Part 25

Geet smiled with tears in her eyes and told, “I am the one who is lucky, Maan. I am lucky that I have you in my life. I am lucky to get your love. I Love you Maan.” Maan pulled her closer, kissed away her tears and told, “I Love you Geet.” He carried her to the couch and sat with her on his lap. She hugged him and buried her head on his chest listening to his heartbeat. They sat like that feeling each other’s presence until the phone rang after almost an hour.

Maan was angry when the phone rang disturbing their serene moment. Geet smiled seeing his frustration and got up from his lap gesturing him to take the phone. He shook his head and took the call. It was Aadi, he wanted to inform that one of their clients wanted to meet him to talk about their new deal but as it was difficult for them to come to Delhi, they had asked whether it is possible for him to meet them at Manali next month. Maan was already irritated and the thought of being away from Geet irritated him more. He told Aadi to get further details and call him back. After keeping the phone, he was in deep thought, while Geet kept looking at him without disturbing him. His facial expressions changed, he called Aadi and told to book two tickets to Manali, for him and Geet. Geet’s eyes widened hearing him. He kept the phone and looked up to see her looking at him like he was some alien. Geet asked, “Maan, aap kya kar rahe ho? Why should I come with you when you are going for a business deal? Aur ab tho mein aapki secretary bhi nahi he, tho log kya kahenge?

Maan smiled and went near her. He pulled her to stand holding her by waist and told, “Geet, tumhe lagtha he ki Maan Singh Khurana bina kuch soche kuch karega? Nahi na. Now listen carefully. Sasha is going to attend the conference in London next week along with Tasha for a month. You can’t accompany her, as you won’t get visa now since your students visa is in process. I need someone to accompany to assist me with the tasks. So I am taking you, it is as simple as that.” He smiled and winked at her while Geet was awed by his way of thinking. She kept looking at him while he slowly moved forward pulling her close. She came out of the trance when she found his face close to hers, their lips almost touching. She shied turning her face to the side before Maan could kiss her. His lips brushed her cheeks and he looked at her disappointed. He pinned her to the wall on a reflex and seeing her looking shocked, he took her lips into his, kissing her deep. Maan was unable to control his passion and he kissed her until both of them were out of breath. He looked at her flushed face and smiled. She shied and hugged him. After stealing few more kisses, Maan left her knowing well that others will get suspicious. Geet went out after composing herself. Maan watched her as she tried hard not to look into his side. Every time she caught his stare, she will shy and look away. He smirked seeing his effect on her. Even though they shared close moments, she still shied at his intense gaze. He shook his head and got back to work.

Days passed by with very less interaction between them except the occasional hugs and kisses they shared while no one is there, in lift or in conference room. Both couldn’t stay away from each other and the thought of her leaving to London always left them with a heavy heart. Maan was getting irritated as he himself had kept her away in his anger and now he is paying for it. Sasha was little apprehensive when she heard that Tasha is accompanying her to the conference and Geet is going to Manali with Maan. Her doubts started arising again. One day while Geet was working on a project inside Sasha’s cabin, she got a message. She blushed seeing the message and Sasha noticed it. She looked towards Maan’s cabin and noticed that he is also holding his phone. Geet’s phone rang before Sasha could ask anything. Geet took the call and told, “Karan, yeh kya mazak he? Aapne bola tha kal wapas aayenge, aur aaj bhi aap Mumbai mein he. This is not done. Chaddo, mein aapse baat nahi karoongi.” She pouted and looked away as if Karan could see her through the phone. However, unaware to her, someone was relieved with her talks. Sasha confirmed that Geet and Karan are in a relation and she is not threat to her. So she decided to forget worrying about her and MK.

