Part 26

Geet came out of her thoughts when she heard the announcement that the flight is landing shortly in India. Her fear for flight is long gone, why should she fear something when she had lost the will to live? She looked to her right and smiled seeing Meera sleeping peacefully in Vicky’s shoulder with Vicky’s head above Meera’s. No one who saw them now will think that both will fight like kids. However, their love was intact even after the constant fights unlike’ She sighed not wanting to go to those painful memories. She knows now she has to face him, but she was no longer the nave and innocent Geet, she died on that fateful day, now what is left is just a living corpse. She noticed that the flight is about to land and slowly tapped Vicky’s shoulder. He stirred and moved closer to Meera. Geet smiled and called, “SM, utona.. Flight land honewala he.” Vicky murmered in sleep, “Kya Geetu, sone dena. Abhi bahut time bakki he jogging jaane mein. Mein phone rakhtha hoon.” Geet couldn’t help but smile as it is his daily routine speech when she calls him for jogging. Now she should try the last resort. She went near his ear and told, “SM, dekho Anurag uncle.

That was enough for Vicky to wake up knocking Meera from his shoulder. Meera too woke up feeling the sudden push. Geet closed her eyes knowing now definitely world war III will start. Meera’s eyes were red with anger. She told, “Tumne mujhe dakka mara. How dare you?” Vicky looked at Geet like he will get her for this and told covering his nervousness, “Aur nahi tho kya. Tum aise so rahi thi ki mein tumhari pillow hoon.” They started off with that unaware that everyone inside the flight was gaping at them while Geet was red in embarrassment trying to stop them. Their bickering stopped when the announcement came that the flight has safely landed. They looked around to see everyone looking at them. Meera was embarrassed and Vicky as usual told, “Sorry guys, wo kya hena isse tho hum sidha mental hospital se leke aaraha hoon. So this much is expected na?” Others laughed seeing them fighting again. Before Meera could strangle Vicky, Geet pulled both of them along with her. When they reached near the conveyor belt for collecting the luggage, Geet shouted, “Could you please explain me what kind of behavior is this? For God’s sake we were in a flight. Tum dono kab sudharenge? I can’t believe that you both love each other.” Meera blushed and looked away at the mention of love and Vicky grinned looking at her. Geet was left mouth open seeing the change. She shook her head; she can never understand these two. They collected their luggage and went out.

Geet was surprised to see the Khurana and Handa families along with Karan and Meera’s parents waiting for them. Geet’s eyes searched for the person whom she longed to see in the past 7 years; there he was, facing his back to them talking in his mobile. She looked away controlling herself from running into his arms. Sometimes she blamed herself for still harboring feelings for him inspite of everything happened. How will she resist her heart, which still beats for him? She turned to look at everyone. She plastered a smile in her face before going towards them. Vicky and Meera had walked ahead and she stood watching them reuniting with the family. She looked at them; she could find no one who can be called hers. She was alone like always. Her heart was numb and eyes were dry, there were no more tears to shed, there is no pain bigger than what she went through. She felt a hand on her shoulder and turned to see the only person in the family who never judged her, dadima. She smiled and hugged her, trying to compose herself. Dadima told, “I missed you Geet bte. I am glad that you are back.” She smiled hearing those genuine words. She was the only person whom she was in constant touch after she left to London. She felt a tug in her hand and turned to look whom it was. It was Naintara in a wheel chair. She was shocked seeing her like that. She immediately kneeled down beside her and told, “Di, aap aise? Aapko kya hua?“. She placed her hand on her legs but felt emptiness. She looked up to see tears in Naintara’s eyes. Dadima held her shoulder and told, “Geet beta, she lost her legs in an accident two years back.”

Geet was shocked and asked, “Par kisi ne mujhe bataya nahi. Naina di, mein nahi janthi thi. Aap..” Naintara closed her mouth and told, “Geet please kuch mat bolo. I deserve it for everything I did. Tum itni achi kyun ho? After everything I did, how can you be so kind towards me?” She looked up surprised and from the looks of everyone, she knew that everyone knows the truth. She held her hands and told, “Naina di, how can I be angry on my di? Ab yeh sab chodo. Where is my little prince?” A small hand tugged her finger and turned to see a five year old with Dev who looked like a carbon copy of Dev. She smiled and asked, “Aaja mere little prince. Aap tho bahut cute ho? Kya naam he aapka?” He smiled showing his teeth and told, “Thanks Maasi. Mera naam Neev. Aapne aane mein itna der kyun kar di. Hum sab kabse aapka intezaar kar rahe the?” Geet smiled and hugged him. She told, “Ab tho mein aagayi hoona.” Dev and dadima smiled hearing her. Naintara was teary hearing the talks between them. She could never forgive herself for what she did to this innocent sister of hers.

