Part 5

Maan stood gazing at her picture that was hanging on the wall. It was taken on their seventh wedding anniversary. Her face had a glow and the beautiful smile that adorned her lips, was reflecting her happiness. His gaze moved down to her neck where the mangalsutra adorned it. He still remembered the day they renewed their vows and he tied the mangalsutra back to her.


Geet was having a quite nice time with the family after she was back. She took care of everything associated with Aarav, she went to his school and met his teachers. They were happy to meet her, as they knew that Aarav missed his mom very much. She told that she is in army, so seldom got time to visit home in between her missions. She never wanted any bad mark to Khurana family. Annie and Vicky had become very close to her soon. However, with Maan she felt something missing. Even though they slept in each other’s arms, he never tried to go beyond that after she came back. He kissed her forehead often, which showed his love and care. She was confused as to why he was doing so, by now she didn’t have any doubt on his love but she couldn’t understand what is holding him back.  Maan had noticed her restlessness but how could he forgo the surprise he planned for her.

The whole Khurana family except Maan and Aryan was there discussing the engagement of Dev which was fixed for next week. Geet even though gave her suggestions; her thoughts were about Maan’s physical distancing. She was feeling insecure again about their relation. Her thoughts were broken when Nakul came and gave her a gift packet and a note along with it. Everyone’s attention turned towards the gift. Vicky told, “Aha bhabhi, gift?? Zaroor bro ne bheja hoga. Zaara hum bhi tho dekhe kya surprise he?” Dadima and Vasundhara both hit him in his head simultaneously while others laughed. Geet blushed and looked away hearing his comment. Aarav who was sitting near him told, “Mumma, kholke tho dekho na.. Waise aaj tak dad ne jo gifts aapkeliye kharide the woh sab humare room mein hi he. Hum dono milke usse waha rakhthe the. Hum dad ke aane ke baad who bhi kholkar dekhenge.” Geet got teary hearing him while others tried to hide the tears. Vicky told to lighten the mood, “Buddy, mujhe nahi lagtha he ki aaj tum woh sab khol pavoge. Tumhara dad aaj bahut busy honge.” Aarav asked confused, “Kyun chachu, mujhe nahi lagtha he ki aaj dad late aayega. Usne mujhe promise kiya tha ki jab mumma wapas aayenge uske baad woh har din jaldi ghar pahunchega. Itne din se usne apna waada nahi thoda he. Aaj bhi jaldi aayenge.” Others smiled while Vicky continued with a mischievous smile, “Buddy meine kaha bola ki papa office jayenge. Woh tho aur kuch plans bana he, tumhare mumma ko bhi busy rakne ko.”

Geet was embarrassed as it is the first time she has to face such a situation; all these were alien to her until now. Dadi smacked Vicky by his arm again while Aarav was back with his questioning, “Chachu, dad mumma ko kyun busy rakhenge? Woh itne din baad ghar aayi he, unhe dad kaun sa kaam denge?” Geet was red with embarrassment while Vicky was nowhere to stop. He told, “Buddy, tumhe ek choti sister chahiye na? Tumhara dad tho yehi kaam bahut jaldi dena chahtha he tumhari mumma ko.” Dadi shook her head and told, “Besharam, apna mooh band karo. Bache ke saamne kuch bhi bolthe jaa raha hoon.” Aarav cut her in between, “Dadi, chachu ko daantna mat. Mujhe ek sister chahiye.” He went near Geet and asked, “Mumma aap mujhe ek sister denge na? Mein tho akele bore ho gaya hoon. Aur yeh chachu tho Pari aunty ke aathe hi mere saath khelna chod detha he.” Vicky was shocked and before he could cover up Annie caught it. She told, “Pari aunty ha bro?? Kya chakkar he? Humare peet peeche yeh sab chal raha tha aur hume patha bhi nahi chala.” Dadi too supported her, how could they let go a chance to tease Vicky. Geet was genuninely happy as she was experiencing something that she missed throughout her life. Vasundhara was observing Geet for long and was happy to see her smiling whole-heartedly.

