Part 19 – Last Part

Maan moved a little and looked at her face. He told, “Bolo Geet, kya baat he?” She looked up and slowly caressed his face with her hand. She told, “Maan, hum Mansion wapas chalthe hain?” He held her hands and looked away. He told after a while, “Nahi Geet, I don’t deserve their love after what I did. Let them be angry at me, I deserve it.” Geet sighed knowing his stubbornness. She cupped his face and told, “Maan, aap kitne din un sabse door rahenge? Kya aapne kabhi socha he ki jab unhe sach ka pata chalega tho unhe kitna dukh honge? Nahi na. Aur aapka yun unse door rehna unhe aur bhi takleef mein dalenge. Aur dad tho apne aap ko doshi maantha rahega kyunki unka diya hua wachan ne ab humari zindagi mein itna dard laya hain. Aur kya aapko yeh nahi lagtha ki Annie kabhi apse kiya hua har ek baat ko lekar bahut guilty feel karenge? Jitna jaldi unko sab pata chalega utna hi acha he. It will be easier for them to come out of the guilt. Agar aapne zyaada der kar diya tho socho unko kitna dukh honge.” Maan told her, “Nahi Geet, mein nahi chahtha he ki unko kuch bhi pata chale. Unka gussa aise hi humesha rehne de.

She got angry hearing him and sat straight pulling the comforter around her. She told looking away, “Sorry, mein bhool gayi thi ki mein MSK se baat kar rahi hoon, jo apne se zyaada kisi aur ka dukh dikhayi nahi detha he.” Maan interrupted, “Geet, tum yeh kya keh rahi ho?” Geet gestured him to stop and told, “Agar aap humare baare mein socha hotha tho aap kabhi yeh nahi kehtha ki unka gussa waise hi rehne do. Kya aap nahi chahtha he ki mein aur Rohan sabke saath khusiyan manaye, sabke saath rahe. Do you want me to again drown in miseries trying to cease the misunderstandings between my husband and family? Kya aapko mujhe aur Rehan ko aur bhi takleef dena he? Kya mein ek aam zindagi jeene ki layak nahi ho?” Maan pulled her closer silencing her with his lips. Each of her words was sending daggers in his heart. In his pain again he forgot what she was missing, her happiness. How could he be selfish again, thinking of his pain, his guilt?

Geet was struggling in his hold hitting him with her small fists. He left her when she stopped struggling. He looked into her eyes and told, “Geet, I am sorry. Mein phirse sirf apne guilt ke baare mein sochtha raha. I always end up in hurting you. I am sorry. I will not deny any of your wishes. Mein tumhare saath jaane ko tayyar hoon.” She looked into his eyes and saw the guilt and remorse reflecting in it. She had tried to lessen it but again ended up in increasing it. She knew that it was not easy for him to come out of the guilt. She caressed his face and told, “Mujhe sirf humari khushi chahiye Maan. Aur woh humare parivaar ke bina adhoori he. Aap please beethi hui baton ko phool jayiye. We can’t change the past, but we can look forward for a great future filled only with happiness. For that, first you have to get rid of this guilt. Why should you be guilty when I don’t hold anything against you.  Why should I be sad now when I know that you have always loved me? Jo bhi humare zindagi mein hua, woh tho kismat ka khel tha. Why should you waste our lifetime drowning in the guilt? How can you think that I will be happy when you are in pain.” Maan looked into her eyes. He could see the depth of her love. Even after what he did to her, she loves him so much. He really doesn’t deserve her love, but he can’t hurt her again with his guilt. He will keep himself happy before everyone if it brings happiness to her. He smiled hugging her and told, “Kal subha ghar challenge.” She smiled and hugged him tight. Geet soon slept in his arms contented by the turn of events unknown to the restlessness in him.

Next morning, Geet woke up before him and got ready. She was happy and had informed everyone that he was coming back. Maan woke up after a while when an enthusiastic Geet literally jumped over him to wake him up. The smile in her face brought contentment in his heart. He knew that he could suffer any pain to see this smile in her face. He got ready as per her instructions wearing the dress she selected. They left for mansion after getting ready. He was expecting everyone to be angry with him for coming there and keeping Geet with him. However, to his surprise and shock, Annie came running to him and hugged him telling numerous apologies. He looked up and from Jai and Naina’s face, he knew that they know everything. He patted Annie and told, “Annie, tumhe sorry kehne ki koi zaroorat nahi he. It was natural for you to react like that for what I did to Geet. I deserved even more hatred from everyone. I can never forgive myself for the sin I did, then how can I expect it from you?

