Part 1

She looked at him from the corner of the award function with her hazel eyes full of love and respect for him, when he was awarded the businessman of the year, just like how she looked at him years back during the school function, when he was given the best outgoing student award. She always liked to admire him from a distance, and it grew into love as years passed by. No one could ever take the place he had in her heart. She knew that he may never know until now that someone like her existed in this whole world. She knew that he has a battalion of smart and breath-taking women dying to be with him. She knew that she never stands a chance anywhere in his life. Still she couldn’t stop loving him. She was left alone by her relatives, after her parents’ sudden demise in an accident, but by God’s grace a German multi millionaire sponsored her when she was taken to the orphanage at the early age of 5 years seeing her capabilities. Here she stands representing the company where she works, happy and contented to have a glimpse of her only love after years.

She was brought back from her thoughts when she felt a tap on her shoulder. Mr. Chopra, a middle aged man, her boss called her for giving her further introduction with their business partners, the CEO of Chopra Industries, Geet Handa. She went along with him getting introduced with many businessmen with a smile in her face. She felt him near and heard Mr. Chopra greeting him. Her heart thudded in anticipation when he called her introducing her to him. “Meet Geet Handa, our CEO. And Geet, meet Maan Singh Khurana.” Geet turned to face him with a smile. He forwarded his hand looking intently at her. His perfect M-shaped lips curved into a small smile while she placed her hand in his. Her body shivered when he held her hands tightly. Her heart thudded loudly betraying her calm face. Like knowing that he pressed her hand more and a small smirk adorned her face. He told, “Nice meeting you Miss Handa. Looking forward to work with you in our next venture.” Geet looked shocked and turned her face to see Mr. Chopra who smiled and nodded positively. She was already nervous with just being near to him. Then how will it be when they start working together. She gave a small nervous smile back and told, “My pleasure Mr. Khurana.” Maan slowly let go of her hand. She excused herself and rushed to restroom to compose herself.

She came out after sometime giving enough time for her body to relax. The pathway to the party hall was dim lighted and as most of the people were inside she took one moment to check herself. She was about to go inside when she was pulled aside and pushed to the corner wall. She was about to scream when a palm covered her mouth. She felt her senses reacting wildly and without looking at his face, she knew who it was. She opened her hazel eyes to look into his dark passionate ones. When he felt her stop struggling, he took his hand from her mouth, not before brushing his fingers over her lips. She blushed and shivered at the touch of his fingers. He asked, “Geet, tum kab tak bhagenge? Kya panthrah saal kaafi nahi tha ki tum ab bhi bhag rahi he? You know how much I missed you?” She looked at him shocked. Her mind couldn’t process anything. “What is he telling? 15 years? Did he remember me? But they never talked even once.” Maan looked at her shocked face and placed a kiss on her forehead. She was amazed by the care and concern in his one kiss while he told, “Geet, don’t tell me now that you didn’t know that I loved you since then.” She was shocked by his confession and tears started pouring out from her eyes. She was not getting herself to talk. She finally told, “Aap mujse pyaar.. Par yeh kaise hosaktha he?”  Maan kissed away her tears while she hugged him tight as if she got her life back.

Maan hugged her closer and scooped her up in his arms walking towards the back exit of the hotel. She was not in her senses to know anything. She hugged him close fearing that he might go away if she left him. He placed her in his limousine, which was parked outside and slid near her. She didn’t know anything except him being near her and continued looking at her until the car parked before a huge mansion. She was awed to see the beauty of it. He again took her in his arms and went inside. Both had their eyes locked and no words were spoken until then. They were brought out of the dreamland when they heard someone clear the throat. She turned to see a gorgeous lady in her late 60’s was standing there watching them in contentment. She came near them as Maan allowed her to stand in her feet not before placing his hand round her waist. He told, “Dadima, I fulfilled my promise.” Geet was confused when dadi came forward and hugged her. She reciprocated the hug without hesitation. She smiled after pulling back from the hug and told, “At last I got to see you Geet bte. Is baar please Maan ko chod ke mat jaana.  He won’t be able to bear it.” Geet was even more confused and shocked. Dadi smiled  patting her cheek and told, “Beta, upar jao Maan ke saath. Tumhari har sawal ka jawab mil jayenge.

She looked at Maan and he ushered her upstairs. She went along without any protest. Once they entered the room, Geet stood rooted. The walls of the bedroom were filled with her photographs since their school days. Her every gesture was captured well in the camera. It had snaps of all her life, her graduation, her PG, her first achievement in office. She turned to him who watched her with pure love. She ran to him and hugged him tight. She asked, “Maan, yeh sab kaise, kabse??” Maan hugged her tight and told, “Geet, jis din meine tumhe pehli baar dekha uss din se yeh dil mere nahi raha. Sirf tumhareliye dhadaktha tha. Tumhari aawaz sunne ko tarastha tha, tumhari ek nazar keliye tadaptha tha. Par kehne se pehle tum chali gayi thi. Tumhare baare mein mujhe har khabar miltha raha par mein tumhari khwaishon ke beech mein aana nahi chahtha tha. Aaj tum woh sab ban chuki hoon jiska tum kabil he. Ab agar tumhe poori karne keliye aur koi khwaish nahi he tho kya tum mere humsafar banne ko tayyar ho?” Geet hugged him tight hearing his confession. She never asked her babaji anything more than she deserves. However, her babaji gave her a treasure today, her love who loved her beyond limits. It was all like a fairytale.

She pulled out of the hug and told, “Maan, mera ek aur khwaish he.” Maan’s face fell for a moment but he hid it and asked her, “Bolo Geet, tumhari har khwaish poori karne ko mein tumhara saath doonga.” She smiled at his anxiety to be with him and told, “Ek baat he jo mein kisi se batana chahtha tha, par mein kabhi bata nahi payi.” Maan’s face got tensed but he composed himself and asked, “Kya baat he Geet?” She smiled and tiptoed pressing a kiss on his right cheek and told, “I love you, Maan.” He was shocked by her kiss and confession. Geet blushed and continued turning to walk towards the window, “I loved you since I saw you first, in our school. Then I could not realize it as love. However, when you left I realized it is love. I always used to admire you from a distance making sure that no one noticed. I somehow felt that I am not anywhere a match for you, so kept everything within myself. Par dil ko kaun rokega? Aapka har khabar mujhe milthi rahi kisi na kisi tarah se, aur mein bahut khush thi aapkeliye.  Mujhe pata nahi tha ki hum dobara milenge, par aaj jab mein aapko apni aankhon ke saamne dekh rahi thi tab woh bhi mujhe khawab lag raha tha. Jo bhi ab hua, mujhe yakeen nahi ho raha he ki sab sach he.” Hearing no reply from him, she turned around only to find that she was standing in the same place where she watched him getting the award and she saw Mr. Chopra trying hard to get to talk with him.

Tears slowly started flowing down her hazels when she realized that it was indeed a dream, which may never come true.