Part 4

Geet insisted that they should leave only after she recovered, but was not willing to leave the job. Maan understood that and asked her to take leave for a while. Her peers readily agreed, as she never took any leaves in the past years of service. Aarav never left his mamma as somewhere he feared that she would leave him and go. However, Geet’s assurance somehow gave him courage. She was guilty for keeping him away from her love. More than her, it pained Maan to have kept his love and his life away from this happiness. Dadima and Raj had returned to Delhi. Vicky also came to meet Geet and they both jelled together very fast. Her colleagues were happy to see the genuine smile in her face. Jai and Amar tried to persuade her to leave the service but she was not willing to do it. Maan understood that her commitment towards everything is at extremes, she will give her heart to everything. After few days, they left to Delhi. Geet was still apprehensive to go back with the thought of facing everyone there. However, when they reached all her apprehensions disappeared. It was Vasundhara and Annie who waited for her arrival, taking her aarti along with dadima.

Dadima had informed them about Geet and they all had returned from Canada. Geet could see the guilt in both their faces and knew that they really regretted for their deeds. Vasundhara told when everyone was seated, “Geet beti, I am the one who is responsible for everything you had to go through. I was too selfish to think of anything beyond an heirloom for our family. I couldn’t see the pain of a eighteen year old, who sacrificed her every dream and wish. What I did can never be forgiven, so I won’t ask you forgiveness. I know you are too good at heart that you don’t hold anything against us, but I hope that God will give me enough punishment for my deeds.” Geet never held any grudges with them and could easily forgive them as they apologized. Aryan and Dev apologized to her, but she told that she knew earlier itself how they felt. They were ashamed that they have done such a heinous deed to such an angel. She was truly an angel. However, Geet noticed the tiff between Maan and Vasundhara. She knew that somehow the incident caused all these. She wanted to know everything that happened after she left. She could see that the family was shattered after she left, when she thought that they would be happy with her departure. She decided to talk to Maan about it.

When she reached their room, all the memories rushed back to her. The days and nights she spend there, their close moments, his ignorance, baby Aarav… everything. Maan who followed her saw the change in her facial expressions. He knew that she is remembering all those days. He slowly went near her and placed his hand on her shoulder. She turned back startled and seeing him concealed her emotions. He saw her trying to hide and held her by both shoulders. He looked into her eyes and told, “Geet, mujhe pata he ki yaha tumhe kya kya sehna pada he. Par mujhe ek mauka do woh sab tik karne ka, tumhe woh saari khusiyan dene ka, jisse tum haqdar ho.” Geet told shaking her head, “Aap please aisa mat kaho. Yaha aane se pehle jaise zindagi meine jiya tha, usne mujhe utna khushi nahi diya jitna mujhe yaha aane ke baad mila. Dukh tho zaroor hua tha jab mujhe aap dono ko chodke jaana pada tha, par aapne tho mujhe apni zindagi ke sabse badi khushi diya he, Aarav ke roop mein. Unke saath bitaye hue che mahine kaafi tha mereliye, yeh poori zindagi jeene ka. Mujhe aapse ya kisi aur se koyi shikayat nahi he. Meine yeh soch ke chali gayi thi ki mere jaane ke baad aap sab khush rahenge. Mein yeh nahi socha tha ki aisa ho jayega. I am sor…” Before Geet could continue, Maan closed her mouth with his palm.

He told feeling more guilty by her words, “Geet, tum sorry kyun bol rahi ho, jab humne tumhari zindagi se saari khusiyan cheen li, tumhe ek zinda laash bana liya, jaha tak ki tumne apne jaan ka bhi parva karna chod diya. We don’t deserve you, Geet. Tum sach mein ek Angel ho, jaise sab tumhe bulatha he. Jo sab mein sirf achayi dikhthi he, jo doosron keliye jeethi he. Jab tum mere saath thi, tab tumhe mein dard ke alawa aur kuch nahi diya tha. Phir bhi tum mujhe itna pyaar kyun karthi ho? Tumhe yeh patha bhi tha ki mera aur Sanjana ka rishtha kya tha, aur yeh bhi patha tha ki ek din tumhe humare bete ko chodke jaana padega. Tho phir kyun tumne ek baar bhi peeche mudne ko nahi socha? Agar tumne aisa koyi decision letha tho iss ghar mein koyi bhi tumhe nahi rokha hotha. Kyun tumne itne paraye logon keliye itna sab kuch kiya jab tumhe patha tha ki yeh tumhe dard ke alawa kuch nahi denge?” Geet smiled and told, “Aapse kisne kaha ki mujhe aap sirf dard hi diya he? Kya aap ko patha he, jo din mein aapke aur humare bache ke saath bithaya tha, woh mere zindagi ke sabse khoobsoorat pal the. Jo pyaar mujhe Sanjana di se aur Nakul kaka se mila tha woh sab mujhe apne ma, papa ke jaane ke baad kisine mujhe nahi diya tha. Jis din aapne mujse shaadi ki thi, uss din se mein sirf aapki hi thi. Mujhe aapke khushi se badkar aur kuch nahi chahiye thi. Aap khush ho tho mein bhi khush thi. Aur mujhe patha tha aap yeh sab Sanjana di keliye kar rahe the, aur aap majboor the. Aapne mujhe jaane ko nahi kaha tha, shayad aap keh bhi nahi patha tha. Aur mujhe patha he ki aap uss din kitna guilty feel kar rahe the. Par meine yeh kabhi nahi socha tha ki aap aur Sanjana di alag hojayenge. Yeh nahi socha tha ki humara beta maa ke sahare ke bina jeena padega. Aisa tha tho mein kabhi aapko chodke nahi jaatha.

