Part 27

“Thud”, fell another plank fully broken. The Gym of Khurana mansion was like a war zone with broken planks and ice cubes. The man standing in the middle was clearly enraged. He was not bothered about how hurt he was, but he was nowhere stopping. It was not a new sight in Khurana Gym from the past few years, but today the count of the broken planks were more. Not satisfied with this, he continued with a fire band. Someone entered the Gym at the same time and was shocked seeing its condition. He shouted, “Bro… What is this? Stop it.” He stopped and turned to look at the shocked face of his little brother. He told, “Vicky, mein tumse baat mein baat kartha hoon. Ab tum yaha se jao.” Instead of leaving, Vicky came forward and threw away the band from his hand. He took his hand in his and saw bruises all over. He told, “Bro, you need first aid. Come with me.” However, he was adamant and pulled back his hand. Vicky told, “Bro, you are coming and that is final.” Sighing he followed him; he was one among the few persons who he had given that permission to control him.

Vicky bandaged his bruises applying medicine. He was devastated seeing the condition of his elder brother. He knew that whatever be the reason he might not tell him. So told after finishing, “Bro, mujhe patha nahi aap kis baat se pareshan he. Par mein itna tho keh saktha hoon ki wajha jo bhi ho usse suljhane ki koshish karni chahiye.  Aise khud ko dard dene se koi fayda nahi hotha he. Please don’t hurt yourself. Please Maan bro.” Maan looked away not telling anything. Vicky knew that he needs time, so left him patting his shoulder. After Vicky left Maan thought, “Kuch bhi tik nahi hoga Vicky. Sab kuch khatam hogaya he. Ab suljhane keliye kuch bhi bakki nahi raha.” His thoughts went back to her.

She no longer looked like the Geet whom he knew. Seeing her coming out with Vicky and Meera in a white shirt and printed wrap around, he felt like he saw a stranger. Her face, which used to be a mirror of her heart, was blank. Her eyes were having dark circles around and she was looking tired. When their last meeting flashed in his mind, the tenderness in his eyes was replaced by pure hatred. He saw dadima hugging her and turned away again. After the entire family reunion, he saw Arjun walking away with Annie. He knew both of them are guilty and they should be or for some extend he also should be for what happened that day in the hospital. However, nothing could calm him when she saw her hugging Karan. What he felt for Karan was pity, how can he be so blind like how he was once? He turned away and walked to the parking lot without looking back. He came out of his thoughts and told, “Why Geet, why you did this? I can never forgive you for that, never in this life.

He went to freshen up, as he was sweaty with the continuous workout. After finishing the shower, he searched for his towel and remembered that he didn’t take it. He was about to open the door when a memory flashed in his mind.


Geet, mujhe towel do.” He heard her cribbing outside, “Dekha babaji, ab tho sab cheez leke mujhe inke peeche bhagna he.” He opened the door and held out his arms with a smirk. When she placed the towel, he pulled her hand along with it making her fall on his chest and closed the door behind. Before she could react, he pushed her to the shower panel opening the knob and took her lips into his. While the shower drenched them again, his hands deafly untied her dori and pulled down her kurti. She hit her tiny fists in his chest but he pinned both her hands above her head with one hand while the other continued undressing her. When both of them were bare, he left her lips and looked into her eyes. Seeing her closed eyes and labored breathing he knew, his spell has been casted on her and moved down to continue what he intended to do. His one kiss was always enough for her to come under his command. He liked it when he was in command.

End of Flashback

The memories that made him smile once could only bring pain and hatred now. He hit his bandaged hand hard on the wall and it started bleeding again. However, the pain in his heart was enough for him to endure any physical pain. After coming out he bandaged himself above the same place so that no one could notice it and went out after getting ready.

