Part 1

She opened her diary, after five long years. She smiled, there was a reason for opening it today. She looked ahead and saw Meera di sleeping peacefully after her long fight with Yash bhaiyya. She still wondered how much they fight. She knew that di is in deep slumber and won’t wake up for a while. Her attention turned to the diary. She opened it,

28th September

She thought, this day always held an importance in her life. She smiled remembering the reason for taking the diary. She took the pen and started writing..

Hi Diary.. I know you are angry with me for ignoring you from past five years. Par kya kare life hi itna busy tha ki tumhare saath apna feelings share karne ko time nahi mila. And you know that they both will keep me occupied every day with their fights. Chalo, woh sab chodo, aaj mein tumhe mein kuch batana chahthi hoon.

You know, I met him.. After five long years, and on the same day when we met first, Annie’s birthday.”

She smiled as her thoughts went back to their first meeting. “Anwesha Khurana, my bestie, she was the reason how we met. Me and Annie became friends during graduation. Our friendship was very strong despite Annie being from a high-class family, daughter of a multi millionaire. Although we were best friends and Annie had come to our home many times, I was always reluctant to go to Annie’s home. However, I couldn’t refuse her that day, it was her birthday.

I got ready in a white patiala suit putting on lipgloss and kajal. I had bought a gift; it was a rare collection of Jane Austin’s books. Annie was crazy about after Jane Austin’s books. I knew that I will feel odd there but still I couldn’t have refused my best friend’s earnest request. Annie had sent a car to get me there inspite of my parents’ protest. I stepped in front of a huge mansion, no it looked like a palace. I felt so timid standing there. I saw a row of cars parking along the drive way and the whole mansion was decorated beautifully. The driver, Ramukaka, told broking my reverie, “Beti, aap uss darwaze se andar jaiye. Annie beti waha he.” I smiled at him but my nervousness never left me. I went inside through the door to be greeted by Annie’s dadima. We knew each other when she sometimes comes to pick Annie from college. She introduced me to Annie’s parents. They were very much cordial despite their status and richness. I felt at ease, but again when she looked around I noticed that it was only me who was dressed up simply.

My thoughts were broken when Annie came and crushed me in an embrace. She squealed, “I am soo.. happy Geet, mujhe last minute tak dar thi ki tum aayegi ya nahi?” I smiled and hugged her back. I gave her the gift and she opened it then itself. Seeing the books she squealed in happiness. I smiled when she hugged me once more thanking for the gift. Then she pulled me along and went to introduce me to her brothers. Dev and Vicky were nice and Vicky made me quite at ease. We got along very well. After a while, I saw Annie running towards the front door. Vicky and Dev smiled seeing her. I was confused as to what was happening.

Vicky told me, “ab woh nahi rukegi.. Bro se milne se pehle?” I asked, “Bro?” Vicky cleared my doubts, “Ha, our elder brother Maan Singh Khurana.” The name touched my heart like always; I smiled and turned to look at her direction. I saw a handsome young man, no no, handsome will be an underestimation. He was breath-taking with the well built body, M-Shaped lips and the stubble. Moreover, his eyes, that one look was enough to take anyone’s breathe away. I was right; every girl in the party was eyeing him only. I smiled shaking the thoughts away; I am taking about Annie’s brother. Vicky asked me to come along and I followed them. Then only I noticed that there was something in the eyes of all those pretty girls in the party while looking at me. First, I thought it was disgust, may be to see a simple girl like me in the party. However, I was wrong; it was jealousy, for being lucky enough to spend my time with the handsome Khurana guys. I shook my head again, if I was not Annie’s best friend I may not have been here.