 After sometime Geet left to their room while Aarav and Vicky left for organizing Aarav’s new room, his own room which was his dream since he turned five. Geet opened the packet and found a green net saree with a backless blouse accompanied by a shawl. A diamond set was also there with it. She smiled running her hand through it. She blushed seeing the matching lingerie with it.

While opening the note her heart was thudding faster. The note read,


I know that you will be confused with my behavior since you returned. Just wait until tonight, your confusions will be cleared. Get ready by six in the evening.

I Love You..

Only yours,


She read and re-read the note for a couple of times. Her blush was evidently shown in her innocent face. Her heart started thudding in anticipation. She knew that he has planned something. She wanted the time to move fast, the anticipation was unbearable for her. Somehow the day passed with the constant teasing of Annie and Vicky and the pranks of Aarav. By four, Vicky, Annie and Aarav left for movie. Geet moved to their room to get ready. She got ready and noticed that the saree and the blouse left only little to imagination. She covered herself with the shawl when she heard a knock in the door. She opened it to see Maan standing outside. His eyes caught the blush that crept her face. She turned her back to him and told, “Woh mein ready hoon. Aapko niche wait karenge. Aap ready hojao.” She was about to move outside when Maan caught her wrist and pulled her to him. She looked down feeling the intensity of his gaze. He caught her chin and made her look into his eyes. He told, “Geet, aaj mein tumhe kahi jaane nahi dega.” She again looked down not able to take the intensity. He removed the shawl covering her and was dumb stuck seeing her. She could feel his gaze throughout her body. She tried to wriggle out of his grip feeling extremely shy. He held her closer and told, “Geet, you look out of the world. Mann kartha he ki tumhe kacha kha jao.” She hugged him hiding her face in his chest unable to look into his eyes. He hugged her smiling and told, “Geet, bahar mat jaana. I will get ready and we will leave soon.” She nodded while he left her after placing a soft kiss on her forehead.

Maan came out dressed in a green kurta and maching pyjama unlike his normal attire looking ever so handsome. Geet was confused seeing his attire but she knew that he would not tell anything. They left after sometime. She was anxious to know where they are heading to but kept quite sparing glances at him occasionally. When the car stopped, she was surprised to see the place; it was Khurana farmhouse. Eventhough she had never been there, she knew about it from Sanjana. Maan opened the door and took her out like a perfect gentleman. She smiled and followed him. He led her inside and brought her near the indoor garden. She was surprised seeing the arrangements he made there. She noticed the Pandit doing Puja near the sacred fire. Her eyes filled up with happy tears while he squeezed her hand. He wiped them off before they spilled out and told, “Happy anniversary Geet.” She smiled through the tears and hugged him. The pandit asked them to sit there. He performed the Puja and left giving blessings to both.

Maan brought her closer and turned her back to him after he left. He slowly tied the mangalsutra around her neck while she smiled with tears in her eyes. He told, “Is par humesha tumhara hi haqk tha Geet aur rahega bhi.” She turned to face him and he took a pinch of sindoor placed by the pandit after Puja and filled her maang. She hugged him tight wetting his kurta with her tears. He told, “Geet, meine tumhe aaj tak sirf dukh aur dard diya he. Par aaj mein wadaa kartha hoon, tumhari zindagi sirf khusiyon se bhar doonga. Dukh ki namuni shaan mita dega tumhari zindagi se. Mein tumhe zindagi ki saari khushiyan dena chahtha hoon. Yeh chehre pe humesha yeh muskurahat dekhna chahtha hoon. Yeh tho uska bas ek shuruvat he. Mein chahtha tha ki aaj ke din hi hum apne zindagi ek naye sire se shuru kare.” He pulled her out of the hug and wiped her tears. He continued, “Aaj ke baad mujhe in aankhon mein aasoo nahi dekhna. I Love You, Geet.” Geet was overwhelmed by his gesture, she was experiencing his love, something that she never thought will be hers. This was more than what she could ask for. She was not getting to say anything. She moved forward and closed the distance between their lips. The kiss was soft and nave. Maan was in a shock in the beginning but when it registered that she is kissing him, he took her lips in his kissing her passionately. Both kissed until what seemed eternity and pulled back when both were out of breath.