The whole week went faster for Geet as Meera’s parents and Karan didn’t leave a chance to pamper her. Karan could clearly see the sadness hidden behind her laughter and decided that it is time for some real action. He took his mobile and called someone who will be able to handle everything. When he put down the phone, he couldn’t stop grinning. Geet raised her eyebrows seeing the grin in his face but he just shrugged it off. She went to her room in pretense of sleeping. Once in the confines of her room, the blankness in her face was back. The pain she endured herself in the past few years was too much that she was numb to feel anything more. She knew that Karan can read through her faade, but she can’t tell him anything. She knew how much he care for her and what he might do if he comes to know the truth. Meera and Vicky has always thought the incident in the hospital as the reason behind her change. But the one who knows the real reason was not anywhere near them. She sighed and closed her eyes wanting to shut herself from all those memories.

Handa Mansion, a week later

Geet was sitting with Mohinder and Naintara telling about her life in London, mainly about Vicky and Meera’s fights. The atmosphere was filled with laughter. He watched Geet from far and noticed the faade she is trying to put, the laughter or smile never reached her eyes. She was pretending for everyone’s happiness. He turned feeling a hand in his shoulder. He turned to see Annie with tears in her eyes. He pushed her hand away and moved to their room. She followed him silently. However, someone had noticed all these obvious to them. Arjun reached their room and sat on the couch burying his face in his palm. He was feeling miserable seeing his little sister like that, he failed to protect her, he failed to be with her when she needed him. He was responsible for her change; she is no longer the same Geet who he knows. Annie came after him and she couldn’t control herself seeing him like this. He was the same ever since that incident; they seldom talked each other. Whenever she tries to start a conversation and get close to him, he will get angry and blast on her. She knew that she was responsible for everything. Seeing Geet like that increased her guilt.

She placed her hand on his shoulder to calm him. However, that enraged him more. He pushed her hand away and told, “Ab kya baaki raha Annie? Aur kuch bhi karna he tumhe? Just leave me alone.” Annie told, “Arjun, mujhe patha he meri galthi maafi ki layak nahi he. Par aap please aise mat raho. Jabse Geet yaha aayi he tabse aapne unse bhi baat nahi kiya. Meri galthi ki sazaa unhe kyun de raha he? Jo bhi hua meri wajhe se hua, aapne aisa kuch bhi nahi kiya tha. Phir aap Geet se kyun baat nahi kar raha he?” Arjun told fuming, “Kya tumhe lagtha he ki jobhi tumne kiya uske baad mein Geet se tik se baat kar pavoonga?” “Bhai“, the sound startled them both. They immediately put on a smile to cover up the fight. Geet asked, “Kya mein andar aa sakthi hoon?” Arjun told, “Tumhe kisise permission lene ki zaroorat nahi he Geet.” The words he told had more in it. Both Annie and Geet got the hidden meaning.

Arjun got up and went near her when she came inside. She told, “Bhai..” Before she could tell anything more, Arjun pulled her in his strong embrace. She hugged him tight and a lone tear escaped from her eyes after such a long time. He pulled back from the hug after a while and told, “Geet, sweetie, I am sorry. Mujhe maaf kardo.” Geet immediately closed his mouth before he could continue. She asked, “Bhai, aap kyun maafi maang rahe ho, jab aapne kuch kiya hi nahi?” He told, “Nahi Geet, mein kabhi ek acha bhai nahi tha. Jab tumhe meri sabse zyaada zaroorat thi tab mein kahi nahi thi. Jab kuch logon ne tumhe dard diya tho mein unhe rok nahi paya. Pehle bhi aaj bhi mein kabhi ek acha bhai nahi ban paya.” Geet told shaking her head, “Bhai, aap aisa kyun keh raha hoon. Aapne sabse ladke humesha mera saath diya tha. Mujhe patha he ki aapne kabhi mujhe koi bhi takleef nahi pahunchane de saktha he. Mujhe patha he ki agar aap mere saath that tho saari musibaton se mujhe bachaya hotha. Par yeh aapka kasoor nahi he ki aap us din..” She stopped not wanting to relieve the painful memories.