Maan could see the depth of her love. She did everything for him, his happiness mattered the most for her. He told with tears in his eyes, “Geet, kya tum ab Aarav se door reh pavoge? Jab tum wapas kaam par jayenge tab…“, he didn’t want to complete it. Geet turned away from him and told, “Meine jab army join kiya tha tab mujhe kabhi nahi laga tha ki aap aur humara beta mujhe wapas milega. Isliye meine uss din tayyir kiya tha ki meri zindagi sirf desh keliye he. Par ab mein uss pran ko wapas nahi le sakthi. Mein Aarav ko samjha doonga. Usse sirf yeh darr he ki mein usse chodke javoonga. Par mein unhe samjha doonga ki yeh mera kaam he aur mein unhe chodke tho nahi jaa rahi hoon.” Maan told, “Geet, mein Aarav ki baat nahi kar raha tha. Mein tumhari baat kar raha tha. Itne saal baad unse milne ke baad kya tum unse door reh pavogi?” She couldn’t reply, she can’t lie to him. She looked towards the wall beside her only to find her portrait. She knew that Sanjana drew it. Tears threatened to fall from her eyes. Maan looked at her hearing no response and noticed her staring at the portrait. From her posture, he could feel the emotions she was facing then. He slowly moved forward and closed the distance hugging her from back. She shredded feeling his touch. He placed his chin on her shoulder and told, “Geet, humare paas tumhara koi bhi tasveer nahi the. Isliye Sanjana ne tumhari ek tasveer banayi, hum dono keliye, takki hum tumse baat kar saku. Tumhe mehsoos kar saku.

The tears started flowing out from her eyes. Feeling the wetness in his cheeks, he turned her. He moved forward and kissed away the tears. He kissed her forehead, eyes and cheeks. Her face colored feeling the touch of his lips on her cheeks. He smiled and was about to kiss her lips when Aarav barged in calling mamma. Both immediately pulled apart embarrassed before he could catch them. Geet went to Aarav and he pulled her with him to tell her everything that he did until then. Maan sighed knowing that he won’t get her near now. He smiled remembering her words, on how much she loved him. He was truly lucky to have her in his life, but the thought of her going back to work was haunting him. He knew how risky the life of the army officials working in borders is. Now, when he got her after such a long wait, he cannot lose her. However, he can only pray for her life, maybe it is his punishment by God for what he did to her.

Rest of Geet’s day went with Aarav as she patiently listened to his talks. She understood that he was more matured for his age and has all the traits of Maan. She still couldn’t believe that this happiness was hers. The whole Khurana family was getting back to normal. Geet spent rest of the evening with them and Vicky put everything on ease for her. Annie confessed her that she was angry with her as she thought that she would snatch away Sanjana di’s place in Maan bhai’s heart, as she was very fond of her. Geet understood her perspective as it was expected from a 17 year old who was the youngest and most pampered child. She convinced her that it was not her fault and she had forgotten all those then itself. She became friendly with her soon. Vasundhara who was still feeling guilty was happy to see her gelling with all the family members. Others too had forgiven her, but not Maan. She didn’t expect him to do that, but was happy that Geet was back in their lives.

Geet understood that Dev’s marriage with his childhood sweetheart was fixed long back but was delayed due to Maan’s indifference and her missing. She wanted to bring back the long lost happiness and asked Vasundhara and dadima to proceed with the arrangements as she had four months leave and can help them too. After long time, Khurana mansion started filling with laughter and happiness. Sanjana called as soon as she received the news of her arrival. She was so excited that Rehan had to stop her forcefully from talking. Geet was feeling at peace after talking to her. She could feel her happiness and she got a chance to talk to Rehan also.