Geet was still apprehensive of the trip, but Maan promised that he had taken care of everything and Arjun was also fine with it. Both were looking ahead for the trip together and Maan was planning for a surprise to his mishti. Sasha and Tasha left for the conference and the staff were little bit relieved, as they don’t have to stand the commanding Sasha. Besides MD seemed to be at peace and grew less angry with others. However, none knew the fact that it was the presence of his mishti that comforted him. Everyone was obvious to the relationship they shared. Before all they were strictly professional, even Aadi and Pinky couldn’t make out any changes in their behavior. Even though it was difficult for Maan to hold back, he never wanted to create any unnecessary problems to Geet. Every staff in the office thought that Geet and Karan will get hitched soon, and as no one asked Geet, she couldn’t correct it also. Maan was unknown to all the facts as he seldom hears gossips in office. Dadima and Annie came to know about their business trip a week before and both were happy with the way their relation was turning out. However, Annie had taken promise from dadima that she won’t discuss with anyone regarding their marriage until Geet finishes her studies. She wanted Geet to fulfill her dreams. She knew that if her brother is in love then no matter whatever may come he will only marry Geet. So she was not worried about the years to wait.

Finally, the day arrived when they have to leave to Manali. Geet was really tensed about the journey as it is her first time in flight but Maan assured that everything will be fine. Meera and Karan had come to drop Geet. Karan passed a teasing smile to both and told Maan to take care of her. Maan smiled and assured him. They were travelling via business class and there were only two more persons other than them. Maan was glad that he could get one whole week alone with his mishti. He had no plans to keep her away for a while. They had a meeting the Monday, the next day and the next meeting was to be held at Sunday. So they had pretty good time to spend together in Manali. He came out of his thoughts when the airhostess came and asked with a hundred watts smile as to whether he requires any assistance. She looked at Geet, who was sitting beside him with closed eyes due to her nervousness. She made a weird face, more of jealousy, smiled at Maan and left.

Maan looked at the trembling lips of his mishti and understood that she is praying to her babaji. He wanted to kiss her senseless but couldn’t do so now. He scolded himself mentally for not taking a private jet instead of this. He wanted Geet to familiarize with a normal plane journey. So he took a regular flight. He slowly took her hands in his and she immediately tightened her hold. He came near her ear and told, “Kya baat he Geet. Meine socha Geet Handa kisi cheez se darthi nahi. Par lagtha he aise bahut saari cheese he jisse tum darthi ho.” That was enough for her to jerk open her eyes. She shrugged off his hands and told, “Mein kisi se bhi darthi nahi. Woh tho bas mein babaji se keh rahi thi ki sab kuch tik se hojaye.” They heard the airhostess giving safety instructions and they locked the seatbelt. Maan told, “Tho tumhe darr nahi lagtha. Tik he, mein thodi der sojatha hoon” and closed his eyes. Geet didn’t expect him to do so. She so much wanted him to hold her tight. She murmured, “Dekha babaji, yeh kaisa insaan he. Mujhe bina dekhe so gaya. Geet, tum bhi na kya zaroorat thi yeh batane ki darr nahi lagtha. Ab bhuktho.” She felt the plane moving and immediately closed her eyes clenching her hands together. She felt something warm on her trembling lips and opened to find his deep brown eyes. His warm lips over her cold ones did magic. She forgot about where they were. He took her lips slowly in his, kissing her with tenderness. He knew that they can’t go much ahead as the airhostess may come in anytime. Geet ran her fingers on his hair. She was drowning in the sensation his lips created on her lips.

After a while when Maan observed that the flight was up, he pulled out of the kiss. Seeing her closed eyes and rosy lips, he was prompted to kiss again, but controlled knowing that he won’t be able to stop. Geet came out of reverie when the airhostess came again asking for what they prefer to eat. She jerked opened her eyes and looked out finding only clouds and the flight was moving steadily. She shook her head thinking that she dreamt all those things and finding Maan immersed in some business journal she thought she has really started daydreaming. Then only she looked up to find the airhostess looking at Maan dreamingly. Maan saw that she was awake and knew what she will be thinking. He saw the airhostess waiting nearby. He had an evil smirk in his face and looked up giving a charming smile to the airhostess. She was smitten by his smile and started to stare dreamingly at him. Geet was getting irritated and Maan’s reaction added fuel to it. She broke the silence by shaking her a little. She immediately looked at her irritated to have destroyed her eyelock. Geet told, “Miss, Bring me one bottle of water.” She murmured something under breath and walked away. Maan was trying hard to control his laughter seeing his mishty’s acts. However, when he looked at her, his laughter died in his throat. Geet was looking at him furiously. He knew that he has invited trouble.

