Part 28

Everything was happening all on a sudden. Both engagements were to be held in two weeks time. Vicky and Meera couldn’t have been more happy. Vicky had called her just after the decision was made and Raj and Mohinder had gone to meet her parents. They were happy for Geet too, but both especially Meera was clearly disappointed that Geet hid such an important matter in her life from them. Little did they know the past if revealed was enough to swipe earth down from their feet? No one knew the turmoil she was facing. Geet kept the smile plastered in her face hiding the inner turmoil so that even Karan and Arjun couldn’t trace the sadness beyond it. She wanted to talk to him once, to tell him that she doesn’t want to tie him in an unwanted relation. He can make any decision and she will readily agree for it. However, she couldn’t gather the courage to ask him.

Maan was in a state of fit as everything has gone beyond his control. He never thought that he would have to face this day. He knew Karan and dadi wants them to be tied down and they have the best intentions, but they never saw her real face, he thought ruefully. He decided that he would speak to her before they proceed. He knew that he can’t turn back from this, but in one way it is good that she will be in his control. She won’t do anything beyond his will. He will make sure that after they got married. He went to dadima who was having a discussion with Karan, Simran, Dev, Naintara, Annie and Arjun.  Geet and Vicky were seated along with Geet trying to persuade Vicky to forgive her for keeping him in dark.

Maan went near them and told, “Ehm, dadima, mujhe Geet se akele mein kuch baat karna he.” “Oye hoye, mera bro itna romantic bhi hosaktha he, yeh mujhe patha nahi tha. Tho yehi tha aap ke gusse ki wajha”, Vicky told. Others laughed while dadima told, “Kyun Maan bte, aap ke paas tho poori zindagi padi he Geet se baat karne ko. Ab tho usse akela chod do.” Maan and Geet were clearly embarrassed while others too started teasing them. Finally Karan told, “dadima, London se wapas aane ke baad in dono ko shayad baat karne ko time nahi mila hoga. Tho hum thodi der keliye akele chod sakthe hain. Kyun?” Arjun told, “Ha, par zyaada time mat lagana. Nahi tho hume interfere karna padega. Ab mein tum dono par bharosa nahi kar saktha. Mujse chupke pyaar jo kiya tha na.” Geet looked guiltily hearing him. Arjun saw that and went to her. He told, “Sweetie, mein tho mazak kar raha tha. Mujhe patha he Maan se acha jeevansathi tujhe nahi milega. Mein bahut khush hoon tum dono keliye.” Geet smiled and hugged him.

Maan was getting more annoyed by the teasing and decided to leave. Dadima noticed this and told, “Geet bte, aap bhi Maan ke saath chaliye, nahi tho jwalamukhi fat jayega.” Others laughed while Geet silently followed him. Once in his room he moved aside for her to come inside and when she was in, he closed the door. He moved ahead and went to stand near the window. She stood there waiting for him to tell something. He turned to look at her; the moment their eyes met, he wished he mustn’t have done that. Her eyes still held the power to make him lose the senses. He snapped immediately and looked away. She looked down knowing that he was angry. He told, “Yeh galat faimi mein mat rehna ki mein yeh sab tumhareliye kar raha hoon. I am doing this just for dadima, who thinks that we are perfect for each other. I can clear her misconceptions but I am seeing my family happy after such a long time. I don’t want to destroy their happiness. But, I want to make it clear that you hold no place in my life and this relation is just for the sake of our families.” His words didn’t hurt her as the pain she endured had made her numb. She nodded and turned to leave. Maan wanted to hurt her, but the blankness in her face left him tongue-tied. This was not the Geet whom he knew, she never agreed to anything without an argument. He looked at her retreating back confused about her reaction.

Geet went down keeping a happy face. Karan and Annie started teasing while Naintara smiled seeing her little sister finally getting the happiness. However, what she did not know was her happiness was long gone, it was just a faade she put for others. Annie was very much happy for them. She knew that there was a tiff between them and she assumed it to be because of that incident. She even talked to Karan about it. Karan too was little convinced about it now. Geet watched everyone happily discussing about the engagement. The thought of marriage brought back the painful memories of the past. She knew she couldn’t show it to anyone. Nevertheless, she wanted a shoulder to cry, someone who knows the pain to console her. She was nearing the breakpoint. She felt her phone vibrating and seeing the caller, she thanked babaji for answering her prayers. She excused herself and went to take the call.

Once she was away from everyone, she answered the call, “Hello..