Maan slowly opened his eyes feeling a lightweight in his chest. He looked down to see her serene face that brought a smile in his face. He was happy to see a smile adoring her swollen lips. He slowly placed her on the bed, but she instantly caught his hand fearing that he might go away. She will not let him go even in sleep. Maan felt her pain and insecurity, which she still had to overcome. He had promised to never let her feel insecure. He placed a kiss on her forehead, the lines of worry disappeared, and a cute smile replaced the frown in her face. He looked around to find the decorations and their clothes scattered everywhere. It was a wild passionate night, it was their suhaag raat yesterday. She moved towards him in the sleep and the comforter slipped a little baring her neck and shoulder. Maan smiled seeing his marks all over there. It was not his fault; he waited three long years, one year to realize his love for her and two years to make her realize his love. She was truly his in every sense, his Geet, but it took long to make her realize that it is not a dream, but reality. His mind wandered to the past memories.


Nothing was the same as it used to be for him after the day he met her. He tried to convince himself that it is sympathy, but never even once her lifeless eyes left his thoughts. He cut his ties with Rahul and Sameera and even distanced himself from his own brother, Dev. He was fighting with his own emotions. The fight went on as he got to see her daily during their project together. Nevertheless, she was always cold and aloof. His heart pricked each time he saw her. Somewhere he felt responsible for her state. Finally, his inner fight ended when he confessed everything to dadima. She was the one who made him realize that he was in love. He didn’t admit it before her, he fought that it is sympathy or guilt of unknowingly being a cause of her destruction. However, in his heart, he knew he has fallen in love. It took few more months for him to admit it to himself. Then he was determined to bring her out of the shell. However, she was not even ready to talk to him whenever he approached. After about six months of constant persuasion and with the help of Yash and Meera, she started to be friendly with him. Still he couldn’t get to open her up. As she grew comfortable with him, he confessed his feelings to her once. But she simply snapped telling that it is a dream. Whenever he tried doing it, she used to tell the same.

However, things got worse when his family came to know about his interest in Geet. His mother, Janvi was against marrying an orphan girl while Dev supported her fully knowing that it would be problem for him if Maan marries Geet. Janvi accused Geet for trying to befriend with Maan in one of the parties openly and that again made her stop talking with him. That day he blasted at Dev. He pulled him by his collar and made him tell everything they did to her. Janvi was ashamed of her own son’s deeds and she went with dadima to seek the forgiveness of Geet. Geet forgave her easily and told her that she never intended to get close to Maan. Janvi really felt bad for her and understood why her son loved her. Geet was trying to keep herself away from him but Maan was getting mad by this. Understanding their son’s dilemma dadima and Janvi tried to help him. They started visiting her and took her to KM occasionally. Maan’s father, Raj also grew fond of her. Maan’s younger siblings Annie and Vicky were really friendly with her and she slowly started coming out of the shell even though she resisted first. Dev apologized to her and she forgave him inspite of everything he did to her. Dev was truly ashamed for his deeds and promised himself to do anything to bring happiness in her life. He was the one who found out her hidden love for Maan. He was happy about it and informed Vicky and Annie about it who were more than willing to help him.

Even though Geet talked to everyone, she had kept herself away from Maan. She never indulged in much talk with him than the formal conversation they had while with family. Maan was getting mad with all these and one day took her forcefully to his room while she came to KM. She was startled but before she could tell anything, he placed his hand on her mouth and told, “Geet Handa, enough. I have waited for long. But not anymore. I am madly in love with you and want you to be with me forever as my wife. You don’t have to hide your feelings behind this faade, I know you love me. Please give me a chance to prove my love, please Marry me.” Geet looked at him shocked then blinked her eyes a couple of times. She took his hand from her mouth and started moving back holding both her ears telling, “No, It is a dream. No.. Please stop it.” When she ran away, he understood the extent of her insecurity, her loneliness and he fell on his knees defeated, for the first time in his life. Unknown to him, the whole family had witnessed it, who followed them to his room seeing him dragging Geet. Everyone had tears in their eyes seeing their condition.

Janvi was the one who decided that only Geet will become the elder bahu of Khuranas, no matter what happened. One day she talked directly to Geet, but she refused saying that she is not fit for Maan or this family. However, Janvi didn’t give up. Her constant persuasion gave a small hope in Geet’s mind. She slowly started to speak to Maan forgetting her insecurities and Maan left no stone unturned to show her that how much he loves him. Even though at times, she snapped telling it is a dream, she slowly started to come in terms with the fact that her love was reciprocated. She understood the genuine love and care the family showered her. She had started coming out of the shell slowly and with Annie and Vicky’s company her bubbliness was slowly returning. Finally, she agreed to get married to Maan. Maan’s happiness knew no bounds while others were equally happy with her decision. They decided to have the marriage after three months for giving some time together for Maan and Geet. In the three months, he made every dream of her to reality. She opened up fully to him the day he took her out for their first official date and confessed her love for him. They shared lot of blissful moments together in that three months and she was back to that old Geet, even though the insecurities didn’t leave her fully. They had a grand marriage. Yash and Meera were always there to support her, which was a great relief for her as she always needed the support of a family, someone who treated her as her own. She knew that she was going into a family full of love, they will never let her feel lonely or left out, but Yash, and Meera were as much a part of her life as they were.

Flashback ends

His thoughts were broken when he felt her moving. He slipped next to her and pulled her into his arms. She readily moved in there with a smile even in her sleep. He noticed that it is already seven and if they are late Annie and Vicky will start teasing. However, he didn’t want to wake his sleeping angel. He caressed her face with his long fingers and stopped near her lips. The temptation to take those lips in his was too much but he didn’t want to make her tired more than she was now. He didn’t leave her until early morning and had lost the number of times they made love. However, his touch had waken her up. She opened her eyes to find her Maan gazing lovingly at her. She smiled and told, “Good Morning Maan.” He placed a peck on her lips and told, “Good Morning Geet.” She blushed closing her eyes. He moved forward and whispered in her ears, “Aise sharmana mat Geet. I will eat you alive.” She let out a gasp and noticed the desire in his eyes. She hid her face in his chest unable to bear the intensity of his looks. Maan told, “Jaan, agar tum aise rehna chahthi he tho tik he. Par baad mein yeh mat bolna ki Annie aur Vicky ne mere wajhe se tumhe tease kiya.” She pulled out of the hug and checked the time. She immediately sat upright holding the conforter and told, “Hey Babaji, mein itni der tak sogayi. Mein tho har din jaldi utthi thi. Yeh sab aapki wajhe se hua he. Agar aap mujhe sone detha tho yeh sab nahi hotha.” Once the words left her mouth only she realized what she told. She immediately closed her mouth and was about to rush to the bathroom when Maan pulled her back.

Maan was enjoying her talks and knew that she will try to run when she realize what she told. So before she could move, he pulled her to him. He rolled over her and threw away the comforter. Geet tried to hide herself from him with her hands but he caught it and pinned above her head. He whispered huskily, “Geet, ab kyun chupa rahi ho? Aisa kuch bhi nahi he jo meine nahi dekha he.” She blushed and closed her eyes when she felt him picking her up. She opened her eyes and looked at him questioningly. He smiled and whispered in her ears, “Don’t you want to get fresh? If we do it together, we can save time.” She blushed and looked away from his passionate eyes. When he left her to brush and went out, she thanked her babaji for giving him in her life. This was a life, she could have only dreamt of, but he made it reality.

That was the beginning of a wonderful dream?? No.. Reality.. A couple who were made for each other, tied by the sacred bond of love..

Our dreams may not come true, but sometimes destiny will bring us happiness more than what a dream could bring..