After dinner, Aarav wanted her to read a bedtime story for him and soon he fell asleep as she read it for him. When Maan entered their room, he saw her running fingers on Aarav’s hair looking at him with tears in her eyes. He could feel how much she missed him. Aarav had slept towards the right side of the bed as usual. He noticed that she had changed to a Winnie pooh t-shirt and pants. She looked like another baby near Aarav. He smiled at his thoughts and went near her after closing the door silently. He lay down besides her hugging her from back. She was startled by the sudden hug but Maan kept her close without letting her move. He buried his face in her long hair opening the clip holding it together, feeling her. She relaxed in his embrace, she had longed for his touch; she had longed for his care and love. Now when she is getting it, she couldn’t believe that everything is real. Like reading her thoughts he told, “Geet, I love you…

She was shocked by his sudden confession. She slowly turned in his hold; he loosened his hold for her to turn to him. He read the shock in her eyes and told, “Geet, mujhe patha he ki mein yeh kehne mein bahut der kar di. Par sach tho yeh tha ki mein tumse tabse pyaar karne laga hoon jabse tum meri zindagi mein aayi thi, par samjne mein bahut waqt lagaya. Mein tumhe yeh bata nahi saktha ki iss che saal meine tumhe kitna miss kiya. Phir kabhi aise meri zindagi se mat chali jaana. Please..” Geet closed his mouth with her palm before he could continue. She shook her head and moved forward placing a kiss on his forehead. He was overwhelmed by her gesture. This was the first time she made a move towards him, the gesture showed her love, her care, every unsaid words. He was choked with emotions seeing her unconditional love. He pulled her closer and hugged her tight. They slept peacefully in each other’s arms contented after such a long time.

Next morning as usual, Aarav was the first to wake up. He saw his mamma hugging him with one hand and the other hand was wrapped around his dad. His dad was hugging her while she slept in his arms. He smiled showing his small teeth and his devil mind planned for something. He went to washroom and got a mug full of water. He came slowly near the bed and splashed it on both the faces together as they were sleeping so close. He hid the mug when they both got up hurriedly when they drenched. Maan looked up and saw the naughty grin in his little devil’s face. He understood that it might be his doing, but poor Geet was surprised as to where the water came from. When Maan stood up from the bed, Aarav showed his thumbs down and fled to Vicky’s room, who was his savior in all his mischief’s. Maan turned around to find a confused Geet. She asked, “Maan, yeh pani yaha kaise aagaya? Aur Aarav aise bhagke kaha gaya. Kahi woh bhig tho nahi gaya. Chalo mein jaake dekhthi hoon” and got up from the bed moving towards the door. Maan hit his head at how naive and innocent his Geet was and locked the door before she could go out. He pulled her to him and told, “Geet, tum itni bholi kyun he? Yeh sab Aarav ka masak he. My day never goes without getting into some mischief done by him.” Geet still looked confused. Maan pulled her closer and told, “Geet, tum tho yeh sab baton mein bilkul bachon jaisi he. Aarav ne hume utane keliye yeh pani splash kiya.” She asked, “Oh, mujhe lagtha he usko kuch chahiye hoga aur hum ut nahi rahe the, isliye pani splash kiya.”

Maan hit his head and understood that there is no use in telling her and before she could go forward with her over concern, he took her lips into his. He did it to stop her blabbering but soon it turned to a passionate kiss, their first kiss ever. Geet was startled feeling his lips on hers. She was spell bound by the tenderness of the kiss. It spoke of his love, care and desire for her. She slowly entangled her fingers in his hair and one hand went around his neck, pulling him close. Maan couldn’t control his urges when he started feeling her like never before. Her lips were so sweet that he couldn’t get enough of them. His hands roamed all over her body feeling her close. She was feeling weak at her knees when his hand went inside her top feeling her waist. His hands moved up and explored her feminine beauty and she glued to him feeling shy with his touch.  When he felt her softness in his palms he couldn’t help from exploring more. He deepened the kiss as his hands went to the other giving it the same attention. A knock in the door brought them back to senses and they pulled away. Geet immediately turned back and corrected her dress. Her cheeks were red remembering the passion they shared, their first kiss. Before she could rush towards the washroom, Maan pulled her back and whispered in her ears, “Tum aise sharmaoge tho tumhe mein kahi nahi jaane dega.” She shied even more trying to escape from his teasing. He smiled and told, “I Love you Geet” and released her.  She rushed inside the bathroom feeling shy and embarrassed.