Arjun told, “Sweetie, tum itni achi ho kit um sabko chutki mein maaf kar dethi he. Sabko humesha dil se apnathi he. Par sab log aise nahi he. Mujhe bhi yeh bahut pehle samjna chahiye tha.” Annie closed her eyes in despair as she got the underlying meaning. He continued, “Tumne papa aur Naintara ko kitne aasani se maaf kar diya. Kya woh tumhare layak he Geet? Yaha koi bhi tumhare pyaar ke kabil nahi he Geet.” Geet stopped him, “Bhai, mein koi bhagwan nahi hoon jaise aap keh raha he. Mein humesha se yahi chahthi thi ki mujhe apne poore parivaar wapas mile. Jab woh mujhe dheere dheere mil raha he tho mein kyun khush na ho? Aur jo bhi us din hua tha woh tho bas kismat ka khel tha. Mujhe kisise bhi koi shikayat nahi he.” Arjun shook his head and told, “Tum job hi kaho Geet, mein kabhi apne aapko maaf nahi kar pavoonga. Jo chehra mujhe ab dikhtha he, kya tumhe lagtha he ki mein uss hassi ke peeche chupe hue dard ko samaj nahi paa raha hoon? Tum sab ke saamne kitna bhi pretend karo, mujse woh dard chupane ki koshish mat karna.” He left placing a kiss on her forehead.

Geet turned to look at Annie who was looking down with tears in her eyes. She moved forward and held her hand. Annie looked up to see her smiling face. She couldn’t bear to see the love in her eyes for her even after everything she did. She told, “Geet, mein..” She couldn’t continue and looked down miserably. Geet lifted her chin and told, “Annie di, please.. aap apni Geet se baat nahi karegi?” Annie hugged her unable to control her tears. She told, “Geet, I am sorry, sorry for everything.” Geet consoled her, “Shh.. di, aap please rona band kijiye na.. meine aapke baton ko kabhi bura nahi mana he. Mujhe patha he ki aapke jagah koi aur hotha tho shayad woh bhi yahi kartha. Woh waqt hi aisa tha ki woh sab hogaya. Aap please woh sab baatein chodo.” Annie tried to tell again, but Geet stopped her from apologizing. She knew how guilty she was about everything that happened. She was hurt and in pain but she never held anything against her as she knew her condition then. She talked with her for a while as usual bringing back the smile. She noticed that Arjun was in study and decided to talk to him. She had seen the tiff between the two and knew that she was the reason somehow.

She held Annie’s hand and went to study even though she was reluctant to come. Arjun was standing near the window facing his back towards them. She called slowly, “Bhai..” He turned hearing her voice but she noticed the tinge of annoyance in his face seeing Annie. She asked, “Bhai, meine aap dono ki baatein sunli. Sorry for that. Par aap please apna zidd chodo. Isme Annie di ki galthi nahi he, uske jagah uss waqt aur koyi bhi hotha tho woh bhi yahi karthe. Mujhe yakeen nahi ho raha he ki aap dono ke beech uski wajhe se itne dooriyan aagaye. Aap please ek baar uski nazriye se sochkar dekhe tho aapko patha chalega ki woh uss waqt galat nahi thi. Please bhai, apne liye nahi tho, mereliye aap please di ko maaf kardo.” Arjun shook his head and told, “Geet, yeh sab kehna bahut aasaan he. Mein ye kaise bhool jaon ki jisse mein sabse zyaada bharosa karthi thi, usne hi mera bharosa thoda. Mujhe humesha garv tha ki mujhe itna samajdar patni mili he. Par shayad woh mujhe kabhi samaj hi nahi paya, isliye uss din..” Geet cut in between, “Bhai, please. Aap purani baton ko kyun dil pe leke baite ho? Mein ab aapke saath hena? Aur mein aap sabko chodke ab kahi nahi jaa rahi hoon. Please mereliye woh sab bhool jao.

