Part 2

In Khurana House, a well-built handsome young man with looks to kill, was getting ready for jogging unlike his daily Tai-chi. He freshened up and came out of the bathroom in black vest coat and black jogging tracks. His biceps were clearly visible and the vest coat clung to his chest. He was surely going to be an eye candy for the women out there. He came out with an attitude to kill with the guards following him closely. His eyes held the power to bring anyone under his feet. He was fearless, people were afraid to even talk to him. Once he made a decision no one can stop him from doing it, he will get it by hook or crook. He was Maan Singh Khurana, the owner of the multi-billion Khurana Corporation. Today, he wanted to experience the morning calmness of Bangalore, much to the dismay of his guards. After all, he is the one for whom people wait for months to get an appointment, who prefers to keep himself apart from others, who hates socializing. It is the headache of the poor guards to take care that no one came near him during his daily exercise routine.

When he stepped out of the mansion, there were only very few people on the road and his lips curled to a smirk. The guards followed him closely making sure that no one came on his way. They knew the kind of attention he received. He moved towards the nearby park, as he knew it gives entry only for very less people and he can do exercise without getting disturbed. Last time when he was in Bangalore, he had gone there and found it peaceful as no one disturbed her except for the young ladies who came for jogging.  However, his bodyguards had managed to get them away.  He jogged towards the park not caring the curious glances he received. Why should he care, it is always bound to happen as no one fails to recognize this businessman.

Geet reached the park and greeted her daily partners in jogging with a smile. She had got acquainted with almost everyone in the park within the short period. She was about to move towards a group of old ladies who comes daily for jogging when she noticed that her shoe laces have come open. She bent down to tie them properly when someone bumped into her and her immediate response was to prevent the person from falling. The force of the fall was too much that she couldn’t stop herself or the person from falling. She found herself falling right above the one who bumped into her.

Maan entered the park and received a call from dadima right then. He connected his bluetooth and started to walk ahead when he bumped into something rather someone. Before he hit the ground, someone held him but the force of the fall was too much that he hit the ground with his back taking the person along with him. He felt a soft body pressing to him and noticed a beautiful young girl above him who was trying to get off. He looked up to meet the most beautiful pair of eyes he has ever seen. His gaze fell on her beautiful face and he found himself staring at her without blinking. It was for the first time in his life that he was noticing someone like this. From her dress, it appeared that she came for jogging. He was bought out of the reverie when he heard his guards asking him if he was fine. He felt angry with himself for having lost in her eyes.

She got up slowly and forwarded her hand towards him. He shot a glare at her and got up without her help. He noticed the people gathered around them and what surprised him was the concern he saw in the faces of others for the person who was responsible for the fall. He looked at the girl and stood there mesmerized by her beauty, she was definitely a sight to behold. Her face was devoid of any makeup still she managed to look out of the world. People crowded around her questioning in concern whether she is alright. This was the first time he saw so much concern for someone. She assured everyone that she was fine and looked around may be for him. Now comes the real nature of a girl, getting Maan Singh Khurana so near was something they may cherish. He wanted to leave but at the same time wanted to know her reaction. She came near him and asked, “Aap tik ho? I am sorry. Wo me..” Before she could continue he told, “I don’t care for your excuses. Next time make sure not to come in my way.

Geet fumed hearing his reply. Here she was trying to know whether he was alright and he is showing his arrogance. Now let him show who Geet Handa is. She told, “Oye Mister, whoever you are. Aap jaise insaan ko sorry bolna meri galthi thi. Yeh public park he, aapka ghar nahi, jaha sab kuch aapke marzi se ho. Yaha pe koi bhi apni marzi se chal sakthe hain. Mein tho apni shoe lace tik kar rahi thi, mujhe kya pata tha aap aake mujse takra jayenge? Aap dekhke chal sakthe the par nahi aapki galthi doosron par dal raha he. Chaddo, aapse baat karke mein kyun apni time waste kar rahi hoon?

