her to face him, “Geet, kya hua? Bolo na..” Geet saw his worried face and hugged him tight knowing that she scared him. He held her tight and asked, “Geet, please bolona..” She pulled out of the hug, held his hand and guided it to her bare waist. When his hand touched her bare skin, his body jolted as if electrified. He pulled his hand back. He stood up and turned away from her. “No, he can’t let himself take advantage of her love, her faith..” But Geet was truly disappointed. She had tears stinging her eyes. She asked, “You don’t even want to touch me now. Itna paraya kardiya Maan?” Maan’s heart was constricted with pain listening to her. He turned to her and she was in his arms before she even blinked. He took her lips into his and kissed her until he felt her breathless. He asked, “Geet, tumhe abhi bhi lagtha he ki mein tumhe paraya kardiya. Jab meri har saans, har dhadkan tumhare naam pukartha he tho mein tumhe paraya kaise karu?” She smiled hugging him while he continued, “Geet, tum pregnant ho. Is time pe yeh sab tik nahi hoga.

With that, she pulled out of the hug and stared at him angrily. He thought back of what he said wrong. She held his collar and told, “Mr. Maan Singh Khurana, aap apne aap ko samjthe kya ho? Aap koi doctor he kya yeh batane keliye ki pregnancy se ke time pe kya nahi kar saktha. Aapko pata bhi he meine yeh do saal mein aapko kitna miss kiya? Har raat mein isliye so nahi payi kyunki aap mere saath nahi the. Ab aap mujhe akele chodkar kaha jaa raha he?” Maan felt the hidden pain in her words and told holding her hands, “Geet, mujhe pata he tum kitni akeli thi jab pehli baar..” He couldn’t even finish the sentence when Geet pushed him to bed and came over him. She told, “Bahut hogaya Maan, ab aap kuch bhi nahi kahenge. Meine bahut sunli ab mujhe kuch bhi nahi sunna he.” With that she came forward and pressed her lips into his.

Maan was holding back his emotions and desire to keep her in his hold forever knowing how delicate her condition was, but he knew that he won’t be able to hold back for long, when she tries hard to get close to him. Her simple kiss was provoking him more. He pulled out of the kiss and was about to move away when he saw the look in her face. She slowly sat up and turned her back to him. Her face had the forlorn look she carried all the while in the past years. His continuous denial to get close was making her feel like he was hiding something. Even though the thought shook her from within, she asked, “Maan, kahi aapne yeh sab aap guilty hokar tho nahi ki hena? Aisa he tho please mujhe boldo. Mein aapke paas aane ki koshish nahi karegi.”  Maan knew that he hurt her again. He held her hand before she could move away. He turned her to face him again and noticed that her eyes were blank again. Now he knew that it was her way to hide her pain. He can’t let her back to the shell when she started opening up to him.

He told, “Geet, tumhe lagtha he ki mein tumse isliye paas aane nahi detha kyunki mein yeh sab guilt ke wajhe se kar raha hoon? Geet.. Kya tumhe meri aankhon mein tumhare liye pyaar nazar nahi aa rahi he? Kya tumhe meri dil ki dhadkane sunayi nahi de rahi he?” He cupped her face in his hands and told, “Geet, mein tumhe aur hurt nahi karna chahtha tha. Mein nahi chahtha tha ki meri wajhe se tumhe koi bhi takleef na ho. Tumhe patha hena, jab tum mere paas hothi thi tab mein kabhi chen se rehne detha tha? Kya tumhe nahi patha ki mein tumhe saamne paakar kabhi apne aapko control mein nahi karpatha tha?” Geet blushed remembering their days together. He was right, he could never keep his hands off her, it will start with a simple kiss and they end up in bed for hours. Maan continued not noticing the change in her face, “Ab tak tumhe patha nahi he tho let me show you how much I missed you, Geet..

With that, he pulled Geet to him caring not to hurt her and kissed her passionately. Geet was lost in his kiss, she felt the possession, the desperation, his love everything in the kiss. She always liked his dominance; she wanted it back. She ran her hands on his hair occasionally fisting it. Maan had lost the last bit of control that he tried to put on but still cared not to hurt her. He knew now there is no turning back. He can’t resist anything associated with Geet. His hands made its way to her bare waist. His touch sent a shiver down her body. His hands expertly unpinned her pallu and pulled it down. Geet blushed feeling his touch on her body after a long time. He broke the kiss and laid her back to bed, caring not to strain her. She felt shy feeling his gaze on her heaving chest. Maan smiled seeing her and lowered himself over her not putting his weight on her. He took her lips again in a passionate kiss while his hands were all over her body taking her feel. She held him tight and started unbuttoning his shirt. Soon her saree and his shirt were on the floor. Maan pulled out from the kiss and moved to her stomach. He kissed her there and told keeping his face close to it, “Gudiya, we love you. Papa won’t hurt you..” Geet smiled through her tears when he came back to her face.

He kissed away the tears showering kisses all over her face. He moved down and kissed her collarbone, throat and the sensitive spot behind her ear. She moaned when he placed a small bite on the side of her neck. He sucked the spot to reduce the itching. His hands went to her blouse while his lips assaulted her neck and shoulders. He unhooked the blouse and within seconds, it joined the other clothes. Before Geet could hide herself, his lips, tongue and teeth started its assault on her milky skin wherever visible. Maan couldn’t bare the single barrier that was obstructing his view. He unhooked her inner and threw it away. When she tried to hide herself, he pinned her hands above her head and told huskily in her ears, “Geet, I had warned you not to come near. Now I won’t allow you to hide.” Geet blushed more at his silent promise. He pulled her to another passionate kiss while his hands moved towards her curves feeling them. After a while, he broke the kiss and moved down to take her curves into his mouth sucking and licking. She moaned his name loudly as he marked her with his teeth. Once he feasted enough of her curves, he removed the other barriers covering both of them and moved further down. She was wet and ready for him. He pleased her for a while with his fingers while feasting on her bare upper body. When he felt that she couldn’t hold back, he entered her in a slow thrust caring not to put weight on her. The thrusts started becoming faster as they held onto each other. With each single thrust she moaned his name louder. After few powerful thrusts, they reached the peak together and Maan collapsed besides her taking her in his arms.

He asked after a while catching his breath, “Geet, did I hurt you? You know that I can never control myself around you.” Geet hugged him tight and told, “Maan, aap mujhe hurt nahi kar saktha. Let me feel this contentment of being in your arms.. after a long time..” Maan looked into her eyes, which spoke her true love to him. He kissed her eyes and both drifted off to sleep holding each other tight, contented..