Arjun held her by her shoulder and told, “Geet, tum yeh sab itne aasaani se kese keh sakthi hoon. What about the pain you went through in the past seven years, the loneliness you suffered that day? Itne saal tum akeli thi waha, mein tumhara saath nahi de paya.” Geet told, “Bhai, kya aapko lagtha he ki mein bewakoof hoon? Ki mujhe yeh nahi patha he ki aapko jo karna chahiye woh aap Vicky ke zariye karthe the? Ki aap jaise mere har din ka khabar unse letha tha woh mujhe patha nahi thi? You never failed as a brother, bhai. You have always been there with me in every step of my life.” Arjun was shocked knowing that she knew it all the while. She continued, “Waise bhai, Vicky ne mujhe nahi bataya. Mujhe Meera ne bataya” and smiled. Arjun also smiled with her. Annie was watching the interaction between the brother ‘ sister. She was getting more and more guilty with each moment. She turned and was about to leave with tears in her eyes when she felt a strong hold on her hand.

Geet and Arjun noticed Annie looking down with tears in her eyes and turning to leave. Geet gestured Arjun to call her. Before she could leave, Arjun held her hand. Annie turned shocked knowing the owner of the hand holding her. Arjun smiled and pulled her into his embrace. She melted in his arms crying her heart out. She pulled out after a while and looked at Geet who was looking at them with a smile in her face. Before Annie could tell anything Geet told, “Di, ab please mujhe thanks kehke sharminda mat karo. I want my old bhai and di back.” They smiled seeing her back to her bubbly self. She told, “Ab mein kabab mein haddi banna nahi chahthi hoon. Mein chalthi hoon..” and left with a wink. Arjun smiled and pulled Annie back to the hug. Geet closed the door behind her and wiped a lone tear that escaped from her eyes. She was feeling little light at heart. A small burden was taken away from her. Her loved ones are happy unlike her except one. She knew that he won’t be, no matter whatever may happen, he can’t forget her. She shut her eyes tight blocking herself from all those memories.

Khurana Mansion, the next Sunday

The Khurana family along with Handas and Karan were there. The happiness was back in all the lives with the arrival of Geet except one. However, he couldn’t show it seeing the genuine happiness of his family, especially Annie who was lost in grief from past few years. So he decided to stay back with them. She was there now looking like his Geet. He chided himself for thinking her as his. However the blankness in her eyes even though she laughed and smiled was noticed by him. He went and sat near Arjun who seemed to be in a serious discussion with Mohinder and Raj. He heard Arjun saying, “Hum aaj un dono ki raai jaan lethe hain.” Maan asked, “Kis baat ki charcha chal raha he?” Raj told, “Maan bte, mein tumse bahut pehle hi batane wala tha. Geet ke London jaane se bahut pehle hi mene yeh baat Mohinder aur Arjun se kiya tha. Ab jab tum shaadi hi karna nahi chahtha he tho hum Vicky aur Geet ke rishthe ke baare mein soch raha tha.” “What??“, Maan asked shocked. He quickly cover up his shock by telling, “Par kya woh dono ek doosre ko pasand karthe hain?” Arjun told, “Wahi poochne keliye soch raha hoon Maan.” Mohinder told, “Hum pehle Vicky se pooch lethe hain.” Others nodded while Maan was yet to recover from the shock he received.

Vicky was having a gala time with Karan, Annie, Geet, Naintara, Dev and dadi while others were busy conversing. Simran called him down while others continued their talks. Vicky came down to find a tensed atmosphere. He looked at Maan who seemed to be in a trance and others seemed little nervous. He asked, “Kya baat he? Aap sab itne tensed kyun lag raha he?” Raj told, “Vicky, hum tumse kuch poochna chahtha tha. Tum baito.” When he sat comfortably Raj asked, “Vicky, Geet ke baare mein tumhara kya khayal he?” Even though little confused with the sudden questioning, his answer was spontaneous, ” Meri Geetu ke baare mein aapko mein kya batao. She is the best, after all she is my Geetu. I Love My Geetu.” The nervousness in three faces was replaced by a smile while the other was getting shock after shocks. Mohinder asked, “Aur Geet, aapke baare mein unka kya khayal he?” Vicky was super confused now but he continued in his ususal manner, “Meri Geetu tho apne SM ke bina kaise reh sakthi he. We are inseperable.” “SM?”, Raj asked. Vicky told with a grin, “Woh tho hum dono ka secret he. Kisi ko nahi bataonga. Waise aap yeh sab kyun pooch rahe hain?” Raj sighed and told, “Hum tumhara aur Geet ka rishthe ki baat kar raha tha. Tumhara rai jaanne keliye tumhe yaha bulaya.” “What???”, Vicky jumped from his seat. Everyone was surprised by his outburst and then he started laughing. Raj asked, “Kyun has raha he Vicky?” Vicky stopped after a while and asked, “Kya mein sabko neeche bulao?” Even though they were confused they nodded yes.