I saw Annie coming with her elder brother. She came near me and told, “Bhai, yeh meri Geet, my best friend..” I looked at him and smiled. He too gave me a small smile and told in a deep and tough voice that send shivers down my spine, “It is nice meeting you Geet.” My name never sounded so nice. I smiled again while Annie’s parents called her for cutting the cake. She pulled me along with her while others followed. I was standing between Vicky and Dev while she cut the cake. She fed Maan first, then dadima. I saw her parents smiling. Vicky told, “Humara number tho humesha late hi aatha he. Dekho na dad kaise hum sab ko ignore kar rahi he.” Annie shot him a glare and went to give her parents. I smiled seeing it. She then came near us, I was expecting her to give to Dev and Vicky but she gave to me. I was surprised and just stood there without opening my mouth. Vicky slightly nudged me and I took the bite. Annie then turned to Dev and gave him one. He smiled and ate it. Next was Vicky’s turn. Annie went near him with a cake piece and told, “Hmm.. Ignore kiya right?” and smashed the whole piece in his face. I thought he will be embarrassed as it was a huge gathering. But as if waiting for it, he took another piece and smashed it on her face before she could move away. I was shocked, but looking around I saw everyone smiling at their act. I always thought that in these high class parties, people won’t do such things. This was a surprise for me. Dev told seeing my confusion, “Geet, it happens every year, this is not something new.” I smiled at Dev and was embarrassed that even he could read my thoughts.

After that, everyone got busy. I couldn’t go to Annie as she was talking to some or the other people. I went to a corner finding Dev and Vicky too busy. I looked around, everything was different from my life. The way the people talked, the way they carried so much grace while using each word. I remembered my last birthday celebration, only papa, ma, Yash bhaiyya, Meera di and Annie. However, the happiness we shared was something that I couldn’t find there. I looked at the watch; it was nearing nine; now I should go home soon. I looked for Annie, to find her still talking with an elderly woman.

I decided to go to her when I heard the same voice that made her shaky, “Getting late?” I turned around to find Maan Singh Khurana, standing behind me. I smiled to hide my nervousness and told, “Woh ma aur papa tensed honge.” He gave a killer smile. Babaji, aap sach mein mera self-control test kar raha he. Why had he to come near me? The most eligible bachelor of Delhi, young business man, heartthrob of girls, but never give a damn to them. I chided myself for thinking far. He told, “May I drop you?” I looked at him shocked; the great Maan Singh Khurana is ready to drop me home. I told immediately, “Nahi nahi, mein khud chali javoongi. Aap chintha mat kijiye.” He smiled and called Annie. She came quickly and told, “Thanks bhai, for saving me. Patha nahi woh Mrs Mehra humesha mujse baat karne ko itna bekarar kyun he? Aur humesha yahi bolthi he, Rahul bahut acha he, usne yeh kiya woh kiya, mujhe tho samaj mein nahi aathi he ki yeh sab mujhe kyun bol rahi he. Unke bte se mera kya lena dena he.” I smiled hearing her while Maan chuckled and told, “She is trying her luck to be part of Khuranas. Anyway leave that. Your friend has now checked her watch almost thousand times. I think she wants to go home.” Annie told immediately, “Geet, kya keh rahi ho? Aaj tum yaha rahenge. Meine uncle aur Yash bhaiyya se already permission le chuki hoon. Aaj tumhara koi bhi bahana nahi chalega. Chalo jaake uncle aur aunty se baat karo.” Before I could tell something she pushed me to the corridor to make the call. I could see a grin in his face, but why I don’t know.

After talking to ma and papa I came back to the party hall when someone bumped on me and spiked the drink in her hand on my dress. I could notice that it was intentional. Before I could tell something she started to shout, “You girl, watch where you go. This could have spoiled my latest designer dress. But what you will know about those expensive dresses.” It was a pure insult and before I could reply anything I heard Annie, “I think you should watch your way Samira and don’t dare to put the blame on my friend.” I saw her stomping her feet and walking away. While I turned to Annie I saw the three brothers at a distance grinning looking at the retreating back of that lady. Annie told me, “I am so sorry Geet, come lets go and change.” I told, “Nahi Annie, it is your birthday party. You should be here. It is just a drink, I will stay somewhere in the corner until the party is over. I will change after that.” I heard him again, “I think Geet is right Annie” Before Annie could protest he continued, “You should be here in the party. I will take her instead. I will show your room.” I was shocked again. I knew from Annie that he is not the type of person who takes interest in helping others. Then why me? For knowing it I may have to wait. While Annie agreed readily and asked me to go with him. When I followed him, I could notice the glares I received from all those including Samira. I shook my head followed him smiling thinking of them for being jealous of a simple girl like me.