Geet was telling in her mind, “Tho Aap iss ladki se flirt karna chahthe ho na? Tho mein bhi dekhthi hoon aap kitne der tak kaamyaab rahenge.” She looked around and found a man in late twenties sitting two seats behind them. She smirked and formulated her plan. The airhostess came and gave the water to her still irritated. Geet told, “Can I take the aisle seat next to the person sitting behind? I don’t prefer window seat and also I can’t sit alone. Please check with the person and let me know.” Maan knew that she was surely upto something as he saw the smirk in her face. However, after hearing her, he knew that she was giving him the taste of his medicine. No ways he is letting her to sit near someone else.  The airhostess was happy and was about to move towards the person when Maan called her, “No need to disturb him. I will exchange seats with her.” Airhostess was disheartened as she lost the chance to stand near him and left asking them to call if anything is required. Geet gave a triumphant smirk to Maan before changing the seats.  Once they exchanged the seats, Maan looked around and pulled her to one passionate kiss before she could react. When she opened her eyes again she found him busy with changing the channels. She hit her head and cursed for daydreaming while Maan was muffling his laughter.

Geet started muttering profanities at Maan for changing her to an extent that she started even daydreaming. Maan was all the while muffling his laughter hearing her. Whenever she looked, he will put a straight face and she will look away pouting. She relaxed finally on the seat and soon drifted off to sleep. Maan looked at her innocent face; he couldn’t help falling for her more and more. She was everything he never expected woman to be. How can someone be so innocent? He leaned and placed a small peck on her forehead. A smile came to her face instantly; she murmured “Maan” and snuggled closer to him. He lent his arm and she kept her head on his shoulder. He was elated seeing her recognizing his touch even in sleep. The airhostess came back and noticed him resting on the seat closing his eyes and Geet snuggled closer to him. She left disheartened to have lost a chance to flirt with Maan Singh Khurana.

When the flight was about to reach Manali, Maan slowly tapped her shoulder. Geet told in half sleep, “Pinky sone dena.” Maan smiled and tapped her shoulder again. Geet showed off his hand and slept snuggling closer to him again. He knew that there is no use calling her and looked around before moving to take her lips in his. She opened her eyes immediately and noticed his eyes staring intently at her while his lips did wonders on hers. She closed her eyes immediately thinking that she is again dreaming but this time Maan failed to draw back sooner as he got carried away by her taste. She again opened her eyes and found him kissing her passionately. She slowly raised her hand and touched his jaw. This broke his trance and he pulled back. He looked intently at Geet who looked away blushing. She touched her lips and slowly everything started to sink in.

She turned and started hitting him with her tiny fists, “Aap mujhe ullu bana rahe the. Yaha mein soch rahi thi ki mein koyi sapna dekhi thi jab aapne mujhe teen baar.. Chi Chi babaji. Inhe sharam naam ki koyi cheez nahi. Koi dekhliya tho kya sochenge. Aur woh choti kapde wale bhi sochenge ki mein bilkul uski tarah hoon, desperate..” Maan understood that she realized it but decided to play along. He told holding her both hands, “Geet, tum yeh kya kar rahi ho? Meine tumhe bahut baar utane ki koshish ki par tum uth nahi rahi thi. Par tum yeh kya bol rahi ho? Meine tumhe sirf ek hi baar kiss kiya. Agar tum chahthi ho tho mein do baar aur kar saktha hoon” and moved forward to kiss her. However, she immediately put her palm on his mouth. She was confused now. May be it was her dream, but it felt so realistic, like now. Maan saw her confused expression and wanted to eat her alive just then. He controlled his mischief and told, “Geet, we have reached Manali.” That broke her thoughts and she looked around. She saw that the flight was in runway and understood that she didn’t even feel the fear until now.