Part 18

Maan was the first to wake up much later in the evening. He watched his love sleeping peacefully in his arms, how he could deprive her of what she deserved, for such a long time. Her longing to be with him was clear in every gesture of hers. He watched her as she snuggled closer to him and he could feel himself turning on instantly. That has always been his reaction to her. He thought of the days during their stay in London. Most of the Sundays, he never allowed her to be out from the bed. Every time when she thinks that, he has stopped, the next moment she will be disappointed knowing that he has no plans to let her go. Initially he had thought it as the strong physical attraction between them but failed to realize that it was his love for her and when he realized he couldn’t express it, but not anymore. She deserves it and he will ensure that she will never get hurt again. He felt her hugging him closer and her soft body against his was awakening his desires, his passion that he never felt since they departed. He hugged her close creating patterns on her back. She snuggled closer feeling tickled. His ministrations had wakened her up. He smiled knowing how ticklish she gets at times.

He felt her smiling in his chest and understood that she woke up. He slowly pulled her away from his chest and looked into her eyes. She smiled running her fingers on his stubble. She told, “Yeh stubble aap par bahut ache lagthe ho, Maan. But it pricks sometimes. See my cheeks are all red. Aur..” She suddenly stopped thinking what she was about to tell. She buried her head to his chest feeling shy. Maan smirked and asked, “Kya hua Geet, tumne bataya kyun nahi aur kaha..” He pulled her out of the hug and she closed her eyes. He pinned both her hands above her head and placed wet kisses on her cheeks. She smiled and looked into his eyes. He told, “Geet, tumne nahi bataya.. Tik he, mein khud hi check kartha hoon.”¬†Before Geet could react, he pulled the comforter covering them down baring her soft curves to his eyes. They were red due to his passion. He moved down and kissed her on her pink swollen buds. She writhed and moaned as he started devouring her. He cared not to bite her as she was already sore and the pregnancy had made her body more sensitive. It didn’t take much time before they started their next round of love making.

Maan was afraid of getting her exhausted but her pregnancy hormones were too high that she was not at all willing to leave him. After a couple of more times, he finally convinced her, suppressing his desire, for having dinner and taking rest. Nakul got the dinner for them and they fed each other all the while stealing kisses. Geet couldn’t believe herself that she was experiencing this, the love, care and concern she felt in his every touch was something that she always longed for. Tears threatened to fall from her eyes, but before it fell, Maan kissed them away. He told, “Geet, ab in ankhon mein aasoo nahi aane doonga.” He scooped her up and carried her back to their bedroom. He placed her gently on the bed and slipped near her. They slept peacefully in each other’s arms awaiting the days of happiness.

Next day, Geet asked Maan to come with her to Mansion but Maan denied saying that he doesn’t deserve their forgiveness soon and made a promise to not tell anything to anyone. Geet tried to convince him but he was stubborn and asked her to go, as everyone will be waiting for her. She went to mansion thinking to give him some more time. Piya and Annie had come along with Rehan. Rehan came running to her when he saw Geet. Everyone was looking behind Geet to know if Maan has come, but was disappointed to find no one. Geet saw this and told, “Unhe thoda waqt dijiye. Woh zaroor aayenge.” Everyone nodded, even though they were not fully convinced. Piya and dadima went to meet Maan and they left with Annie and Karan. Neil couldn’t come as he had some important meetings to attend. Geet took Rehan with her and went to outhouse after everyone left. When Maan asked about others, she told that they had gone out except for dadima. He was worried if someone comes and finds she is not there then it will be a problem. Geet assured him that dadima will inform her if anyone comes. He even though was not convinced, was happy to spend the whole day with his son. Rehan too was happy to be with Maan. Geet just watched them while the father-son duo played. She felt bad to have kept Maan away from Rehan. She knew that even if he didn’t love her, he couldn’t have kept himself away from Rehan. He deserved his father’s love and she promised to never let any indifferences over shadow their relation. There won’t be any place for misunderstandings in their life.

Few days went on like that, with Rehan spending most of the time with Maan. He was not ready to leave Maan even for office and he had to take him to office as well. Geet was happy seeing the bond between them as Rehan even though was close to Neil and Karan, was never so possessive like he was with Maan. However, in KM, the situation was entirely different. Even though everyone was giving him time, they couldn’t help from feeling guilty as they secretly watched the interaction between the father-son duo. The most affected one was Annie. She wanted to talk to Maan but couldn’t as she can’t break the word given to Geet. Geet could feel the tension in them and decided that it is time to bring Maan back.

Annie had taken Rehan along with them on Saturday and Geet thought it is the right time to talk to Maan. She went to outhouse and prepared his favorite dishes with the help of Nakul. She changed to her night suit and waited for him to return from a meeting he had with one of their clients. Maan came looking for Rehan as he will always be there waiting for him. His face fell when she told that he had gone with Annie, but smiled for the sake of Geet. She smiled and asked him to come after getting fresh. He left placing a peck on her forehead. She set the table and waited for him to come. He got fresh and came down dressed in his vest and tracks. Her heart skipped a bit seeing him; she still had his effect on her. Maan smirked seeing her facial expressions. He saw that she wore the same type of dress that she used to wear during their college days. She looked cute in her Winnie pooh T-shirt and three fourths with that cute bump. He went near her and hugged her from back. He placed his head on her shoulders and asked, “Kya baat he Geet? Aaj sab mere pasand ka banne ho. And from the smell I can tell that you made it.” Geet smiled knowing how much he liked it when she used to prepare his favorite dishes.

His hands reached her cute bump and he turned her to face him. He kneeled down before her and kissed the bump. “Meri Gudiya kaisi he? Mamma ko zyaada tang tho nahi kar rahi ho na?” Geet ran her fingers on his hair while he hugged her close placing his face on her bump. She smiled and told, “Khana khalo na Maan. Gudiya ko bhi bhook lagi he.” He sat on the chair, pulling Geet to his lap. They fed each other stealing kisses in between. After finishing the dinner, Maan helped Geet to set the vessels much to Geet’s protest. He carried her to their room and placed her on bed. She didn’t let go off him. He looked in her eyes and saw the passion in her eyes. He couldn’t hold back and pulled her to him for a kiss. Soon one kiss turned to other and ended up making love. He rested on her chest panting putting his body weight on his elbows. He lied down pulling her along with him. After calming down, Geet told, “Maan, mujhe aapse kuch zaroori baat karni he..