Part 4

Dev turned around to see Maan Singh Khurana looking at him with an unfathomable expression in his face.  He knew that he heard everything and he was about to tell something when Maan turned and left to his cabin. Dev entered the cabin and heard his father-in-law discussing about some new ventures to Maan. He appeared calm and Dev decided to leave the matter there. They left after sometime and Mr. Mehra invited Maan for dinner on the weekend to which he agreed without much fuss. Maan was lost in deep thought once they left. He couldn’t believe that someone like Geet who appeared strong and stubborn from outside has been deceived badly in her life. He had always noticed that her eyes were lifeless ever since they met and he still remembered her talk holding the frame. After what Sameera did, he never felt any sympathy to women as he thought they all are alike. He never held any respect for any women except dadima. He never loved anyone except his little sister, Annie. However, Geet was different; he felt she was almost in the same boat as his. She was deceived almost the same way as he was. He could feel her pain and he felt a strong urge to protect her. He knew that there were no chances for them to meet until the project is finished. However, he decided to pay a visit to HMC, next month when he was supposed to visit the London office of KI. Soon he got immersed in work forgetting everything else.

After the encounter with Dev, Geet left KI and started aimlessly walking in the road. She had even forgotten that her car was there in KI. She didn’t know how long she walked. She couldn’t feel anything, her body and senses were numb. The heartbreak she suffered was million times worse than the time Dev asked for divorce. It defeated her, physically and emotionally. It drained out the whole energy from her body and mind. She was strong when Dev left her, thinking that she might have some faults that led to the divorce. She was trying to change herself and live for the sign of their love, their son. Nevertheless, the fact that every moment she cherished in the five years of their marriage was a farce, had broken her beyond imagination. There were no tears in her eyes, she didn’t have the strength to cry or fight. She sat on a roadside bench near a park, defeated, broken. People passing by were looking at her, but she was obvious to anything happening around her.

It was almost eight, when Maan decided to leave KI. He was getting the necessary files and laptop when he got a call from reception. He wondered who calls at this time and attended the call. He told, “Hello, Maan Singh Khurana.” The voice in the other side seemed really tensed, “Sorry to disturb you Mr. Khurana. I am Brij Handa, the brother of Geet Handa, MD of HMC. I just wanted to check when she left KI.” Maan felt an alarm but keeping his voice calm he told, “Mr. Handa, Ms. Handa left at twelve after her meeting.” He could sense the tension and worry in Brij’s voice and asked, “She haven’t reached home yet?” Brij told, “No. She never stays out late, as Garv will be waiting for her. Thanks for your time Mr. Khurana. Please inform me if you get to know anything.” He told that he would inform and cut the call after taking his number.

Maan felt a strange uneasiness; he remembered her painful eyes and her words. He could see the sincerity and honesty in her words. He understood how much it might have pained her. A strong urge to protect her from every sorrow rose in his mind. He collected his things and decided to check with the security. He went out and asked them, but as the shift has changed, they didn’t have much information. However, one of them informed him that a car was there in the clients parking area. That caught his attention. He knew that it was Geet’s and decided to search for her. He took his car and started looking for her. After searching most of the places, he was about to give up thinking that she might have reached home when he saw a lonely figure sitting in one of the roadside benches near a park. He parked the car and went to check. The sight awaited, astounded him. She was sitting there almost lifeless staring blankly at her feet. He slowly went near her and called out, “Ms. Handa..” He received no response, he tried calling few more times but she just sat there obvious of everything. Finally losing his patience, he went near her and shook her by her shoulders calling, “Geet..” She looked up once and fainted in his arms. He held her close and took her in his arms. He placed her carefully on the passenger seat ,buckled the seat beat and called to Brij’s number, he picked the call in one ring. He informed him about Geet’s condition and asked for their address. He told that he would bring her there and drove to her place.

He occasionally glanced at Geet who was lying lifelessly in the seat. He understood that she was in a trauma and will not come out of it very soon. An urge to hold her close and never let any pain affect her was strong in his mind. He didn’t know why he felt attached to her, but he couldn’t see her in pain. When he reached, Brij was there in the door of Handa Mansion waiting for them. He rushed to them when the car stopped. Seeing his sister lying lifelessly in the seat, his heart constricted with pain. When Maan opened the door, Brij took her in his arms and went inside followed by Maan. The doctor had arrived and Brij took her to her room to get her checked after thanking Maan. Maan told that he will wait until doctor finishes check-up. Brij took her to the bedroom and kept her down. Tears started flowing from his eyes seeing her condition. His little sister, who was always bubbly and lively, who always took life positively whatever may happen, is now a living corpse. The cute smile that always adorned her lips was long gone. Now she smiled only for her son, that too a forceful one. However, he was confused as to what happened today that made her so broken. He can have some information from Mr. Khurana as he knew that his sister would never tell anything to them. Simran, Brij’s wife stood beside him with tears in her eyes seeing Geet’s condition. She loved her like a sister. Geet was the one who made it easy for her to adjust to her married life, to merge into their lives. She couldn’t see her in such a state. She sat near her holding her hand.

The doctor finished check-up and told that her body has become dehydrated and put her on saline. He told that she has suffered a severe trauma and still couldn’t come out of that. Besides, she had started getting feverish due to the continuous exposal to the cold weather. He gave her one injection to bring down the fever and prescribed medicines. He asked them to keep out of any mental or physical stress for a while and to come for a check-up next day. Brij was worried about her being unconscious, but doctor assured that now she is sleeping due to exhaustion and let her sleep. Doctor left and Brij went to inform Maan. He told, “I can’t express my gratitude for this Mr. Khurana. She is my life, my little sister. I had called almost everyone but no one knew anything. I was about to inform Police when I got your call. I can’t thank you enough.” Maan told, “No need Mr. Handa. I have a sister. I know how you might have felt.” He stopped for a while and told, “Mr. Handa, I guess she was disturbed after she met Mr. Malik” Maan noticed the anger in Brij’s face at the mention of the name. Brij asked to confirm, “You mean, Dev Malik.” Maan told, “Yes, he is the son-in-law of our client, Mr. Mehra.” Maan noticed the tensed muscles in Brij’s face and the hands turning into fists. However, he composed himself as he couldn’t show his anger before Maan. Maan took leave, as it was too late. Brij expressed his gratitude again and went to Geet’s room after Maan left.