He rushed inside calling out Geet and Karan. After a while, everyone was there in the living area. Maan wanted to leave from there, but remained there for family’s sake all the while avoiding to look at her. Everyone was confused except Vicky. He looked at everyone’s face and went near Geet. He told then, “Geetu, kya tum mujse shaadi karogi?” Geet raised her eyebrows and Karan smiled at his question. She smiled finally & told, “Kyun nahi“, and whispered in his ears, “mein abhi Meera ko phone kar dethi hoon.” Vicky frowned and smiled again pulling her to a hug. Everyone else was stunned seeing them except Karan. Once they broke out of the hug, the three started laughing their heart out. This made them more confused. Raj asked breaking their laughter, “Vicky yeh sab kya he?” Vicky laughed again and told, “Geetu, sab hum dono ki shaadi karana chahthe hain.” This time dadi too joined their laughter. Seeing others getting impatient Vicky stopped laughing and told, “Papa, mein apni behan se kaise shaadi kar saktha hoon? She holds the place of a sister in my heart. Then tell me how I can marry her?” Others were stunned by his revealation while Geet, Karan and dadi had a smile in their faces.  Karan decided to break the ice now, “Aur haan, aap log aur koi rishta doondne jaa raha he tho mujhe pehle bata dena kyunki mujhe Meera ko bhi rishta doondna padega.” Vicky’s face turned pale and he told immediately, “Nahi nahi Meera se mein hi shaadi karoonga.” This broke the tensed atmosphere and everyone started laughing while Vicky was embarrassed for being caught like that.

Soon discussions were diverted on fixing their alliance and Karan nudged dadi. Dadi told interrupting their talks, “Waise tho ab Vicky ka bhi shaadi ho raha he. Tho kyuna hum Maan aur Geet ki shaadi karva dethe hain?” This time everyone except Geet and Maan had smiles in their faces while the the smile was wiped off from their faces obvious to others. Before Maan could tell something, Karan told, “Waise bhi ab bahut hogaya yeh chupa chupi ka khel.” Raj asked, “Kya matlab?” Karan winked at Geet and continued, “Kya aapko nahi patha Khurana Constructions mein boss aur secretary ke beech mein kya chal raha tha?” Their was a gasp among others. Arjun was the one to speak now, “Kya kehna chahtha hoon Karan?” Karan knew that it is now or never, he pulled Geet next to Maan and told, “Mein yeh kehna chahtha hoon ki in dono ki love story tabse chal raha hoon jabse yeh dono pehli baar mile the. Par Geet ki studies ke wajhe se kisi ko batana nahi chahtha tha. Ab tho aapko patha chala hoga ki Maan shaadi keliye ab tak kyun inkaar kar rahe the?” Everyone was happy at the revealation except two. Arjun gave a light slap on Maan’s arm and told, “Maan tumhe tho mein baad mein dekhoonga. Itne saal tak mujse chupaya? Hmm..” Raj and Mohinder couldn’t have been more happier. Simran and Naintara had tears of happiness in their eyes. Dev and Vicky joined Karan in teasing the two, while the ones in discussion were still in the shock. If it had been like those days then no one could have been more happier, but now they felt nothing, a strange emptiness; destiny had played again with their lives.