She turned and moved towards others who were looking baffled by her reply. Maan couldn’t take his insult and hauled her back to him holding her wrist tightly and told, “How dare you? Do you even know who I am?” She was startled by the sudden pull and was not accustomed to manhandling. She struggled to free herself from his grip and finally managed to push him away. She told, “I don’t care whoever you are? You are certainly not God for others to follow you. I have the freedom to express my thoughts and absolutely no one can prevent me from doing so.” She looked at the guards and told, “You might be having your employees for all these commanding and these poor guards to yell over. But don’t think that others too will get accustomed to your mood swings. If you prefer no interference in your way then why you preferred a public park than your private space. May be you want to increase the plight of these poor guards. I am taking back the sorry I told earlier. Hope we will never meet again. Go to hell.” She pushed him away and left with others following her half out of concern for her and half out of fearing Maan Singh Khurana.

Maan couldn’t bear his insult. This was the first time someone raised voice against him. He is definitely not going to sit quiet. He shot a furious glance to all the onlookers and left with the guards trailing behind him. He was already in a foul mood and left home fuming. Unknown to him, dadima who was on phone had heard everything and was really glad that someone for the first time had the guts to reply back to her arrogant, proud grandson. She wanted to meet the girl and was sure that she can make his grandson a human from the robot he was now. She smiled and cut the call knowing that Maan won’t be in a mood to talk to her now.

Geet reached home all grumpy after the encounter in the park. Others tried to talk to her regarding him but she denied listening or talking anything regarding him. So they didn’t persuade her much. She went back home sooner as she was annoyed with the morning incident. Pari and Meera understood from her face that something might have happened. They knew very well that she never unnecessarily gets angry over anything. Something might have happened that snapped her control. They waited for her to start her rant. She came to their room and started telling more to herself, “Samajthe kya he apne aapko. Iss poore duniya ki malik? Dusht danav, dus sarwala ravan..” Meera and Pari muffled their laughs listening to her talks. After a while Meera asked, “Geet, tum kiski baath kar rahi hoon?” Geet looked at both of them and told what happened in the park.

Pari laughed aloud and told, “Acha kiya Geet. Ab tho woh Geet Handa se panga nahi lenge.” But Meera was concerned, she told, “Geet, tumhe unse aise baat nahi karna chahiye tha. Woh zaroor koi bade aadmi honge. Woh kuch bhi kar sakthe hain aur hum tho yaha akele he. Mumma-pappa bhi humare saath nahi he. Aise mein kisi se panga lena tik nahi he Geet.” Geet told not caring for it, “Woh mera kuch nahi bigad saktha, aakir usse apni galthi ka ehsaas tho hona chahiye. Itna khamandi insaan meine aaj tak nahi dekha. Chalo chodo. Mujhe iss saturday ko ek interview he, **** mein. I am going to prepare for it. Iss baar jaise bhi karke mein Venue ke andar pahunchegi aur interview bhi degi. Pari, tum bhi aa rahi hena?” Pari told, “Nahi Geet, mujhe tho sirf KC mein kaam karna he. Aur agar Mr. Dreamy ke ek glimpse mil jaye tho usse zyaada mujhe aur kuch nahi chahiye.” Meera and Geet shook their heads while Geet told, “Pari tum kab apni iss dream world se bahar niklenge? KC mein job milna itna aasaan nahi he. Suna he sirf IIT walon ko waha fresh entry miltha he. Agar tumhe chahiye tho pehle koi ache company mein join kar aur baad mein waha jaane ke baare mein soch.” Pari pouted and told, “Uffo Geet, tum aise badi badi baatein mat kar. Mereliye tho KC mein kuch bhi naukri chalega, Mr. Dreamy ke secretary ka post he tho mujhe sirf wohi chahiye. Meine kaha bola mujhe waha aisi he job chahiye.”

Geet hit her head and Meera smiled knowing nothing can change her when it comes to her Mr. Dreamy. Meera got ready and left for office while Geet started preparing for her interview unknown to the fact that she had re-written her destiny in the morning and nothing is going to be as per her wish here after.