Geet tried to calm herself and told between her labored breathes, “Thank you Maan.” He smiled and told, “Thanks tho mujhe kehne chahiye Geet, for everything. I Love You, Geet.” She looked into his eyes and know that he wanted her to confess. She cupped his face and placed a kiss on her forehead. She told looking into his eyes, “I Love You, Maan.” Her confession broke the last thread of control he was holding on to. He smacked his lips into hers kissing her ardently. He lifted her up not breaking the kiss and carried her to the bedroom. He pushed open the door and went inside. He placed her on the bed finally breaking the kiss. She was surprised seeing the room decorated like their suhaag raat. She blushed and looked down seeing him staring intently at her. He lowered himself above her and she closed her eyes. He smirked seeing her quivering swollen lips. She opened her eyes and saw him staring at her intently. He told still looking into her eyes, “Geet, humara pehla milan shayad tik se nahi ho paya. Par ab mein woh sab dena chahtha hoon jo meine tumhe pehle kabhi nahi de paya. Mein apne poore dil se, apne pyaar ko apnana chahtha hoon. Kya tum raasi ho?” Geet smiled and hugged him hiding her face in his chest. He hugged her back and told, “I know you were confused about my behavior. But I wanted to wait till our wedding anniversary.” He told pulling away a little to see her face, “Geet, you look breathtaking in this saree” and took her lips into another passionate kiss.

He left her lips after a while and moved down to kiss her neck and collarbone. He moved up and stared at her face. She looked like a fairy, it is true, she was an angel descended from heaven. He was happy that she was his. He told, “Geet, I am lucky to have you in my life. Patha nahi meine kaun sa acha kaam kiya ho jiske wajhe se mujhe tum mile?” Geet smiled and hugged him placing her head on his chest. He held her closer and both stayed like that for a while. His hands roamed around her body feeling every inch of her. He placed her back on the bed and looked into her eyes seeking permission to love her. She blushed and looked away seeing the love and desire in his eyes, silently giving the permission. Seeing her blush, he captured her already swollen lips into a hot and passionate kiss. He left her when he felt her labored breathing and pulled away the pallu. Before she could turn or hide, he pinned her hands above her head. He pushed sleeves from her right shoulder and kissed her there.

He showered kisses all over, wherever her skin was visible, while his hands crawled to the back unhooking the single strap holding her blouse. Geet was too lost in the sensation his kisses and bites were creating in her body until he pulled away the last bit of clothing from her body all the while showering her with kisses. Feeling the cold air touching her body she opened her eyes and saw him staring intently at her. Only then, she noticed that both of them were devoid of any clothes and blushed to a deep shade of red. He moved down capturing her swollen lips to another passionate kiss. Soon everything was forgotten when their body merged into one drowning in the passion. Both fell asleep in each other’s arms as the separation of years has made their union passionate and wild and left them in exhaustion.

Maan woke up after an hour. He kept her glued to him after their long session of lovemaking. He had a contented smile in his face watching her sleeping, hugging him. She has responded to his every touch and kiss. He noticed her upper body forming reddish blue scars, scars of his passion. He moved ahead and placed a kiss on her forehead. He noticed the mangalsutra adoring her neck, which showed that she was his. He knew she was always his, his Geet. He moved down to kiss her mangalsutra. She stirred a little in sleep. He smirked looking at her and moved down further placing kisses until he reached her curves. He took a swollen pink bud in his mouth and nipped lightly. She moaned and opened her eyes. She shied seeing him sucking her curves. “Maan“, she moaned involuntarily while he again bit her curve. Hearing his name provoked him further and he moved up capturing her lips to a passionate kiss. It was not late before they continued repeating the passion again.

