Dear readers,

I wanted all those who follow my blog to know the reason why I removed Mitwa from IF. Mitwa was inspired by the life of one of my friends. I knew that it will be easy to portray their life with our Maaneet. The story was intended to be a light-hearted love story. But as we say real life is not a fairy tale, so was hers. She had left us last May in an accident. I was feeling slightly guilty, to even have started writing about her life, after that. I couldn’t publish it in the forum as she may be known by at least some of the people who are part of IF. Also I couldn’t see a light-hearted story as each incident I could write will remind me of the loss. So I discontinued it all on a sudden. I am still not sure of whether I can update it further, so I apologize to all my wonderful readers for discontinuing it. Keep reading my other FFs and I expect your comments which are really a great inspiration for me to write.