Geet got up and looked at others. Anurag and Simran came forward and hugged her. She smiled at them and saw Arjun and Annie standing far from them. Her mind went back to their last meeting. She quickly composed herself when she heard a voice, which she wanted to hear since her childhood, “Geet beta.” She didn’t have the strength to resist that voice even after everything that happened. She longed to be with him from God knows since when. When she felt the hand on her shoulder, she immediately turned and hugged him. Mohinder couldn’t help from cursing himself for making her go through hell throughout her life, still she didn’t hold any grudges towards them. He told, “Beta mein kuch nahi keh pavoonga. I am unworthy to even talk to you.”  Geet immediately closed his mouth, she told, “Pa..” and stopped in middle. He felt an immense pain in her heart seeing his daughter hesitating to call him papa. He told, “Your papa is sorry Geet.. For everything..” She looked into his eyes and told, “No papa, don’t be.  I don’t hold anything against you. It was bound to happen. Woh sab baatein chod do. I am happy that I got my family back.” She smiled at him and went to Meera’s parents. They hugged her feeling happy to have her back. Even though she smiled, it never reached her eyes. There was only emptiness that filled her heart; she had everything now yet nothing. Only three people noticed it, one concerned about her state, one burdened with guilt and one who chose to ignore it.

She looked around and found Arjun walking away with Annie following him with her head down. She could feel what he was going through and decided to talk to him later. She went to Karan and he pulled her to an embrace, not knowing someone left from there burning within at their mere sight. Karan told, “Sweet heart, I hope you took care of yourself the past 3 months. Kyun Vicky?” Vicky told, “Oye chaddy-buddy mein iska khayal nahi rakhega yeh kaise ho saktha he. Yeh meri Geetu he.” Everyone smiled at his comment. Karan and Vicky had established Khurana-Singhania Constructions in London after Vicky completed his MBA and he has been with them all the while. Dadima told that they should leave now. Geet’s eyes searched for him, but he was no where around. Karan noticed her restlessness and decided to talk to her later. Mohinder asked Geet to come there but she insisted on staying with Meera’s parents for a week. He agreed half-heartedly knowing that he can’t insist her for anything, he had lost that right. Geet left with them bidding bye to everyone to Karan’s home as they were staying there.

Geet had slept of for almost half a day due to jet lag. When she woke up, the butler informed that Meera’s parents went to mandir and Karan was there in his study. Geet went to Meera’s room and found her still sleeping. She smiled and left to meet Karan. Karan was working on his laptop when Geet went to meet him. He smiled and asked her to sit in the couch nearby. He finished his work after a while and closed the laptop. He looked at Geet who was looking at some magazine, he knew that something was wrong since the time they left for London. However, couldn’t figure out yet. He knew that it was related to Maan, but whenever he tried to talk both of them have denied it. He could feel the difference, Geet was no longer the bubbly cheerful girl, she smiled and laughed but it was clear that she was pretending to be happy; it was as if her soul was lost. Seeing both of them in airport added to his suspicion, he decided to take things in his hand now. He can’t see both of his friends suffering, whatever the reason be. He knew from dadima about how Maan has become, seeing Geet’s condition too he was sure that something has definitely gone wrong between them.

He asked, “Geet, kya tum khush ho?” Geet immediately looked up hearing him. He called her Geet only while talking something serious. She told, “Karan, mein khush kyun na ho? Sabne mujhe apna liya, aur kya chahiye mujhe? Ab sab tik hogaya na?” Karan told, “Sweetheart, you know what, you can’t lie to me. Tum jitna bhi koshish karlo mujse apna dard chupa nahi sakthi. Tik he agar tum batana nahi chahthi he tho, par choot mat bolna. Mujhe patha nahi tum dono ke beech kya hua he, par aise rehne se acha yahi hoga ki tum aapas mein baat karke sab galat faimiyan door kardo.” Geet just smiled and nodded. She thought, “Kash iska kuch haal hotha. Par ab kuch nahi ho saktha Karan, sab kuch khatam hogaya he. Mein aapko yeh kabhi batha nahi sakthi, aapko yah kisi aur ko.” They talked for a while and Geet left to her room after that.