They were so lost in the passion that they forgot to even have their dinner. It was a blissful night. He had managed to remove the insecurities and fear from her heart with his love and care in the days followed. His open romance had left her embarrassed before the family but he was no where stopping. Vicky and Annie never left any chance to tease them. The whole mansion rejoiced again when Geet gave the news of her pregnancy. Maan left no stone unturned to keep her happy and their passion had increased exponentially with each passing day. It was difficult for him to stay away even for a minute from her. He gave her everything she longed for during her first pregnancy. Even though guilt was burning him inside as she went through the stages of pregnancy, he never showed it to her knowing that she won’t be happy to see him in pain. Aarav was the happiest among all. He will be around Geet asking her questions about his baby sister. Geet extended her leave due to pregnancy. Dev’s marriage was another reason for them to celebrate.

Flashback ends

He was brought back from the thoughts when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Aarav stood behind him, he had grown to a handsome young man in his early twenties. He had tried to follow his mother footsteps and joined NDA. He told, “Dad, neeche sab wait kar raha he. Puja shuru hone wala he.” He nodded and went down. He saw the whole family sitting dressed in white. His eyes went to the photo adorned by a big garland in the middle, his Geet. He noticed Maansi, his Gudiya, helping the pandit. She was a true copy of her mother, his Geet. A lone tear escaped from his eyes. He wiped it before anyone could see it. He had remained strong for everyone until now. It is now Ten years since she left them. They were not lucky enough to save her in her last mission. May be it was his punishment for what he did to her.

He looked at his family. With her, she took away the happiness; dadima could not withstand the news of her death and was bed ridden. After a year, she too left them. His mom, Vasundhara was the one who never came out of the grief. Geet had become very much close to her in the six years when she was with them. After her death, she has been keeping aloof of everyone; she seldom went out of home. Dadima’s death had added to her aloofness. Even though everyone tried to bring her out of the shell, she was too lost in her guilt and self-hatred to come out of it. It seems like for him and his mom, fate has given a lifelong punishment. However, unlike others, Aarav had gone through everything bravely. For a twelve year old, it won’t be easy to withstand his mother’s demise, but he still remembered his words when he tried to console him. “Dad, I know mumma did this for our nation. I am proud of her. Dadi kehthi thi ki ache logon ko God jaldi unke paas bulatha he. May be God need their angel back in heaven. So took mumma back. I will not cry, mumma don’t like me crying.” It was far more than what was expected from him. He even took care of the five-year-old Maansi all the while. He stood by him like a rock and never let any pain touch the family. Maansi was like Geet in every aspect and Aarav was very much protective about her.

His Geet had suffered a lot and no one was there to share her grief. However, he could give her the happiness she deserved in those six years. He still remembered her face when she was brought back from the mission shot right on her heart. She had a contented smile as if she lived her life enough. He still remembered her last words, “Maan, himmat mat harna. Aarav aur Maansi ka khayal rakhna. Sirf yahi socho ki mein humesha aapke saath hoon. Shayad meri zindagi ka safar sirf ab tak tha. Par aapne tho mujhe in che saalon mein zindagi bhar ki khusiyan diya he. Thank you Maan. I Love You.” Tears that he was holding started to flow down and he turned away not wanting others to see it. He felt a hand wiping his tears and looked to see Maansi standing near him. He smiled while she shook her head indicating not to cry. He felt a hand on his shoulder and saw Aarav. He pressed his hand assuring his support. The only thing that kept him alive was the two gems she left for him, Aarav and Maansi. He knew he had to be strong and live for them. He knew she would be seeing them somewhere up the heaven with other angels. It is true, angels have to return to their home sooner and she has returned after bringing so much happiness in others’ lives. His angel, his Geet..