Annie pulled out from the hug and looked at his face knowing how much he might have suffered alone. She told, “Bhai, mein bina puri sachayi jaane aapko kitna kuch kehdiya. I should have at least thought that you could never do such a thing. I never tried to even know what you have to tell. I accused you while you were in pain. I am bad, am really bad.” Maan closed her mouth and told, “Chup bilkul chup. My little sister can never be bad. She is the most sensible person I have seen; who always stands by what is right. So dare you bad mouth her.” Annie hugged him and cried. While others had tears in their eyes seeing the bond between the siblings. Annie has always been close to Maan than others. That is the reason why she couldn’t digest the fact that Maan did something like that and was hell angry at him. After he calmed Annie, Naina and Jai hugged him. Vicky and Dev apologized to him, which he shrugged off telling no need to be sorry. Geet went and stood near Piya and Dadima and was happy that finally, everything was settled and they are happy once again. Neil and Karan noticed the glow in Geet’s face, which was missing for such a long time. They were truly happy for Geet.

Rehan, who was playing with the toys, was watching all these curiously and when everyone settled after their talks, he went and hugged Maan. Maan smiled and took him in his arms. Rehan smiled showing his four teeth and kissed him on his cheeks. He looked around and moved his hand forward to Geet. Geet came to take him, but he took his hand back hugging Maan. Like understanding him, Maan held Geet close to him and Rehan put his tiny hands around her. Everyone smiled with tears seeing this small gesture of the little one. Geet smiled hugging them, she felt complete. This was what she longed for, her family. Her eyes got moist but before it could touch the ground, he wiped it and shook his head. She smiled and took Rehan who started nibbling his fingers, indicating that he was hungry. The Khurana family had breakfast together after a long time with Vicky and Dev cracking jokes lightening the atmosphere.

Mohinder and Pammi came after a while. Mohinder was happy to see the glow in his daughter’s face.  He could see how much Khurana’s cared for her. He could see the genuine smile in her face, that he never got to see since her mother died. He saw the love and admiration in the eyes of Khuranas for her, something that she never got from her own family. Pammi also was regretting for her deeds, which made her suffer the most. However, both were happy to see her happiness. After breakfast, they left along with Neil, Karan and Piya. Piya was happy for Maan and hugged him before leaving. Karan cleared his throat while others laughed seeing him so possessive even with Maan. After they left others returned to their respective rooms to get ready for work. Jai told Maan to take a break for one week, as he knew that he needed time with his Geet and Rehan. Maan even though resisted at first was thankful to his father for letting him do so.

Nakul had shifted Maan’s belongings back to the Mansion and Geet arranged it while Maan played with Rehan. Maan came to their room when Geet had finished arranging his things. Maan noticed the room and found that everything was back to place. He was not pleased by her doing all these in this condition and noticed that she was tired. He gave Rehan toys to play and went near her. She was checking whether everything was proper when she felt her being raised in air. In few seconds, she was in the bed tucked within the comforter. She pouted cutely seeing Maan and told, “Maan, aap bhi sab ki tarah hogaya he. Koi bhi kaam karne nahi dethe hain. Aise bina kisi kaam ke rehna bahut boring he..” Maan smiled and placed a small peck on her lips. He told, “Geet, thodi der aaram karo. Meri Gudiya ko thodi der sone do.” She again pouted, “Dekha babaji, abhi se sirf bachon ki chintha he. Tho jab woh bahar aayegi tab kya hoga? Kisi ko mera parwa hi nahi he.” Maan shook his head listening to her and told, “Geet, tumhara koi bhi antics kaam nahi karne wala he. Ab tumhe rest lena hi padega. Mein Rehan ko Amrit ke paas le ja raha hoon. Nakul abhi fruits leke aayenge. Tum woh khake chup-chap sojao. Tik he?” Geet again pouted and looked away. He smiled and hovered over her. He nuzzled his nose near her cheeks and told, “Geet, meri baat mano aur sojao. Nahi tho baad mein complaint mat karna ki meine tumhe sone nahi diya.” She blinked her eyes and looked at his passionate ones only to shy away. He placed a kiss on her forehead and let taking Rehan with him.

She looked at the father-son duo, with contentment in her eyes. She knew that she did a mistake keeping him in dark. As she thought once, he could have never left her if she told the truth. She smiled knowing that the dark phase in their lives was over and now there will be only happiness. She knew that Maan won’t come out of his guilt very soon but he will never let it come in the way of their happiness. She had to make him forget all those things and fill their life with only happiness. Her family was now complete, a happy family. She closed her eyes drifting into a contented sleep awaiting the happy days in her life.