Maan shook his head seeing her. He remembered his promise to bring back the happiness in her life. For that, he needs to wait for a while even if it takes all his control to stop from making love to her. He composed himself and went to open the door after she left to freshen up. Vicky and Aarav were at the door. Aarav was hiding behind Vicky peeking glances at him. Vicky told analyzing his face, “Bhai, I think you shouldn’t be angry at Aarav. He after all gave you an opportunity to spend some quality time with Bhabhi” Maan was embarrassed and shouted, “Vicky..” But before he could tell anything Vicky ran with Aarav telling, “Bhai, aaj gym jaane ki koyi zaroorat nahi. We both are going to occupy it. Have a great time.” Maan went inside shaking his head at the antics of his brother and son. He decided to sleep for a little longer and went to bed. After a while, he woke up hearing the opening of the bathroom door. The sight awaited him astounded him. His Geet, clad only in a towel was tiptoeing silently towards the cupboard. Water was dripping from her short hairs in the front and disappearing within the towel knot. Her slim milky white bare legs added to the sensuality surrounding her. Maan wanted to rip the towel off and take her right then. He in trance stood up and moved towards her.

Geet took her bath and put her nightclothes in laundry bag when she realized that she didn’t take her change of clothes. She chided herself for being so careless and peeked into their room to see if Maan is there. She saw him sleeping and concluded that he won’t wake up. She tiptoed towards the cupboard, when she was about to open it, she was pulled back to something hard. She looked up and saw Maan looking at her with so much passion and desire in his eyes. She couldn’t stand his heated gaze and hugged him tight to avoid his gaze. She buried her face in his chest blushing. Maan smiled feeling her shyness and moved her wet long hair from her back and shoulders and placed a kiss there. Her hold on him got tight as he explored her bare back with his fingers. He held her hair and pulled her back to get to see her face. Her eyes were closed and her lips were quivering. He slowly closed the distance taking her lips into his. It was not gentle like the previous one, but demanding and passionate. She could feel his longing for her in the kiss. They kissed ardently while Geet’s hands went to his neck holding him close, drowning herself in the sensations awakening in her. He left her lips, moved to her chin, her neck, and collarbone, and reached her shoulders. He kissed and bit her marking his possession.

He was almost losing his control as the separation of years was making him desperate for her. However, he has to keep his promise. He pulled back and looked at her closed eyes. Geet was turning jelly in his arms, she had longed for his touch all these years even though she knew that it was not possible. Now when she was getting her dreams come true, she couldn’t keep her emotions aside. Their relation and emotions were always expressed physically rather than verbally. Neither she, nor he could express it through words. Now that the realization of their love was there, both knew that it was not mere physical urge but to the need to love each other with all its intensity. When he pulled away, she was disappointed and opened her eyes to see him gazing at her lovingly. She blushed and hugged him.

He hugged her close and told, “Geet, as much as I want to take you to bed now, I don’t want Vicky to tease us to death and Aarav will soon come searching for his mamma. I don’t want us to be disturbed in between.” Geet blushed and hid further in his arms. He understood it and told, “Geet, ab jaake change karlo, before I change my mind.” Geet pulled away and was about to rush inside when Maan told, “Geet, tum phirse bhool gayi” and went to open the cupboard. She was amazed seeing her dresses arranged nicely there. All those dresses which she used to wear was there and many more have been added to it. Maan took a red saree with it accessories and came to Geet. He saw the surprised look in her face and told, “Geet, I could never buy you something when we both were together. So I used to buy everything that I wanted to give you and keep here.” She smiled through tears, seeing the love and concern in his eyes. He wiped her tears and told, “Ab tum change karlo. I will freshen up. Aarav will be coming soon.” He left with a smile giving a kiss on her forehead.

Geet smiled and got ready feeling elated to wear something of his choice. When she was ready, Aarav knocked the door. She went to open and found Aarav with Vicky. Vicky was standing mouth opened seeing her. He told, “Aarav, pinch chachu.” Aarav pinched him hard. Vicky winced in pain and told, “You little devil. Itna zor se koi pinch kartha he kya.” He turned to Geet and told, “Bhabhi, yeh sach mein aap ho? Ya koi Pari ho?” She shook her head at his antics and smiled. Vicky dramatically put his hand on his chest and told, “Haye mein mar java.” He got a smack on his head and turned to see dadima. She told, “Badmash, bhabhi ke saath flirt kar raha hoon?” Vicky rubbed his head and told, “Kya karu dadima, jab itne sundar bhabhi he tho koi bhi flirt karega. Haina bhabhi.” Geet smiled hearing it. Dadima patted her cheeks and told, “Bahut pyaari lag rahi ho. Humesha khush raho.” When Geet was about to touch her feet, she held her before she touch her feet and hugged her. Aarav was silently watching all these interactions and asked, “Badi dadi, mamma ne aapka pair kyun chua? Meine kisi aur ko kabhi aise karthe hue nahi dekha he.” Dadi smiled and told, “Beta, tumhari mamma bahut achi he, woh sabka respect karthi he. Isliye usne mera pair chua.” Aarav hugged Geet and told, “Ha mujhe pata he. My mamma is the best.” Geet held him and tried controlling the tears seeing their love for her. Dadima and Vicky left asking them to join breakfast soon. She took Aarav inside while he continued with his talks.